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Preview: Sh'ntigrade - 温度日记-

Sh'ntigrade - 温度日记-

Temperature changes everytime and everyday.How we handle it is completely up to us...

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Wow. Even blogspot's layout is different. Just realized that for so long not been keeping this journal, status changed to married and when I'm back, it's the same old topic to rant about.

However the one I always wish Is close always dissapoint me most. What more, now 2 of them. Sigh. Maybe I'm and have always been the backup one. Have always wished there's a better bond in this relationship but seems like they're happier than with me.

Arggh the feelings killing me but........ Just gotta swallow it!!! Sigh........heartsbleedingmassiveheadache...



I am still wondering what is the purpose of me going...Ponder and ponder but no answers to it! In the end, well, ok..just enjoy the trip and process..It might turn out unexpected..

Sometimes, trust is very much needed!! If you don't trust me, then do not ever ask me to do things for you! Please bear in mind that I am not ur slave..If you do not appreciate me, then let me know..I will be happy to take my leave then...

It's been sooo long


It's been a while(A year to be exact) since I dropped by here. I've been wanting to start bloggong again about a month or so ago but never did so. Today, I seized the opportunity to "snake" a little and write.

Life has changed. There are good times, bad times.. So many things, people have changed and happened. I really hope I could get back into my blogging mood..I realized that writing really helps to release stress, release anger and just rant about not worrying about others...

Facebook is so common now that whatever I write, I have to stop and think if I should post it up or not. Coming back here gives me the sense of security knowing that only those who know this exist will dropby or maybe..just maybe they will not because there has been nothing new here for so, maybe the writer the abandoned it. ;)

Work: Hmm, what's there to say? Good? Well, there are good times. Hectic? It feels good to have that sometimes. Just wanna say that jobscope ain't clear enough and I've got to do everything bits and pieces here and there which I am not too happy about! (But I love the flexibility of time!)

However, tonnes of knowledge gained in this industry. Wait! What industry?? Entertainment? It doesn't feel like it. Yeah, maybe sometimes. Retail? Bits and pieces. Charity? Still a baby in this but growing. Information finder? Yeah, most of the time. Housekeeper? Yeah, gotta remember to include this in my CV. Anyhow, am not complaining much. I guess it is just a matter of time as to how long I can take it. I realize my level of patience have increased tremendously!

Love Life: Great! Lots of love showered! Care and hope! Looking to a better future together.

Family: Great! Taking each other for granted at times. Well, who doesn't but we'll always be sticking for each other ;)

Friends: Thank GOD for them to keep me sane! I miss my old colleagues and friends I do not meet often a lot. Please know that you all are always in my mind and heart although we do not meet often. (Here's thanking Facebook so that I get to know what's up their sleeves from time to time ;)



Gosh, I do miss you dearest blog~~ I guess Facebook is the new blog now and you might be forgotten..Well, maybe only me...

It seems like my blogging spirit is back and hope it'll maintain ;) Changed my job as a PA to an artiste. Not that all knows her but I guess many would..It may seems or sound glamourous but then again, everything has its pros and cons...

Time flies and 2 more months, I've changed my job for a year...There are temptations of leaving again as it is time to really look into what I want..There are options waiting and with God's grace, I hope to settle it as soon as possible. Still praying and waiting for God's answer.

Receiving good news from friends around that they are hitching up especially from my beloved sister...There has been downs between us but am happy that it is patched up. However, I still feel as though there is something missing. Maybe the lack of communication.........All these while, it has been nagging me but never voiced it out especially since she's moved away..I do miss her but never call cause am afraid of disturbing her. To me, it feels like she already have her own family...Not that I am complaining. Am superb happy for her but just feels that am not sharing enough with her...

Now that she is getting married, thought that there's lotsa things to do but til now, nothing much cause she's really busy..and with every decision, we'll have to pray and listen to God. Know that she is as anxious as me but we'll have to accept and wait. At times, when I hear from others knowing a little more than me, the little green starts creeping out...

We were supposed to meet but in the end, I just asked her to call..too many co-incidences happening as well. Was really HAPPY that she called the other day but it had to end too soon......
Now, just gotta wait for her call again to update which I hope will be soon...

Sounds clingy but then again, maybe I treasure this relationship too much to actually just give it up like that.Moreover after what I have seen and experienced from work...I feel that if they can do it, why CAN'T us??

Bugs Bite!!!


This year, the year 2009...Is an OK OK year for me BUT the 2nd half of the year, my luck is slightly off especially my legs...Middle of the year, I sprained my ankle..Then, last Saturday, I went to Asia Cafe with my boyfriend to watch football while having dinner.. At the big screen area.Well, as usual, after dinner and football watching session, we went back..Next day, after showering, my legs were itching!!! Like mad...I scratched and scratched and scratched....Asked my bf to have a look and he was shocked..He asked what did I do to myself and why was I hurting myself..Haha..Well, of course, I was a bit worried when I saw his expression..I could not see as it was at the back of my legs...Took a few pictures and I too felt, yucky..Too bad, the specialist was closed for the day so I had to bear the itch and pain..Was forced to wear long pants even at home! so that I do not keep scratching.Next day, it was worse and no choice, had to pay a visit to the doctor! Waited for nearly an hour, saw him for only 5 minutes. Below is the conversation we had after he saw my rashes...Doctor: Did you go anywhere lately? Like Asia Cafe?Me: (Eyes was super big!!) Ya Ya...(In my heart: how did you know?)Doctor: You sat at the rattan chair?Me: (Speechless) Yaya!!!Doctor: Hmm, yeah, Bugs bite....Me: So, I see I'm not the only one..Doctor: Yeah..There were a few cases. I went to look for the management to complain but in vain...And I had to part with at least RM100+ after visiting this doctor of mine whereby I only needed to see him for 5 MINUTES...5MINUTES = RM100...There you go..Sigh..Sometimes, the management should do something as keeping their property clean..Therefore, my friends, if you want to go to Asia Cafe, sit at the big screen area, please do not wear shorts or you might end up like me...(In actual fact, wherever you sit when you're there, just wear long pants/ shirt/ maybe 3/4 pants just to save your wallet and legs) Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4[...]



I have always been wanting blog but at times, am so lazy to just open the laptop when I'm home.

Today, just wanted to browse around and I realized it's been some time since I've read my friends' blogs. Went blog hopping and just realized that I've missed out on so much...Sometimes I feel that we do not meet up often but by reading their blog, I'm closer and bonding with them again.

Among Mobian friends who blogs, I've always enjoyed Jase. Well, simply because number she writes in English!! haha...But somehow or rather, I find that we do share the same thoughts in certain issues...I just felt I understand and wished I could express it out like her..Also, sometimes I feel that, hmm, someone is expressing it out for me instead..Good.. haha...

Not to say I do not enjoy the rest of you ok? I do but I have to rely more on the pictures..Well, sometimes just by catching a few words, I can get what you're guys and girls are saying..Thanks to all my teachers ;)

Life have been good so far..Took a good break and had a good rest. Felt that time flies...Enjoyed my trip to Hong Kong and Malacca...

Started work today..It was fine...Thanks for the wishes...Though things look simple but there are certain stress as expectations that I set upon myself is high I guess...Certain things are just not going well. Hope it'll resolve soon.

Gonna update my Hong Kong trip soon...(Hope that I will not be lazy then)



Sometimes, you'll just wonder and wonder how human works...

It is amazing how one would do and say things...

It is pretty disappointing when you want to change your perception on one but then again they disappoint you...Thought that they could leave a better impression in your mind but then again.......

I was pretty angry and pissed off when I heard some stories.....It would be better not to hear but have you all ever imagined that sooner or later, what you said will reach others???

Please use your brains to think and process before you utter a single word. Also, please work things out as it is supposed to be and not wait til you are questioned. It has been so long since the documents are submitted and when asked over and over again, the answer was : yes, it is correct but then again, when the document reach me, it is not right...Meaning???

Grrrrrrrr.........Also, it is disappointing to know you are such person and being a fake.....A Hypocrite!!!!!

Sorry to know you are such a person...

My Life in Ktalyst after a year


It's been a year since I'm in this new company, an agency, Ktalyst International.

Never knew time flies and never knew what agency or agency life meant until I joined this company.

To be in this environment/world, was really an eye opener.

Created many opportunities for me learn new things, meet new people and eventually become friends with them. Certain media has also became my friends.

Handling events, the preparations for the events, late nights, early morning (I mean weeee early) frustration, laughing and bonding with the people around was really an experience I'll never forget.

Come a month later, I 'll be leaving you.......It is sad as I know that there are many more things for me to learn from you. However, opportunities given this time around does not come very often and I just had to grab it as I would really like to give it a try. Thank you for understanding...

Taking this opportunity to say thank you a few people I've meant around this period...

To Kaylee and Nicole who gave me a chance to try out something new and teaching me scratch and also for being so patient.

To Joey for being my mentor, advising, teaching me all the way. You have not FAILED, mind you...You were really great.

To Cherie and Alex for helping me through all the way with softwares, designing, waking up early and be in the office with me early morning and of course "stoning" together.

To my other colleagues, thank you for putting up with my temper and just working along with me....

Clients around, for being really nice, patient and trusting me. It was great to work with you guys and girls.

Media around, for trusting in me to provide you the necessary information and joking around with me.

Below are some sweet memories I had during the year. Hope you'll enjoy it with me and those who are in the picture, hope it'll bring smiles to you again.

Shocking News: 8st 1oz, no food just pills in his stomach, bald, bruised, his ribs broken by CPR, 4 needle wounds near his heart...


This is really shocking and sad news about MJ...

Check out the full article from the link below:

It saddens me and my heart ached when I read the news. Such sad news..Such stress he was going through. Such pain he had to go through. Such cruel acts (although maybe it was unintentionally as they wanted to try to safe him)........

After going through all these sufferings, I hope he is able to Rest In Peace now. Singing along with the angels above now =)

R.I.P - King of Pop


Those who grew up in the 80s and 90s will definitely know who this legend is.. He was one of the most successful singer and could be compared to Elvis Presley in music making history (connected, connected also..Hehe). A CHILD STAR to MEGASTAR..He'll always be remembered and loved dearly (despite his mental problem at one point).He became famous as a child in a band, The Jackson 5 and made his 1st solo album in 1972. In 1982, he released "Thriller" and was a smash hit! It sold at least 27 million worldwide!! 13 Grammy awards received throughout his career as a singer which made him one of the most successful entertainers in the world..He was extremely well-known for his signature "Moonwalk" dance as well and this "walk" was unveiled the following year.Our King of Pop has left us at the age of 50, this morning.. It's a sad sad news for me cause I just LOVE his songs and he'll always remain as one of my idols.....Rest in peace.... Just can't seems to make the pictures align..Grr...[...]

Happy Feet II???


It was supposed to be a happy and fun night but it ended with a sprained ankle..

Missed a step on the staircase and down I went..(A few steps la)

There were some bruises and my ankle did hurt slightly. I did not know at first and just left it as it is. The next day, I was limping and my feet was slightly swollen. Those around me were like, why did you not see a doctor?Quickly do so.. Well, I did that on Wednesday but he was such a famous doctor. Made an appointment with him at 10pm but only got to see him at 12 midnight!!!

Got a slight scolding from him too as he asked why I delayed seeing doctor. = ='''

Well, my leg is slightly better now but still limping a bit. It is pain at times especially when I walk too much.

Why that title? Simply because someone sent me the pictures as shown and that was the title...Thought Happy Feet really had Part II mana tau....HMPH~~~

(image) (image)



(image) Yeap, that's the stage there. For the very first time, after watching so many musicals in Istana Budaya, I'm sitting at the 'Stalls'. What more, on the OPENING night!

Many thanks again to my colleague cum 'sifu', Joey Gan for the opportunity. I wanted to watch this musical and co-incidentally, she was doing PR for the production. Therefore, when she knew I wanted to watch, she asked me to help her out during the opening night with the media registration and in return, I got to watch the musical for free and good seats!! (RM168. Don't play play..Hehe..)

Usually towards the end, the audience will be giving standing ovation but for an opening night, it was different and a brand new experience for me.. Owen Yap was the emcee and sponsors for the show were named whereby flowers were presented to the casts by them. Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon was there too as the VIP, of course and he too, presented a bouquet of flowers to the main cast, Prince Siddhartha/ Buddha (performed by Yang Wei Han).

It was quite an enjoyable musical. Makeup, props, performances was wow...I LOVE the costumes!!! Colorful, striking and sexy!! Some sort of a Bollywood style ;)

A few friends were there and performing but did not get to meet all of them.. One of them, was the evil Devadatta (performed by Shen Ming)...Haha..Amazing performance and good show!

(image) Presenting to you, Devadatta...

Wishing the team all the best throughout the performance period....




Am going for the musical tonight. Managed to get free tickets but gotta work for it. Well just for a while but am sure it's worth it.. Hehe...

Emo feel kicking in


Time really flies but at times, you'll feel that it moves really slow too..Feels dreadful..

Was really looking forward to this day but after hearing/seeing some stuff, I just had a feeling that there'll be changes.

Been looking forward to this day because we might be able to meet after some time.. However, it sounds unreasonable for you just to be here because of me...

Had a talk, it was nice and warm to know that you cared. You asked for my comments. You wanted to know what's on my mind...

Well, being ME, of course, in my heart I would like to see you BUT when it comes to the head and to be more rational, I will say: It's Ok..Don't trouble yourself. I can still manage it and take it in.. (Cuz am trying not to go overboard...)

Was hoping that the plan remains although the percentage is close to 0. Hoping for a surprise, can't hold back and here come disappointment.. Well, I guess I'll be saying hello to my boring days again..............

**No one's around today too...Sienzz..

Some thoughts to blurt out


25 Apr to 3 May was great!!!! Doing nothing..Eat, sleep and walk around....Just spending time with people I care, enjoying the moments. Getting to know more people and experience something different...However, this does not last forever....Ya ya, it will, it'll remain in my heart, I know...

Got back to work, catching up with things but unfortunately there is no time for me to unpack my boxes at all..(Office just shifted) Just looking at the boxes, headache.....Cherie's leaving soon....Sad..Sniff sniff...I've only got one more week to see her (No misunderstandings!)

Been working til real late this week...Fell sick immediately and some 'old' feelings coming back... There were some misunderstanding towards the end of the week but luckily managed to sort it out before I left office...But still, feeling unhappy.

Personally, this week some happenings were like a surprise to me..Caught up with my beloved who was flying off to China for about half a month. Might be for for a whole month!! Wishing that all goes well for her...

Never thought or saw certain actions or words coming... Am happy with the end result...The care given warms my heart....Am going to miss it but I guess I can still manage it. Feel that the bonding is closer...

Green Reindeer


This came in as a sweet surprise and also an loong overdue Christmas present.... In actual fact, 4 months late..haha....

However, it is OK cause it is the thought that counts. This came from a nearby country..Although it is just a small key chain but to me, it is something special cause I have never seen such key chain before and it is memorable as it is able to represent itself as a Christmas present. Nice color too..Very Christmas...Hehe

A bouquet of roses


April 10th 09, Friday was the last day of internship for two naive and sweet girls.

Well, at first, they were not very favourable but after some talk with them and a few months working together with them, we had a bond and understanding. They turned from two annoying and getting-onto-your-nerves girls into two sweet angels who helped me tonnes throughout these 3 months.

From them, I learned a lot and I believe vice-versa. I also learned not to judge too soon and be more open with the new kids in town. Times have changed. (Sound so old but I believe some ways or solution which worked during my time when I was around their age might not work now.) Haha..

Before they left, they gave me and my colleagues a surprise. They spent so much money, time and effort to make a bouquet of roses for each of us (except the guys, of course). Hehe...and in my favourite color too ;)

The bouquet consists of 12 painfully but beautifully hand-made roses and it was wrapped up like a Pro. Just like the ones you buy from the florist. We believe she could actually make a living or part-time out of it ;)

Else than the roses, there was a card as well. I did not dare to read it in front of them cause was afraid that I'll be too touched and start crying. (I cry very easily) Went back and read the card. It writes about how they feel and also a picture taken with them during Annual Dinner. Sweet.

Well, here's wishing you, Cheryl and Venica all the best in their future undertakings always and thank you once again for the card and roses. Love it lots.


Don't Give Up


Have been having the 'I don't know' type of feeling. Made me feel and wonder if it'll work. It sounded positive. I hope it's good news..Praying for good news...Past week, was feeling really nervous and hopefully the phone will ring.

A script was prepared to anticipate what questions would be asked.

Finally, can't take it anymore, called the person-in-charge....Sigh..Bad news..It's sad because there was such a good prospect. Was liked so much but yet because of one small matter, it did not work out...Ok, it might be small but am sure something could be done about it....

Why can't something be arranged? Why can't there be some exception??

Wish I was there...Don't give up...

A Mei Star Tour



Can't say much except - happy that I bought this concert ticket, did not regret going this concert!!!

Superb performance, Great Vocals!!

Sexy and beautiful to the Max!!!

Happy Birthday...


Sometimes, things just do not follow its route as planned..However, it's OK.. The night was still fun and most importantly, we enjoyed the night ;)

I was scratching my head figuring out what to buy for you and finally, after getting the same suggestions from 2 friends, I made up my mind!! I personally loved what I got for you but well, me liking it is not important. What's most important is you liking it! Haha..

Went to Bora Asmara for dinner. Nice environment. Food? Big portion and not bad..Yums....
After dinner, where to go? What to do? Well, thought of going to Mont Kiara but ended up watching movie..Haha..

Towards the end, I brought your present out and it just feels great to see your shocked and happy expression!!

Sometimes, the best part when giving presents to others is to see the BIG, HAPPY SMILE on their faces....

Hope you enjoyed your day.....Happy Birthday once again...

Ktalyst International Annual Dinner


New company, New colleagues, New environment, New Experiences...All New, new, new...Thanks to my bosses, I got to try yummy food in a Japanese Restaurant, Iketeru, Hilton Hotel, KL.It was our annual dinner. Nothing much to say except Good food comes with a price but worth it!! Portions were pretty big...Enough said: enjoy.......Look into here for yummy food Yum Yums.. CMK & Cherie-O Ang-Pow time fr the bosses..Keke Ktalyst Team..Notice the rose among the thorns?? PR TeamL-R: Joey & Kaylee..My 'sifu(s)' & bossPR TeamMy little helpers, the interns: Cheryl & VenicaP/s: Thanks to Cherie 4 the pictures ;)[...]

Beyond Limits 2009 & Honda City Test Drive


Once again, I've not updated my blog for some time...Been two bee-sy month...First, Honda Media Gathering, Beyond Limits 2009 early of the month.. Then Honda City Test Drive. After that Chinese New Year..Phew...Honda Beyond Limits Media Gathering 2009Beyond Limits has is a party organized especially for the members of the media in Malaysia. It was on 9th January 09. It was tiring but fun party. Lots of things to do once again to prepare for PR works. It was a good opportunity for me as well to finally meet up with editors, journalists, writers and sales persons. This is because I usually talk to them only through the phone but seldom meeting them.This time, I got to see and chat with them. I felt good too as some them asked specially for me too..Hehe..All in all, once again, new experience.... Luna Bar PR Team Cherie & I at the photowall They say we look like sisters Boss Jean & I 3 Event Babes & 1 PR Gal PR gal surrounded by the Event TeamHonda City Test DriveThis is specially organized for Motoring Media to test and try the brand new Honda City which was launched last December. Only a specific number and group of media are selected for this event. I had to send out invitations, confirm with them and prepare for the event. For this event, we had to follow along with the media in a different car whereby the photographer would shoot pictures of the media in the car while driving all the way from Saujana KL to Melaka and back on the same day.36 publications were invited and the test drive were divided into 2 groups, 2 days.Got to know more of the Motoring media and knowing who's from which publication.Each event comes a new experience, tiredness but excitement whereby I fall, climb up again, learn and try my hand on more things. Now, busy with follow ups, follow ups and follow ups.....P/s: Pictures courtesy fr Dior, Eddie and Ken[...]

Christmas Blue


As mentioned, did not have much of a Christmas spirit this year. I took leave on Boxing day and was still in between if I can/want/would be able to go for the trip with my close friends.

Thank you Vin and Ah Oh for offering help and being so persistent. Am really really touched... I would love to go too. Enjoy and spend time with you guys as I felt it's been some time since we really spend time together. However, due to some work, I just could not afford to leave and I know it is not done, I will not be in peace and if like you guys said to bring the laptop along, I will still feel the burden. Go holiday, bring laptop, stress la..

I do not know how to explain to you about work and maybe at times I just do not want to explain. That is why few of you would keep asking the same question where I'll just entertain instead of giving the real reason. Maybe I'm just trying to avoid the matter cause it hurts and show that I do not really care.

To some others, they have their other half whereby I will not want to disturb. I know you all will say it's ok and do not be silly but yet.....(Still trying to improve on this matter)

Where's family you might ask..Well, mum's back in hometown. Wanted to go back but lazy in the end. Dad's working. Brother's sick and out at times..

Therefore, I had a total of 5 days holidays all by myself. Complains? I guess not as I get to really rest. Spent all my days at home, hogging the TV and laptop, doing work ( at least doing work at home feels less stressful) and preparing the remaining X'Mas presents..

True enough, I do feel bored and frustrated at times as I would feel that so difficult only could have so many days free but none of you are around....Sigh but what is there to complain?? Each have their own life and decisions..Also, maybe it is time for me to spend some time alone too..Doing what I want to do and like said, really rest..

Just ranting I guess..Now maybe I know what's the real cause of me having Christmas blues and being a Scrooge this year.....

Merry Xmas 2008


Christmas is a time to share, be merry and happy. It is also a season to crack your head to buy the suitable presents for your loved ones.This year, I did not have much of a Christmas spirit..No idea why. Maybe because I was really busy with work..Or maybe just because...I don't know..Christmas shopping was not done til 2-3 days before Christmas. Talk about last minute shopping!!! Gosh, it's madness..Must remember never to do that. I was even doing Christmas shopping on Christmas day itself! Thankfully, it can be given as a late present cause they're not around in town..Christmas eve, went over to Grace's house for really late dinner. Sorry about it ya..hehe..Came back late and also preparing presents for all. Was pretty embarrassing cause I was not told to dress up 'nicely and pretty'..Went there in shorts while all were dressed to the nines!!Christmas say is as usual, open house in Martin's house, mingling with close close frenz and minus the outings with a few friends this time...Anyway, thanks to those of you who gave me sweet surprises. I really loved my 2008 Christmas presents: (Best part is, mostly all are PURPLE! Keke)Present from beloved Han Fei Kor (Husky & Purple! What more can you ask for?)Present from beloved Blue and Vivian..From the lucky draw during dinner in Grace's house (really lucky)Present from Bugsy Jie~~ ;)[...]

Busy busy..


Been some time since I've updated my blog again..Missing it..

Been really busy with a few events back to back this December, having to prepare kits, calling for RSVP for events like Maurice Lacroix 1st Boutique Launch in the World in StarHill and also the much awaited Honda City Launch in Malaysia. Been busy like a bee and a lot of post event things to do..Like I said, busy, busy, busy. After these events, gotta start preparing for the next events next month. Media gatherings RSVP, invitations for Test Drives, sustenance projects, welcoming New Year 2009 and of course, CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

Through the current 2 events whereby I was quite involved in, I learned a lot of things and managed to share some experiences with my colleague and also close friends. To me, it is something cause I was learning from scratch and to actually achieve something, it felt good! Undescribable feelings!

More to come and learn..Thank you to you all who have been supportive.