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Nihal's Anything and Everything

A blog showcasing all the good things in life. This site includes music, movie, food, sports, travel, money making related topics and so much more.

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Champions Of The European Champions League Final - M. United


I'm standing on top of the world right now as my all time favorite team, Premier League Champions (for a second straight year) - Manchester United have triumphed yet again for the third time, as (Europe's elite club competition) European Champions League winners! Manchester United had their previous winnings back in 1968 and 1999 respectively.At the end of their ninety minute play at Moscow's

Do You Believe In Luck Transfer - Part II


So let's begin from where we left off from part I - "I'm going to share with you an unusual story that was related by a friend of mine, who knew an acupuncturist who lived in a remote village. It's a story about an old man who goes to see this acupuncturist, well known for his vast knowledge of the human body."This acupuncturist was also a good conversationist, engaging his patients in chatter to

Do You Believe In Luck Transfer - Part I


My million dollar question for the weekend - "Can luck be transferred from one object to another?" Scientifically though, it may sound totally absurd and completely illogical. It is no doubt a difficult subject for an individual to grasp and while there is some truth to it, it is often stranger than fiction to many.But before we dwell further into this, could there be such a thing called Luck?

Farewell Amma


To be honest, this post ... would be the most hardest to complete, and might even be the most longest in my entire life. For it comes straight from my heart ... for someone very special, and she meant the whole world to me ... my dearest Amma (mother).It has taken me a while to think over these last couple of months that has come to pass, with the recent loss of my Amma to cancer.She was indeed

Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets


How does one get the best ideas in creating their dream kitchen cabinet or countertop?Most designers will tell you, you can never look at too many photos of kitchen cabinets and countertops. Create a file of features you like; it's OK to make judgments based on appearance in this case. Select colors, styles, details, and configurations you love. Then, think about function. Imagine you're

History of Wharfedale


One of my greatest passions in life is to find time to sit down in my room, with a warm cup of coffee in my hand, and listening to a CD from my favorite all-time 80's band; a-ha. And thanks to a great pair of Wharfedale loudspeakers, these guys seem to be performing "live concerts in my room" on a daily basis, if you know what I mean. These loudspeakers communicate not just the music as it was

Build Superior Landing Pages


Imagine running a huge online marketing campaign for your site, complete with all the blog buzz, advertisements and search engine placements. You're expecting tons of traffic to hit your site, you think the job's done, well sadly, not quite. One very important factor many fail to spend time working on - Build superior landing pages. Definitely a very important tool when it comes down to any

Find A Professional Designer


Find a professional kitchen and bath designer to help you navigate the ins and outs of this big undertaking. Doing so doesn't mean you have to hand over the reins. You're still in charge.The MoneyUsing a designer does not have to be a costly endeavor. Many showrooms and home centers offer free design services if you purchase from them, and some designers will do an initial in-home consultation

Meaning Of Chinese New Year


"Happy Chinese New Year!", to all my Chinese friends and readers.Since I have been on a long, long vacation (I somehow would like to think of it as such...) from my usual blogging behaviour. I figured since today marks the beginning of a new calender for the Chinese - the first lunar month in the Chinese calender, it would be a great day indeed to begin a new chapter towards my personal blog -

Steps To Optimize Your Site


Every other person that I've recently met has got a blog of some sort, but far too many of them seem to skip a very important part in the process. Understand here that it's highly important to take relevant steps in-order for you to optimize your site for your readers as well as search engines, without alienating either one. While some blogger's try very hard in focusing on how to monetize their

Google AdSense New Payment Method For All Malaysians


Looks like its a month filled with good news for all Malaysian bloggers in particular, and this time it is Google AdSense coming to our rescue. Apparently, yesterday Google AdSense had announced a great new payment method for all Malaysian (Individual Payee Names only) publishers, as well as several other countries. The new payment method we're all excited about is called Western Union Quick Cash

Mom Song


This is one great video! Incidentally it's called "the mom song", and it's perfectly sung by this comedian to the background of William Tell's masterpiece - Overture. I know it's not my regular kind of post but I simply had to share this with everyone as I found it so hilarious, entertaining and yet, so true to life.Personally, it somehow reminded me of some of the things my mom would definitely

Things You Should Know About Weight Loss Surgery


Weight loss programs have become so popular today, that there is a huge increase on those wanting to undergo weight loss surgery, simply to look good. Have you really considered to analyze the facts behind the medical term called, weight loss surgery? I have, after living with my father-in-law who went through a weight loss surgery himself quite recently.Many may see it as the easiest solution

Malaysians Can Now Withdraw Money From PayPal


This news can to me in an e-mail and I couldn't believe my eyes. I just had to immediately share it with all my Malaysian readers as well. That's right, Malaysians can now withdraw money from their PayPal accounts into our local Credit Card or Debit Card. This is indeed great news as we were previously unable to enjoy this very important feature. For many years now Malaysians were only allowed to

How To Buy A Digital Camera ?


Buying a digital camera can be a real hard thing to do these days ... why is that so, you ask? Well for starters, there's just too many choices out there and deciding on a particular model can turn out to be a challenging task in itself. I really don't know about you guy's, but seriously, I've asked myself this question on a number of occasions, "How to buy a digital camera?" Learning the key

How To Make Your Own Home Cleaning Solution ?


Have you ever wondered what are the inexpensive ways to get things cleaned around your home? Well look no further, as I have just short listed a number of items that can be transformed into your best helping hand, which ultimately doesn't end up burning a big hole in your wallet. This post will in a way, show you how to make your own home cleaning solution. Many of us might overlook these

What Is An Award ?


Have you ever asked yourself this question before, "What is an Award?" and "What does it mean to you?".To be frank, blogging has taught me the value of friendship. Life has never been so fulfilling as now. Ever since the day I started my journey with Nihal's Anything n Everything, I have met so many beautiful people that come from all parts of the world. Though we come from different social

How Do I Earn Money From AuctionAds/ShoppingAds ?


Everyone knows that online auctions are kind of a hot trend these days. It's really an opportunity for everyone to earn a reasonable income. Think of it as an avenue where you get to grasp that extra couple of bucks in a week that would come in handy, maybe to pay for your babysitter perhaps or even to have a nice dinner out with the family, once in a while. So, how do I earn money from

Pavarotti Has Passed Away


Today marks a day filled with sorrow, as the greatest celebrated opera singer to have lived - Luciano Pavarotti, has passed away in his home at 5am, local Italian time. This is indeed a huge loss for the music world.Pavarotti was born in the outskirts of Modena, Italy on October 12th, 1935, and had captivated the opera world till his dying age of 71. Mention Pavarotti, and I imagine, charcoal

Uploading And Removing Borders From Picture


It is quite common that we usually upload an image or a diagram or even an illustration of some sort into our post. I usually try to add a picture or two into my post just to add some color into it but there are times when these pictures have some rather weird looking borders surrounding them. In this post I will share with you the simple steps in uploading as well as removing borders from

Trip To Melaka


The second term school holidays had just come by here in Malaysia, and just as in other parts of the world, parents are somewhat busier than usual during these period, given the fact that the kids are anxiously awaiting to be taken on a great holiday... out of town, of course.So, deciding on a particular destination was next on the list, where should we go? And all of a sudden there comes along

How To Deal With Fears In Children


Having three little kids can sometimes be a lifelong lesson for parents like me. Dealing with their everyday fears is a great task in itself. And as we go along our daily lives, dealing with their inner fears is a task we must carry out with great care and understanding. We agree that feelings of being fearful are part and parcel of our children's growing pains, especially during their early

Kuala Lumpur - The Dazzling Capital City


This is the city I call my home, Kuala Lumpur or KL in short. It's definitely the most vibrant cities one would find in Asia. Once here, one would experience modern sophistication added with nostalgic old-world charm all wrapped nicely into their single destination. It's not surprising if you find yourself immersed in its abundance of attractions - fascinating places of interest, a variety of

Grazing - The New Trend


Homeowners are becoming more house-proud these days, such that they are now increasingly lashing out on well-designed residences. It's no wonder then that entertaining at home @ Grazing, is becoming quite the new trend.With elegant living rooms opening up to airy patio's, wide garden decks or pools, gone are the days of sit-down dinners confined to the dining room. A varied grazing (informal. to

Removing No-Follow In Blogger


Through this post I'm hoping that you will discover the importance of having a two-way communication between you and your readers through comments.Comments for a Blog is a very important tool but sadly in the Blogger template the tag is set to "No-Follow" by default. What that means is that every comment you leave at that site (which has "No-Follow") will not entitle you to get a link back to