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Agri Commodity Live Updates for today


Agri terms of kharif crop in Maharashtra, heavy rains have damaged. The monsoon season is over, but the state is not taking in the name of stopping rain. 1 released last week by heavy rains in the Marathwada region of the state flood-like situation. Nearly 50 percent of the soybeans and cotton harvest is expected to lose heavily. This time, there was much in the area of , soybean cultivation. Especially Latur, Beed, Nanded and Osmanabad districts more damage. 2,500 crore in the rain is expected to crop damage.

The arrival of new cotton crop arrivals pressure is being witnessed. About 1 per cent of cotton futures prices is broken. The business is also weak spot. The estimated increase in yields continued to decline in turmeric, the turmeric futures prices have come down to Rs 7,000. NCDEX soybean October futures around Rs 3250 with a gain of 0.25 percent is visible.

SEBI's clearance for trading in commodity options


The commodity market regulator is the big decisions. Commodity options trading has been approved. Guidelines in this regard may be issued soon. Exchange can apply for options trading. Exchange must first apply to options trading. Must give full details of the contracts. Sebi has said that the full guidelines of options will be released soon.

Experts say it is a big decision that will prove to commodity hedging. According to SMC Global silver, gold, copper, soybeans, refined, cumin approval for trading options is possible. Angel Broking, says that a decision on the options of SEBI is extremely positive.

The NCDEX said Samir Shah, MD, is pleased by the ruling, it will benefit farmers. NCDEX commodity and commodity options trading options trading is set to be launched soon on the final guidelines for commodity options await. Options will benefit farmers in agri commodities. Sebi last 1 year has significantly reform. The correct information is important for investors to trade.

MCX Crude Oil Updates and Trading levals


The prices of Crude Oil was sideways in the session ending 5 September 2016. Crude Oil gained 0.17% to end the session at Rs 2980 per barrel. The resistance zone for Crude Oil is strong at Rs 3100 per barrel. The prices of Crude Oil are supported at Rs 2850 and Rs 2800 per barrel. The gains are expected to be limited to Rs 3100 per kg in today's trades. The high for Crude Oil was at Rs 3065 per barrel while low was at Rs 2913 per barrel.

There is a surge in crude oil. For price stability agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia following reports Brent price went beyond $ 47. MCX crude oil rose 1.3 percent in the domestic market is showing around Rs 3020.

Trading Advice for Intraday 
We recommended Sold MCX Crude Oil September future contract around 3020 to 3010 targets 2990, 2975 stop loss 3039.

NCDEX Jeera Boom @ Live updates for today


NCDEX Jeera is trade fully bearish zone, last 1 month Jeera have jump around 2000 rs and Continue hits upper circuit due to high demand in physical market. Jeera prices are trading higher on anticipation of supply shortage and likely rise in demand from domestic and overseas markets. Declining arrivals, strong export demand may support the prices to trade high. However, profit booking at higher levels may limit the uptrend during the day.

Industrial buyers have already sourced sufficient quantity for the domestic requirements but the export demand may pickup due to good demand from China and other countries, as stock levels have been lower. In the next few months, the prices will depend on export demand. Jeera trade ended the day at Rs. 19400 per quin which is approx 2.29% up against its previous close.

For All invetor,s We recommend Buy Jeera futures for bumper profit.

Comex Gold extended the grow Up @ Buy MCX Gold for Long term


Credit Suisse has raised its estimate of crude. Agency for the year increased from $ 43.59 to $ 36.91 average price of WTI crude is made. Other hand Brent average price increased from $ 37.77 to $ 44.53.Also for 2017, the agency has increased the estimate of crude. Yesterday sharp boom, MCX Crudetrading down due to last closing. he US Energy Department inventory report today said. Earlier, in the API reported crude stocks had gained about 22 barrels. MCX Crude oil is trading around Rs 3100 slipped 1 percent.

#According to Source you can Buy Crude around 3100 targets 3175, 3275 Stop loss 2999.

MCX Gold Fall Due to Decrease demand at Higher Prices @ Buy Gold MCX


The 2-year upper level has waned after touching a golden glow. Decline in demand at higher prices, which many jewelers are offering. The domestic gold discount of Rs 1,000 per 10 gram running. During the last 6 months, gold imports have fallen about 50 per cent. From January to June this year, is expected to barely 212 tonnes of gold imports.

The last 6 months has fallen about 50 per cent of gold imports. From January to June this year, is expected to barely 212 tonnes of gold imports.

In terms of the domestic market by 1 percent, Gold is showing around Rs 31,400 with osteoporosis.

According to Source you can Buy MCX Gold form Lower levels and Put target around 31700 , you can hold it end of week.

Jeera NCDEX Commodity Down Fall By profit Booking


Jeera futures traded within a range during previous trading session by taking mixed cues from spots market. Jeera futures continue to close lower for the last three days of the last week mostly because of profit booking. However, spot prices were up by 1.53% for the week. The arrivals may slow down as monsoon hit most parts of Gujarat. Rise in arrivals at spot market due to the current higher rate pulled the market down.

Jeera futures prices are likely to extend trade on a range bound. Strong export demand may support the prices to trade high. On the other hand, rise in arrivals due to the higher price at spot market may limit the gains. Jeera trade ended the day at Rs. 17840 per quin which is approx 0.08% up against its previous close. We recommend sell Jeera futures during today’s trading session.

Impact of delayed monsoon on Kharif cultivation


A week's delay in the monsoon has impacted sowing of kharif. 1 crore 24 lakh hectares of land so far have made the kharif sowing. 1 million in the same period last year was 64 million hectares planted. In this way a reduction of 24 per cent in agriculture has seen.

Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan due to delayed monsoon has affected sowing. Which under cotton has decreased by 45 per cent. The sowing of pulses has decreased by 21 per cent. However, sowing will continue until the end of July and then improves further if the monsoon is also likely to see a recovery.

NCDEX Agri Commodity Trading Updates @ Soyabean Advices Free


NCDEX July Soyabean prices down due to poor demand in spot markets and weakness in benchmark CBOT Soyabean prices. Moreover, progress of South west monsoon and pre-monsoon showers in key growing areas were also supported the fall. It is likely to trade on a negative note today as monsoon rainfall has advanced to certain parts of eastern Madhya Pradesh and is likely to cover the whole state by the weekend. It is likely to support sowing activity in these areas pressurizing prices of Soyabean futures.

Soyabean trade ended the day at Rs. 3829 per quintal which is approx 1.57% down against its previous close. We recommend sell Soyabean futures during today’s trading session.

NCDEX July Soyabean Prices Traded Lower due to More Supply in Physical Market @ Sold Soyabean Best Position


NCDEX July Soyabean prices traded lower due to more supply in physical market. The prices may trade on a weaker note as conditions are favorable for the monsoon to advance in the country.

Moreover, the supplies of soybean have risen at domestic market on stockiest selling at higher prices. In CBOT, Soyabean future prices is likely to trade down as rainfall in major producing regions of Mid West US is likely to be favorable for the crops. Soyabean trade ended the day at Rs. 3890 per quintal which is approx 1.62% down against its previous close. We recommend sell Soyabean futures during today’s trading session.

@ I am Advies you can Sold NCDEX Soyabean is best to all trader and investor, It is Safe point for all. 

Non Agri Commodity market decline Impact by Fed's Meeting


In the US, the Federal Reserves two-day meeting starting today. This meeting is special because it so there could be a decision on interest rates. So, before it declined in the Non-agri commoditiesmarket. Crude oil fell nearly 1 percent. Natural gas dominates selling. Gold and silver have also waned. The decline in base metals are trading at around 1.5 per cent and zinc prices have fallen the most.
MCX Crude Oil slipped 0.7 percent is trading at Rs 3250. Natural gas is trading at Rs 174, down 0.25 percent. At the MCX, gold fell by 0.25 per cent is trading around Rs 30,300. Silver by 0.5 per cent to Rs 41 180 with osteoporosis seems.
Tips for Today
Sold MCX Crude oil June around 3250 targets 3225, 3207 Stop Loss 3271

NCDEX Chana Agri Continue gain @ Buy Chana Free Calls


Chana futures continue to gain on expectation of lower supply and firm demand in the spot market. All the government initiatives to reign in spiraling prices of pulses and pulse seeds appear to have gone haywire amid continuing rally in pulses and pulse seeds. Weak arrival and improved buying lifted the prices of pulses. The gap in demand and supply of pulses has widened in the last two years due to drought.

Pulse production is around 17 million tonnes while demand is for 23.6 million tonnes (MT). Chana trade ended the day at Rs. 7101 per quintal which is approx 2.76% up against its previous close. We recommend buy Chana futures during today’s trading session.

All Trtader can Buy NCDEX chana for intraday and Long term also, Don't Short chana right now.

MCX Bullion Gold Silver Advices for Evening @ USD Non farm payroll data Updates


Gold is the fifth consecutive week of decline on the brink. Today's non-farm payroll data in the US market on the eye rests. The data released this evening on US interest rates will be substantially clear. Gold on MCX fell around 0.2 percent Seems around 28,830 in the domestic market.

All trader can buy MCX Gold around 28,800 to 28,850 for august future contract targets 28975, 29050 Stop Loss 28627.

What Will be the effect of Crude oil by the meeting of OPEC


Commodity market today is quite an event for the day. OPEC is a key meeting today. The ECB's decision on interest rates is going to come. The ECB will decide on interest rates 5:15 PM. Thus, soon after, the weekly US unemployment figures will be released at 6 pm. So in terms of commodity and currency market today is very important. And crude oil or gold or silver today before around business is extremely small in scope.

The OPEC meeting has been much speculation in the global market. The speculation in the market that this meeting will also be no agreement to reduce production. Saudi Arabia has refused to cut production without Iran. Iran has consistently indicated to increase the production. Meanwhile MCX Crude oil trading around 3,315 with loss of 0.2 percent. 

If you want Advices for MCX Crude oil than you can Sold it for Short term.  

NCDEX Agri commodities Sharp Fall Today @ TMC, Jeera, Soyabean , chana Live Updates


Agri commodities today is a sharp decline in food oils. Early recovery of the rupee against the dollar is over. 1 dollar slipped to Rs 67.40. Including maize and Soybean cooking oil have also slipped. Turmeric, cumin and coriander were dominant in selling.

NCDEX soya Oil slipped 0.8 per cent to Rs 644 has arrived. MCX Crude palm oil fell 0.9 cent to Rs 527.3 has come. Soybean seems to Rs 3835.

Chana on NCDEX broken near around 2 percent and trading around 5,924 in June future contract.

Ax will fall on the black market pulse


Ax will fall on the black market pulse. Conniving traders raise prices of pulses, the government is planning an all-out crackdown. According to information received by voice CNBC Exclusive Consumer Affairs Ministry Enforcement Directorate about the ED, Commission of India and wrote a letter to the Income Tax Department.

 Raise the prices of pulses, lentils, is accused of conniving at businesses. Kanptishn Commission of India has spearheaded the Isjanc. Pulses importers on businesses take advantage of the tax is charged. According to sources Carywayi on traders to raise the prices of pulses Cabinet Secretary strategy is being led.

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Why MCX Gold Fall @ Live Report for Trading long term Investment


Weak global cues has been a continuous decline in bullion market. MCX Gold has dropped 70 rupees.Gold and silver prices in the international market continues fall.

Why MCX Gold fall
Fed raising interest rates signal the decline, in fact, the US central bank Federal Reserve to raise interest rates until December that clear, so the dollar index above the level of two months on 97's.

Positional Calls: Log term trader Can Buy MCX Gold when it'sCome down around 26300 targets 26800, 27100 stop loss 25900.

MCX Natural Gas Sure Shot Calls for Long term


All long term investor's this is good news to all, i am Going to natural gas Investmnet Ideas, So you can Also share your ideas by Comment.

Ideas: All positional or long term trader's You can Buy MCX Natural gas for long term around 145 to 152 with in November future contract targets 160 and second target 180 sl 139. you can hold it 15 november. take 1 to 10 lot. Book Full profit.   

Gold Silver Bullion Free Long term Calls


Most Welcome All Long term Trader in My Blog, If you Looking MCX Precious Metals Like Gold and Silver free Calls than It's Right Place for your Safe Investment.

Gold Positional Calls
Long term investor's Can Buy MCX Gold around 26,500 to 26,700 with in December future contract targets 27100, 27500 Stop Loss 26371. you can hold it 10 Nov and take 1 to 10 lot.

Silver Investment Ideas

MCX Silver also Looking Buying Zone, So you can Buy MCX Silver Lower levels and Targets 38,000.

Crude prices fell 10% from the top level @ Buy Positional Holding Calls


Restored in crude prices in the international market has not before much time shopping. In the past six trading sessions on Nymex crude fell from $ 52 per barrel to $ 46.80 per barrel has come. the upper level of prices has fallen 10 percent in Crude Oil.

Crude experts say traders were long expected recovery in prices and the recent rally was supported by the fact, but record production in Saudi Arabia and the weak GDP data of China again increased the pressure on crude prices. The reason is that China is the world's largest importer. At the moment, given the current fundamentals, crude prices may Slip 40 per barrel.

Holding Calls Free for Long Term
Dear all Long term Investor's don't Buy MCX Crude Oil right, If you want Buy MCX Crude oil than You can Buy it around 2,800 to 2900 levels and put target 3,200 and second target will be 3,500 and stop loss 2611. you can hold 15 November and trade 1 to 10 lot.
Thanks & Reagrds

MCX Expert 

NCDEX Guar seed , Turmeric Hit Upper Circit Today


Guar seed prices today is witnessing tremendous growth, NCDEX guar seed Fishdi 4 of today's upper circuit, the circuit is 6 per cent, while guar gum.Rajasthan fears about a fall in production due to lack of rains in the guar is increasingly being viewed. Guar prices in the last 15 days are around 15 per cent.

In addition, turmeric has also exploded today, NCDEX prices have risen more than 4 percent. Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu rains in turmeric growing areas not expected to be lower than expected yields.Also, the physical demand of turmeric in the coming days are expected to grow sentiment has seen

MCX Gold Trading 3 month upper levels Above 27250 @ Buy Gold, Over All trend Up


Global and domestic demand rising steadily in gold and silver bullion market gold price rose to the highest in almost three months.Rs 27 425 to Rs 245 per ten grams of gold today rose by Rssold. In the domestic market, gold has gained the 13th consecutive season. During 2445 the price had risen to Rs. Silver was also the third consecutive day of gains.

Comax gold gained 0.55 percent on Friday to close at 1159 an ounce. During the last trading session at $ 1168.40 per ounce, gold prices had touched.

According to experts on the already fragile global economy and increased pressure from weak Chinese industrial data. China's industrial output has fallen fastest in six and half years.

 Advice : Buy MCX Gold around 27,000 to 27,200 Oct Contract targets 27,500 , 27900 stop loss 26721.   

Intraday MCX Silver Calls for Today


All Day Trader, if you are looking MCX Silver Calls than it's right place you can Buy MCX Silver around 35,750 for September future contract targets 35850, 35950 stop loss 35641.  

Intraday MCX Gold Calls Today


 You can buy MCX Gold around 25,850 for October future contract targets 25905, 25965 with stop loss 25,791.

Gold prices climbed, what to do for MCX Gold Now


Gold has gained enormous. Domestic gold price has increased nearly 1 percent. The gold in the international market has gone beyond $ 1110. Weak rupee and rise in international market prices got support. Currently Mcx Gold are trading 25,450 Rs. 

   "So you can Sell MCX Gold at 25500 to 25400 for October future contract targets 25250 and stop loss 25771".