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Combination machining lathe

Tue, 26 May 2015 08:00:00 EDT

In a combination machining lathe, a workpiece holding device holds a workpiece in a manner that permits the workpiece to rotate around an axis parallel to a direction of a horizontal Z axis. A tool post holds a tool that comprises a holder and a bit. The tool held by the tool post is indexed to a position in which the longitudinal axis of the holder is parallel to an X axis direction. The bit of the tool held by the tool post is angled such that a longitudinal axis of the bit is disposed in a position tilted away from the X axis direction closer to a horizontal axis in a plane containing the X axis and the Y axis. A turning operation is performed while the tool and/or the workpiece are moved relative to each other in a direction of the longitudinal axis of the bit.

Multitasking machine tool

Tue, 26 May 2015 08:00:00 EDT

In a multitasking machine tool, a first tool post including a tool spindle configured to allow a tool to be detachably attached thereto is configured to be slidable in predetermined directions, while a second tool post is configured to allow a tool to be detachably attached thereto. A tool-change part includes at least one gripper configured to hold a tool to be attached to the second tool post. An automatic tool changer is configured to detachably attach the tool-change part (as well as to change the tool installed) to the tool spindle of the first tool post positioned in a first tool-change region. Change of the tool attached to the second tool post is carried out by a motion (sliding and/or rotation of the tool spindle) of the first tool post (with the tool-change part attached to the tool spindle thereof) located in a second tool-change region.

Main spindle device of machine tool

Tue, 28 Apr 2015 08:00:00 EDT

Loads that act on all the bearings that support a main spindle are derived from a variation in the state of the main spindle and, in addition, raceway surface contact pressures of the respective bearings are analyzed, so it is possible to accurately keep track of the state of each bearing. Then, when the raceway surface contact pressure exceeds a corresponding threshold, a machining condition is changed to execute control such that the raceway surface contact pressure does not exceed the corresponding threshold, and, furthermore, when the raceway surface contact pressure exceeds the corresponding threshold even when the machining condition is changed, the main spindle is controlled to stop, so it is possible to prevent a seizure of each bearing. Thus, it is possible to improve machining accuracy by controlling the main spindle with high accuracy.

Tool gripper chain bendable in two directions

Tue, 14 Apr 2015 08:00:00 EDT

The present disclosure relates to a tool gripper chain bendable in two directions that has a chain assembly that includes: gripper blocks that each have a first tooth at the center of a curved groove; first and second gripper assemblies that have first and second gripper members rotatably mounted on the rear of gripper blocks and grip a tool; first and second outer links that are formed in an arc shape; first and second inner links that are formed in an arc shape and disposed zigzag with respect to first and second outer links between first outer link and second outer link; and first and second collars that are disposed between first inner link and second inner link, in which first gripper assembly is disposed in front of second outer link, second gripper assembly is disposed ahead of second inner ink, and a first shaft hole of first gripper assembly and second shaft hole of second gripper assembly are coaxially arranged, such that first and second gripper assemblies are coupled by a first shaft or a second shaft.

Machine tool including tool radius adjusting device

Tue, 07 Apr 2015 08:00:00 EDT

A tool radius adjusting device executes an operation for adjusting the tool radius of a boring holder in parallel with execution of a machining program for executing an operation of a spindle head and an operation of a tool changer. A carrier control unit determines whether the tool changer is executing a tool changing process. When the tool changing process is not being executed, the carrier control unit allows the carrier device to execute an operation for picking the boring holder out from the tool magazine and an operation for returning the boring holder, of which the tool radius has been adjusted, to the tool magazine.

Module for automatic tool exchange device

Tue, 24 Mar 2015 08:00:00 EDT

Provided is a module for automatic tool exchange device of novel structure wherein electric signals can be transmitted with high reliability while preventing transmission efficiency from deteriorating between a first coupling member and a second coupling member. An electromagnetic shielding member is arranged on an outer circumference of a core member except for a transmission surface, a gap member having electromagnetic shielding effect lower than that of the electromagnetic shielding member is interposed between the core member and the electromagnetic shielding member, and a first module and a second module are provided, respectively, with coil units equipped with coil heads which are constituted to include a coil member, the core member and the gap member.

Multi-spindle machining machine with tool changing mechanism

Tue, 10 Mar 2015 08:00:00 EDT

A multi-spindle machining machine with a tool changing mechanism contains a base; a carrier including a seat to move in Z axis, a rotary shaft fixed on the seat laterally to drive the seat to rotate in A axis, and a fixing holder coupled to an end portion of the rotary shaft to fix a work piece; a tool changing mechanism including a mount mounted to the rotary shaft to rotate with the rotary shaft and a monitor fixed on the seat to measure a length of the tool clamped on a driving spindle, and including a plurality of slots to receive the tools respectively; a working head moving above the carrier and the tool changing mechanism in X and Y axes and including the driving spindle mounted on a lower end thereof to rotate axially, and the lower end of the driving spindle allowing to engage and disengage the tool.

Vertical turret lathe

Tue, 10 Mar 2015 08:00:00 EDT

The invention provides a vertical turret lathe capable of preventing an inner diameter turning tool attached to a turret tool rest from interfering with a workpiece during machining of the outer diameter of the workpiece. The vertical turret lathe comprises a work table that holds a workpiece W1 and rotates, and a working head 40 having a turret tool rest 50 and capable of moving in X-axis and Z-axis directions. A tool holder 70 for holding an inner diameter turning tool T2 via hydraulic pressure is attached to a part of the tool supporting portions 60 of the turret tool rest. The automatic tool changer apparatus 100 includes a turret-type tool magazine 120 and pistons 160 and 162, which mechanically press the pins 74 and 76 of the tool holder 70 and clamp or unclamp the tool T2.

Path display apparatus considering correction data

Tue, 03 Mar 2015 08:00:00 EST

A path display apparatus includes a first position command acquiring unit that acquires first position command for motors, a first position feedback acquiring unit that acquires first position feedback of each of the motors, a correction data acquiring unit that acquires correction data generated for each of the motors, a second position command calculating unit that subtracts the correction data from the first position command to calculate a second position command, a second position feedback calculating unit that subtracts the correction data from the first position feedback to calculate second position feedback, a command path display unit that displays a command path of the tip point of the tool, based on the second position command; and a feedback path display unit that displays a feedback path of the tip point of the tool, based on the second position feedback.

Tool changing device for a cutting head of a machine for cutting flat glass sheets

Tue, 10 Feb 2015 08:00:00 EST

A tool changing device for a cutting head of a machine for cutting flat glass sheets, the tool changing device comprising: a bridge; a carriage for supporting the cutting head, the carriage being slidingly attached to the bridge for translation along the bridge; an electric motor that provides for translational motion of the carriage with respect to the bridge; and a tool supporting slider, which is configured to support a plurality of tools such that the tools can be automatically exchanged between the tool supporting slider and the cutting head, the tool supporting slider coupled, by way of reversible fixing elements to the cutting head supporting carriage during work by the cutting head, and wherein the tool supporting slider is uncoupled from the cutting head supporting carriage during tool changing operations.

Section member drilling or milling machine

Tue, 10 Feb 2015 08:00:00 EST

A section member drilling or milling machine comprises a machine bed for supporting a workpiece to be drilled, the machine bed including guides for controllably sliding thereon a support comprising precision vertical guides thereon a platform is engaged, the platform comprising parallel horizontal guides slidably supporting a carriage, in turn supporting a cantilever arm, including a driving motor for controllably driving a drilling and milling tool along parallel guides of the cantilever arm.

Weld gun part clamp device and method

Tue, 10 Feb 2015 08:00:00 EST

A combination component handling and connecting device connectable to a multi-axis robot for use in moving and connecting components and subassemblies includes a housing and an actuator fixedly connected to the housing. The actuator includes an actuating link movable from a first position to a second position. Connected to the actuating link is an end effector for concurrent movement with the actuating link. The component handling and connecting device includes a clamp having a first jaw and a second jaw. The second jaw is connected to the actuating link for selectively moving the second jaw toward the first jaw operative to engage a component.

Welding tip replacement apparatus, welding tip replacement system, and method for replacing welding tip

Tue, 10 Feb 2015 08:00:00 EST

A welding tip replacement apparatus is used for a welding torch that includes a tubular tip connection body, a tubular retaining member fitted over the tip connection body, and a tubular welding tip fitted within the tip connection body, the welding torch being configured such that displacing the retaining member toward the proximal end of the tip connection body along the axis of the tip connection body causes the welding tip axially fastened to the tip connection body to be released. The apparatus includes a first grasping mechanism grasping the retaining member, a second grasping mechanism grasping the welding tip protruding from the retaining member in a direction away from the distal end of the tip connection body, a first driving mechanism driving the first grasping mechanism axially, and a second driving mechanism driving the second grasping mechanism axially.

Chain-type bit-storing apparatus

Tue, 20 Jan 2015 08:00:00 EST

A machine tool is provided with a chain-type bit-storing apparatus which includes a frame, two sprockets, a chain and a pivoting unit. The frame includes a cutout. The sprockets are placed in the frame. The chain is driven by the sprockets. The chain includes links each including a socket for containing a bit, two plates for supporting the socket, first and second blocks placed between the plates, first and second bearing units for rotationally supporting the first and second blocks on the plates, and a connecting unit for pivotally connecting the first block thereof to the second block of an adjacent link. The pivoting unit is used to pivot the socket of a selected one of the links to move an open end of the socket out of the frame through the cutout.

Head tool changer for use with deposition-based digital manufacturing systems

Tue, 06 Jan 2015 08:00:00 EST

A head tool changer for use with a deposition-based digital manufacturing system, the head tool changer comprising a tooling unit configured to retain a deposition head, a grip unit configured to engage with tooling unit and to relay electrical power to the tooling unit, and a master unit operably mounted to a gantry and configured to engage with the tooling unit and to relay electrical power to the tooling unit.

Cutter-changing device

Tue, 30 Dec 2014 08:00:00 EST

A cutter-changing device includes a cutter-magazine carrying cutters, a rotary telescopic cylinder, and a clamping sub-assembly. The clamping sub-assembly includes a cutter-changing arm, and a pair of clamping assemblies. The rotary telescopic cylinder drives the cutter-changing arm to rotate, extend and retract. Each clamping assembly includes a mounting member, an elastic member, a piston, and at least one resisting member. The mounting member is mounted on the cutter-changing arm, and defines at least one mounting hole through the sidewall thereof. The elastic member and the piston are sleeved with the mounting member, and the two opposite ends of the elastic member press against the piston and the mounting member. The resisting member is mounted between the elastic member and the mounting member, and capable of being resisted by the piston to be partially exposed from the mounting hole.

Electrode management device for electrical discharge machining machine tools

Tue, 16 Dec 2014 08:00:00 EST

Device for managing the electrodes for electrical discharge machining EDM machine tools comprises at least one magazine (1) that has a series of individual housings (33) designed to accept and hold exchangeable elements (5) consisting of electrodes (6, 22) mounted on an electrode holder (11a, 11b), and a changer device (2) equipped with a gripper (2) intended to move the exchangeable elements (5) from the individual housings (33) towards the machine and vice versa. A first adapter piece (21) is associated with each of the exchangeable elements (5). This adapter piece (21) surrounds the electrode holder (11a, 11b) and is gripped around its periphery by the gripper (9) of the changer (2) so as to guarantee that the exchangeable element (5) is held precisely. The device further comprises a second adapter piece (32) associated with each of the individual housings (33) of the magazine (1) that are likely to be used.

Cutting device for cutting lenses

Tue, 09 Dec 2014 08:00:00 EST

A cutting device includes a support base, a first slide module, a second slide module slidably connected to the first slide module, and a cutting module. The support base includes a support surface and a slide portion on the support surface. The first slide module is slidably positioned on the slide portion. The sliding direction of the second slide module is perpendicular to the sliding direction of the first slide module. The cutting module includes a fixed frame fixed on the second slide module, a driving device fixed on the fixed frame, and a cutter connected to the driving device. The driving device drives the cutter to rotate around a central axis of the cutter and move up and down along the central axis. The central axis is perpendicular to the support surface. The cutter includes a hollow cylindrical blade. An end surface of the blade faces the support surface.

Subsea tool changer

Tue, 02 Dec 2014 08:00:00 EST

A subsea tool changer comprises a housing; a rotatable carousel rotatably mounted within the housing and adapted to receive a plurality of selectively removable tools; a tool changer that can select a predetermined one of the plurality of tools from the carousel; and a power drive adapted to provide a predetermined function to a tool selected by the tool changer, the power drive further comprising a first power drive interface. In typical use, a selectively removable tool is placed onto the rotatable carousel which is rotated so that a desired selectively removable tool is positioned adjacent to a tool driver which is then mated with the desired selectively removable tool. The tool changer and mated selected removable tool are moved outward toward an outer boundary of the housing and the tool changer extended at least partially outside the housing outward towards a predetermined tool working position. The tool changer is then pivoted to position the selected removable tool to its predetermined tool working position.

Variable strength magnetic end effector for lift systems

Tue, 18 Nov 2014 08:00:00 EST

A device and method for adjusting the magnetic strength of a magnetic end effector for lift systems is described. The magnetic end effector is capable of lifting discriminate payloads by selectively varying the strength of the magnetic forces output by the magnetic end effector. An actuator can be operatively coupled to the variable strength magnet end effector, wherein the actuator is selectively actuatable to control the adjustment of the variable strength magnet. The actuator may also be configured to maintain the variable strength magnet at a desired magnetic force output strength once achieved for any given amount of time.

Turning tool holder used for a combined lathe apparatus

Tue, 18 Nov 2014 08:00:00 EST

A carriage is moved in a direction including a Y axis component in order to move a turning process tool that is attached to a tool spindle along a horizontal line that is perpendicular to a Z axis, and thus, a turning process is carried out on a workpiece which is attached to a workpiece spindle.

Component mounting apparatus and method for photographing component

Tue, 11 Nov 2014 08:00:00 EST

There is provided a component mounting apparatus, which includes: a nozzle which sucks a component; a nozzle supporting member, on which the nozzle is installed, which moves in a vertical direction with respect to an upper surface of a substrate on which the component sucked at the nozzle is mounted; an optical system which captures an image of a leading edge portion of the nozzle where the component is sucked in a component mounting operation, from a side direction, such that an optical axis of the optical system is inclined at a predetermined angle with respect to a sucking surface of the nozzle; and an analyzer which analyzes the image of the leading edge portion to determine whether a sucking state of the component sucked by the nozzle is normal or abnormal.

Loading/unloading system serving a sheet cutting centre, feeding tray therefor and relative handling method

Tue, 14 Oct 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A system for loading/unloading sheets is disclosed, some of which also being of metal, and handling method thereof, serving a laser cutting center. The system includes a pair of rails (1, 2), supported at a preset height above a feeding tray (T) of the cutting center, whereon at least one Cartesian robotized hand is movably mounted, capable of moving along horizontal axes X and Y as well as along a vertical axis Z, mutually orthogonal, and including at least two bridge cranes (3, 4) sliding along the rails (1, 2) each of which supports at least one pair of robotized hands (5-8), and the robotized hands (5-8) have an electromagnetic pick-up head which may be coupled with a suction-cup device (103). Feeding tray (T) consists of bars whereon small tesserae (204) of ceramic material are fitted.

Collimator changer

Tue, 02 Sep 2014 08:00:00 EDT

An automatic collimator changer of a radiation treatment system.

Machine tool including a plurality of tool spindles and a frame shaped rack

Tue, 02 Sep 2014 08:00:00 EDT

The invention relates to a machine tool (1), comprising a plurality of fixed tool spindles (3) and such that can optionally be displaced from a retracted idle position to an extended working position and can be positioned at different positions in a frame-like rack (2), and a workpiece carrier (4) with at least one workpiece holder (5), with the workpiece (4) carrier being movable at least in several axes in a translational manner and preferably also in a rotational manner. In order to provide advantageous constructional conditions it is proposed that at least one of the tool spindles (3) is associated with a tool magazine (7) plus tool changer (8).

Tool holding and conveying chain

Tue, 26 Aug 2014 08:00:00 EDT

There is provided a tool holding and conveying chain adapted to securely lock and position a tool pot, i.e., a connecting pin, to a pin hole of either an outer or inner link plate so that the tool pot does not to turn and to achieve steady and smooth attachment and removal of a tool in and out of the tool pot with a simple attachment structure. The tool pot has a pair of positioning flat portions formed by cutting a link plate attaching outer circumferential region of the tool pot and the outer link plate has a pair of positioning cooperative flat portions formed so as to bulge out of an inner circumference to a center of a pin hole. The positioning flat portions of the tool pot is fitted into and locked by the positioning cooperative flat portions when the tool pot is attached in the link plate.

Laser nozzle changing device

Tue, 26 Aug 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A method for processing workpieces with a laser processing machine including a laser processing head having a nozzle receiving member configured to receive a laser nozzle. The method includes holding a workpiece on a workpiece support plane of a workpiece support, transferring a laser nozzle between a nozzle magazine of a nozzle changing device located at a first side of the workpiece support and a nozzle receiving member of the laser processing head located at a second side of the workpiece support such that the laser nozzle is assembled on or disassembled from the nozzle receiving member, and moving the laser nozzle through a through-opening defined in the workpiece support along a transverse direction to the workpiece support.

Machine tool and tool holder

Tue, 26 Aug 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A machine tool having a turning function and a milling function includes a spindle, a spindle housing supporting the spindle in a rotatable manner, a main clamp provided at the spindle, an auxiliary clamp provided at the spindle housing, and a double arm with a first gripper and a second gripper. The auxiliary clamp clamps a tool holder together with the main clamp during fixing a fixed tool. The double arm exchanges a tool holder grasped at the first gripper for another tool holder grasped at the second gripper by rotating and sliding movements. The auxiliary clamp is arranged at a position not interfering with the double arm that moves during exchanging tool holders. By such a configuration, a machine tool achieving a clamping force sufficient to withstand the load during a turning process, and that allows tool exchange in a short period of time, and a tool holder employed in such a machine tool, can be provided.

Automatic tool changer

Tue, 15 Jul 2014 08:00:00 EDT

Disclosed in an automatic tool changer in which the tool changing time can be shortened by increasing overlapping operations of the turning operation and the axial advancing/retracting operation of a replacement arm. An arm driver (32) is so constituted that the driver performs overlapping operations such that at least a part of the operation for turning a replacement arm (23) by 180° and the operation for advancing/retracting the replacement arm in the axial direction in order to insert or withdraw a tool (37) are performed simultaneously and in parallelism with each other. When the replacement arm (23) is advanced/retracted in the axial direction in order to insert or withdraw a tool, the replacement arm (23) is turned by a predetermined distance in a direction reverse to the direction (so called “normal direction”) for turning the arm by 180° in parallelism with the advancing/retracting operation, and thereafter, the replacement arm (23) is turned in the normal direction.

Horizontal machining center

Tue, 08 Jul 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A horizontal machining center includes: a table driven in first and second directions (directions indicated by arrows 530p and 530q, respectively) allowing the table to approach and move away from a spindle, respectively; a magazine having a plurality of tool gripping claws; and a coupling mechanism for coupling the table and the magazine together and moving the magazine in one of the first and second directions when the table is driven in the other of the first and second directions. When a tool attached to the spindle is removed from the spindle, the table is driven in the first direction, and when a tool accommodated by the magazine is attached to the spindle, the table is driven in the second direction. A horizontal machining center having a simple structure and prevented from having a bulky structure can thus be accomplished.

Trim and flame robot end effector with optional automatic blade change feature

Tue, 08 Jul 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A combination trimming/flame treatment end effector adapted for mounting to the end of a robotic arm. A trimming blade extends from a main body portion of the end effector for performing a trimming operation. The trimming blade may be mounted in an exchangeable cartridge to facilitate blade changing. Also extending from the main body portion is a flame treatment element for performing a flame treatment operation. The flame treatment element generally comprises a torch or burner. Because both the trimming blade and the flame treatment element are part of the same end effector, the robot simply manipulates the end effector such that the desired one of the trimming blade or the flame treatment element is properly positioned for use. As such, a tooling change can be avoided. While not restricted thereto, it is contemplated that an end effector of the present invention may be used to process vehicle bumper fascias.

Switching device having a non-linear element

Tue, 01 Jul 2014 08:00:00 EDT

Method for a memory including a first, second, third and fourth cells include applying a read, program, or erase voltage, the first and second cells coupled to a first top interconnect, the third and fourth cells coupled to a second top interconnect, the first and third cells coupled to a first bottom interconnect, the second and fourth cells are to a second bottom interconnect, each cell includes a switching material overlying a non-linear element (NLE), the resistive switching material is associated with a first conductive threshold voltage, the NLE is associated with a lower, second conductive threshold voltage, comprising applying the read voltage between the first top and the first bottom electrode to switch the NLE of the first cell to conductive, while the NLEs of the second, third, and the fourth cells remain non-conductive, and detecting a read current across the first cell in response to the read voltage.

Tool handling device for machine tools

Tue, 24 Jun 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A tool handling device for machine tools, comprising a tool magazine having a transfer position for the transfer of the tools, including a tool changer movable between the transfer position and an exchange position, which has a rotatable double gripper, and a supporting structure movable on a foundation, on which the tool changer is mounted. In order to achieve fast tool changes in tight spaces on the machine, the supporting structure has an upper slide and a lower slide which can both be displaced by means of spindle drives in the same direction on a foundation, wherein a single drive motor is provided for driving the two spindle drives.


Tue, 10 Jun 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A method of voting with your feet is disclosed. A performance of a location-based action by a player of a computer-implemented game is associated with a vote on a matter. The performance of the location-based action by the player is detected. A count of votes corresponding to the vote on the matter is incremented based on the detecting of the performance of the location-based action by the player.

Power control of a robotic tool changer

Tue, 10 Jun 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A robotic tool changer removably attaches a robotic tool to a robotic arm. The changer includes a tool module connected to the robotic tool, and a master module connected to the robotic arm. To attach and detach the robotic tool, the changer couples and uncouples the tool module and the master module. A master electrical signal module (ESM) affixes to the master module and a tool ESM affixes to the tool module. In accordance with design requirements, the changer applies the same power supply to both the master ESM and the tool ESM. The changer, however, selectively suppresses application of the power supply to the tool ESM, while maintaining application of the power supply to the master ESM, during the coupling or uncoupling of the master module and the tool module. In doing so, the changer enables such coupling and uncoupling, while also preventing the formation of transient electric arcs.

Tool chain magazine

Tue, 03 Jun 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A tool chain magazine, in particular for program-controlled milling machines and machining centers, comprising a stationary supporting structure to which linear guiding devices, chain wheels, and a drive assembly as a rotary drive for at least one of the chain wheels are mounted. The tool chain comprises an endless magazine chain consisting of a series of chain links connected in an articulate manner to one another, wherein supporting and guiding elements are provided on each chain link, and each chain link has a respective socket as a holder for a tool taper. The base bodies of the chain links of the magazine chain are formed by the tool stations centrally disposed therein, and the front and rear connecting joints of the chain links are arranged in the longitudinal center axis of the magazine chain.

Shaping machine system and computer program for controlling a shaping device

Tue, 03 Jun 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A shaping machine system including a shaping device and a computer is provided. The shaping device includes at least one jig mount body configured for mounting a jig; a shaping tool support body configured for supporting a shaping tool; a first drive device configured for rotating the shaping tool; and a second drive device configured for driving the shaping tool support body or the at least one jig mount body or changing a posture of the shaping tool relative to the workpiece. The computer is configured for controlling the first and second drive devices according to predetermined shaping data. The computer includes a jig position measuring unit configured for measuring a position of the jig; a position error detecting unit configured for detecting a position error of the jig, and a shaping data correcting unit configured for correcting the predetermined shaping data according to a jig position error.

Tool magazine device for a machine tool

Tue, 13 May 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A tool magazine device includes a magazine body adapted to be disposed on a machine body of a machine tool to confront a working space, a plurality of insertion openings formed in a right side wall of the magazine body and each extending towards a left side wall of the magazine body to form a storage chamber, a plurality of gripping members fitted in the insertion openings for grippingly engage cutting tools, an inlet disposed in the magazine body for introducing therein a flow of pressurized air, and an air duct unit disposed on the left side wall and coupled to communicate the inlet with the storage chambers so as to permit the pressurized air to flow out of the insertion openings to thereby clean swarf from the cutting tools.

Method for controlling combined lathe apparatus

Tue, 13 May 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A carriage is moved in a direction including a Y axis component in order to move a turning process tool that is attached to a tool spindle along a horizontal line that is perpendicular to a Z axis, and thus, a turning process is carried out on a workpiece which is attached to a workpiece spindle.

Magnetic tool for robots

Tue, 22 Apr 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A magnetic tool to enable a robot arm to grip a metallic workpiece includes a hollow housing having a coupling member adapted to attach the tool to the robotic arm. A sleeve depends from the housing having a shaft slidably received therein. The shaft has a first end disposed in the housing and a second end extending axially outwardly from an open end of the sleeve. A magnetic member is disposed on the second end of the shaft. The magnetic member includes a main body having a cavity formed therein. A magnet is slidably disposed within the cavity and attached to an actuator adapted to adjust the distance between the magnet and an inner surface of a magnetic face of the main body of the magnetic member to vary the magnetic attraction force at the magnetic face.

Machining installation for workpieces

Tue, 08 Apr 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A machining installation for workpieces comprises a workpiece positioning device comprising a workpiece holder pivot unit as well as a tool positioning device comprising a tool holder pivot unit. The workpiece holder pivot unit is designed such that a workpiece holder is pivotable about at least three and no more than four workpiece holder pivot axes. Moreover, the tool holder pivot unit is designed such that a tool holder is pivotable about no more than two tool holder pivot axes. The machining installation has a simple design and ensures flexible and accurate machining of workpieces.

Tool stocker, machine tool system, and tool damage detecting apparatus

Tue, 18 Mar 2014 08:00:00 EDT

A tool stocker includes main stockers for holding a plurality of tools detachably mounted on a main spindle for machining a workpiece, an auxiliary stocker for holding and transferring tools to and from the main stockers, and a tool transfer mechanism for transferring tools between the main stockers and the auxiliary stocker. The auxiliary stocker includes a plurality of tool pods for removably supporting the tools therein, a rail in sliding engagement with outer surfaces of the tool pods, a chain for moving the tool pods in sliding engagement with the rail, and a motor for actuating the chain. The rail has a recess defined therein in alignment with the tool transfer mechanism, such that the tools transferred by the tool transfer mechanism pass through the recess.

Tilt device

Tue, 18 Mar 2014 08:00:00 EDT

In the course of a machining of a workpiece with a tool, a drive spindle with a tilt table secured thereto of a tilt device provided on a work table of a machining center is rotated by a direct drive motor to control the relative angular position between the tool and the workpiece, and within a predetermined period of time in the course of a machining, the direct drive motor is rotated at a high speed with a spindle head and the work table of the machining center kept away to rotate the drive spindle and hence, the tilt table at a high speed, so that chips and cutting lubricant can be shaken from the workpiece and the tilt table.

Bottom block, a block-transferring tool and a machine tool provided with the block-transferring tool

Tue, 04 Mar 2014 08:00:00 EST

A method of placing a bottom block includes: placing bottom blocks on a block storage area in which a spindle can hold the bottom blocks; attaching a block-transferring tool to the spindle, the block-transferring tool having a main shaft attachment attached to the spindle and a block holder for holding the bottom block; and holding the bottom blocks by the block holder of the block-transferring tool and placing the held bottom blocks on a predetermined workpiece placing position on an upper surface of a table by relative movement.

Tool magazine

Tue, 18 Feb 2014 08:00:00 EST

A machine tool is provided with a tool magazine including a guiding plate, a turntable and holders. The guiding plate includes an annular groove with a semi-circular section and a semi-oval section. The semi-circular section is defined by a radius. The semi-oval section is defined by a semi-major axis identical to the radius of the semi-circular section and a semi-minor axis shorter than the semi-major axis. The turntable includes claws extending from the periphery. Each of the holders is pivotally connected to a related one of the claws and includes an end for holding a tool and another end formed with a ball movably located in the annular groove. Thus, some of the holders of which the balls are located in the semi-circular section of the annular groove close while the other holders of which the balls are located in the semi-oval section of the annular groove open.

Ring saw cutting device

Tue, 18 Feb 2014 08:00:00 EST

A device for cutting tubular and rod-shaped work pieces using the whirling method includes a whirling unit on which a holder mounted so as to rotate, connected with a drive, for a saw blade having internal teeth is disposed. The holder and saw blade are provided with corresponding reference mechanisms for fixation of the saw blade in a defined position. The device also includes a mechanism for automatic replacement of the saw blade. A saw blade having internal teeth is also provided for use in this device. The saw blade has at least two indexing bores and at least two gripping openings, which are disposed offset relative to one another.

Blade position registering apparatus

Tue, 18 Feb 2014 08:00:00 EST

A carriage is moved in a direction including a Y axis component in order to move a turning process tool that is attached to a tool spindle along a horizontal line that is perpendicular to a Z axis, and thus, a turning process is carried out on a workpiece which is attached to a workpiece spindle.

Precision roll turning lathe and automatic tool changer therefor

Tue, 04 Feb 2014 08:00:00 EST

There is provided an automatic tool changer which, in a precision roll turning lathe which feeds a tool post at a high speed, can automatically change a tool, such as a cutting tool, without stopping the machine, thereby enabling highly efficient ultra-Precision machining of a roll mold for molding of a large-sized plastic sheet. The automatic tool changer includes: a change device including a vertically movable pivot arm having a pivot axis and which pivots in a horizontal plane, a hand portion, mounted at the front end of the arm, for detachably gripping a tool holder, a pivot drive section for pivoting the pivot arm, and a lifting drive section for vertically moving the pivot arm; a tool holder stocker, having a plurality of circumferentially-arranged stages disposed at a predetermined distance from the pivot axis, each stage detachably holding a tool holder; a holder base, mounted to the tool post, for fixing and unfixing a tool holder through the rotation of a clamp shaft; and a clamp shaft operating device including an operating portion for clamping/unclamping the tool holder by rotating the clamp shaft.

Chain-type tool magazine

Tue, 21 Jan 2014 08:00:00 EST

A chain-type magazine includes a box, a chain-type conveyor and a spinning unit. The box includes a port defined therein. The chain-type conveyor includes links connected to one another so that each of the links can be pivoted relative to the other links about two axes in parallel to each other. A tool can be inserted in a holder inserted in each of the links. The spinning unit includes a mounting assembly, an elevating assembly, a rotary claw assembly and a connecting rod. The mounting assembly is connected to the box. The elevating assembly is movably connected to the mounting assembly. The rotary claw assembly is rotationally connected to the mounting assembly for catching a selected one of the links. The connecting rod connects the elevating assembly to the rotary claw assembly. The driving element drives the elevating assembly to spin the rotary claw assembly.

Tool magazine

Tue, 10 Dec 2013 08:00:00 EST

A tool, magazine (11) for accommodating a plurality of tools (T) comprising a first tool housing portion (17) and second tool housing portions (19, 21, 23) in which a plate-like member having a plurality of tool receiving holes (17a, 17b) and tool receiving recesses (19b, 21b, 23b) formed thereto and each of the tool receiving holes and the tool receiving recesses has at least three supporting members having a convex portion which engages with a V-shape trench of a tool, and a tool transporting means (25) so disposed to face a back surface of the first and second tool housing portions for transporting the tool to/from the first and second tool housing portions from/to a tool exchange position (P), wherein the second tool housing portions are disposed rearwardly offset with respect to the first tool housing portion.