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Free Web CMS powered by ASP.NET and Silverlight


Win Xbox360 w/ Kinect before Christmas

Wed, 01 Dec 2010 21:01:00 GMT

We're celebrating the product launch at the LeWeb 2010 conference (*) and here's your opportunity to win the brand new  Xbox 360 with Kinect controller! :-)

There are two options:

  1. Install and try out (Free of charge!) or ...
  2. Tweet about the raffle:

    "I want to win an Xbox360 w/
    Kinect and now! #axcms #leweb

All installations, tweets and retweets will count. Retweets will even count twice - for you again and for the one who retweeted your tweet. More tweets and retweets, more chances for you to win an Xbox360 w/ Kinect. As simple as that! ;-)

The winners will be announced on December 10, 2010.

Good luck!

(*) The reason for the raffle is simple. We're celebrating the launch of brand new products at Axinom. At LeWeb – the #1 European Web Event in Paris on Dec 8 -9 – about 2500 entrepreneurs, investors, and journalists from over 50 countries will discuss the current web trends and topics. At this event Axinom will introduce Express 9.5 and provide a sneak peak at 10, the new version of Axinom's Web Content Management System.

You'll find us at LeWeb in the Eiffel Room (Stand D) where we're exhibiting together with Microsoft Corporation.

We got what ya like .. and we have cookies! ;-)


Free ASP.NET Web CMS v 9.2 released!

Thu, 09 Sep 2010 15:53:00 GMT

Free Download:

Version 9.2 supports Micrsoft .NET Framework 4 and Silverlight 4 in both Web Forms and MVC template development with ASP.NET.

New version a big step towards 10, focuses on improved editor and developer productivity featuring more than 100 improvements that boost developer and editor productivity. The new "Pre-Live" support turns out to be an invaluable feature for large organizations: it enables an additional, third, level for quality assurance and is especially useful in scenarios where the Web site managed by is integrated with other software like ERP or CRM systems.

Editors will value the many changes that make their lives easier: More control over the publishing workflow, faster object copy/paste, better overview of checked-out elements, improved error diagnostics, enhanced text editor, more control when dealing with images, enhanced Active Directory synchronization, better site management, and much more.

There is also a lot of love for developers in the new release: functions for automatically handling html Meta tags, more extension points in the data access layer, improved API for thumbnail handling, and support for moving sensitive data out of configuration files into the Windows registry.

Check it out and let us know if there is something we should improve to make you happy :-)

FIFA World Cup 2010 Special

Wed, 30 Jun 2010 09:12:00 GMT

Who will win the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa? We know it already! There is just one possibility.

And therefore here's the deal ...

  1. Become solution provider before the quarter final game on Saturday.
  2. German soccer team wins the worldcup (which will happen anyway..)
  3. We discount the annual fee for solution provider program by 100% !! (no fee at all :-) )

Here's the link:

Olé!! Olé!! Olé!! :-)

(c) Culture of Soccer

Relaunch: Help & Support Center

Tue, 18 May 2010 13:54:00 GMT

(image) More content, more interactivity, more social media: new help & support center for collects all available information and news around installation, deployment, development, and usage.

Free download:

New chapter "Basic Concepts" is designed to provide users with an introduction and understanding of You will be introduced to the different components, elements, use of built-in features such as categories and relations, deployment, workflow and security topics. This information forms a self-study guide as an introduction to


10 Ways to Get a Document into

Thu, 22 Apr 2010 10:15:00 GMT

Since 9.1 there is a possibility to upload multiple files simultenously (with a simple Silverlight component). While I was waiting for my files to upload, I started to think about which other methods we currently have in for uploading documents. I came up with 10 and same evening this article was ready: 10 Ways to Get a Document into The Classic: Individual Manual Upload Document Creation Box Upload Multiple Files Files from a Remote URL Files from Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) WebDAV ZIP Create Documents Programmatically Apply Auto-Formatting Send the Documents via Email Always choose the most appropriate way to upload your documents into Consider size of the documents, how many you have, where to they come from and which other tools you use.  [...] 10 with Microsoft Silverlight 4 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Tue, 13 Apr 2010 20:18:00 GMT

Axinom, European WCM vendor, today announced the next version of its WCM solution 10, which streamlines the processes involved in creating, managing and distributing corporate content on the internet. The new solution helps reducing ongoing costs for managing and distributing to large audiences, while at the same time drastically reducing time-to-market and one-time setup costs.

Axinom’s WCM portfolio, based on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Silverlight 4, allows enterprises to increase process efficiency, reduce operating costs and more effectively manage delivery of rich media assets on the Web and mobile devices. Axinom solutions are widely used by major European online brands in IT, telco, retail, media and entertainment industries such as Siemens, American Express, Microsoft Corp., ZDF, Pro7Sat1 Media, and Deutsche Post.

Brand New User Interface built with Silverlight 4
By using Silverlight 4, Axinom’s team created a new user interface for 10 that is optimized for improved usability and speed. WYSIWYG mode, integrated image editor, extended list views, and detail views of objects allow a substantial acceleration of typical editor tasks. Axinom’s team worked with Silverlight Rough Cut Editor for video management and Silverlight Analytics Framework for extended reporting to complete the wide range of capabilities included in the new release.

Axinom’s release of 10 enables developers to take advantage of the latest features in Silverlight 4,” said Brian Goldfarb, director of the developer platform group at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft is excited about the opportunity this creates for Web developers to streamline the creating, managing and distributing of online corporate content using 10 and Silverlight.”

Rapid Web Development with Visual Studio 2010 10 is extended by additional products that enable developers to get productive quickly and help solve typical customer scenarios. template projects come with documented source code that help kick-start projects and learn best practices in all aspects of Web application development. overcomes many hard-to-solve technical obstacles in an out-of-the-box manner by providing a set of ready-to-use vertical solutions such as corporate Web site, Web shop, Web campaign management, email marketing, multi-channel distribution, management of rich Internet applications, and Web business intelligence.

Extended Multi-Site Management has been supporting the management of an unlimited number of Web sites for a long time. The new version 10 of will further improve multi-site management and provide features to editors and developers that will simplify and accelerate multi-site and multi-language management. Extended publication workflow will take into account additional dependencies of dynamic objects, pages, and documents.

The customer requests evolved from static html pages to dynamic Web applications content with the emergence of rich media assets seamlessly combined across many channels including Web, mobile and IPTV. With the.NET Framework 4 and Silverlight 4, we’re on the fast track to making the three screen strategy a reality for our customers,” said Damir Tomicic, CEO of Axinom Group. “Our customers enjoy substantial competitive advantages of using latest Microsoft technologies. We have a long-standing, relationship with Microsoft and are committed to continued development using Microsoft tools and technologies to deliver innovative Web solutions in the future.”


Download Now Free Web CMS With Silverlight 3 Ribbon UI

Mon, 14 Sep 2009 16:20:00 GMT is a free Enterprise Web Content Management System (CMS) which offers a comprehensive list of features for creating and managing web applications in Internet, Extranet and Intranet. It is based entirely on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Silverlight 3 and ASP.NET Ajax.

Lates version 9 RTW is now available for download:

Enjoy :-)

Video Sneak Preview Of Silverlight 3 User Interface

Tue, 11 Aug 2009 21:02:00 GMT

The team have provided us with a video showcasing their internal version 9 alpha release with Silverlight 3 User Interface.  For those unfamiliar with the product, is known as a powerful enterprise web content management system - free and 100% based on Microsoft .NET.  


More detailed information:


First Free Enterprise Web CMS With An Integrated Silverlight 3 Based Ribbon Toolbar!

Thu, 06 Aug 2009 21:20:00 GMT

Get a sneak peek of our latest that will be officially introduced on September 9, 2009. The new ribbon toolbar - developed with silverlight technology! Silverlight ribbon toolbar enables editors to manage and design enterprise websites with an extraordinary usability experience for CMS Users. This powerful browser plug-in communicates with the Enterprise Web CMS Services in Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows and Macintosh platforms. (contact us for more information) The editor will always have direct access to the toolbar in the header and footer that enables him to start all important actions to build, change, and control the website content. In the footer the editor can change between the page properties. He can e.g. change the meta information of the page, switch to the edit mode to work on his content, or turn to the preview mode to check if everything is set up correctly. (contact us for more information)   New key visuals for page structure elements Key visuals for elements show you in a very simple way how to set up your page structure and how to include special content elements such as contact forms, voting modules, dynamic lists, e-commerce elements etc. (contact us for more information)     Edit text in the page – without new windows If you need to change or edit an object e.g. a text, images, lists, contact forms object, you do not need to open a new window but you can directly make the changes in the page. (contact us for more information)   Choose and search in your page context for images Choose the image you like to edit, insert or to replace on your page. enables you to search for an image while your page content stays visible. (contact us for more information) [...]

Join us on Twitter

Thu, 18 Jun 2009 21:02:00 GMT

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. Join us and get in touch with developers and architects behind the scenes. We look forward to great online discussions. :-)


Integrating ASP.NET MVC framework with

Mon, 04 May 2009 15:58:00 GMT

ASP.NET MVC Framework is based on the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern, separating the data access, business logic and presentation using the routing capabilities of ASP.NET. The main benefits of using ASP.NET MVC Framework are: Friendly URL's which are intuitive to use (you can navigate the site by just changing URL or removing it's parts) Clear separation of concerns ( you always know where to put your Business, Data Access, and Presentation logic) Greater control over HTML output in MVC Views than in WebForms ( which in turn, gives you easier integration with JavaScript) Test-Driven Development ( With ASP.NET MVC Framework it's easy to test controller classes without the need of emulating .aspx pages like in unit testing for Web Forms) It is a different paradigm of developing with ASP.NET from Web Forms, instead of basing user interaction directly with .aspx pages with code-behind, Postback, ViewState, events, you create a set of routing rules which will analyse the URL of user's http request and based on that information, call the Action of appropriate Controller class which will look for appropriate Model, pass data from it to  .aspx page (View) and return the parsed result in http response.  A different Action can be called for same URL based on either browser's GET or POST verb. The main resource for starting out with ASP.NET MVC Framework is: For deploying ASP.NET MVC based projects to machines without ASP.NET MVC installed, MVC specific dll’s can be extracted to be shipped with your project: Using ASP.NET MVC Framework in context of It is possible to enhance your website with functionalities based on ASP.NET MVC routing engine, that way you will be able to develop Controller and Model classes (Model tables can be placed inside the CMS Live database of your project) inside the YourProject.BL project and have GUI editing capabilities of for Views, with the benefits that offers like user management, content management, etc. on backend. Developing Controllers and Models Create Controllers directory in YourProject.BL and place your classes derived from System.Web.Mvc.Controller there. By convention, Controller class must be named ClassNameController, with Controller as last part of name.You can place Models also in YourProject.BL project. Models are representing both Business Logic and Data Access in MVC, so you may want to further separate them and implement the Data Access logic through web services. Developing MVC View Templates View pages can be based on normal templates with slight difference:To have access to ViewData and HtmlHelper classes, template should inherit from: System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage( or strongly typed System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage )You can create pages based on these templates as usual, to follow ASP.NET MVC convention of no code-behind you should only put only code for parsing entity(Model) fields there and use static controls that render to inline code when published. Developing static elements for View Pages It is possible to develop dynamic controls for View pages as well, as MVC View pages still inherit from Page, but by convention MVC View pages should not have code-behind files and render content editing logic with inline code. To follow this convention, we can make static controls that are rendered as inline code after publishing. To have access to ViewData and HtmlHelper classes, control should inherit from: System.Web.Mvc.ViewUserControl( or strongly typed System.Web.Mvc.ViewUserControl ) Here is the How-To FAQ and f[...]

Free .NET CMS " 9" will ship in September

Fri, 03 Apr 2009 08:12:00 GMT

Version 9 of free .NET Web CMS "" will be shipped in September 2009 featuring a wealth of new functions and improvements. Solution Providers will be able to benefit from coming features through interim releases even before launch of 9. Version 8.5 can be downloaded for free already today at:

Technology of Choice

Version 9 is entirely based on Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework including ASP.NET Ajax, Silverlight 3 and all the latest goodies provided by Microsoft. Version 9 is built using Visual Studio Suite and Team Foundation Server and supports large projects for teams between 5 and 200 developers. Existing .NET projects can be included in project templates without any changes. This helps minimizing migration efforts and transfering existing e-commerce and web sites into content managed websites easily.


The CMS user interface is being overhauled. WYSIWYG mode, list views, and detail views of objects will be optimized for improved usability and speed. These changes' goals are an even more intuitive user interface and a substantial acceleration of typical editor tasks. User interface will be improved using latest Microsoft Silverlight 3 technology.

Search Engine Friendlyness (SEO / SEF) 9 will feature ways to define patterns for URLs according to users' needs (i. e. URLs without parameters, URLs with an arbitrary hierarchy that can be defined at design time, special extensions, etc.). These additions together with URL rewriting improvements will dramatically simplify creation and management of search engine friendly web sites.


Multi-site Management has been supporting the management of an arbitrary number of web sites for a long time. The new version will further improve multi-site management. It will provide features to editors and developers that will simplify and accelerate multi-site management.

Publication Workflow

Publication workflow will take into account additional dependencies of objects being published. Users publishing pages, documents, and other objects will be better supported by the user interface.

Support of New Technologies 9 will even better support development and management of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications). RIAs have different requirements for communication of RIA front ends on client side with CMS back end than traditional web sites.

Managing web sites that are built on top of Microsoft's new MVC approach is possible, even with the current version of However, 9 will feature additional functions that will even better support running and managing web sites that utilize this new technology.

Performance Improvements 9 will feature improved performance in many places. It will fly as fast as never before :-)


.NET Job Offerings - Seattle, WA

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 20:00:00 GMT

Axinom, the leading European technology integrator specializing in the Microsoft enterprise platform and ECM solutions, is entering the U.S. market.

Read on, if you are interested in working for a company that uses cutting-edge technologies, works for the most well-known brands, is profitable, grows fast, and even offers a free Enterprise Content Management based fully on .NET 3.x to everyone. ;-)

Axinom is looking for some key staff to build a brand new base in Seattle. We are ideally looking to fill the senior roles first as they will be required to recruit, mentor, and guide the junior members.


Info about the company:

Info about the product:


Multilingual sites, dynamic contact forms, news & document lists, surveys, forum, search, registration & login, sitemap ...

Tue, 22 May 2007 13:15:00 GMT

You can download the new 7 based on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 and SQL Server 2005 with numerous new features and considerably simpler installation - free of charge.


Additionally to the "standard sample" project you will find the "premium sample" project is packed with page templates (multilingual sites, dynamic contact forms, news & document lists, surveys, forum, search, registration & login, sitemap and much more ... ) with a challenging layout and different navigation models. The "premium sample" project is available to you in source code.

Find more information about ...


[Download] Free Enterprise CMS for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 & ASP.NET Ajax released!

Sat, 19 May 2007 02:13:00 GMT® was one of the world’s first enterprise content management platforms based on Microsoft .NET framework and developed by Axinom, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Vendor based in Germany.® is a award-winning, multilingual and multi-site compatible solution - completely free of charge! Companies around the world are using the software to provide solutions for both themselves and their customers faster, more easily and at lower costs.

Read our current case study showcased at the Microsoft MIX conference in Las Vegas:® 7.0 introduces compatibility with ASP.NET Ajax making a huge leap forward with personalized user interface, integration into Windows Vista Media Center and enhanced document management capabilities.


(image)® has been designed and developed as a free Enterprise Content Management System based on Microsoft .NET framework since 2001. Today with several thousands of successfully installed systems and an increasing number of satisfied customers more than 50 partners worldwide are using to build custom based solutions for middle-sized and large customers.


As the largest solution provider, Axinom offers development services and solutions to clients in international markets as well as training and support for


Become a Partner for Free Enterprise CMS based on Microsoft .NET 2.0 & ASP.NET 2.0

Mon, 06 Nov 2006 10:38:00 GMT

We have exciting news about and our partner program: 

  • New benefits of Solution Provider Program
  • New modules for
  • 50% Discout on subscription fee


We at Axinom recognize the increasing need to provide our partners with consistently high quality solutions that include the most complete range of services. We understand the valuable contribution that you make to our customers' success and we are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with you in developing customized applications which leverage the development platform.

We're pleased to announce the availability of a wide range of new modules for enabling you to take advantage of increased market demand for business applications in organizations worldwide.

More information:

We are rolling out innovations around our partner engagement model including special conditions for our international subscribers: until November 10th 2006 we offer 50% discount for the annual subscription fee of 750 Euro / 900 USD to " Solution Provider Program".

More information:

Sign up today (via fax +49/911/80109-10 or via snail mail) and get the 50% discount!

As a member of the " Solution Provider Program", you are taking advantage of a robust infrastructure that equips you with the support you need to conduct business successfully, including cost free proof of concept for your first project. Our program provides you with the technical resources and consulting and development support that enable you to successfully design, build and deploy your solutions using

We commit to remain focused on extending your market reach, taking costs out of your business, increasing your profitability and delivering innovative solutions to our mutual customers.

For more information about visit

[Download] 10 New References for Free Enterprise CMS for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and ASP.NET 2.0

Fri, 28 Apr 2006 21:09:00 GMT


Here are some further examples of sites based on

As the largest solution provider, Axinom offers unparalleled services and solutions to clients in international markets as well as training and support for using Microsoft's Live Meeting infrastructure.

Find out more about the architecture:

(image)   (image)
a) Landscape           b) Component View

New: Installation Webcasts for Free CMS (.NET Framework 2.0 / ASP.NET 2.0)

Tue, 21 Feb 2006 12:37:00 GMT

Installation Webcasts for - free Enterprise CMS based on Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 / ASP.NET 2.0

Webcast: 01 first steps & IIS config  (Download: 16 MB)
Webcast: 02 setup database  (Download: 16 MB)
Webcast: 03 sample project  (Download: 6 MB)

Free CMS download:

Become a Partner for Free Enterprise CMS based on Microsoft .NET 2.0 & ASP.NET 2.0

Mon, 20 Feb 2006 17:25:00 GMT

Growing interest in® brought us a large number of partner and customer requests from all across the globe. Axinom recognizes the increasing need to provide our partners and customers with consistently high quality solutions that include the most complete range of services. We understand the valuable contribution that our partners make to our customers' success.® has been designed and developed as a free Enterprise Content Management System based on Microsoft .NET framework since 2001. Today with several thousands of successfully installed systems and an increasing number of satisfied customers, we are glad to announce the “® Solution Provider Partner Program”.


As a member of the® Solution Provider Partner Program, you are taking advantage of a robust infrastructure that equips you with the support you need to conduct business successfully. Our program provides you with the technical resources and sales and marketing support that enable you to successfully design, build and deploy your solutions using®.  Benefits include:

  • Free initial Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Free initial installation support
  • Localized version of in your language
  • Transfer of leads situated in your region
  • Exclusive webcasts and development support
  • Outsourcing and/or distributed development
  • Project management through hosted Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
  • Integration in sites, mailings, marketing and announcements
  • Exclusive Hosting Offering for solutions
  • Maintenance, update and price guarantee

If you are interested in becoming an® Solution Provider, get in touch with us. We look forward to receiving your application.

Find more about:



About®® is Enterprise Content Management System certified for Windows Server 2003 by VeriSign. Axinom is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and international Vendor awarded with "Microsoft .NET Server Innovation Cup 2003" and "Microsoft Strategic Win Award 2005". With its integrated document management, multisite, and multilanguage capabilities® allows enterprises to build innovative internet, extranet, and intranet solutions.® provides integrated publishing and deployment workflows separating the development, staging and production environment.

Find more about

European Cultural Capital Weimar with Free Enterprise CMS (now available for .NET 2.0 / ASP.NET 2.0)

Wed, 25 Jan 2006 21:09:00 GMT

European Cultural Capital Weimar has decided to relaunch its websites based on the free enterprise content management platform Aside from the ability to flexibly integrate new public services, tourist information and event management into the existing IT landscape and multi-site support, an important reason for choosing is the ease of use that editors experience when using This considerably reduces the amount of time and energy spent on administration.

About Weimar:

City of Weimar offers visitors a look at the pinnacle of German cultural acheivement. Out of the many things to see in the muse-kissed city of Weimar, the major tourist magnet is the home of the poet- Johann Wolfgang Goethe. By the early 19th century, Weimar only had some 6,000 residents, but its intellectual radiance resembled that of ancient Greece or Rome. Goethe and his colleague Friedrich Schiller lived and wrote here; Johann Sebastian Bach played the organ, Franz Liszt was a music director, and Carl Maria von Weber composed. Later, the philosopher Friedrich Nietsche would write here as well. The cultural richness may account for why some four million people each year travel to Weimar.

Altogether the city has 14 buildings protected by UNESCO. Weimar’s latest honor is having Goethe's work, "Faust II," added to UNESCO's list of 100 Historical Documents on Mankind. In 1999, Weimar was dubbed a European Cultural Capital.


[1] Download Free ECM:

[2] German Info:

[3] English Info: