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Can you crack this II?

Tue, 20 Dec 2005 05:04:00 +0000

Here are the next round questions 1.      This was a jigsaw the we solved to get pictures with following words go a little soft to find the latest one:- picture of chicago the movie -----> statue of elvis  ---------> picture of london's eye Millenium wheel ---------> painting "whistler's mother" ---------> ? 2.      This one had a song...

Can you crack this?: Solutions

Tue, 20 Dec 2005 04:46:00 +0000

First thing first sorry guys for not posting for so long was out for long time. Here are the solutions: This was very straight forward. Blue Gene, the IBM super computer. Royal DNA (Gene) born out of sand (which is how you make silicon). It is the most powerful in the world now. Its kin can beat the russian...

Can you crack this?

Tue, 06 Dec 2005 06:51:00 +0000

One of the carziest puzzels I ever came accross... We(me, Amit Chat and Satej) are taking part in the onlie treasure hunt organized by ISB folks. The first day was a breeze the moment we saw the clue we had the answer. Here is the clue: I am the royal DNA born out of sandMost powerfull-...

Thread.Abort() on a thread executing a Finally/Catch or .ctor block.

Wed, 30 Nov 2005 04:07:00 +0000

Issue: If a thread t is in some catch or finally or cctor block, calling t.Abort() from another thread does not have any effect on the thread. Here is the code to repro this.using System;using System.Threading;namespace ConsoleApplication2{class Program{static Thread t;[STAThread]static void Main(string[] args){Console.CancelKeyPress += new ConsoleCancelEventHandler(Console_CancelKeyPress);t = new Thread(ChildThread);t.Start();t.Join();}static void ChildThread(){try{throw new Exception();}catch (Exception){try{Console.WriteLine("going to...

Migration of partial history from VSS to TeamFoundation

Sat, 26 Nov 2005 03:35:00 +0000

I have an VSS repository i have been using for past 5 years but i do not care for history beyond 2 years. Moving to Teaamfoundation i would like to discard that history. How do i do that? Either you can use archieve feature in VSS to remove that history from VSS. You can find...

Incremantal migration with VSSConverter

Sat, 26 Nov 2005 00:42:00 +0000

Why incremental migration? Case 1: Migration takes a lot of time so I will migraqte a copy of my VSS repository and continue working on the original. after migration of copy I will migrate the delta between original and copy. Case 2: Migration was stopped in the middle due to power outage/ i had to...

More about F1 profiler ( shipped with VS 2005)

Thu, 29 Sep 2005 14:03:00 +0000

Angry Richard's blog talks about some cool features of new F1 profiles. VSInstr has an option called include and exclude.  This allows you to instrument only certain functions inside your app.  It accepts wildcards so you can do things like instrument only a certain class or namespace!!!  This allows you to narrow down the data...

Profiling: Sampling doesn’t report my functions wait time.

Tue, 27 Sep 2005 14:23:00 +0000

Working on performance of VSSConverter. I am using the new F1 profiler being shipped with VS 2005. I have a simple code sample like this: using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Text;using System.Threading;namespace perf_test{class Program{static bool exit = false;static object lockObject = 3;static void Main(string[] args){Thread threadWait = new Thread(new ThreadStart(WaitMethod));Thread threadProcess = new Thread(new ThreadStart(ProcessMethod));threadWait.Start();threadProcess.Start();threadWait.Join();threadProcess.Join();}static void WaitMethod(){lock...

Settings File for VSSConverter

Tue, 27 Sep 2005 05:21:00 +0000

There is some problem with VSSConverter documentation at It has some bogus inserted in all XML snippets. For details on how to migrate see Akash's blog.   If you are just stuck on settings file you can use following settings file.                                                   < UserMap name="e:\Migrate\Usermap.xml" />...

How to stop threads on threadpool when my windows service is being stopped?

Fri, 16 Sep 2005 12:42:00 +0000

I came accross a mail thread which deals with the problem i was facing some time back. Sharing it to you all. Problem: I have written a windows service in .Net that uses the ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem() call to do some processing. Each work item to the thread pool takes the same type of object to process...