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SharePoint 2010 Developer Documentation Now Live on MSDN!

Mon, 19 Oct 2009 13:08:00 +0000

(Cross-posted from the SharePoint Developer Documentation Team blog.)  By now you’ve probably been hearing some of the big news coming out of the SharePoint Developer Conference being held this week in Las Vegas. Doubtlessly, there’ll be tons more great information coming out of the Conference over the next four days concerning what’s new and notable...

Download: Workflow Development Resources Interactive Map

Wed, 04 Feb 2009 19:00:00 +0000

For the last several weeks, I’ve been experimenting with using mind maps, both as a way of brainstorming about developer content, and as a possible way of presenting content in a less-structured way than a typical (linear) table of contents. In regards to that last goal, I really liked how mind maps let you graphically...

SharePoint SDKs (and Other Documentation Resources) Now Updated for SP1

Tue, 11 Dec 2007 21:59:00 +0000

(Cross-posted from the SharePoint Developer Documentation Team Blog.) By now you’ve no doubt heard that SP1 for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Office SharePoint Server 2007, and Office SharePoint Designer are now available. (And if you haven’t heard, go here to get all the important details before you download and install the Service Packs.) For a...

SharePoint Developer Documentation Team Blog Now Live

Tue, 04 Dec 2007 18:40:00 +0000

Now that I’m managing a documentation team, I just don’t get to blog about SharePoint developer issues nearly as often as I’d like. In part to help remedy that, we’ve launched the SharePoint Developer Documentation Team blog. In the coming months, the programmer-writers for Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server will be posting on...

April update to WSS 3.0 SDK online now live!

Thu, 26 Apr 2007 18:22:00 +0000

I’m happy to announce that the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SDK has been updated online on MSDN!   What’s new in the April update of the WSS 3.0 Online SDK:   New conceptual sections: Content Migration Change Log and Synchronizing Applications Creating Declarative, No-Code Workflow Editors   Procedural topics: How to: Create a Custom Field...

Bulk Editing Workflow Tasks in Office SharePoint Services 2007

Fri, 12 Jan 2007 17:06:00 +0000

OK, we're back. Since it's now officially 2007, it seemed appropriate to focus my first entry of the New Year on Office SharePoint Server 2007, and Office InfoPath 2007. Shortly before the holidays, someone asked me if I had any guidance for customers who wanted to set up workflow tasks to be bulk editable. To...

WSS 3.0 and MOSS SDKs: Now with MSDN Wiki!

Fri, 15 Dec 2006 18:35:00 +0000

Ever find something wrong/incomplete with an SDK topic on MSDN, and wish you could slap a Post-It Note with the correction right on the topic? Or come up with the perfect code sample for an object model reference topic, and wish you could annotate the topic with your masterpiece? Well, now you can. Say hello...

Information Rights Management in Windows SharePoint Services Poster Available for Download

Tue, 21 Nov 2006 21:40:00 +0000

Now that we’ve managed to get the Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server SDKs out the door, I’ve had a chance to catch my breath and do a couple of one-off side projects. One of which is (big surprise) another poster highlighting the developer functionality in WSS 3.0. This time around I’ve focused on...

How To Rate Articles on MSDN

Tue, 21 Nov 2006 17:44:00 +0000

Something you might have noticed as you perused the updated Windows SharePoint Services or Office SharePoint Server SDKs--or any MSDN technical article in the last week or so--was that the familiar ratings system has been replaced. Since the new ratings system may not be immediately discoverable or intuitive, I figured it was worth taking a...

New Tools for SharePoint Development: Visual Studio Extensions for WSS 3.0

Tue, 21 Nov 2006 15:45:00 +0000

So now that you've downloaded Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, you're ready to get serious about creating SharePoint solutions, right? If so, let me direct you to another developer tool you'll want to download: Visual Studio 2005 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0  The extensions (as they're known to their friends) were designed specifically to jumpstart...