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Conversation for Thoughtblogging

Published: 2003-06-06T16:21:00-05:00




Thoughtblogging is technology that enables to you post messages to your blog, directly from your thoughts. To start a blog entry, all you have to do issue the appropriate thought command, and the "recording" process begins. Then, just think the words in your head as you want them to appear, issuing TBML (Thoughtblogging Markup Language) thoughts to create emphasis and links. When your entry is complete, issue the blog-post thought command and your entry is transmitted wirelessly and posted to your blog. This allows you to blog when you are stuck in traffic, lying wake at night, or pretending to listen to a boring presentation. I would like to use this technology when I am working out at the the gym -- I have been blogging in my thoughts long before blogs existed -- but unfortunately, thoughtblogging technology hasn't been invented yet. But wouldn't it be cool?



Yes it be very cool indeed. Very dangerous too. I once had a friend who had a sign "no drucken emails" over her computer. Now emailing drunk takes real effort and I'm not sure I want to live in world where people can thoughtblog drunk... Guess it might be worth it to save my wrists from my computer though.



Sounds like you need one of the Pentagon's upcoming LifeLog (TM) upgrades, citizen!



Am way ahead of you guys. I have been doing this for ages. Blogging in the shower, while picking blackberries, at work, while driving to Hotel California, etc.

There is one niggly problem ... scalar wave transfer LW Wave is down all the time ... or jammed by terrorists.

I have written Tom Ridge and requested he move up the color coded threat level ... I was hoping for Hot White (sort of like a nuclear flash). I have not heard back from the DHS yet, but I already have my duck taped.



get a portable computer. with a chording keyboard like this .

althought if i could write with my thoughts my blog would be alot more interesting (: