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Conversations instead of comments

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Published: 2003-05-09T16:48:14-05:00


Conversations instead of comments


As I continue to customize the Movable Type templates for this blog, I have decided to try a slightly different format for commenting. First, I have decide to call them "conversations" instead of "comments", because that's really what they are. Instead of opening in their own window, conversations will now open in a full browser window (the current window). I also tweaked the appearance of the conversation page to feel a little more like a discussion forum. The goal of these efforts is facilitate blogs as conversations. What do you think? Please post any thoughts/comments/suggestions in the conversation for this post. Just click the "Conversation" link below.

Conversations instead of comments


A couple thoughts:

- Conversations are definitely the direction to go, in my opinion. If you click the "comments" link on my blog, you'll find yourself presented with an integrated, full-on discussion forum. The best of both worlds, really... the focused, individual expression of a blog, backed up by the flexibility of a real conversation platform.

- If it's possible, you might consider having this comment page display the parent entry. I found myself wanting to refer back to something you'd written, and had to open a new browser window to do it.