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Blog reputation: should blogrolls count?

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Published: 2003-05-16T10:39:45-05:00


Blog reputation: should blogrolls count?


In a recent post I agreed with Joi Ito's suggestions for improving the Technorati Link Cosmos system. Now that I have thought about it further, I am not sure if I agree about one particular point:

3) Filtering out of all blogroll "false positives" and entry imbedded links only or a separate feed for blogs rolls.

I certainly agree that it would be great if the system was smart enough to tell the difference between a link in an entry and a link in a blogroll. That said, I don't think blogrolls should be filtered out completely. It's one thing for someone to link to me in one of their blog entries, definitely a 'vote' for my reputation. But if someone adds me to their blogroll, I think that is a stronger vote for my reputation. A link on a blogroll is persistent, it doesn't roll off the bottom of the page eventually. Also, it's not a link to something specific that I have said, it's a link to the home page that says "this blog is worth visiting". Generally speaking, I think most bloggers link to far more blogs in their entries than they do in their blogrolls -- only the 'best' make the blogroll (kinda like making the honor roll). So perhaps, as Joi alludes to, a seperate component could be calculated and factored into the overall reputation score, weigthed accordingly. Of course, that also raises the question of blogroll spamming, which would have to be addressed somehow :-)

By the way, Technorati has fixed a minor API bug, and my Cosmos Score demo is working again. What's your Cosmos Score?