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Published: 2003-05-19T09:40:17-05:00


Blog Conversation Aggregation


Learning about applications like JournURL and topic-based aggregation tools like TopicExchange and k-collector has given me an idea. Take the concept of topic-based blog aggregation and apply it to blog comments and conversations. Essentially blogs would exist as they do today, but the ensuing discussions would be aggregated based on topic. This aggregation would essentially be a collection of discussion forums, with topics created whenever a blog entry is made for that category (via Trackback, or similar 'ping' perhaps). Such conversation aggregation sites could really bring a tighter community aspect to blogging and the web. Forums relevant to you would become a great place to hang out -- with others who are talking about the same (or similar) things. Adding features like "related conversations" links would enhance and expand discussion (seems right up k-collector's alley). It would a great way to find new and interesting blogs -- a for others to find your blog. Of course, each thread and forum would have RSS feeds, making it easier to keep track of active conversations. The blogging community is already well-connected via hyperlinks -- conversation aggregation has the potential to expand the community and bring people even closer together.

Blog Conversation Aggregation



THis is EXACTLY what ThreadsML is all about! Come join us in the on-going discussions, and write some code and help!

We even have a web site now:!

Blog Conversation Aggregation


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