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Preview: Andrej's Avalon 3D

Andrej's Avalon 3D

In this blog I want to publish posts about Avalon's 3D functionality. I am working on a class library that could import 3ds files into Avalon 3d objects. There are also some sample 3ds objects you can download. A list of useful links is also available. Pl

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Design user interface of your WPF application in your favorite drawing application- with new ReaderSvg library


I see that there are still some subscribers to my old blog.
Plese subscribe to my new one:

On my new site ( you will found another great tool:


Design user interface of your WPF application in your favorite drawing application- with new ReaderSvg library

Imagine the following:

1.) Draw the whole user interface or just some of its elements of your WPF application
in your favorite vector drawing application like Adobe® Illustrator®,
CorelDRAW®, Inkscape, etc.

2.) Save your drawing into svg file format.

3.) Import your svg file into your WPF application and use it just as any other
WPF UIElement.


Simply by importing all elements from svg file into WPF application with Ab2d.ReaderSvg

Ab2d.ReaderSvg is a class library that can be used to read svg file and import
its elements as WPF UIElements - Canvases, Paths and other shapes. Elements Stroke and Fill data are also imported.
Read more about Ab2d.ReaderSvg features and usage on
On the site there is also a ReaderSvg sample applications that shows how simple is to create great animated effects, scalable vector
elements, triggers to some elements and more. The sample is available with full source code.

Push your applications to the next level - forget bitmaps - use vector
elements. And use your favorite vector drawing application to achieve the best




I have moved my page from to

Please fix your links :)

Another big update for May WPF


I have posted another big update for May WPF - see my new web page.

Lots of work was done to improve the reading of more complex 3D objects especially with textures. See the sample images to see the capabilities of Reader3ds and also what 3D engine in WPF is capable of. Also Viewer3d and MeshUtilities were updated.

I have seen that many have subscribed to this page on blogspot - please change the subscription to the


Major update for February WPF with many new features added


All the projects have been updated to work on February WPF.

Reader3ds has now advanced to the 3rd version. This means it has many new features. It is now possible to import almost all information from 3ds files. So if you get a nice looking 3d object from internet or have created your own 3d model in most cases the imported model in WPF will look just as expected. Some of the new features:
- import models with complex materials (multi-sub materials)
- optimized reading speed
- read SpotLight or PointLight will all properties
- read additional properties for Cameras
- added static Read method for simple use
- added some additional properties for advanced use
- Reader3ds in now in its own assembly.

XamlExport class in MeshUtilities can now export all additional data to xaml text.

Usability of Viewer3d has also been improved. The previewing of objects from 3ds files have been greatly simplified. It still has some of the “cookies” of WPF like styles, transparencies, animation and triggers. In the new version I have added possibility to drag and drop 3ds files from windows explorer into Viewer3ds. In the free camera mode it is now possible to rotate the camera with your mouse by holding down the right button. And as before the whole application is available with full source code which makes it a great piece of WPF code.

I have also added additional documentation and code samples.

Visit Andrej Benedik's 3D web page for more.


My site about 3D in Avalon - with new upadted code


I would like to invite you to my new site about 3D in Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon). There you can find new versions of Viewer3D and Reader3ds and also an online 3ds to xaml converter.

The new site can be found at

New 3ds file reader and Viewer3D


I am preparing to post an article with the new 3ds file reader and new Viewer3d to the CodeProject. I am currently writing the text for the article - the hard part for me :) - hopefully it will be posted in the next week. The code is already written and is available for download from here.


There is plenty of new features in the new version. The most important is ability to read all the 3d objects from 3ds file. Also the mapping coordinates are imported - it is possible to put textures or VisualBrushes on the objects. The cameras and lights are imported too.

The Viewer3d also looks much nicer. It uses lots of Avalon's "cookies" like style triggers, storyboards, ...

Sample 3d objects


There are some sample 3d objects with 3ds and xaml file. With scale and rotate the objects can be used as basic components for some other, more complicated, objects.

Box: [3ds file]

Pyramid: [3ds file]

Button1: [3ds file]

Button2: [3ds file]

Oiltank: [3ds file]

Chemberbox: [3ds file]

I wanted to post more objects, but I had many problems with rendering complex objects in Avalon, so I pushed only some. But there will be more...

Importing 3D objects into Avalon from 3ds files


I have posted an article to The Code Project about importing 3D objects into Avalon from 3ds files.

Avalon 3d

You can load object from 3ds file directly into Avalon MeshGeometry3D object or export object as XAML text. There is also a simple 3d object viewer. The source can be downloaded from here.



There is also a simple sampe. The first part of the sample uses Load3ds class (from previous source) to load a simple button object and it shows it in tree different positions and colors. Download it from here.