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Let's Get Personal

Mon, 30 Oct 2017 11:58:00 +0000

17 years ago I left my husband and at the time had 3 children under the age of 5, I quickly went spiraling into depression and had no idea what I was going to do. By the laws of synchronicity I stumbled across a Reiki course. I had no idea what it was but something told me to do it, so I did. That weekend my life began a path of personal growth and profound change. Over the past 17 years I have learnt to heal many emotional traumas that I was holding on to from my past that had manifested into illnesses within my body. I no longer have any of these illnesses. I feel happy and healthy, but most of all I feel peace and I am extremely grateful for all of the lessons I have learnt on my journey. During this time I have completed my Reiki Level 2 and my Reiki Masters, certified crystal healing courses, Angel Intuitive Courses with Doreen Virtue and a Mediumship Course with Lisa Williams. I have read just about every self help book and spiritual book I could get my hands on and have learnt the most powerful lessons that we as humans are here to learn.

Unconditional love and forgiveness.

I can tell you these are the most personal gifts you can give yourself. They free you from any attachment or emotions that are holding you back or causing dis-ease within your body.

I have also recently been introduced to Pellowah healing which has had the most amazing impact on my life at this point. It has given me a radical shift in consciousness, (which it says it will do) and has given me a clarity I never thought possible. I have taken on learning all about technology and surprising even to myself, I am retaining everything I am learning. Something I never thought possible at my age as technology has never been my friend.

Pellowah has gifted me the ability to see my direction and purpose in life clearer than ever before. It has allowed me to hear my guides with distinct clarity and be able to follow my guidance with purpose. Through doing this I have opened up my heart chakra and my passion for everything I do now is overflowing.
With humble love and light I am now able to share these gifts with anyone who needs help on their journey of healing and self discovery also.

It has been a vision for quite some time to set up a training and healing room where like minded souls can gather for mediation, group healing, personal development and spiritual circles, or just to gather in a safe space for a chat over a cuppa.

This time has now come to fruition and the journey begins again.

This sacred space is now complete and we will also be running Reiki Courses, Pellowah Course and Crystal healing Course for children as well as adults.
If you would like more information on any of these course or sessions we run, or maybe just need some guidance on your journey I can be contacted through our website at 

I look forward to meeting many more people on this wonderful journey of enlightenment.
In Love and Light

6 Simple Steps to Self-Hypnosis

Wed, 27 Jul 2016 07:53:00 +0000

Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool and can bring with it many physical and mental advantages. Despite carrying something of a stigma for being used in sinister ways, self-hypnotism is very real and is something nearly everyone has probably experienced themselves on some level. If you don’t know a great deal about self-hypnotism but you’re still interested in it, the following guide is a great starting point!1. Make Sure You’ve Slept Well the Night BeforeYou may think that hypnotism and sleep are closely related and certainly there are some similarities between these states of consciousness. But it’s important not to feel tired when you practice self-hypnosis as you run the risk of simply nodding off to sleep rather than experience the clear-minded state you’re after.2. Find a Peaceful, Quiet PlaceWhere you choose to meditate of hypnotise yourself, you need to be in a tranquil, private place free of distractions. Some popular places might be the beach, the park or somewhere surrounded by nature. As you practice self hypnosis more and more, you’ll find that it pays to put yourself to find a regular place that you always go to do it. You mind will start to associate the place and the feeling, making it easier to fall into this state of mind.3. Sit in a Comfortable, Symmetrical PositionFinding the location is one thing, but the way you sit and your comfort levels are another. It’s important to be as relaxed as possible, and given that you’ll be seated in the same position for a period of time, ideally you want to keep your back straight, you hands out of the way and each of your legs in the same position.4. Concentrate on Breathing Steadily and SlowlyA good way to clear your mind is to close your eyes and focus on breathing in a consistent manner and taking large, deep breaths. Suck in deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth. Concentrating only on your breathing will take away any other thoughts and help you enter the right state of mind.5. Visualise Yourself Going Deeper and DeeperOne method to go to the next level is to think about yourself moving down a set of stairs, with the knowledge that as you move to the next step, you are becoming more at ease and more relaxed. You can count at the steps in your mind. When you reach the last step, imagine that you will be at a point of utter relaxation and peace.6. Turn Your Focus onto Positivity and SuccessPeople use self hypnosis for different things. If you’re trying to overcome something that is proving challenging to you, it can help to visualise yourself overcoming it and the sensations you will feel when you do so. You can also think about the best parts of you and how you can use them to reach your goals. Other methods can be to imagine a problem as a boulder and visualise it crumbling away to nothing.If you are using self hypnosis simply to relax yourself, you might think of a safe, or happy place from your past or imaginary. As you enter a deeper state of consciousness, you can imagine being in this place; the sights, sounds and other senses. If you imagine a secluded beach you can think about the smell of salt, the feeling of sand in your toes and the crashing of waves, etc.This process can be repeated multiple times during a session of self hypnosis. There are sure to be thoughts creeping into your mind throughout, but it’s important to calmly acknowledge them and focus your mind to concentrate on the things that help you relax. One thing that can assist greatly is hypnosis CDs; the music has helped many people enter this state and is used by people that are still beginners and those that have experience. Feel free to browse the range on our website.  [...]

The Positive Effects of Meditation in Human Health

Tue, 26 May 2015 10:10:00 +0000

Meditation is an infamous subject for discussion around the world. Almost all of us have heard about the positive effects of meditation in some extent. We get a lot of our impressions about meditation from newspapers, visual media like television programs and of course the internet. It’s hard to tell how much of this information is true and how much has been made up or exaggerated. In one of  our previously published article we've discussed the relationship between meditation and relaxation in detail. In addition to that, in this post we will discuss some positive effects of meditation on our health.Meditation for Young Kids Meditation helps us to establish self-control and the fact that it can help us deal with stress and illness is undisputed. What would happen if meditation was included in school curriculum? Children are quick learners and if they are trained in basic meditation skills in the early stages of their life there would be incredible benefits evident within a few years! This was revealed by Will Stanton a famous writer and activist in his February 2015 article describing the reasons of bringing meditation in to school very nicely.Kids are versatile and eager to learn but as they grow older it is harder to develop positive, healthy habits. By teaching children meditation means we will actually be giving them more tools to handle stress and unhappiness in their future.Effect of Meditation in Human Brain The Harvard University recently discovered a new advantage of meditation on the brain, through analyzing MR images they have been able to ascertain that our brain’s grey matter can be rebuilt within just eight weeks through meditation, making it easier for us to learn things and memorise.Fundamentally no specific technique necessarily leads to meditation, we just need to place ourselves in a quiet, comfortable position and begin to relax. This could be sitting cross legged, lying down or sitting at ease in a chair. While meditating we just need to let our thoughts, feelings and whatever emotions we are experiencing at the time flow through us. Don’t judge them, just let them come and go and be at peace.Physical Effects Meditation has the power to go beyond treatments and can provide a visible effects on your body too. Those who regularly practice stress reduction techniques like meditation and yoga can physically change the cells of their body to effect diseases. People who go through regular mindful meditation can see telomere protein length differences within themselves.The impact of meditation in our body cell is huge according to an article published by Lisa Winter in IFL Science! website.It is suggested that our minds and bodies are effected by one another, but it actually depends on to make it work successfully.Psychosocial interventions like mindfulness meditation will help you feel better mentally, but they can also influence key aspects of your biology. Thus Meditation can help us to find the meaning of our lives. And it is also important for us to let us live as a human rather than treating ourselves as a machine.Image Creadit: [...]

Should Soft Drinks Carry Tobacco Style Health Warnings?

Mon, 11 May 2015 09:45:00 +0000

The rise in the general public’s perception of health and well-being has grown to become a serious public talking point when it comes to the food we consume and the choice and options that food companies offer to us. Sugar has a huge impact on our bodies, and with more and more foods containing sugars, colourings and additives, it is a common concern in the society now that: should foods such as soft drinks carry tobacco style warning labels?It is well known that sugar has bad effects on our health, as is shown with diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and the prevalence of obesity, so what are the food companies doing to help consumers make better choices? Many large food companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi and McDonalds offer a variety of different, so called ‘healthier’ options on their menus and range of foods and beverages, but is that far enough?High Quantities of Sugars Contained in Soft Drinks  Within the soft drinks industry, Coca Cola and Pepsi have continually tried to listen to the consumers and their demands. Diet Coke or Coke Light in some regions was introduced, offering a reduced sugar content that allowed many consumers to get the same great taste at a calorie-friendly level.In recent years, Coke Zero was launched that contained no sugar at all, and instead used the chemical sweetener Aspartame which is a natural chemical that is 100 times sweeter than sugar but contains only a tenth of the calories. Whilst many people enjoyed this new sweet drink that contains no sugar, others have become worried by the potential side effects of aspartame on the body.Addictive, Sweet and Unhealthy  Considered the most addictive substance on the planet, sugar has been given a bad rap for destroying many peoples’ lives. In the majority of cases, even careful calorie-counters who take care in watching out for damaging foods have seen sugar and sweeteners slipped into everyday foods such as pre-made spaghetti bolognaise and even bread. During this year, Coca Cola has launched a new drink called Coke Life, which is said to use a natural sugar. Although contains a few calories it is much less fattening than regular sugar and is safer than aspartame.However,  more regulation needs to be done to improve the health of people who regularly drink soft drinks.In addition to that, health warnings should be displayed prominently, such as those on tobacco packets to allow people to make a more informed choice.Attempts to Tackle the Obesity Fight  More needs to be done to tackle the fight against obesity and the surrounding complications and diseases that come from high sugar intake. While the food companies need to be pushed into action, the government is working on strategies such as health warnings to help consumers make a more informed choice at the checkouts. Image [...]

4 Super Famous Weight Loss Article Worth Reading

Fri, 27 Mar 2015 06:05:00 +0000

Weight control has always been an important part of leading a healthy life. Unfortunately, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing bad websites where people are suggest magic weight loss solutions, often requiring some kind of payment from you before letting you in on the secret.If you are suffering from a weight problem, you may be asking yourself “Is there really an online resource where you can find genuine help?” While the answer is simple, it can be hard to give – there is no quick fix, our lifestyle defines how healthy and happy we are. Our food habits, work habits and relationships all effect our health and happiness.At Be Enchanted, we’re constantly researching latest scientific breakthroughs in weight loss, not just because it’s our business, but because being in the know and developing fresh ideas helps us help our customers. After doing intensive research on the web we have identified 4 of the most useful articles that include health tips related to weight loss. We’re sure that after reading these articles you will find the weight loss solutions that suit you best. So keep reading.MIND BODY GREENMindBodyGreen is a health discussion website where you can find huge collection of health tips from health professionals around the world. They aim to provide tips, tools and ideas improve your life. They regularly publish content about a wide variety of health issues like weight loss, healthy diet and mental health to keep you feeling your best every day.One of the all-time famous articles published by minbodygreen is titled “French Kid’s School Lunch Menu” published last year which gained huge popularity with an international audience. This article reveals the secret behind the good health of French children and how their habits differ from our own.This article brought to light an important issue that is often overlooked - many weight problems in adulthood could have been easily avoided if we can developed healthy habits when we were kids. No matter what kind of approach you have to food, this article will make you think about your habits.HEALTHY FOOD HOUSEHealthlyfoodhouse is an online portal which provides information about healthy food and fitness. They publish fresh content daily concerning a range of health related subjects including nutrition, health education, useful tips and more.One of Healthlyfoodhouse’s most popular articles concerned the effect of drinking water regularly in morning, the article was shared world-wide all over social media. Some even go as far as saying good drinking water can cure people from diseases like high blood pressure, gastritis and diabetes.  While this particular opinion is controversial, the bottom line is drinking enough water essential good for health. This article outlines exactly when and how much you should drink to achieve the best results.AUTHORITY NUTRITIONAuthority Nutrition provides useful, reliable information about health related issues. All of the information here is based on scientific fact. The aim of this site is to find the real facts behind many health problems like excess weight.The most popular article they have published about weight loss was titled “How to Lose Weight Fast: A Proven 3-Step Plan That Works”. Like the previous two articles, this one gained huge popularity on social media which is a sign that the information shared was very valuable.EAT FOR HEALTHEatforhealth is a website produced by the Australian government which gives dietary guidelines for the Australian public. In their article “Losing weight healthily” you will find effective graphic illustrations showing the relationship of weight and body mass index. This will help you to identify your position on the chart and see if you are in the overweight zone.There are some great resources on the web for weight loss tips along with weight loss with hypnosis CD, it’s just a matter of sorting through the less useful alternatives. We’re sure there are other h[...]

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits that can Boost your Energy

Thu, 19 Feb 2015 03:34:00 +0000

For centuries, civilizations around the foothills of the Himalayas have been enjoying the benefits of this magnificent gift from nature. These pink and white shaded crystals of rock salt have been known for their natural abilities to aid in healing, purify the air and bring a pure form of light into the homes of those who place them on their windows.These days, Himalayan salt lamp benefits are still well known, but are now available to everyone across the globe. The secret is out on these purifying natural elements, as well as the energy boosting capabilities in which they contain. All-Natural, Pure Crystal PowerHimalayan salt, much like rock salt is a natural ingredient that is used as a food additive, but unlike the average table salt equivalent, Himalayan pink and white salt doesn't contain harmful bleaching agents to give them a pure white look. Mined from the ground surrounding the Asian side of the Himalayas, these natural, untouched purifying crystals have proven benefits, just waiting to be untapped.Himalayan salt crystals large enough, are hollowed out, and used as lamps to bring a space pure and natural light that is much healthier than dull and cold incandescent or fluorescent tube lighting. The light source is a LED light that is designed to only give out a natural colour temperature setting of around 5500k (the colour temperature of natural daylight).Say no to Drab Artificial LightingThe LED is positioned inside the Himalayan salt lamp to shine out, and resonate through the crystal, supplying an entire room with a healthy, warm glow. Studies have shown that our sensitivity to light is such an important factor in our lives that more people who work under fluorescent and cold lighting tend to be more depressed and unhappy.Bringing a warmer light lifts the spirits, enabling a pure glow to surround you and your family, boosting your energy and subjecting you to a powerful spectrum of light energy that is not possible with specialist lights such as UV bulbs and black lights.Air Purification for your HomeBesides the fantastic benefits of enjoying a warm, bright and comfortable light source in your home, the Himalayan salt crystal lamps benefits don’t stop there! Himalayan salt, like other pure forms of salt has a natural absorption factor that allows it to absorb moisture in the air much like an air purifier does.This purification process is all natural, and allows the salt crystal to absorb moisture that may contain nasty particles that are trapped within the water in the air. It is a natural ionization process that will continually purify and feed your home with oxygen, stripped of dirt, dust and other particles.The Perfect Addition to Allergy-Sensitive HomesThis makes the Himalayan salt crystal lamp one of the best items to buy if you suffer from allergies or sensitive to pollen and dust particles in your home.Some of the best medical and alternative therapists agree that the environment we live in, the exposure to sunlight and the effects of artificial lighting can play a huge role in our mood, well-being and happiness.Himalayan salt crystal lamps benefits everyone in this regard, offering an air-purifying source with the added benefits of colour therapy and a homely glow that shows that nature has an answer to even the most modern of issues in our daily lives.[...]

Is Tequila Ingredient Good for Weight Loss and Diabetes?

Tue, 06 Jan 2015 08:31:00 +0000

Health experts often advise us to follow food routine every day to lose weight. Have you ever thought about why they do it? That’s because the technique works wonders! Studies throughout years at an end have gone to show that those who strictly follow the advice, lost twice the weight compared to those who don’t follow this rule.Maintaining a list is just one weight loss technique among thousands, found in today’s consumer based world. The question that arises is which system actually works? It’s a common belief that eating healthy and exercising regularly is the only way to control weight. Other suggestions might include using physiological techniques such as following a weight loss hypnosis cd, which is a stunningly effective method for losing Wight. However, today we are going to discuss about Tequila: a distilled beverage which helps reduce weight significantly.Does tequila help us to lose weight? Well, this magic drink not only helps in the weight loss process but it also helps to lower blood sugar. People who are type-2 Diabetes patients will be excited after knowing this news.American Chemical Society (ACS) - which is the largest scientific society in the world - published a report in 16th of March last year which mentioned the fact that a tequila drink contains a sweetener which lowers blood sugar levels.So what actually is this sweetener which brings hope for 26 million Americans and anyone who has type-2 diabetes?  Researchers call it agavina which is a sugar produced from agave plant. Including the presence of agavina in tequila, triggered insulin production and thus lowered blood sugar. Although the whole thing is still running on an experimental level, researchers hope to come up with something which will change lives.A word of warning: Don’t get over excited and have a tequila shot after every meal. Because agavins are not like sucrose, fructose or glucose which is absorbed by the body quickly. You have to be careful about tequila.The bottom line is, although a shot of tequila can be a part of balanced diet, it can bring hope for those who have diabetes and/or are overweight.Image Referrence: ,,[...]

Relaxing with the Help of Meditation

Wed, 22 Oct 2014 05:09:00 +0000

To this day, meditation is often viewed as something of an alternative medicine by many people in Western culture, but survey says that meditation and yoga is becoming increasingly popular and accepted. In fact, there have been numerous studies conducted that all but prove its health benefits and how it can have a positive effect on our lives. It is said to have helped people suffering from mental disorders, stress, depression and various other conditions. Meditation can also help us examine problems and concerns from a fresh perspective. Not only that but it can also help our bodies in a physical sense too. Ultimately, meditation relaxes our body and soul. That said, it doesn’t affect everyone in the same way. It is said that some people will feel slightly better, some will be affected greatly in a positive way and a select few can have a life changing experience. That's why meditation is considered as the new yoga to bring mindfulness into the workplace.If you haven’t engaged in meditation, it’s time to start reading and learning about it. The proven benefits include: Reduction in stress and anxiety levels. Lower stress levels lead to better health in general and a number of flow on effects. Higher levels of fertility in women Lowering of blood pressure Reduces tension based pain Improves the immune systemCreate the Right Setting!So how does one go about meditation? It’s all about creating the right setting. This means being in a quiet, comfortable place where external distractions are limited. Sit yourself in a comfortable position (this doesn’t necessarily have to be the well-known crossed legs position) and make sure you are sitting in a way that your spine is supporting your weight of your upper body. Putting on some relaxing music is a good idea for beginners. Then it’s a matter of closing your eyes, focusing on your breathing and shutting the rest of the world out! There are various methods that work for different people. Some imagine a certain imaginary place, others fix their gaze on a single object in front of them, some chant. It all takes practice!Meditation CDs are one of the best ways to perform guided meditation, and there are lots of meditation CDs available from renowned hypnotherapists like Rick Collingwood.[...]

Why is it Preferable to Use Goat Milk Soap?

Wed, 03 Sep 2014 03:04:00 +0000

As Australians, we are truly privileged and enjoy a very high quality of life compared to people in other more developing countries.As a result of this, Australian people have the luxury of being health conscious, particularly in terms of what we consume, the products we enjoy and our exercise habits. Research conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggested that almost 92% Australian people consulted with at least one health professional in the period 2011-2012. The government also makes health a priority with generous funding going towards the health industry. Consuming and using natural products is important to many Australians, particularly when it comes to cosmetics, soaps and the like. Goat’s milk soap is one such example and people are beginning to see the benefits of going ‘el naturale’.So why is this type of soap so good for our skin? Firstly, if made using the correct formula it is free from harmful chemicals such as petroleum, a common element of artificial soap. The skin is soft, so using such harsh chemicals over a long period of time can have a negative effect. On the other hand, goat’s milk soap contains a natural moisturiser called glycerine, which is good for our sensitive skin.Secondly, milk contains some common natural element such as triglycerides, emollients and vitamins. Artificial soap lacks this element and hence fails to protect the skin to the same extent. This makes it particularly good for people who have dry and sensitive skin.Thirdly, goat milk soap is not only made from the milk itself but also many natural oil for example Olive Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil is used to manufacture the soap. These are all completely natural ingredients and good for the skin. However, before buying any product (especially soap!) read the product ingredients description first. If you feel that any suss, artificial ingredients, you might want to avoid the product. Be Enchanted provides 100% handmade goat milk soap. We collect this soap from a local vendor and you are guaranteed to get the best product.                                                                                                                                       Despite its merits, it’s not a given fact that goat’s milk soap will be suitable for everybody. There are always exceptions and consider your own situation and what works for you! However, for those with sensitive skin, natural soap is the way to go. [...]

What are Suitable Alternatives to Antibacterial Soaps?

Mon, 21 Jul 2014 09:14:00 +0000

Next time you’re shopping at your local supermarket, take a look at what ingredients are actually put in what we commonly refer to as ‘soaps’. Often you’ll find that they aren’t actually labelled as soap on the packs; large conglomerates tend to use terms such as ‘moisturising bar’. But if you do look at the ingredients, you’ll notice that chemically processed soaps and soap-derivatives can have side effects that you might want to avoid.This is because they can never be legally claimed as soaps mainly because of the ingredients they contain and which are basically nothing but detergents! The makers of these products have diligently removed the “essentials” in manufacturing a soap and replaced that with harsh synthetic lathering chemicals; and to say the least, these scented appealing beauty bars are not only harmful for your skin but are abrasive for this planet too. Why are these Soaps Bad for Us? Often manufacturers of these kinds of products will remove the glycerin that is produced during the soap-making process. The glycerin is actually a health-promoting substance and is great for the skin. So much so that it is one of the main ingredients found in moisturisers and lotion that we ironically use to treat our skin after the soap has dried it up, or worse.   Artificial colors/fragrances and synthetic lathering agents such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate can inflame skin for certain people and can be very damaging to the eyes, particularly for young children. According to a study conducted by the National Coalition against the misuse of Pesticides (NCAMP), the ingredients found in some type of synthetic soaps are even capable of causing cancer. There are lots of reasons why you should not use antibacterial soaps anymore.As well as being potentially harmful to human health, antibacterial soaps can also damage the environment. Triclosan, which is found in many of these soaps, is understood to leave trace amounts even after being treated and eventually finds its way to bodies of water. Being an unnatural chemical, it disrupts the process of photosynthesis for algae and other plant life. What can be Used as Alternative? Handmade natural soaps are the best option! Handmade soaps have balanced cleansing and moisturising properties which helps with cleaning and also takes care of your skin. One such example is goat’s milk soap. Goat Milk Soap is great for people with sensitive skin and has many dermatological benefits. It helps heal your skin allergies and prevents the usual rashes that might occur due to everyday exposure to the dust by helping to maintain our skin’s natural moisture. To sum it up, natural soaps are preferable despite being harder to find and much less popular by antibacterial soaps. Check out Be Enchanted for a full range – you’re sure to notice the benefits![...]

The benefits of hypnosis for all the family

Wed, 02 Jul 2014 04:14:00 +0000

For many years hypnosis was considered little more than a party trick for laughs and entertainment, but today it is recognised by many medical authorities as a legitimate form of treatment for certain issues. Hypnosis can allow you to get over issues with stress, depression, allow you to feel more confident, quit smoking as well as have better relationships with others.One of the more popular introductions to hypnosis is through the use of hypnosis CDs. These feature-packed CDs are labelled with assorted topics and allow you to pick and choose which aspect of your life you wish to improve. Some of the most popular topics include weight loss, happiness and self-esteem as well as smoking addiction and stress management.Enter a higher level of relaxationThe CDs include a number of techniques to allow one to become fully relaxed and to attain a state of relaxation that aids the information and behavioural guidance to flow into your thought processes. This unique technique employed by Rick Collingwood – one of the world’s most recognised hypnosis therapy professionals – allows the listener to obtain a higher level of concentration and to take on the information contained within.Accompanied by relaxing music and specific acoustic tones throughout, the range of hypnosis CDs allows each listener to become highly focused on achieving their goals. Hypnosis CDs are the perfect addition to boosting your lifestyle, if this is to stop smoking, to be more confident or to aid medical issues such as depression or insomnia. Hypnosis CDs for childrenOne of the most popular additions to the Rick Collingwood hypnosis therapy CDs are the new range of specialist therapies for children. Some of the topics included are better schooling, overcoming fears and nightmares, as well as overcoming trauma and abuse. These CDs are tailor made for children and allow each individual child to find their own way through the CD course.Children perform well with these hypnosis CDs due to them not being resistant to new ideas and new ways of thinking. In fact, children are still growing and learning, so what better way to aid their development than to allow them a path to their inner potential. Not only can hypnosis work wonders for children to reach their potential, it also allows them to work out issues and difficulties, too. Bring out your child’s full potentialAs more parents understand that medication is not the solution to many behavioural problems with children, hypnotherapy is a great tool in finding the underlying issues. Hypnosis CDs can allow your child to think freely and clearly and understand the triggers that may cause their behaviour and allow them to change their approach to stressful situations.Rick Collingwood’s hypnosis CDs also teach relaxing breathing methods that are necessary to take in the informative and calming teaching methods contained on each CD. This can also help children who suffer from panic attacks or have reoccurring nightmares. Better concentration at school and a new outlook on healthy eating are also touched upon.Hypnosis may not be for everyone, but it is a great solution for those who wish to take an alternative method when it comes to treatment. Hypnosis isn’t designed to replace medication, but designed to work alongside it to aid in treatment with clarity and relaxation. Hypnosis can be an unparalleled tool in pain and stress relief, to give you and your whole family another layer of support.Image Source:,,[...]

What Type of Meditation can Work for You?

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 05:45:00 +0000

In the world of meditation there are many ways to boost your senses, your mind and even your spirit. Choosing the right type of meditation for you isn’t as simple as choosing a book off of a shelf, sometimes the meditation chooses you. There are many different forms of meditation practised today that help you feel a little inner love.Like many people, your first foray into meditation may come in the form of meditation CDs that are easily found to help you in your quest. Here is a little look at some of the different forms meditation takes and how it can help you.Spiritual MeditationSpiritual Meditation is a popular meditation practised by people for a spiritual reason. Whilst meditation doesn’t have to be religious, spiritual meditation allows you to be at one with yourself, your god, your soul and with nature. Spiritual meditation often allows practitioners to feel more at one with themselves, and provides truths of life they may not be able to find.Many people meditate spiritually by focusing their meditation on questions whilst looking for the answers. This provides many people with a sense of enlightenment, not only of god, their soul and themselves but also of nature and the world that surrounds them.Mindfulness MeditationThis form of meditation is the most popular and a great place for beginners to get into meditation. This discipline allows the meditator to focus on what surrounds them, the sounds they hear, the wind they feel and the connection with themselves and nature. Meditation CDs often accompany a session of Mindfulness meditation, as ethereal music, focus tones and vibration tones playing will help the mind flow like a river, and allow freedom of thought to calm the mind.This type of meditation is perfect for people who live in busy cities, have stressful jobs and need a little time to relax, think and to breath. There are many health benefits associated with meditation, and Mindfulness meditation provides a great boost for a sense of inner calm, peace and clear-min thinking. This form of meditation also provides a type of training for your mind to dampen out distractions and allows your mind to freely flow into new ideas and ways of thinking. Mantra MeditationMantra meditation provides the mind, body and soul a chance to feel a true release of your senses. Many people who practise mantra meditation create their own mantra word that they chant aloud to provide them with an audial cue to focus on. Focusing on a single word can help you channel your thoughts into a single positive way of thinking. This is a great addition to other types of meditation and provides a sense of peace to your mind.An excellent stress reliever, mantra meditation trains your mind to sieve out distractions in your life, worries, stress triggers and many other distracting thoughts and allows you to focus on one word in particular. Focusing on breathing and flowing, mantra meditation can allow you to achieve a higher level of concentration in stressful situations, as well as stripping away anxiety at the same time.With so many different forms of meditation to choose from, everyone from any background can benefit from meditation. With numerous meditation CDs available to purchase online through meditation specialists, you can give your inner peace a chance and boost your level of thinking to its limits. Being a relaxing experience for any age group, you may find out that meditation can bring the inner you the most rewarding experience of a life time.Image Source:  healthcreationntk, bp, reconnexion, djmastercourse[...]

How Natural Soaps Can Change the Way You Bathe for Good

Wed, 26 Feb 2014 05:13:00 +0000

When it comes to taking a bath or shower, many people do not realise how important it is to use the right kind of soaps and shower gels. Whilst many people may choose a particular soap over another because of its more pleasing scent, making sure that your skin gets all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy should be part of your daily routine.Natural soaps have proven popular with many people not only for their natural ingredients, but also for the added nutrients and minerals thp moat can helisturise and soften the skin better than off the shelf regular soaps. Some of the best natural soaps are eco friendly, and contain a wealth of vitamins that are perfect for the natural well-being of your skin. Vitamins A and E are perfect examples of some of the ingredients found in natural soaps that can help revitalise your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth after every wash.Natural Soaps for those with AllergiesFor people who suffer from allergies, natural soap is the perfect accompaniment for your bath time. With the use of natural ingredients such as goats milk, your skin will no longer feel irritated or itchy compared to using a soap that may contain chemical traces and unwanted or undesired additives. Natural soaps offer best skin conditions to people with skin issues, as well as being a perfect bath time essential for new born babies and children.Many natural soaps include fragrances that may not be found in regular soaps. Many soap manufacturers like to use a chemical process to colour or scent their soap which can be both harmful for the environment as well as irritating to your skin. The majority of natural soaps contain scents that are made from essential oils and with a huge range of scents and fragrances to choose from you can enjoy the aroma of nature every time.Revitalise your Skin with Goat’s Milk SoapA lot of natural soaps include added minerals to help you achieve a more revitalised feel to your skin. Some of the more popular soaps such as goat milk soap contain rich levels of nutrients that can rejuvenate your skin and help to give your body a nice healthy glow. Many natural goat’s milk soaps are hypoallergenic, meaning they can even help reduce blemishes and irritation to your skin that you might get from your clothes or other environmental factors.Using a natural soap will leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy after every wash, and by choosing the right essential oil scented soap to match your fragrance can even enhance your natural scent. Use a natural soaps part of your daily bathing regime and you will find your skin looking healthier than ever with a natural glow that can only come from these natural wonder products. Soaps rich in goats milk can enrich your skin and provide all of the moisturising factors your body needs to stay healthy and environmentally friendly each time you step out of the shower.[...]

The Advantages of Self-Hypnotism

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Hypnosis has been around for many years, but only recently has it emerged to the wider general public the true abilities in which it can help with everyday problems such as stress, insomnia as well as a great tool for quitting smoking. Whilst many traditional hypnosis courses require you to attend regular meetings to help you in your life, self hypnotism and hypnosis CDs have proven in recent years to be more popular than ever. The popularity of self-hypnosis CD courses is evident in how the process works. Many of these courses are available to purchase for a nominal fee for use at home, in the office and even in the gym. The courses contained on such CDs include many specific aids in helping you live your life. One of the most popular self-hypnosis aids includes help in quitting smoking. Because of how the process of hypnosis works, you are slowly taught to recognise the signs of your habits, understand the way you think about smoking, as well as creating targets for you to reach.Hypnosis has been known to help with all sorts of life issues, from helping people with insomnia to get better sleep, helping people build confidence when speaking publicly as well as overcoming fears and phobias. By learning the process of how you think and how you associate habits with emotions you can overcome many tasks you might have thought were impossible before. Relieving yourself of negative thoughts and bad habits will allow you to enjoy a more fulfilled life.Self-hypnosis CDs are also another great way to aid you in losing weight. One of the biggest issues in losing weight is keeping it off. By listening and learning at the same time with hypnosis CDs, you can understand your habits better, learn how to block cravings and lapses in your diet, as well as giving you confidence boosting tips along your journey. When used in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise, hypnosis for weight loss can be one of the most useful tools in helping you reach your goals.  Be Enchanted offers you a huge range of personal self-hypnosis CDs, each with their own specific goal of improving an aspect of your life. Many of the CDs available include courses on happiness and self-esteem, personal life motivation as well as the popular topics such as weight loss, stress reduction and help to quit smoking. Courses are available for adults and children alike, with many helpful self-hypnosis CDs allowing parents to enjoy calmer evenings, better sleep and avoiding insomnia with their children. It isn’t just humans who can benefit from self-hypnosis, but there is also a range of pet hypnosis CDs, allowing all of the family to enjoy a more peaceful, relaxing and joyous lives.[...]

Great Alternative Therapies for Anxiety and Stress

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When it comes to anxiety, many people wishing to take the load off of their minds are looking for new ways to help relieve the stress of everyday life. Whilst there are prescription drugs available for those looking for a way to help their anxiety levels, many more people are searching for natural and alternative methods to help ease their symptoms and rely less on often harmful chemicals that are found in prescription drugs. With a new wave of herbal therapies, physical and mental relaxation techniques, many are finding success in relieving anxiety on new levels.You can find positive outcomes in many herbal remedies such as chamomile tea to help sooth your evenings and nights. With its all-natural compounds that are similar in nature to Valium, chamomile is also available in many dietary supplements so you can take it on the go. Many studies have shown that people who suffer from generalised anxiety disorders showed dramatically positive outcomes from taking chamomile supplements than those patients in the studies taking the placebos.Another part of alternative therapies that many people may not be aware of are the many mind tools that can be used to help relieve stress and anxiety. Considering these problems arise in the mind and are not often associated with any physical manifestations, hypnosis is yet another tool in the alternative therapy armoury that can help reduce and even cure the symptoms. With many self-hypnosis audio courses, these packs are designed to slowly ease you into a higher state of consciousness and allow for the levels of anxiety and stress to cede.Whilst many relaxation audio tapes allow you to achieve a level of relaxation that can help with the symptoms of stress and anxiety, hypnosis sessions will allow you to retrain your mind and body to move beyond being stressed. By being able to take these MP3s with you on a portable device, you can listen to the relaxing sounds of theta rhythms and beneficial frequencies to put you in a higher state of relaxation.Hypnosis offers you the chance to be transported to a place of tranquillity and allow your mind and body to become balanced, helping to relieve your stress. The range of Rick Collinwood’s Self Hypnosis CDs available at BeEnchanted offers you a great choice when it comes to the power of hypnotism. With dedicated sessions on stress management, dealing with stress and anxiety as well as bonus sessions on insomnia, over thinking, over analysing and problems relaxing, the range offers listeners empowerment of controlling their emotions and helping to induce peace and relaxation into everyday life.With so many different chemical drugs on the market, it is little wonder why so many people are choosing to go herbal and alternative when seeking a solution. From herbal teas and vitamin supplements to stress relieving jewels, massages and hypnotherapy sessions; the wide range of choice when it comes to picking the right therapy for you has never been greater. Alternative therapy allows you to achieve a deeper meaning behind your physical wellbeing and allows you to go beyond the limits of traditional medicine in more ways than one.[...]

How Gemstones and Crystals Can Improve Wellbeing

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Many people are unaware of the benefits that gemstones and crystals can bring. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but their power has been held in high regard in various ancient cultures all over the world. Many stones have a soothing, healing effect on certain people and throughout history they have been an important part of rituals and ceremonies. They are still used today to help bring improvement to people’s wellbeing and create a peaceful aura. These are very mystical items that can have a profound effect over our physical and mental well being because they can harness and transfer positive energy to us.In this article, we discuss some different gemstones and crystals and explain what they can be used for.VarietiesThere are various kinds of gemstones, each of which have different properties and applications. Their healing properties have been observed and respected for thousands of years by Alchemists, Astrologers, Ancient Egyptians and many others. Some of the most popular and widely used are:Agate gemstones, which are known for their balanced effects in bringing about patience and inner peace as well as providing protection to those around them. They are also said to help people recall memories and also have healing properties. Citrine gemstones are yellow coloured and help us to remain hopeful and generally cheerful. They can also be used to help people with sleep disorders. Promoting a positive mindset, these stones also have a good effect on our physical health - aiding the kidneys and helping with menstrual related grievances.Obsidian stones are usually black in colour, which is typically seen to promote traditionally masculine characteristics. These stones strengthen the connection between our rationality and our emotions (which can often be at odds with one another) and also dispels fears and negative energy. They are said to work quite quickly when compared with other gemstones, and work especially well when placed under one’s pillow.Turquoise stones are believed to promote and bring out our psychic abilities and are said to change colour in times of danger. In much the same way, they can help us understand or reconnect with our past lives and our fate. Most importantly however, these stones should not be purchased for oneself and rather should be given to another. ColoursObviously the type or variety of the crystal/gemstone that you are using determines the effect that it has, however traditionally certain colours emit certain energies - and this also comes into the equation. For instance: Red stones are associated with grounding, protection and courage - as well as helping with bleeding and wounds. Green stones represent luck and prosperity, healing, fertility and life. Blue stones can symbolise inspiration and sincerity, they have a calming effect on our emotions. Purple stone are associated with meditation and spirituality, or mysticism. They can be effective against mental issues, headaches and the like. full range of the discussed gemstones and more are available on our website. For more information, feel free to send us an email or contact us via phone. [...]

A Brief History of Hypnosis

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Hypnotism has had a long and eventful history, with intrigue and mystery surrounding it since the term was first coined back in 1841 by Scottish surgeon James Braid. Over the next hundred plus years, there were a number of innovative thinkers that helped bring hypnotism out of the circus and stage shows and into the field of medical science. Today it helps millions of people around the world overcome bad habits, fears and help change their lives for good.MagnetismFranz Mesmer is often considered the original father of hypnosis, after creating a theory of a field of study called animal magnetism. Also referred to as the theory of magnetism, it advances the view that a natural energetic transference occurs between all animate and inanimate objects. It was when Mesmer travelled to Paris that his ideas and theories kicked off, making many famous appearances that wowed the crowds and gained much lauded followers.Mesmer selected people who were in need of healing. Eventually, he met the American Ambassador Benjamin Franklin and his colleagues, who were asked by King Louis XVI to investigate this Animal Magnetism. The commissioned board of science and medical luminaries were tasked to prove the existence of the metaphysical magnetic fluid that Mesmer claimed was threaded through animate and inanimate objects to create their connection.The commission didn’t find any evidence of this mysterious mesmerising substance, and suggested that the apparent change and improvement seen in one of Mesmer’s patients as imagined. It was after Mesmer’s discoveries that one of his most stable students in the arts of Mesmerisation theorised a state of consciousness below that of conscious actions. This state of sleeping consciousness - the state of being hypnotised - soon became intriguing to both scientists and the public.Psychological ExplanationsFollowers of Magnetism and Animal Magnetism turned to the psychology and physiology of how the mind works. The move from magnetism to modern hypnotism came about due to Braid’s perspective that hypnosis was explained by ordinary psychological and physiological processes such as suggestion and focused attention. This led to a new breed of hypnotists that travelled far and wide displaying their powers to the shocked crowds.One of these modern hypnotists was Milton H. Erickson, who took the study and practise of hypnotism into the realm of scientific inquiry. In one famous case,Erickson treated a patient who was left paralysed unable to speak due to a stroke. Erickson verbally abused the patient so much that the patient stood up and walked out of the door whilst telling Erickson exactly what he thought of him. An instance of the power and celebrated work Erickson created.These days the power to perform on stage in front of an audience hasn’t lost its charm, and there certainly exists a wave of hypnotism that looks to entertain rather than help people on a deeper level. But many people also benefit by understanding the benefits of hypnotism and understanding the power of their own mind. Hypnotism has come a long way from its early beginnings to become an alternative form of treatment.[...]

Rick Collingwood Hypnotherapy

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In this article we look at Rick Collingwood’s impact on the practice of hypnotherapy and the benefits it can bring to people’s lives.Changing AttitudesThe world of hypnotherapy has changed dramatically over the past 15 to 20 years. Gone are the darker times where hypnotherapy was once seen as some form of witchcraft or magic and used to wow and stun audiences across the globe. Hypnotherapy deals with the way our minds work, and help us to understand first-hand how we think, react and experience life.With many psychologists, psychiatrists and behavioural therapists recognising its benefits, hypnotherapy has become successful as a form of treatment in many cases. It helps people in a range of ways, making them feel more content with life.One of the biggest names in the field is Rick Collingwood, who has been instrumental in changing perspectives about hypnotherapy and emphasising its potential as a form of therapeutic treatment. Rick Collingwood’s trusted therapeutic treatment program offers results where other forms of treatment may not be applicable.The benefits and outcomes of treatmentRick Collingwood hypnotherapy offers the latest techniques in helping you to overcome many of life’s problems. With the availability of the podcasts to take with you wherever you go, Rick can help you develop strategies to clear your mind, relive stress and kick some destructive habits such as smoking, drinking and overeating. These methods can also contribute to better sleep, the overcoming of fears and maintaining focus.He has been able to help his clients overcome and achieve at the highest levels. In fact, the award winning hypnotist has even helped movie stars, race car drivers, boxers and world champion cyclists! Part of Rick Collingwood hypnotherapy is about training clients to understand their moods, thoughts and the way they process information.Rick’s method builds on traditional hypnotism and uses fast and direct hypnotism to achieve deeper levels of understanding of his clients. By being able to directly find the root causes of a process of thoughts, habits or lifestyle choices, Rick is able to nip the problems in the bud and allow his clients to understand the reasons why they used to think so differently.Described by many as a mind-opening experience, Rick Collingwood hypnotherapy courses and training provide people with the strategies need to explore their own thoughts. You can undertake a relaxing and absorbing session that can allow you to achieve a sense of self-control you may not have thought possible, making hypnotherapy with Rick Collingwood a life-changing process.[...]

Why Use Goat’s Milk Soap?

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With many people considering natural alternatives to popular healthcare and skin products, goats milk soap and other products are becoming increasingly popular.Because of the all-natural ingredients and wide range of choice when it comes to scents and fragrances, it’s no wonder people are enjoying this product. Fragrances range from fruit and flowers, and with essential ingredients to leave your body feeling refreshed and revitalised, you will find goats milk soap to be a superior alternative to many big-brand moisturising soaps.The majority of milk soaps are made with all-natural ingredients and aim to be a hypoallergenic alternative to regular soaps for example you can check the ingredients of a Goat Milk Soap. This is great news for those who have specific allergies to regular soap ingredients, and the product is less harsh on the skin.Health BenefitsBecause they are predominately made up of milk and olive oil, you will find that the soaps lather quickly, providing a silky smooth bathing experience and leaving your skin moisturised for longer. For many people that have problems with dry and sensitive skin or with other skin conditions such as eczema, these soaps make for a great alternative to often ‘generic’ scented medical soaps and body washes.The range of soap varies in ingredients, allowing you to choose the right soap for your skin. With ingredients such as oats and grains providing an excellent exfoliate for the skin, these soaps often perform the job of several specialist skin treatment creams and lotions all in one fragrant experience.Great For Kids!These soaps allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of non-harsh bathing treatments without the typical lotions and scrubs necessary for sensitive skin. Pure milk soaps also provide an excellent bathing experience for babies. Many mothers are turning to all-natural soaps for their new-borns. Goats milk soap, with its non-chemical ingredients, makes a perfect addition to a child’s bath.FragrancesThe benefits of aromatherapy have been known for decades, and with a host of essential oils and exotic ingredients included in these soaps, your bath time experience will be a pleasant smelling one. With delicate lemon grass and aloe vera flavours and fragrances of lavender and honey suckle; running a bath can be the perfect way to wind down after a busy day.So with the soft lather of natural milk soaps on the skin, their sensuous fragrance and their delicate moisturising and cleansing qualities, these products can take your bathing experience to new heights for that much-needed relaxing and indulgent time-out. Containing no harsh chemicals and making the most of the creamiest of milks to heighten your senses even further, Goats Milk oap not only benefits the environment, but benefits you, your skin and your family.[...]

The World of Music, Meditation and Hypnosis

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There’s something almost magical about music. It can remind us of experiences we had years ago, it can make us sad, happy, cheerful and certainly seems to have some sort of effect on our emotions. Stress is one emotion that can be kept under control with the use of music and hypnosis.Stress is a perfectly natural part of human life but sometimes it can get out of control. Many of us live busy lives and have very demanding jobs. In some cases, stress effects people so much that it significantly compromises their wellbeing.But you shouldn’t underestimate the good that can come from taking time out to relax and meditate. Peaceful music from a meditation or hypnosis cd can be used to help this process, calming you and improving your general wellbeing over time. You have to realise that it is possible to calm yourself entirely and start fresh again. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes of ultimate relaxation you will find yourself in a greater peace with yourself and eventually with your life completely.Music can be used to help you engage in meditation or hypnosis, activities that can really relax and bring peace to you:MeditationMeditation is regarded as a practice that helps an individual train their mind in order to induce a mode of consciousness. The way meditation is performed is through several different techniques that are specifically designed to promote relaxation through patience and the building of internal energy. This form of relaxation allows a person to enjoy freedom of the mind by concentrating on breathing and eventually concentrating on nothing, thus freeing the mind from any thoughts. If you are looking to experience true meditation, it is crucial that you find yourself a good meditation cd specifically designed for enhancing your meditation experience to relaxation.HypnosisIt has been argued that hypnosis is very similar to meditation because the state of mind is at peace and has freedom from thought. The difference is the resemblance of a heightened focus and concentration at a stage close to sleep. Hypnosis blocks out surrounding sources that are distracting and will have you relax completely. People have always thought that individuals under hypnosis are unconscious; however under a hypnotic state you are actually fully awake, it is simply your awareness of your current surroundings that is reduced.Both hypnosis and meditation are great ways to relax and these forms of relaxation are reachable with the help of music. The best way to do this is to find a space you are comfortable in and allocate yourself the time for the purpose of relaxing.[...]

The Different Types of Soaps Available in the Market Today

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Many people hold the idea that soap is a simple substance that is used for the cleaning of dirty surfaces and to wash your body, but the truth is that there are many different types of soap that have very different effects on your health. Several kinds of soap are manufactured from different types of vegetable fats and animal fats, producing the substance referred to as lye. Another substance which is contained within soap is glycerine, the by product of glycerol. The combination of fatty acids and glycerine creates the soapy texture and properties of soap. When soap is mixed with water when rubbed, froth is created and used to clean dirt and bacteria from grit or sweat that is accumulated on a surface.The majority of soap is made in a very similar manufacturing process however the substances used to create soap can differ in many ways. There are hundreds of thousands of varieties of soap that are available in the market such as natural soap and even goats milk soap. Natural soap is usually manufactured from the use of natural elements such as fats and substances that are vastly available in their natural state, for instance, extracts of lavender and camomile. These are then infused into the mixture of glycerine and fats in order to produce a very natural product that is safe from the taint of harmful chemicals and acids.Milk is another substance that is often found within soap as it creates a very smooth and silky element to the application of the soap. The reason for adding milky substances into soap is to create a softer touch against the human body. This creates less reaction and disturbance against the skin, providing the same effectiveness of cleansing in a safer and less harsh way. This is one of the sole reasons many face cleansing products utilise this method rather than a foam based cleanser as it is less harsh on the face. Goats milk soap has become increasingly popular due to its beneficial aspect of the infusion of calcium whilst maintaining its ability to clean a surface thoroughly from bacteria and dirt. Natural soaps are usually free from perfumes and dyes. Although these natural soaps may be of different shapes, colours and fragrances, the substances which are used to create the final product of the natural soap are derived from only natural products, without any false or fabricated products. This is to ensure the safety of the product itself whilst maintaining a very high standard of care and application to the human body. Soaps that are specifically made for the purpose of body usage often come with the element of moisturising the body to avoid any drying up of the skin. The moisturising factor is a very important one to consider when deciding between purchasing different types of soap; the more moist your body is, the healthier your complexion.For obvious reasons, soap can be purchased in a variety of forms from cleansing milk to foam based solutions. There are also different types of soap for different purposes such as cleaning rough surfaces or certain parts of your body such as your face or the rest of your body aside your face. Face soap has recently evolved into a milky substance such as goats milk soap as this avoids a harsh contact as mentioned earlier. Body soap can come in the form of anti-bacterial soap which is to aid in cleanliness and is often praised to keep your body as clean as possible.[...]

Self Hypnotism: A Revolution in Modern Day Therapies

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Being a relatively new approach to personal therapy, self hypnotism might seem like a strange and rather doubtful concept to many people that do not have a lot of knowledge in the area. However, self hypnotism is gradually gaining popularity in many places throughout the world. In fact, it has become one of the fastest growing practices in the world of alternative therapies, having achieved a remarkable success rate in dealing with issues where traditional therapies have had no positive outcomes.Also known as “autohypnosis”, self hypnosis involves getting into a self-induced state that incorporates elements of self-suggestion and relaxation. Compared to other forms of hypnosis, self hypnotism has been proven to be more effective for people involved in modern hypnotherapy, which comes in a number of forms and often involves the use of external tools such as a hypnosis CD. Through the process of self hypnotism, individuals alter their state of mind and drive themselves to overcome the mental challenges they might be facing. The goal is to improve the individual’s mental strength and concentration.                                       Self hypnotism works in a similar manner as other forms of hypnotherapy that aim to introduce positive changes and behaviours into an individual’s life. However, self hypnotism is arguably more effective in achieving this outcome as it can easily introduce desired ideas or behaviour directly to our subconscious mind. This gradually makes an impact on the rational and analytical conscious mind, making the new idea, behaviour or thought part of a daily routine. This is very helpful for people who are trying to give up a bad habit, build up a new routine in their day-to-day life or simply achieve deeper fulfilment.This practice is extensively used for different purposes including therapy and mind training. A number of studies have already proved that self hypnosis could bring about a positive result for individuals suffering from various issues such as anxiety, pain management, obesity, depression, sleep disorders, asthma, and even skin conditions as well. It has also been revealed that people who have mastered the art of self hypnotism have improved concentration, problem solving skills, recalling ability, and have better control over their emotions. It is, however, mostly used to help people give up unhealthy habits such as excessive drinking, smoking and so on.The process of self hypnotism generally goes through five stages and these are induction, deepening, hypnotic body, direct suggestions and conclusion. The first two stages involve the individual entering a trance like state so that his or her subconscious mind is up and ready to accept new ideas. In the later two stages (hypnotic body and direct suggestions), the person is introduced to the new ideas, their benefits and the guidance needed to follow them. The process is then concluded in the conclusion stage by giving the individual a choice to wake up from the trance state or keep on sleeping. If you are interested in self hypnotism and just starting out, using a hypnosis CD can be helpful and these are readily available in online and retail stores.[...]

Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

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What’s Different about Goat Milk Soap?Conventional soaps are made by mixing animal oils or fats with lye then treating with heat or cold to form the soap. Goat milk soap is made using all natural goat’s milk, a wonderful alternative to many of the harsh, synthetic soaps sold in stores. Ingredients used in these soaps may retain their integrity for longer, unleashing the power of natural ingredients. Body care products containing vitamins A and E, like goats milk soap, may reduce wrinkles, help with acne and psoriasis, and repair damage from over-drying. Caseins, which provide hydration for the skin, make the goats milk soap feel soft and luxurious. In addition to helping people with dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema, goats milk soap is good for people with sensitive skin (like children and the elderly).People with skin conditions and chemical sensitivities often switch to natural soaps. Manufacturers of conventional soaps use harsh, astringent chemicals that can strip dry and damaged skin of the oils it needs. The perfumes used in most soap also causes problems for people with sensitive skin. Many soap manufacturers still use synthetic perfumes. Some people believe that exposure to synthetic fragrances and other chemicals found in conventional soap is cumulative: you might not have a bad initial reaction, but over time you can develop a sensitivity with symptoms like dermatological problems, difficulty breathing, nausea, fatigue, muscle pain, and more. Basically, you can develop an allergy to your soap, which you slather all over your body! Switching to natural soap, like goats milk soap, prevents a lot of problems down the road, especially if you already have sensitive skin.  Why Goat’s Milk Soap?Goat milk soap is a great natural choice if you suffer from a skin condition. As stated above, goat’s milk contains vitamins A and E, which can help with a wide variety of skin problems. The naturally creamy texture of goat’s milk feels great against your skin, cleaning it without making it dry. Some people think goat’s milk soap feels good because of its pH balance, but this is a myth— it feels great because it’s full of vitamins and minerals your skin craves. Creamy milk contains lactic acid to smooth your skin while natural fats leave your skin moisturized. Goats milk soap’s natural ability to smooth, clean, and nourish your skin makes it perfect for anyone with dry or sensitive skin, especially children and elderly.Finding Natural Goat’s Milk Soap Online When you’re buying natural soaps online, try to look for a company that tells you a little bit about how its soap is made. Goat’s milk soap is becoming very popular (for obvious reasons) and some manufacturers are trying to take advantage of the trend with lower quality product. Find a soap-maker with experience so that you can be sure you’re getting the best soap. Some natural soap-makers add moisturizing plant extracts and vegetable oils, which is always a nice addition. Others add essential oils and plant extracts for fragrance. There are many fun, natural fragrances, like Aloe Vera, raspberry, and chamomile, and classic fragrances like sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine, and (of course) rose. Well, can save all your hassle to find a perfect online shop in Melbourne for buying natural soaps like Goat's Milk Soap since at Be Enchanted we have a handsome stock of Natural Soaps including Goat's Milk Soap which are made of 100% natural ingredients at a ver[...]

Goat’s Milk Soap | More than Moisturized and Refreshed

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If you are like me, you are probably searching out the most natural of beauty and health products available on the market. The idea of highly chemical-ridden soaps with dyes and perfumes can be less than appealing. To avoid these unwanted additives in my soap, I have found natural soaps to be a great solution. Specifically, the goat’s milk soap offered at Be Enchanted is a top choice for me and my family at bath time. So just what is so special about Be Enchanted offerings?No Dyes or PerfumesDyes and perfumes can really irritate the skin and leave you feeling like your soap has dried your skin out more than moisturized and refreshed it. With the goat’s milk soap at Be Enchanted, this is not a problem. The soaps that you choose will be all natural soaps with a lather that is created from ingredients that are found in Mother Nature herself. The result is a quality of product that is unlike any other that you will have used. The soap lathers beautifully because of the natural plant extracts within and your skin will feel the results. There is a natural beauty to this product that shines through in its quality and its overall appeal to users.FragranceAnother great reason why I choose goat’s milk soap for my family to use is the fragrance that comes from it. This natural aroma is not contrived or artificial. It really comes from the plant and fruit extracts that are present in these natural soaps that create an aroma that is unlike anything else available out there. You can almost smell nature as you use these and my family loves the different scents available. A great lather and a beautiful scent make the aromas of these soaps a must for any bathroom setting.Sensitive SkinFor some members of my family, the skin is an issue of concern. There are those in my brood that have sensitive skin that breaks out easily while others are acne prone. With natural soaps I do not have to worry about them having a reaction. The soaps are gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive of skin and I can rest assured that they are getting the cleanliness that they crave without risk of unnecessary outbreaks.The range of natural soaps offered at Be Enchanted are part of an array of different products. From crystals to lotions and more, a multitude of products are available to you and will leave you looking good and smelling good. If natural is what you crave, this is the place to go. Another great reason I choose Be Enchanted is because of the affordability of these products. I can get my family the natural ingredients that they desire without spending a ton of money. This is a beautiful thing for a family like mine which must function within the confines of a budget.[...]

Self-Hypnotism Can Have Mind-Boggling Benefits

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When many people hear the word self-hypnotism, they often think of some magical event that takes away one’s consciousness. It is however simpler and more natural than this. Self-hypnotism is an unconscious or conscious shift from one mental state to another; it is a process where the mind delves into series of shifts in order to achieve a useful, creative, and relaxed mental state.Many people are often not able to achieve this mind shift by themselves; therefore, there are professional hypnotists who are trained to facilitate a trance state, or guide an individual towards his/her objective or goal. But, irrespective of professional help, all hypnotic processes involve some level of self-hypnotism because willingness is required for one to achieve a shift of mind.Self-hypnotism has been practised regularly over the years and is known to have enormous benefits for human beings. It is a completely safe and non-toxic way of eliminating pains from the body, as well as rejuvenating and strengthening the physical body and mind.Because of the level of mental peace and balance achieved, self-hypnotism also helps to stimulate increased focus and awareness. It allows people to easily control stubborn habits and even helps one modify or dump such habits entirely.The technique has also been known to hugely benefit great sport athletes and professionals by helping them visualize their goals and goal completion, and thereafter, bury them in their subconscious; thereby making goals clearer and easier to achieve. [...]