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Infrastructure Security expert? Microsoft’s ACE Team is hiring!

Thu, 21 Oct 2010 13:23:08 +0000

Do you have a passion for security and excited about impacting some of the largest and most complex infrastructure security challenges Microsoft is involved with today? If the answer is yes, you may be a candidate to join the ACE Team. The ACE (Assessment, Consulting & Engineering) team is the assessment arm of Microsoft’s Information...

Technical Dependency Analysis

Fri, 19 Feb 2010 11:37:26 +0000

Hi, I’m Kevin Harris, Principal Program Manager with Microsoft’s Enterprise Business Continuity Management (EBCM) team. This blog entry accompanies my video on a key component of our business continuity methodology – the Technical Dependency Analysis or TDA. The Business Impact Analysis (covered in an earlier blog and video) is our process driven engagement point that...

Using the Business Impact Analysis

Tue, 26 Jan 2010 08:53:00 +0000

Hi all, I’m Tom Easthope, Sr. Program Manager on the Enterprise Business Continuity team at Microsoft.  This blog entry is a companion to the video interview about a key component of our business continuity methodology – the Business Impact Assessment or BIA.  The BIA is a foundation tool in BCM program as it provides both...

Simple Rules To Stop Bad Guys

Wed, 16 Dec 2009 01:46:00 +0000

Hi, RockyH here, I was browsing for IT security news from the hotel this evening and came across this gem:   That’s it. Of course there is no information about who to email, and why should their be. If they can’t figure out how to tell the difference between malicious traffic and real traffic other...

InfoSec A&P Suite: How to Install & Configure

Mon, 30 Nov 2009 17:24:00 +0000

Hi everyone, Diane here.  Recently the Information Security Tools (IST) Team released the Assessment & Protection (A&P) Suite. If you missed the overview on the A&P suite, check out the Information Security blog.  The Web Protection Library v1.0 (WPL) Security Runtime Engine (SRE) has been significantly updated.  Anil Revuru (RV) from the IST team discusses...

Introducing the InfoSec Assessment & Protection Suite

Mon, 16 Nov 2009 13:49:00 +0000

The Information Security Tools (IST) team has released the InfoSec Assessment & Protection (A&P) Suite.  It’s a suite made up of protection and assessment tools which include: Web Protection Library (WPL) - an umbrella for several libraries and runtime modules including the Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library v3.1 (Anti-XSS V3.1) and SRE, packaged together with...

Dogfooding: How Microsoft IT Information Security Dogfoods: Product Influence

Fri, 30 Oct 2009 17:40:00 +0000

Hi Steven Michalove here, I’m a principal program manager on Microsoft IT’s Information Security (InfoSec) group. For the last of couple weeks, we’ve been talking about Microsoft IT’s (MSIT) dogfooding process, known as the First & Best program. Concluding this dogfooding blog series, I would like to share with you how we help influence the...

Dogfooding: How Microsoft IT Information Security Dogfoods, Phase 2: Perform an Assessment of the Features Only

Mon, 26 Oct 2009 11:03:00 +0000

Hi Price Oden here, I’m a principal senior security architect on the Microsoft IT Information Security (InfoSec) group. Dogfooding is part of Microsoft IT’s culture.  It’s where Microsoft IT (MSIT) plays an important role and service for Microsoft’s enterprise customers.  Despite the challenges of mixing testing and production on the same network and environment, MSIT...

Dogfooding: How Microsoft IT Information Security Dogfoods, Phase 1: Conduct a Security Design Review

Mon, 19 Oct 2009 13:31:00 +0000

Hi Don Nguyen here, I’m a senior security engineer with the Microsoft Information Security's (InfoSec), ACE Team. Continuing with our blog series on dogfooding, today I will be talking about phase 1: conduct a security design review, of our formal dogfooding process called, the First & Best program. In case you missed it, read Mark...

Risk Management in Risk Tracker

Thu, 15 Oct 2009 14:19:00 +0000

Hey there, my name is Sarah Pickard and I am a Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Information Security Risk Management team.  You have seen some blogs by Vineet Batta on the external release of Risk Tracker which is an application Information Security uses to - - well, track risk.   To find out more information...