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Website Software Tools

Thu, 10 Jul 2008 17:49:00 +0000

Need Website Software Tools?

A whole range of quality website software tools is now available on my new website: Electronsoft

The software applications and scripts have been developed with the Internet marketer and on line merchant in mind.

EZ scripts

The EZ scripts do what the name promises and save you a lot of time and effort. The EZ scripts, once installed on your server perform tasks in literally seconds.

You can now manage tasks which seemed demanding in the past, in little time with little effort.

SEO software

RSS gadgets and Web 2.0 Video Gadgets will create fresh new content on your websites automatically and attract the search engine bots effortlessly.

The Social Bot application will automatically social bookmark all of your web pages to the social bookmarking sites. This way your web site will have powerful back links and the page rank will increase. Getting your website listed in the search engine results will seem a breeze.

Website Translation Software

You can multiply the content of your website with a factor 13 and attract international visitors. The website translation software translates the pages of your website to 13 languages with the click of a mouse button.


Secure Digital Downloads: with the help of this guide you will have the knowledge to hide your digital product downloads from hackers and freebee seekers.

Stop serial refunders! Some people think that digital products are just there to grab and take advantage of. Initially they buy, but soon they develop the habit to ask a refund for every product they want to own. With the Refund Guard you can now stop these refunders from taking advantage of the money back guarantee that most merchants offer.

It doesn't matter how good you protect your properties. There will always be people that find loopholes in the security systems. The security updates that Internet browsers offer can not protect the images on your websites. 'Digital' thieves go that far that they literally take the graphics and images that they think are there to grab for their own use.

There's now software that protects all of your images displayed on your websites:

Image Guard

The graphics and photos that often cost you tens or hundreds of dollars can now be protected. Whenever someone tries to copy your images, the system will automatically resize, gray scale, watermark or whatever feature you choose your images so that they become worthless for the 'digital' thieves.

We strive to offer the products at highly competitive prices, while maintaining the high quality of the Website Software Tools at Electronsoft.