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Arsenal Can't Continue Leaving it All in Arsene's Hands

Wed, 26 Mar 2014 09:56:00 +0000

Even the most ardent pro Wenger Gooner can see there is something wrong with us. What both sides don't agree on is the root cause. The buck may stop with Wenger but the club must show the ambition to want more than a Champions League participation. Showing that ambition may necessitate sacking our most successful manager. If they have not despite these barren years then one must admit the club is happy with the "little" he achieves season after season. That is the chief reason I can not blame only Wenger for all our present travails.Let's forget what we are told season after season about the team/squad being good enough bla! bla! bla! What do we see? A squad that's good enough for a sprint but not the marathon. A squad that caves in as soon as the usual injuries from too many games start to set in by mid-season.The difference between us and the likes of City and Chelsea is squad depth. What we have season after season is just enough to get us so far then we start to struggle. We always will struggle to keep up without that necessary depth. Practically everybody we have to call on falls short -especially in a lack of commitment to the cause, but again they just may also lack the talent to excel at the top in World Football. Sad but true. The kind of player with those two characteristics has proved to cost a fair bunch. Buying them and keeping them happy coming off the bench usually means the money is good. Those who have chosen to tow that path have consistently won trophies. Who will believe City was playing in the third tier of the Premier League as recently as 2008? AFC hasn't shown in any way that this is a route they want to pass. No matter what they tell us about money being available -that kind of money can't be hidden. The owner /club must show that ambition. The manager needs to be told that's the target, this is what you have available to go get me that trophy. No top club in World Football has given their manager the much power Arsene Wenger has at Arsenal. I have even heard the ignorant say Arsene is a shareholder in the club. Bollocks! Why give the manager such a free rein? Because you trust his abilities. Then why do we blame him for imposing his philosophies on the club? The club let's him.Who has seen Stan at a game? He doesn't have the passion which leads me to think he doesn't have that ambition. He may like his club to win a trophy sometime but he can live without it. He is playing it safe. The manager he has is what he wants. A manager who truly thinks the kind of money being paid in football these days is vulgar and won't compromise on his principles. Stan's investment isn't in any danger. Who else can he bring to the club who shares that same philosophy and seems to always at least deliver the minimum target -the Champions League and it's lucre. This is not to say there isn't such a manager out there but Kroenke doesn't seem to want to find that out. At least not just yet. I don't think Arsene is all of our problem. He has proven to be a darned good manager. But there have to be others in the club's hierarchy who should be able to offer an opinion on transfer dealings and other important aspects of team management. The club can no longer afford to continue to leave it in the hands of one man.[...]

Down Fulham! Down! And Don't Expect No Marquees, Gunners

Sun, 25 Aug 2013 11:11:00 +0000

Arsene Wenger's boys came through yesterday. Good show after last weekend's debacle in the season opener against Aston Villa. Played as we all know they can. We need to earn the respect of the other clubs so they dread the "versus Arsenal" fixture like they used to when they looked at their fixtures calenders. Only by showing some steel. Only be going through a more than ordinary run of wins. We must build on the victory at Fulham.Nobody is afraid of Arsenal any more. Nobody ever won championships by not evoking fear amongst the mid to bottom table teams at the very least. Every rat believes they can earn all the the points in the Arsenal fixture these days. That needs to be reversed now! Consistency has to be the watchword from here on. It's the hard way -it's the only way. Hopefully, we will bring in at a minimum, that defensive midfielder we all know we need before the market shuts...only eight days left... The best I could hope for was damage control - don't concede any more and score a couple to make the scoreline a bit more respectable. In my Blackberry group of Gunners, only the man called Giddyz was optimistic enough to predict that the game will go to 4-4. One person out of 30. That's how much the odds were stacked against the lads. But Wham! Bang! Would you believe it, the game ended 4-4 in regulation time.Into extra time and the game continued to thrill as Chamakh put us 5-4 ahead in the 97th minute. Yeah, you heard right, The Chamakh. He woke up and as if someone reminded him of his responsibilities as a striker, he drilled that one home from outside the 18 yard box finishing a move he had been a key part of its build up after laying a beautifully disguised pass to Giroud before running unto the final ball from Arshavin.I thought there was still another goal in the game at this time but I thought it was going to be us stretching it to 6-4 after all the momentum was with us at this time. Would you believe it, Reading got another one and took it to 5-5. Then Walcott struck again to take it to 6-5. This had to be it. But no, Chamakh wasn't through with Reading yet.Reading had no option but to throw everything and the kitchen sink at us and in so doing left themselves light at the back. Chamakh latched unto a through ball and found himself through on goal. Sighting the Reading keeper marooned way off his goal line, he executed a perfect chip-shot to put the scores at 7-5. This was in the 30th minute of extra time. There was no coming back this time for ReadingTruth be told, there is need for an inquest into last night's game despite the final result. I am Arsene Wenger's biggest fan but yesterday I found myself questioning his selection for that game. It's true that any Arsenal eleven selected to play Reading is expected to represent the club creditably well. But we all know that's not the reality judging from the lack of depth that the team has shown of recent in the Premier league with some of the first choice players out injured. Their replacements haven't stepped up to the plate. Rolling out a less than cohesive team against a Premier league side even if that club is a relegation candidate smirked of arrogance. And we so very nearly paid dearly for it.We've learnt not to put too much heart into this competition since we use it to bloody youth but nothing prepared us for the route that game was headed for just before half time. It was an embarrassing site to see. It turned out well in the end but it could so easily have gone the other way. A lot of fans have developed weak hearts over the past few years following this club and yesterday at 4 nil down may have been the last straw. Sure hope not.The second issue that inquest will have to deal with is Koscielny: asset or liability? He was culpable for the first two goals we conceded last night. Both due to poor positional awareness. For the first he failed to track Jason Roberts as a cross came into the box. For the second he turned the ball past his keeper into his own net from another cross into the box. He's done this too often[...]

Watch Arsene Wenger Post-Reading Interview

Wed, 31 Oct 2012 08:28:00 +0000

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Arsenal Vs Reading Highlights (High Definition)

Wed, 31 Oct 2012 08:23:00 +0000

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Wenger's View Of QPR: 'We needed to be patient'

Mon, 29 Oct 2012 12:31:00 +0000

Wenger: 'We needed to be patient'

Dear Arsenal supporter,

We were delighted to get back to winning ways against Queens Park Rangers on Saturday.

It was important we won after losing our last two games. We had to wait for our chance and make sure we took it.

I was happy with the result because our confidence was a bit jaded.

QPR have quality and I don't think they will stay at the bottom of the league. We were a bit lucky they had Stephane Mbia sent off, because it made it easier for us to find a winner in the last 20 minutes. We played a serious game against a good team.

I made the decision to start Jack Wilshere and was impressed with his performance. Technically he was excellent and overall he produced a classy performance.

I didn't tell Jack I would be starting him until the morning of the game. Sometimes I think it's better to not have much time to think about the game when you have been out for such a long time. I also included him because I thought a player with his experience and class would give the team a lift.

We'll have to see how he responds from the game. He was kicked on Saturday and had no problem, which is a good sign.

It was also a big positive for us to see Bacary Sagna make his return. He did well and is physically ready.

Thanks for your support.

Arsène Wenger

Wenger's Press Conference Pre QPR

Fri, 26 Oct 2012 09:51:00 +0000

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