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Upcoming Elysium Expansion Brings Largest Expansion to PWI


Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. announced PWI: Elysium, the 12th expansion for the flagship fantasy MMORPG.

PWI War Front Expansion Now Available on All Servers


Perfect World Entertainment Inc. has just announced War Front, the 11th expansion for Perfect World International, is now available

Perfect World International New Expansion War Front Coming Nov. 11


Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. announced War Front, the eleventh expansion for Perfect World International. Updates for the newest expansion includes large-scale, cross-server battles and the game's very first dynamic solo instance, Heavenfall

Perfect World International is Celebrating 7 Year Anniversary


PWI's 7 Year Anniversary is this month and to celebrate, Perfect World is running in-game events and giveaways throughout the rest of September

Riptide Update for PWI: Eclipse Available Now


Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. announced that the Riptide Update for PWI is now live for all players. New updates include the Star Chart system.

Perfect World International: Eclipse - Giveaway Event Will Be Available


Perfect World International: Eclipse will be launched on December 16. Then its giveaway event will be avalilble from December 17 through January 16, 2015.

Nanbo's Perfect World International Tips


Hello MMOSITE readers and welcome to my latest article concerning Perfect World International. You may have heard of the latest expansion coming up called Chill of Luneska. The focus of the next content update will be territory for mostly higher end levels. Do not let that scare you in thinking the community is packed into end game and the new player experience is an endless void.

Why I Play Perfect World


It has one of the most top mmorpg google search results on the internet. It has a long running history and one of the most played Chinese mmorpg’s on the market. Perfect World also carries with it a very strong reputation and most people are very opinionated about the quality of this title.

Perfect World International: Rising Call Now Live


The PWI team is excited to announce that PWI: Rising Call, the latest content update for Perfect World Entertainment's free-to-play fantasy MMO has gone live! Starting right now, players can dive into expanded and improved server-wide PVP, revamped high level dungeons, an all new way to boost their power and more.

Perfect World International News - Sirens of War Released


Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the latest content update to Perfect World International, Sirens of War, is now live. The new expansion includes large enhancements to skills, new quests and gear, and new PvP modes.

Perfect World International Announced Sirens of War Expansion


Perfect World International will be expanding soon. Beginning November 14th, players will be able to explore the new content and enhanced PvP system in the Sirens of War expansion. To celebrate the announcement, the dev team has released a brand new trailer to show off some of the new features. Check it out!

Perfect World International: the Sirens of War


That's an expansion we can get behind. But until that happy moment arrives, we're just going to have to gear up for Perfect World International's Sirens of War content update.

Perfect World International Celebrates 4th Anniversary


September 10, 2012, players can claim ultra-rare prizes and participate in a bevy of in-game events to commemorate the game's four-year milestone.

Perfect World International: Reflections Update Coming August 8th


Perfect World Entertainment has announced Perfect World International's newest update - Reflections will launch on August 8.

Spanish Version Perfect World Announced Closed Beta Testing


Aeria Games, a global publisher of free-to-play online games, today announced that closed beta testing has begun for Perfect World in Spanish. Perfect World is a popular fantasy adventure MMORPG developed by Perfect World Co., Ltd, and was first brought to the international audience in 2008.

Perfect World International: The Trials Content Update Live!


Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), today announced the imminent launch of Perfect World International: The Trials, the latest free update to Perfect World International, now one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs on Earth with over 50 million players.

[Exclusive]1st Global PvP Tournament for Perfect World International Interview


Perfect World Entertainment has assembled a team of the best players from its internationally popular flagship MMORPG, Perfect World International, to compete for the title of Perfect World International Championship (PWIC) The worldwide competition pits the strongest PvP teams from twelve countries against each other in a battle for world domination.

Aeria Games: Perfect World in Spanish Closed Beta Sign-ups Live!


Aeria Games, a global publisher of micro transaction-based online games, today began accepting closed beta sign-ups for Perfect World in Spanish. Aeria Games possesses exclusive rights to publish the Spanish version of this popular MMORPG title in Latin America.

Perfect World(MY) CAD Expansion Giveaway Event


As a celebration of server merged and the launch of new expansion, we are giving away FREE CAD Softpin to all Perfect World Players. Check out our Perfect World Facebook Fan Page for Softpin redemption now!

Perfect World Raises Funds for Red Cross Japanese Relief Efforts


Perfect World Entertainment has partnered with the Red Cross across most of Perfect World Entertainment's games to raise funds for the Japanese Relief Effort .

Japanese Perfect World: Screenshots of New Areas


Recently, the Japanese version of Perfect World has posted some info and screenshots about the upcoming areas in the next massive update 'THE INHERITED TRIBAL INTENT' on its official website. Four areas about the God race have been unveiled this time, including the main city Divine Camp, green Phantom Canyon, fascinating Starlight Land and snow-covered Sacrificial Snowfield.

[Exclusive]PWI: Ambitious Expansions Perfect World International: Genesis Interview


Hello! My name is Michael Fuchs, and I am a Columnist for MMOSite. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your position with Perfect World Entertainment?

Perfect World International: Detailed Preview for New Expansion - Genesis


Perfect World Entertainment unveiled a teaser site to Perfect World International: Genesis, the latest expansion for Perfect World Entertainment's flagship MMORPG. Players can check out the official teaser site here:

Perfect World International: Genesis - The Time of The Prophecy Has Come


Perfect World Entertainment has updated a blog revealing the genesis of its hit title Perfect World International.Here story goes!

Perfect World International Costume Sale: Pirates vs Ninjas


The last Pirate vs Ninja battle happened in 1510, the same year Peter Henlein built the first pocketwatch. In commemoration of this historic, violent, noble event, the publisher of PWI actives selling both costumes at a discount from October 13th at 1:00AM Server time until November 3rd at 1:00AM Server time!

Level Up! Facebook Event


Lucky winners will be randomly chosen from all the participants every day in MMOsite. The prize will be $7 Level Up Card. Prize key will be sent via Facebook message.

Perfect World International Celebrates 2nd Anniversary


Perfect World Entertainment Inc. today announced the second anniversary of Perfect World International, one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPGs to date. Within the past two years, Perfect World International has become an international phenomenon expanding from two to seven servers to support over 50 million players from around the world.

LevelUp! Weekly Screenshot Contest


Participants have to upload screenshots according to the requirement we release every Friday below. 1. Event will start on July 18, 2010 2. The deadline of this event will be August 23, 2010. 3. 2 lucky winners will be randomly chosen from all the participants every working day in MMOsite. The prize will be $7 Level Up Card. Prize key will be sent via MMOsite PM.

Directory of Overseas Operated Chinese MMOs in 2009


Overseas export revenue of Chinese online game reached $106 million in 2009, a 47.2 percent increase over the previous year, according a report published by china's Ministry of Culture in January.

Perfect World: The Long Lost Jungle Ruins Preview


In the vast land of Perfect World, many ancient mysteries are hidden. The long lost Jungle Ruins is one such mystery. For centuries, warriors from all across the land have heard the stories about the countless treasures hidden in this jungle, but the secret to its entrance has remained hidden since the beginning of Perfect World.