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Google Nemesis - Another Piece of Crap.

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Memo to End Google Nemesis' Crap.

Tue, 08 Jul 2008 08:41:00 +0000

Attn affiliate marketers who want a SOLID FOUNDATION. ie, the "little guy".Boy oh boy.I suspect I'll piss a lot of people off by the end of this memo.Note: I will send you the link to get Google Nemesis for Free.Simply purchase my dirt cheap report (at a ONE-OFF 37 bucks),and I will send you the link within 24 hours.WARNING: This offer is for a limited time; the link may changeand you would have to pay $67 a month for Chris'garbage product.We all know Chris McNeeny of Affiliate Project X, Day Job Killer and Google Assassin fame has made a truckload of cash from his customers since the release of his manuals.I've always been his customer since time began, but now I'm one less for his product's content than just to see how low someone can stoop to take money off people like yourself.Chris' salesletters have always been top-notch, and he's a smart affiliate to boot. I don't doubt that at all. But what DOES trouble me is what he's selling to people. The salesletters make you believe how "you too can have $300 days in a matter of weeks!" ---- and many, unfortunately, believe the hype.I sure did.To be fair, his earlier products (Adwords miracle and Affiliate Project X) weren't bad at all. They had decent advice and was great step-by-step kind of stuff.Unfortunately, two things happened.The first is, his later products went downhill. Day Job Killer and Google Assassin were just about pitiful. He was spouting the same ol' same ol', and taking newbies' money to boot. I'm not an advocate of that at all - if you haven't got the goods and you can't deliver, you better stop yappin' about the latest and greatest techniques you've got. Coz you ain't got any, and it's all just rehashed garbage.The second thing is, so popular were Chris' products that the internet marketing niche (and the people in it) got absolutely SWAMPED in his methods. Look at the page of ads for 'google nemesis'. Everyone and their brother is asking 'is google nemesis a scam?' and offering bonus products that they couldn't give a rat's ass about. And once the market is saturated with the same ol' same ol', progress stalls. Everybody is using the same methodology.Enough is Enough, Dammit.I'm about to introduce to you the other side of the coin. The oft forgotten side, might I add. Everybody focuses on techniques, techniques, techniques. Everybody wants to sell you the latest product that gives you "step-by-step" instructions for making big bucks.And you know what?It's all crap.You think Richard Branson followed some step-by-step guide? Did you think Bill Gates followed some step-by-step guide? Do you HONESTLY THINK - and now, be honest! - that these step-by-step guides were going to make you rich beyond your dreams?If affiliate marketing were really that easy, don't you think everybody would be rich by now???I'm constantly amazed by how many people buy $97 product after $97 product and actually think that by buying more products, they increase their chances for success.The truth?It's 75% mindset, 25% strategy.Think of affiliate marketing as war. An ancient Chinese general got his troops to his enemy by ship, and saw that his troops were outnumbered. So he burnt his ships. The mindset of his troops was literally, fight or die.If you don't know how to harness such a mindset, or worse, if you don't think you CAN harness such a mindset, you are NOT going to make however many hundreds or thousands a day. That's the harsh truth.So if you're lacking the right foundation required to succeed in affiliate marketing, and truly want the straight skinny on what it takes to make good money online, get my no-sh*t, 19 page report.Google Nemesis sells at $67 per month, which adds up to $804 a year. Expensive, much?And it's going to cover the same tactics Chris has always covered, throwing in a template here and there and "proof" of his $X per day earnings. That's great. That really is.But if you're an affiliate who's been in the game a bit but has found no real success and DON'T want to shell out big bucks for the hype, get my report instead.How much am I selling it for? Not $67 per[...]