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Updated: 2018-01-09T17:35:59.459+05:30


Todays MCX Sure Shot Tips


Gold Highlights ---
Increasing wants further financial reducing from the US Government Source in addition to weak point in the US dollar index led gold costs to trade higher in the worldwide markets today. In addition to this, rising crude oil costs also enhanced the inflation-led demand for gold which reinforced further benefit in costs. Decline in the Indian Rupee led MCX Gold Oct agreement to rise and hit its all time high of Rs.31,090/10 gms.

Silver Highlights ---
Spot silver increased around 0.6 % until 2.40 pm IST t yesterday mainly taking hints from rise in gold prices and a sluggish dollar index. However, combined market emotions to cap it distinct profits. The steel hit an intra-day great of $31.25/oz and was hanging around $30.95/oz until 2.40 pm IST. However, Rupee decline led MCX Silver Sept agreement to increase more than 1 % and touch an intra-day great of Rs.58,444/kg until 2.40 pm IST yesterday. Holdings in the iShares Silver Trust, the biggest silver-backed etf, decreased by 0.9 % to 9821.80 lots on Twenty fourth Aug 2012 as against 9732.31 lots on Seventeenth Aug 2012.

MCX Sure Shot Tips


Sell          30570,
Stop loss     30630,
Target         30510.

Sell         56200,
Stop loss     56500,
Target         56100.

Sell below     423.50,
Stop loss     425.50,
Target         421.50.

Sell          5400,
Stop loss     5430,
Target         5360.

Day Trading Gold and Silver


Gold :---
On weekly basis, Spot costs of Gold thrown between gains and losses and settled 0.1 % lower on Friday.  The gold touched a weekly low of $1,589.69/oz and closed at $1,615.3/oz on Friday.  In the domestic market gold costs improved 0.4 % in the the other day.  Holdings in the SPDR Gold Trust, the world's largest gold-backed exchange-traded fund, improved by 1.32 % and stood at 1274.739 lots till Aug 17, 2012 as against 1258.15 lots in weeks time ended Aug 10, 2012.
Points that influenced gold prices :—
1.    Strength in the US Dollar Index (DX).
2.    Weak economic data from the China.
Expectation of incitement measures from the major countries which shock absorbing sharp fall in the prices and positive declaration by the In in german Chancellor Angela Merkel backing European Central Bank’s conditional plan of bond buying.
Spot Gold : Support 1610/1594 Resistance 1631/1647. (CMP: 1621.26)  Buy MCX Gold October between 30,080-30,060, SL-30,000, Target - 30,250/30,350 (CMP : 30200 ).

Silver :---
Spot Silver costs dropped 0.1 % in the the other day .  MCX Silver increased 0.2 % in the the other day due to decline in the Indian rupee. The white metal moved a every week low of $27.5/oz and shut at $28.05/oz while in the domestic industry MCX silver costs shut at Rs.53,610/kg after in contact with a high Rs.53,890/kg. Mixed global industry emotions. Benefit in the base materials shock absorbing sharp fall. While strength in the DX applied downside pressure.
Factors that influenced copper prices :----
1.    Mixed international market emotions. Benefit in the platform materials shock absorbing distinct fall. While strength in the DX applied disadvantage pressure.
2.     However, anticipations of incitement actions along with good declaration from the In in german chancellor to back connection purchasing plan of the ECB reinforced an benefit in the costs towards the end of the week.
Buy MCX Silver September between 53,350-53,300, SL-52,900, Target - 54,230.(CMP: 54624) Spot Silver : Support 27.82/27.58 Resistance 28.43/28.81 (CMP: 28.80)

Today MCX Free Tips


MCX Gold Oct a week ago after created a reasonable assistance 29754 lastly created a high 30072 and handled to close above 30000 indicate, which indicate short-term upside.
For this week: Consider assistance 29900, trading continually below... disadvantage focus on... thereafter more disadvantage. Higher-level level of resistance is 30300-30400 watch out. As per per month data, final assistance quit.

MCX Silver September. open with flate note but created a low 53032 and lastly cross-over their level of level of resistance 53623 and created a high 53733 and shut below 53483.
For this week: Consider Pattern decider 53423 and assistance 53000, crack and business below... it will take assistance... thereafter more disadvantage higher-level stage of resistance 54000 observe out.

Last week it was described in this pillar that below 424 promoting chance and lastly created a low 411.70 and lastly created shut at 415.09.
For this week: We may consider resistnce 417-420 and 424, cross-over it will display durability, disadvantage last as finall assistance quit thereafter no cost drop up to 380 mark.

MCX Aug Nickel lastly damaged their assistance level 900 and 870 and made a low 945 as described the other day as long as below 900 keep give preference to to continue.
For this week: In this consider stage of resistance 870-880 variety and assistance 840 crack and business below further weak point, higher-level untill or unless it will not combination 900-920 with amount and included start attention do not think to long-side.

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GOLD mini Mcx Sep : -
Technical Levels
R3     30060/30120
R2     29880/30000
R1     29840
Pivot     29760
S1     29670/610
S2     29560/500
S3     29420/360

SILVER Mcx Aug : -
Technical Levels
R3     55100-200
R2     54400/54800
R1     53700/53800
Pivot     53300
S1     53000-52600
S2     52100-51100
S3     50600/49600

COPPER Mcx Aug : -
Technical Levels
R3     426
R2     423/424
R1     418-419
Pivot     415
S1     413/411
S2     410.60/408.70
S3     406.90

CRUDEOIL Mcx Aug : -
Technical Commentary
Technical Levels
R3     5300/5270
R2     5240/5210
R1     5180
Pivot     5150
S1     5080/5050/5000
S2     4970/4940
S3     4920/4870

Technical Levels
R3     182/187
R2     172/175/170
R1     165/167/171
Pivot     162
S1     158/155/151
S2     151-47
S3     146/144

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GOLD Mcx Sep : - Costs have been dealing with a recovery method. Even though for intraday, to create sure this declaration prices still need create strong deals above 29840 area for an up pushed towards 29910/30000 or even more. On the other part, 29670 area could be an early indication of fresh selling towards 29610/560 or even more towards 29400.

SILVER Mcx Aug : - As long as costs remain above 53400-53500 area anticipate a immediate  increase towards 53800 followed by 54400 stages. Surprising offer off below 53300 could take costs reduced but such  Goes are least predicted the day.

COPPER Mcx Aug : - Existing technical formation is not much amazing for significant rallies or liquidation. For the day too we anticipate a uneven dealing period inside 420-415 stages with light adverse bias.

CRUDEOIL Mcx Aug : - As long as 5120 region maintains the disadvantage level, costs look threatening in support of bulls towards 5200/5220. Above 5220 could focus on costs purpose of 5240/5270. On the opposite, a crack of 5120-20 could see costs solving towards 5070/5030-20 levels.

Observing selling bias could continue to persist only below 158 area and such goes may find assistance at 156 first of all then at 152 area. Meanwhile, lack of ability to business below 158 area could produce intraday purchasing attention towards 162/166. But, significant rallies seen only above 166 region.

MCX Live Gold Petal Rate


GOLDPETAL costs on MCX were dealing smooth. At 16:02 hrs MCX GOLDPETAL Aug agreement was dealing at Rs 2987.00 up Rs 3.00, or 0.11%. The GOLDPETAL amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 2991.00 and an intraday low of Rs 2986.00. So far 13454 agreements have been exchanged. GOLDPETAL costs have shifted up Rs 47.00, or 1.62% in the Aug sequence so far.

At 16:02 hrs MCX GOLDPETAL Sept agreement was dealing at Rs 3004.00 the same. The GOLDPETAL amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 3011.00 and an intraday low of Rs 3005.00. So far 7312 agreements have been exchanged. GOLDPETAL costs have shifted up Rs 6.00, or 0.16% in the Sept sequence so far.

At 16:02 hrs MCX GOLDPETAL Oct agreement was dealing at Rs 3021.00 the same. The GOLDPETAL amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 3025.00 and an intraday low of Rs 3021.00. So far 278 agreements have been exchanged. GOLDPETAL costs have shifted down Rs 17.00, or 0.58% in the Oct sequence so far.

Gold And Silver Trading Live


Indian base materials costs can face another circular of dull start on Monday due to affordable costs on London metal Exchange amid slow physical demand and weak economic indicators from China, the U.S. and the euro zone. The markets will be looking forward to non town pay-roll numbers that can act as a induce for the metals. LME Copper was again trading below its last day ending rates. The metal was seen at $ 7347 per tonne, as against $ 7393 per tonne on Monday.

The objectives from Fed were not met once again as the company provided no symptoms for fresh incitement. The fall in PMI of Chinese suppliers previously this week already reduced the assurance of metals. Chinese suppliers formal Purchase Manager's Catalog (PMI) dropped to a eight 30 days low of 50.2 in July compared to 50.1 in the 30 days of June. Western organization Eurostat said that 17 country Dollar area lack of employment was standing at 11.2% in May. Native indian Birdwatcher is likely to start below Rs 410 per kg on MCX, that will start in a few minutes. MCX Copper shut at Rs 411.5 per kg on 2 Aug 2012, down 1.1%. MCX Dime shut at Rs 870 per kg, down 1%.

International: Major Support at USD1540. Bullish till USD1615.
Domestic: Buy above 30020, Stop loss 29940, Target 30110.

International: Major Support at USD26. Bullish above USD28.
Domestic: Buy above 53000, Stop loss 52700, Target 53300.

Domestic: Buy above 412.50, Stop loss 410, Target 415.

International: Major Support for WTI at USD82 Bullish above USD 90
Domestic: Buy above 4940, Stop loss 4910, Target 4970.

Live MCX Trading


GOLD Mcx Sep : -
Present increase move in costs may not be achieved as long as if hats the benefit hurdle of 30030 area and such ruined goes may find support at 29850/800 or even reduced to 29750. Anyhow crack above 30020 area could increase fresh buying towards 30110/30250.

SILVER Mcx Aug : -

The reactionary jump from 53100 region has overshadowed the keep efforts. But on later period present short protecting move may be limited until it combination above 53500 region and such unsuccessful goes could flow lower towards the assistance of 53100/52600. Successful deals above 53500 region could range up costs with a calculated purpose of 53800/54200.

COPPER Mcx Aug : -
Even though wide pattern is bearish, expect a short protecting move if prices cannot cut below 414 and such goes may test the benefit area of 417/420. On the other side, stable deals below 414 could encourage fresh selling pressure towards 412/410.

CRUDE OIL Mcx  Aug : -
Beginning deals are required to be northbound with a restricted focus on of 5010 initially. Further clean rallies will be activates only a strong crack out of 5020 area that could focus on 5060 then to 5100. Nevertheless, did not crack above 5030 area could sell clean purchasing and find support at 4950/4910 or even lower to 4870 region.

Live MCX Updates


GOLD Mcx Sep : -
Technical Levels    
R3     30500
R2     30310/460
R1     300160/30230
Pivot     30060
S1     29980/870
S2     29760
S3     29630/29540

SILVER Mcx Aug : -
Technical Levels
R3     55600/56200
R2     55100-200
R1     54400/54800
Pivot     53700
S1     53400
S2     52600-52100
S3     51100/49600

COPPER  Mcx  Aug : -
Technical Levels
R3     429.20/430
R2     426.10/427
R1     424
Pivot     421.90
S1     420/417.9
S2     417.40/415
S3     412/410

CRUDEOIL Mcx  Aug : -
Technical Levels
R3     5220/5170
R2     5140/5105
R1     5060/5035
Pivot     4960
S1     4930/4880
S2     4845
S3     4815/4760

Live MCX Tips


Buy at 29700, Stop loss 29630, Target 29780.

Buy at 53200, Stop loss 53100, Target 53500.

Buy at 421.50, Stop loss 417.50, Target 421.50.

Sell below 104.50, Stop loss 105 Target 104.

Sell at 100.70, Stop loss 101.90, Target 100.80.

Sell at 102.40, Stop loss 103, Target 102.

Sell below 882, Stop loss 888, Target 876.

Buy above 4995, Stop loss 4960, Target 5010. Else
Sell below 4960, Stop loss 4995, Target 4950.

Sell at 171, Stop loss 173, Target 172.

MCX Commodity Updates


Buy above 28820, Stop loss 28770, Target 28910.

Buy at 53510, Stop loss 53310, Target 53810.

Buy at 420, Stop loss 418, Target 422.

Buy at 103.90, Stop loss 103.40, Target 104.80.

Buy at 102, Stop loss 100.30, Target 102.40.

Buy at 102.90, Stop loss 102.90, Target 103.70.

Buy at 870, Stop loss 883, Target 895.

Buy at 5010, Stop loss 4980, Target 5020.

Buy above 171.90, Stop loss 168.70, Target 174.

MCX GOLDGUINEA August contract trading flat


According to our technical analyst GOLDGUINEA costs on MCX were dealing smooth. At 16:03 hrs MCX GOLDGUINEA July agreement was dealing at Rs 23538.00 down Rs 17.00, or 0.06%. The GOLDGUINEA amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 23540.00 and an intraday low of Rs 23518.00. GOLDGUINEA costs have shifted up Rs 147.00, or 0.61% in the July sequence so far.MCX GOLDGUINEA Aug agreement was dealing at Rs 23728.00 down Rs 18.00, or 0.07%. The GOLDGUINEA amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 23757.00 and an intraday low of Rs 23713.00. GOLDGUINEA costs have shifted up Rs 245.00, or 1.05% in the Aug sequence so far.MCX GOLDGUINEA Sept agreement was dealing at Rs 23870.00 down Rs 11.00, or 0.04%. The GOLDGUINEA amount shifted an intraday great of Rs 23871.00 and an intraday low of Rs 23840.00. GOLDGUINEA costs have shifted down Rs 126.00, or 0.51% in the Sept sequence so far. Imports of mcx gold into India have been subdued so far this year, with occasional buying at sub-Rs 28,000 level.[...]

Intraday Gold Silver Tips


Gold : -
Spot costs of Gold dropped by 0.3 percent in the last week on the back of durability in the Dollar Index (DX) in addition to adverse market sentiments in the international economic climate. The gold moved a low of $1,564.34/oz and shut at $1581.3/oz in last trading period of the weeks time. However, in the domestic markets MCX Gold Aug agreement resolved around same levels as that of past weeks time. Devaluation in the Idian rupee led MCX Gold costs to close on a positive observe at Rs.29,275/10 gms after in contact with a high of Rs.29,360/10 gms during the week.

Silver : -
Spot costs of Silver resolved at the same levels as that of past weeks time. However, distinct rise in the Silver costs was to cap it monitoring bearishness in the gold and base metals costs along with strength in the DX. The white steel moved a every week great of $27.58/oz and shut at $27.1/oz on Friday. On the Domestic front costs devaluation in the Native indian Rupee led MCX Silver to negotiate 0.1 percent higher in the weeks time after in contact with a higher of Rs.53,210/kg.

Crude Oil : -
On the every week base, Nymex Crude oil costs improved around 5 percent taking hints from supply issues from Iran and increasing Middle East stress, decrease in US Crude oil selections along with cut in periodic development from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). However, further benefit in costs was to cap it on theback of durability in the DX.

Intraday Commodity Tips


MCX July price last week lastly damaged significant support level 53400 and created a low 52220 and lastly created a shut at 52740.
For this week : Small trading range and support 52100 then 51100 , level of resistance 53400-54100 decisively cross-over with amount and included open interest temporary up side. Major Resistance 56100.

MCX Gold aug as seen in a week ago made a high 29678 later costs dropped considerably towards 29161, which is near to powerful assistance level and lastly handled to shut at 29263.
For this week: We expect in this week Gold price find assistance 29000 and decisively crack below further promoting towards 28751 then 28500 advanced level level of resistance 29500-29600 observe out thereafter more benefit. Major level of resistance 30400 keep in mind.

The other day it was a small trading range between 426 to 413 variety and found some support at lower level.
For this week: We may consider level of resistance 430-434 variety and support 416-418 then 408-411, thereafter anxiety promoting up to 400 likely. Continual above  it will shift towards 450 plus.

MCX Crude July price seen sensible restoration from last week and ongoing to follow up, buying led to it making a higher 4816 and lastly handled to close at every week great showing ready to clean up-move.
For this week: We may consider level of resistance 4800-4810, thereafter... more benefit, downside support 4710-4720 and continual below disadvantage may analyze 4640, thereafter sign that move over and be get ready for big fall.

MCX Gold Silver Trade Tips


"Today MCX Commodity Tips"
GOLD Mcx Aug : -
Technical Levels
R3     29750/29830
R2     29550/29680
R1    29410/470
Pivot     29320
S1     29240/29150
S2    29020/28940
S3     28830/28710

SILVER Mcx Aug : -
Technical Levels
R3     55210/56310
R2     54100/54700
R1     53100/53600
Pivot     52700
S1     52200-52100
S2     51100/49600
S3     48400/45500

COPPER Mcx Aug: -
Technical Levels
R3     434.50/438/441
R2     432/433
R1     428/430.50
Pivot     426
S1     423/421/417
S2     411/409
S3     407/404

CRUDEOIL Mcx July : -
Technical Levels
R3     5144/5080
R2     5030
R1     4960/4920
Pivot     4820
S1     4776/4735/4705
S2     4640/4615/4575
S3     4515/4465/4365

Intraday MCX Updates


GOLD Mcx August :-
Costs have been dealing in a limited variety without much route . Even in this difficult state, weak point could increase only below 29150 area, else keep the same for short protecting move towards 29340/29410 or even greater towards 29560. But shock drop below 29150 area may kindle clean promoting towards 29020/29870.

SILVER Mcx Aug :-

Uneven dealing inside 53100-53340 stages have been growing since the day period. For the day, while costs stay above 52710 further increase towards 53540/54100 is preferred, else would call for promoting stress towards 52100 originally followed by 49100/48500 stages later.

COPPER Ncdex/Mcx/ Aug :-
Falls likely to find support near 421 followed by a merging and flow cost greater. However, an surprising convert reduced below 420 would hole our intraday favorable objectives and take costs lower.

NICKEL Mcx July :-
The turn around experienced from 894 likely to boost towards 901 originally, which if eliminated could increase the emotions towards 911/917 or even more. A immediate dip below 892 would be needed to hole such objectives and move costs lower.

LEAD Mcx July :-
Prices are continuously upcoming towards good area, as it is dealing above 22 day EMA support at 103 stages. But the reactionary shift may lasts only up to 104.10 stages, where the 45 day EMA level of capacity cap it the upwards shift. However, if costs smashes the same may see a development of costs towards 103.80 followed by 105.90 stages. On the other side, not successful efforts to business above 104.80 could turn the reverse to a dealing uneven session.

CRUDEOIL Ncdex/Mcx/ July :-

After yesterday’s goes, costs are looking attractive for an benefit force if it smashes above 4814 area continually focusing on stages of 4861/4896. On the other hand, costs have to splinter past 4774 area originally to test stages of 4744/4714 and even lower towards 4684 region.

Intraday MCX Commodity Tips


GOLD Mcx August : -
MCX Gold Trading for August Seeing selling sentiments less likely to continue to persist until it smashes below 29210 area credibly and such messed up goes could be an beginning sign of brief protecting move towards 29420/470 and even more towards 29570. But crack below 29210 area could replenish our bearish sentiments, which could originally analyze the 29100/29020 or even lower.

SILVER Mcx Aug : -
Silver MCX Trading For August An preliminary pullback is preferred towards 53100-53300 stages followed by a merging and flow reduced. However, splitting of the wide pattern line assistance of 52100 is needed to set off long liquidation stress perhaps until 48500 later. On the other hand a convert greater above 54100 could hole our wide bearish expectations.

COPPER Mcx/ Aug : -
MCX Copper Trading for August Sell off activated in the past period was stopped near 416. For the day, costs have to continually business below the same to proceed the promoting stress towards 413/411 or even more. Else would contact for a uneven with gentle good prejudice session.

NICKEL Mcx July :-
MCX Nikel trading for July After getting support at 891 costs seeing alerts of a remedial pullback. For Intraday provided that 894 is secure, costs likely to proceed the good strength towards 911 but further goes are less anticipated.

CRUDEOIL Mcx/ July : -
Crude oil mcx trading for July Costs have organised the support level around 4680-90 area and are seeing a pullback, which is likely to deal with level of resistance around 4710-30 stages. A crack above 4720, could contact for an benefit move towards 4770/4810 area. On the in contrast, crack below 4680 area could focus on stages of 4650/4620 levels.

NATURAL GAS Mcx July : -

Intraday MCX natural gas trading for July Counter seems gulped by adverse sentiments, which may be pointed towards 151/148 or even more to 146. But in this bearish perspective, shock increase through 157 area could turn down our perspective and analyze the benefit challenge of 161/164.
MCX commodity tips related more info please fill the our free trial mcx form.

MCX Commodity Tips


MCX Gold Aug as seen in a week ago made a high 28837, later costs dropped dramatically towards 29446, which is near to powerful assistance level and lastly handled to shut at 296628.
For this week: We expect in this weeks time Gold cost to find assistance 29300-29400, provided that keep this stage up-move to proceed, higher-level level of resistance 29700, business and continual above it will shift towards 29800-30100.

MCX July price the other day lastly split significant assistance level 54100 and made a low 51910, which indicates short-term pattern is bearish and offer on increase stratregy.
For this week: Small trading variety and assistance 52800 and level of resistance 54100-54500 observe out.

Last week it was a small trading range between 434 to 424 range and find some support at lower level.
For this week: We expect up-move to proceed in this commoidty and deccline to purchasing chance. We may consider assistance 418-420 variety and crack and business below further weak point up to 411 whereas the purchasing chance. Higher-level stage of resistance 436-441 to look at out.

MCX Crude July price seen sensible recovery from a week ago and continue follow-up purchasing led to it making a high 4898 and lastly shut at 4731.
For this week: We may consider level of resistance 4910-4920 and assistance 4720 observe, once crack and business below donw part likely.

Intraday MCX Tips


GOLD Mcx August :  -
Costs likely to shift greater originally towards 29870 area for a drawback which could originally find assistance at 29710/590 or even reduced towards 29480. But successful goes above 29870 area could raise up prices further towards 29980/30110.

SILVER Mcx Aug :  -
As long as costs stay above 54310 good prejudice preferred and likely to improve the purchasing strength towards 54810/55210 or even more for the day. A immediate drop below 53110 could negate such bullish sentiments and drag prices lower.

COPPER Ncdex/Mcx/ Aug : -
Continuous candlepower unit development is helpful for bulls but it needs to be cleaned the powerful benefit of 431.40-434 areas to continue powerful short protecting rallies. On the other hand a immediate dip below 423 would be a indication of promoting stress again.

NICKEL Mcx July : -
Initial falls if organised near 936 costs have room for a increase towards 946 followed by 953/963 stages. Constant investments below 927, emotions will be poor again.

CRUDEOIL Ncdex/Mcx/ July : -
As long as costs remain above 4820, pattern seems to be switching in support of bulls. The costs activity is likely to find preliminary level of resistance around 4910 area to improve the fluff run towards 4980-5000 area. On the in contrast, a crack below 4820 could see costs inching reduced towards 4790-45/4730 stages for the day.

NATURAL GAS Mcx July : -
Last daily strong goes determine the use of purchasing attention. But for the coming period, 164-165 area has to give way for repairing our favorable emotions towards 169/173.At the same time, unable to break the area of 165 could sell our purchasing attention and could find support at 158/155.

Gold Updates for Today


Gold futures dropped, as traders recommended the safe home of the dollar and treasuries after some poor economic data revealed US production industry dropped more than predicted in May, the first time in almost three years.

Demand for gold from the biggest gold customer, India, stayed bad as a recent devaluation in the rupee brought up prices for local buyers.

Gold holdings of SPDR gold believe in, the biggest ETF supported by the precious metal, dropped to 1,279.50 plenty, as on June 29.

Silver holdings of ishares silver believe in, the biggest ETF supported by the metal, dropped to 9,685.70 plenty, as on June 29.

Copper prices declined by almost 1%, in line with a weaker euro as a string of bleak global macro-economic data reignited concerns over demand for the red metal.

Copper futures for Sept. delivery closed down by almost 1% at $3.468 per pound on the COMEX of the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Crude oil prices declined after a weak manufacturing data from the United States, Europe and China reinforced concerns about slowing economic growth and its threat to demand for  etroleum & its  roducts.

Natural gas futures closed on a flat note, recovering from its earlier losses driven by moderating weather forecasts.

MCX Updates


GOLD Mcx July : -
Existing sellng bias likely to continue to persist for the day, But we cannot guideline out the likelihood of an preliminary force towards 29530 area for a move reduced towards 29320/200 or even more. But crack above 29570 area could raise up costs towards 29670/730, which we least anticipate for the day.

SILVER Mcx Aug : -
Prices have been sailing in keep get away, which is likely to continue to persist towards 52500/52000 followed by 51700. Even in this tiresome perspective, surprising increase above 53800 area could obvious up our bearish perspective and discover level of resistance at 54100/54600 or even greater towards 55000.

COPPER Ncdex/Mcx/ Aug : -
As long as 422/423 area maintains support, anticipate a pullback towards 425.51 stages. If this area is breached a prospective focus on of 427 could be on cards. However, a drop past 422 could focus on 420/420.20.

NICKEL Mcx July : -
Costs could start a powerful pullback if continually business above 931 focusing on 937/943 stages. Otherwise, a pitfall originally towards 925 followed by 917 could be on cards.

LEAD Mcx July : -
Costs were in recovery function after it made a low of 102.30 stages on Wed, currently flying near 102 stages. These days, We predict to see a recovery, if prices crack above 102.10 stages and trying to see a focus on of 103 followed by 103.20 stages in the immediate run. But retaining above 103.20 is complicated as a result of the use of firm level of resistance is placed at that level. On the lower side, crack of 101 stages may induce a clean promoting pressure.

ZINC Mcx July : -
As we predicted last night, short protecting move was on advance. For the everyday period, we anticipate to see the same pattern to proceed until it gets to the 45 day EMA level of resistance of 103 stages. However, incapable to exceed above 104.1 may opposite the existing benefit strength and see costs to turn reduced towards 102.3 followed by 101.20 stages, which is less predicted for the day.

MCX Tips


GOLD Mcx July : -
Adverse tendency is in advance provided that 29950 area hats the benefit for the day and such weak point may side down costs towards 29720/600 or even more towards 29470 stages. Even though in this hopeless image, a straight increase above 30010 area could adulterate our bearish perspective and analyze 30110/250 or even greater towards 30320.

SILVER Mcx Aug : -

Existing selling sentiments is probably to proceed towards 53500/53200 or even reduced towards 52500. Even in this bearish perspective, shock increase above 54400 area could concern our glum perspective and discover benefit area of 54700/55100 or even greater towards 55600.

COPPER Ncdex/Mcx/ June : -
As long as 421 area hats the benefit, everyday sentiments looks depressing and anticipate to see a reduced modification towards 414. However crack of 414 is required to induce significant promoting stress towards 411. On the other hand on the higher side, a rush above 424 would be an beginning indication of producing the next move towards 431.

NICKEL Mcx June : -
Intraday direction likely to be on the northern limited by positioning the disadvantage hurdle of 921 and such remedial goes may discover greater levels of 937/946 or even more. But strong investments below 921 could entice significant promoting stress towards 911/897.

LEAD Mcx Jun : -
Even though negative sentiments still lasts, a pullback move could observe towards 101.30 before the next bearish strength reemerges in the reverse. But it has to crack powerful assistance of 99 for significant drops to occur towards 96 followed by 94 stages in the near phrase. On the other part, a immediate increase of 104.30 is needed to observe the a cure for pattern in the near term.

ZINC Mcx Jun : -
A brief protecting move is on advance towards 102 stages, after it rebounded from 98 last night. For the day, we anticipate to see an preliminary restoration move towards 102 followed by a drop towards 101.3 then 100.2 stages. On the other part, surprising pullback above 102.7 could hole the bearish perspective in the near term.

CRUDEOIL Ncdex/Mcx/ July : -
Costs confronted a firm level of resistance at 4630 area in the last day dealing and this obstruction has to provide way for leading to clean purchasing towards 4684/4710 stages. For the day, we give preference to prices to business with bearish emotions towards a focus on of 4520/500 or even reduced towards 4470.

Gold and Silver Updates


"Gold" costs increased by Rs 330 to Rs 30,700 per 10 gm, while "Silver" obtained Rs 1,300 to Rs 54,500 per kg in the bullion market here these days on development of need and powerful hints from the global markets.

Traders said while gold increased on appearance of buying by stores and jewelers for wedding season, silver obtained on increased offtake by business systems and coin manufacturers.

GOLDPETAL costs on MCX were dealing smooth. MCX GOLDPETAL June agreement was dealing at Rs 3020.00 down Rs 1.00, or 0.02%. The GOLDPETAL amount shifted an intraday high of Rs 3017.00 and an intraday low of Rs 3001.00. GOLDPETAL costs have shifted up Rs 80.00, or 2.71% in the June sequence so far.

SILVERMIC costs on MCX were dealing reduced. MCX SILVERMIC june agreement was dealing at Rs 53527.00 down Rs 168.00, or 0.32%. The SILVERMIC amount shifted an intraday high of Rs 53742.00 and an intraday low of Rs 53481.00. SILVERMIC costs have shifted down Rs 6471.00, or 10.78% in the June sequence so far.

MCX SILVERMIC Aug agreement was dealing at Rs 54830.00 down Rs 150.00, or 0.26%. The SILVERMIC amount shifted an intraday high of Rs 55054.00 and an intraday low of Rs 54810.00. SILVERMIC costs have shifted down Rs 7150.00, or 11.54% in the Aug sequence so far.

MCX Commodity


Moody's reduced the rankings of some of global greatest bank by one to three steps, showing the risk of failures to those financial institutions from investment market. Increasing concerns over debt disaster in the Money area and US Government Reserve's plan choices, encouraged traders to stay away from gold and desired protection in US dollar. MCX Gold Aug in the other day made a high of 30423 and low of 29762 with the ending of 29971. For the next 7 days, gold has level of resistance of 30345 and assistance of 29682 AND major support 29451.

The Silver July MCX at the other day stayed in the variety limited of 55192 to 52567. Silver in the the other day started out at 54271 with a high of 55192 and made a low of 52567 and shut at 52931. For this 7 days silver has a powerful level of resistance of 54561. In the disadvantage silver has the assistance level of 51932-51210.

MCX Copper's failures faster after data revealed that China's HSBC Flash Purchasing Professionals Index, the first signal of the nation's industrial activity, dropped to a seven-month low of 48.2 in May from a final reading of 48.3 in May, as trade purchases stayed strongly in shrinkage. Birdwatcher Jun in the other day after in contact with the high of 424.42 made a low of 412.21 and closed at 417.32. For this 7 days Birdwatcher has a strong resistance of 423.72. In the disadvantage Copper have the support level of 411.54.

Nickel in the the other day after in contact with the great of 964 did not maintain at that level and came in the down trend. Dime Jun MCX in the other day made a higher of 963 and low of 923.20 and closed at 943.30. Dime this 7 days has a strong resistance of 964.40 and support of 922.82.

MCX Crude: Crude Oil futures trading rallied after returned from an 8 month low, as Moody's bank downgrades were not as serious as market predicted. The Crude Oil July MCX in the other day started out at 4697 with a high of 4783 and low of 4474 shut at 4598. For this 7 days oil has a powerful level of resistance of 4762. In the disadvantage crude has a assistance level of 4454.