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Prisma shifts focus to b2b with an API for AI-powered mobile effectsPrisma%20shifts%20focus%20to%20b2b%20with%20an%20API%20for%20AI-powered%20mobile%26nbsp%3BeffectsPrisma goes b2bnelomas

Sat, 19 Aug 2017 16:00:05 +0000

(image)  The startup behind the Prisma style transfer app is shifting focus onto the b2b space, building tools for developers that draw on its expertise using neural networks and deep learning technology to power visual effects on mobile devices. Read More

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New malware masquerades as a ride-sharing appNew%20malware%20masquerades%20as%20a%20ride-sharing%26nbsp%3Bappfaketoken-stealing-interface-1024x819john

Sat, 19 Aug 2017 00:55:28 +0000

(image)  An update to the venerable Faketoken.q Android malware has made it easier for the program to steal your credit card information from ride-sharing apps. Faketoken attacks Russian ride-sharing apps by overlaying text boxes on the credit card information pages that can capture your credit number and other important information. Kaspersky writes: After getting onto a smartphone (judging by the… Read More

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YouTube starts delivering ‘breaking news’ on its homepage across platformsYouTube%20starts%20delivering%20%26%238216%3Bbreaking%20news%26%238217%3B%20on%20its%20homepage%20across%26nbsp%3Bplatformsyoutube-ioslucasmatney2015

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 23:58:11 +0000

(image)  YouTube has started rolling out a “Breaking News” section in people’s feeds today across platforms as Alphabet continues to tailor custom content playlists to users logged into Google Accounts, Android Police reports. For most, YouTube is a place to hop from one video to the next and descend down rabbit holes, but browsing anything like a feed has become less… Read More

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Google brings six-second video previews to mobile searchgoogle-shop17fredericlardinois

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 21:00:02 +0000

(image)  Google announced a major update to its mobile search results pages today. Whenever your query brings up a video, Google will now show you a silent six-second clip to help you decide if it’s actually a video you want to see. This will work for the vast majority of videos on the web today — including, but not limited to, YouTube. Indeed, as Emily Moxley, Google’s director of… Read More

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How Facebook prioritizes privacy when you dieHow%20Facebook%20prioritizes%20privacy%20when%20you%26nbsp%3BdieWhat happens on facebook when you diejoshsc

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 17:01:11 +0000

(image)  Should your parents be able to read your Facebook messages if you die? Facebook explained why it won’t let them in a post in its Hard Questions series today about social networking after death. Facebook admits it doesn’t have all the answers, but it has come up with some decent solutions to some issues. Read More

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Google to livestream Android O launch event timed for total solar eclipseGoogle%20to%20livestream%20Android%20O%20launch%20event%20timed%20for%20total%20solar%26nbsp%3Beclipseoreo-android-oetherin

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 16:39:56 +0000

(image)  Google is using a astronomical event to debut its newest Android operating system update: Android O is set to arrive on August 21, with a livestreamed unveiling event timed for 2:40 PM ET in NYC – which is roughly when the maximum solar eclipse is set to occur for New York. Android O will get a full reveal at that time, which seems like kind of a weird time to do it since a lot of… Read More

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Hands on with Andy Rubin’s Essential PhoneEssential Phonegregkumparak

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 13:00:20 +0000

(image)  It’s a pretty captivating pitch: Andy Rubin, one of the guys who founded Android (and who lead the project within Google for eight years!) has a new company… and he’s building an Android phone. The “Essential Phone,” as it’s known. I’ve been carrying around an Essential Phone for a few days now. Here’s what I think so far. Read More

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Instagram adds a new creative way to reply to a photo or storyInstagram%20adds%20a%20new%20creative%20way%20to%20reply%20to%20a%20photo%20or%26nbsp%3Bstoryreply-2-enromaindillet

Fri, 18 Aug 2017 10:55:49 +0000

(image)  Instagram inception, here we come. If somebody sends you a photo or video in a private conversation on Instagram, the app will now let you play around with the original photo so that you can reply in a creative way and keep the context of the conversation. If you receive a photo or video, there’s now a reply button in the conversation thread. If you tap on this button, the original photo… Read More

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An iOS 11 feature could let you quickly disable TouchID and keep cops outAn%20iOS%2011%20feature%20could%20let%20you%20quickly%20disable%20TouchID%20and%20keep%20cops%26nbsp%3Bout10575772326_af7e69b7dd_k (1)sarahbuhr

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 23:53:48 +0000

(image)  TouchID has always been a legal grey area when it came to cops and border patrol asking you to fork over your phone. But with the new update in iOS 11, that no longer seems to be a problem. Read More

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Facebook downranks video clickbait and fake play buttonsFacebook%20downranks%20video%20clickbait%20and%20fake%20play%26nbsp%3BbuttonsFacebook Fake Video Play Buttonsjoshsc

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 16:42:09 +0000

(image)  Ever gotten tricked into clicking a fake play button on Facebook that opens a link instead of starting a video? I did, repeatedly, and wrote a story in 2014 titled “Yo Facebook, Ban Links With Fake Video Play Buttons”. Now Facebook is doing just that. Today it started downranking the News Feed presence of links that display a fake play button in the preview image, as well as… Read More

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Essential Phone now available to order, ships soon to pre-sale customersEssential%20Phone%20now%20available%20to%20order%2C%20ships%20soon%20to%20pre-sale%26nbsp%3Bcustomersessential-phoneetherin

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 13:47:31 +0000

(image)  The Essential Phone has arrived, a bit later than originally announced. The first smartphone from the new company founded by Android creator Andy Rubin is now available to order, via Essential’s own site, Best Buy, and Sprint. The phone is still listed as a pre-order in all three spots, with shipping information to be conveyed later, but this is the closest people have been able to get… Read More

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Android newbie HMD’s Nokia 8 flagship lets you livestream ‘frontbacks’Android%20newbie%20HMD%26%238217%3Bs%20Nokia%208%20flagship%20lets%20you%20livestream%20%26%238216%3Bfrontbacks%26%238217%3BNokia 8nelomas

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 11:49:41 +0000

(image)  Rebooting the venerable Nokia smartphone brand has not been a rush job for HMD Global, the Foxconn-backed company set up for the purpose of licensing the Nokia name to try to revive the brand’s fortunes on smartphones. But after starting with basic and mid-tier phones, it’s finally outted a flagship Android handset. Read More

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Ofo comes to the US, joining the bike-share fray in SeattleOfo%20comes%20to%20the%20US%2C%20joining%20the%20bike-share%20fray%20in%26nbsp%3BSeattlebike-on-walldevin

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 20:15:14 +0000

(image)  Seattle seems like an unlikely venue for a duel between bike-sharing companies: it’s rainy, hilly, its residents can’t drive and another bike-share program recently went belly-up publicly and ignominiously. But Ofo, one of several Chinese giants in the space, is the third company to launch in the city in a month. It’s the company’s first foray in the States. Read More

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Google brings Q&As to Google MapsGoogle%20brings%20Q%26amp%3BAs%20to%20Google%26nbsp%3BMapsQA1 (1)fredericlardinois

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 17:26:29 +0000

(image)  Google is launching a new feature for Google Maps for Android and mobile search today: question and answers. I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that this feature allows you to ask questions about a place and answer other users’ inquiries and indeed, it’s that straightforward. Starting now, when you find a place in Google Maps, for example, you can… Read More

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Apple could guide you around your city using augmented realityApple%20could%20guide%20you%20around%20your%20city%20using%20augmented%26nbsp%3BrealityAugmented reality being used in Gatwick's North Terminalromaindillet

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 17:19:50 +0000

(image)  ARKit is one of the biggest changes in iOS 11. Under the hood, Apple is about to transform the iPhone into a very capable augmented reality device. Felix Lapalme‏ has been looking at assets in the Maps app package to find out if the company is going to leverage augmented reality for turn-by-turn directions. On July 22nd, he dug around a beta version of iOS 11 and found this mysterious 3D… Read More

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Pinterest users can now pinch-to-zoom on photos in the appPinterest%20users%20can%20now%20pinch-to-zoom%20on%20photos%20in%20the%26nbsp%3Bapppinterest pinch to zoommatthewlynley

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 16:39:16 +0000

(image)  Pinterest is adding a new feature today that allows users to pinch a photo to zoom in and out on various Pins, matching a feature that’s available on a lot of other services. As the company becomes increasingly focused on mobile and discovery centered around photos, users will start expecting the kinds of behaviors that exist on other services to exist on Pinterest. Read More

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45 million people send birthday wishes on Facebook each day45%20million%20people%20send%20birthday%20wishes%20on%20Facebook%20each%26nbsp%3BdayFacebook Birthdaysjoshsc

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 14:51:24 +0000

(image)  Roughly 1 in 30 Facebook users tells someone Happy Birthday each day, showing Facebook’s first major emergent behavior is still going strong. Now Facebook is equipping the 45 million people sending birthday wishes each day with some new features. Now instead of just posting a soulless “HBD” or “Happy Birthday!” on someone’s wall with no personal message,… Read More

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Facebook and Instagram get redesigns for readabilityFacebook%20and%20Instagram%20get%20redesigns%20for%26nbsp%3BreadabilityFacebook Redesignjoshsc

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 17:25:12 +0000

(image)  Taking inspiration from line drawings, Reddit and Messenger, Facebook is overhauling the design of the News Feed to make it more legible, clickable and commentable. Meanwhile, Instagram today got a little redesign itself with comment reels now being threaded so you can have sub-conversations in public. Read More

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Facebook adds eBay’s Daily Deals to its Marketplace on mobileFacebook%20adds%20eBay%26%238217%3Bs%20Daily%20Deals%20to%20its%20Marketplace%20on%26nbsp%3Bmobilefb-dollar-sign-mobile-alt1sarahintampa

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 16:45:29 +0000

(image)  Facebook is again getting into the daily deals space, this time in collaboration with eBay. The company has launched a new feature within its Marketplace section on its mobile app, where a selection of inventory from eBay’s Daily Deals program is now available. The deals can be shopped directly in Facebook’s app, but checkout takes place on eBay’s website through an in-app… Read More

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Facebook boosts snubbed Stories Camera with Live, GIF & text sharingFacebook%20boosts%20snubbed%20Stories%20Camera%20with%20Live%2C%20GIF%20%26amp%3B%20text%26nbsp%3Bsharingfacebook-stories-iosjoshsc

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 16:29:44 +0000

(image)  Despite the tepid reception for Facebook Stories, the social network is doubling down on its full-screen Camera feature. Today Facebook added the ability to go Live, shoot two-second GIFs and share full-screen text posts on colored background from Facebook Camera, which lets you share to Facebook Stories, Direct messaging and the traditional News Feed. Read More

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