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Codes, Javascript, AJAX, Webstandards, CSS, DOM, XML , PHP, ASP, HTTP, etc.

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Facebook Comments - Simple and not duplicating on all posts


How to insert Facebook comments in blogger without complication, not duplicating. Easy and simple. 1) Model > Edit HTML > Go > Expand Widget Models 2) Search , and open body tag 3) Paste after open before other tags:
(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s)



I've a problem with Google Chrome Navigator in my site and Chrome don't show the page, but this error: Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED) Looking this problem on Google, i've found many solutions (including reinstall Chrome). The solution that works for me was relationed with Zip compression on website. I made some tests and solved my

Get google (yahoo, bing) search by Javascript


If somebody need: A small function to Get google (yahoo, bing) search's by Javascript. keyword = function(){ var dr=d.referrer,q,fq,goo=''; if(dr.match(/ogle\.c|ahoo\.c|bing.c/i)){ if((q=dr.indexOf('q='))>0){ fq = dr.indexOf('&',q); goo = dr.substring(q+2,(fq>q?fq:dr.length)); } } return goo; } To use, just call "keyword": var palavrachave = keyword(); if(palavrachave){

Ultimate Micox Menu drop-down CSS - 4 levels


Hi, now a code to be easy make your css drop down menu. Long time ago i'm finding a perfetc css menu drop down code. I want a dropdown css menu easy to copy/paste, fast and no difficult configurations. Just set width, color, bg and ready. Working in FF, IE6/7 an Opera. Yesterday i post the final part that my code need (activating hover in IE6). See the online example (and source code) of

New way to hover and first-child in IE6


Hi, i'm back Now, i show a new way to simulate pseudo-class first-child and hover in IE6 with a diferent method. No HTC, no tag script, no external file. The advantage of my new code is that can be inserted directly in CSS and not needs another file. The idea of "expression" can be used to other implementations :). Micox Pseudo-class-css2 to IE (MXPC) /* Micox Pseudo-class-css2 to IE (MXPC).

Script word-wrap to Firefox - updated version


Hello, Now a new and revised version of my old script to word-wrap big words in Firefox. Correctly tested in Firefox and Opera. No more bugs in children or parents elements. More easy to use. The Firefox dont wrap big words like Internet Explorer. IE have a CSS property called word-wrap that can be set to 'break-word' and break the big words. Firefox and Opera don't have this property yet.

htmlEntities, array_search and strip_tags in JavaScript


Small post, small functions :-) Can be helpful for somebody someday. htmlEntities, Array_search and strip_tags to Java Script (like PHP functions htmlEntities, array_search and strip_tags). htmlEntities in Javascript Sometimes you need convert all applicable characters to HTML entities, also in javascript. Very common use while working with Ajax. A small diference of this function to php

Activating option disabled in IE


In Internet Explorer, the attribute "disabled" fails if used in tag option. See here a javascript to simulate the "disabled" attribute in Internet Explorer. This code will execute and disable option in Standard browsers (FF, Op, etc): In IE, it will fail. The above code,

Loading a RSS XML feed just using JavaSript


Continuating the post Manipulating XML using JavaScript, now a util example of XML + JavaScript: Loading a RSS XML feed. 1) Manipulating XML using JavaScript See my previous small tutorial about XML + JavaScript to understend the function above. 2) Making the function to read RSS data Put the JavaScript function above in your html document or in a "" file (and include in your document).

Asynchronous upload - Like AJAX - 1 function


Helo! Here a simple function to asynchronous upload using iframe. Dont reload the page. Like AJAX but its not ajax.You dont need to create the iframe, the function do this. Work like Gmail upload and Google pages upload. Tested in Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6.0 e Opera 9.1. If you test in another browsers, please write a comment. Update: New version here (portuguese) 1) Put the code above

Manipulating XML using JavaScript


No PHP, ASP or JSP codes, just JavaScript. Manipulating XML files or data using JavaScript to create lists, tables, menus, manipulate feeds (rss or atom), etc. Important: Browser just allow access to files in your own domain (security reasons). Dont try to load XML files of another domains, this is not possible. 1. Make a XML test file

Include Function in JavaScript


Here, a include function to JavaScript like PHP. Good for conditional includes. Using: if(have_money==true) { include("girs"); } else if(i_am_very_rich==true) { include("more_more_girls"); }else if(i_am_inteligent==true){ include("no_girls_back_to_work"); } Add this function to your code: function include(arquivo){ //By Fabrício Magri e Micox //

InnerHTML and Select option in IE


Hello. This is my second post. The non-DOM property innerHTML can't add options to a tag select in Internet Explorer. Example not working: document.getElementById("my_select").innerHTML = " "; The correct way to insert options in a select is using appendChild or addOption functions. But that's tiring if we are working with Ajax. Use

Word wrap in Firefox


Updated version of word-wrap to Firefox and Opera here!!! Above, a old version with bugs. Hello. My first topic. This blog will show just codes. I have a blog in portuguese language and decide post my codes in english to all the word heheh. My english is not good, so, sorry and go to codes. Just codes. The Firefox dont wrap big words like Internet Explorer in width of a parent element.Example: