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Reynolds Family News

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May 2008


Most of these pics are from Zoe's first trip to the Zoo. She really enjoyed it, but was exhausted (as you can see by some of the shots).[...]

April 2008


Ah, the month of April. Zoe starting eating a lot more and getting stuck in the bars of her crib a lot more. Fun stuff.(image)

March 2008


Here are some pics from March. One of the major events was Zoe's baptism. Those pics are in a previous post, so I will not repeat them here.[...]

February 2008


Okay, we've been horrible at keeping a blog. It fell down the list of priorities which included moving into downtown Kansas City, getting into a new job, and adjusting to the new role of being parents. But thanks to all who continue to "encourage" us to get this going again (especially Jennifer Burgett, who has turned into quite the blogger!).

So we will try to catch month at a time beginning with February pics:


Zoe's Baptism Service


Zoe and Mom after getting ready for church. As you can see, Zoe is extremely excited.Zoe is wearing a white dress that was her Grandma Reynolds'. It was one that hand-made for Grandma Reynolds by her grandmother.Zoe, Mom, and Dad at the baptism service at Jacob's Well. We love our church!Here we are with one of our pastors, Tim Keel.A great highlight was having Mike and Vicki King up front with us as Zoe was baptized. Mike King was Rachel's youth pastor when she was growing up. He is now on staff at Jacob's Well where we attend. He preached on this particular Sunday. Click here to hear his message, "Where Are The Adults?"The Jacob's Well community prayed a prayer together for all of the children being baptized. It is a beautiful prayer. It is also printed on Zoe's baptism certificate and personalized:Dear Heavenly Father,Together, we pray thatZoe's mind will know Your wisdom.Her eyes will see Your glory.Her ears will hear Your words.Her mouth will speak Your truth.Her heart will be Jesus' home.Her hands will do Your work.That Zoe's knees would bowonly before You, the Lord Our God.And that her feet would follow Youin the way of Jesus all the days of her life.Amen.[...]

Zoe Grace Reynolds


Zoe Grace Reynolds
December 14, 2007
9:17am (cst)
7 pounds 10 ounces
20.25 inches long


We will post more details about how the day went later. At the present, all three Reynolds' need a nap. Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement.

Tomorrow Is The BIG Day!!!


We are leaving for the hopital in a matter of minutes (St. Joseph's @ 435 and State Line Road). They want us there tonight so that they can get Rachel ready for tomorrow's induction. We begin at 6am. We are excited. We are nervous. It is a strange mix.

The next post after this should provide the great news that we all have been anticipating!!! We are looking forward to sharing the news with everyone.

Our Little Girl's Nursery


(image) A huge "THANK YOU" to all of our parents who helped us to purchase the items for her new nursery. It looks great and will serve her well!

Kansas City's Ice Storm


For last night and this morning, the weather forecasters were calling for freezing temperatures and rain. That's a great combination for slippery roads and school closings. Kansas City dodged this prediction because the road crews did wonderful preventive work and the temperature did not dip as low as expected.

We are not in the clear, however. It is still raining today and The Kansas City Star has articles warning that tonight might bring on the ice storm that we were expecting:

Yesterday, several people had told us that in their experience severe weather has contributed to them going into labor. Whether or not this is true, we have our bags packed and are ready for whenever she decides to make her way into the world.

If she is not here by Thursday, we will go into the hospital Thursday evening so the doctors can induce labor on Friday, December 14th. This is not an indication that anything is wrong. The doctor won't let Rachel go two weeks past her due date. So for several reasons, December 14th was decided upon.

Keep checking the blog for more updates!!!

40 Weeks...And No Baby Yet!


(image) Today is our little girl's due date...and we are still waiting. We thought she might be joining us this past weekend, but the weekend came and went; she is going to keep us excited in anticipation.

We are going to be experiencing an ice storm this evening in Kansas City. It is suppose to start around 6pm this evening and go through tomorrow. Wouldn't that be fun...inching our way to the hospital in labor?

39th Week


We are at week number 39! You know what people say: in some ways, it seems like it has gone very quickly; in other ways, it has seemed very slow. We (and all of our extended family) are ready for her to here now. Keep checking this blog to see when she has arrived and to view those first pictures!

38th Week


(image) 38th Week

(image) 37th Week

Another Baby Shower (Given By Stewart Title)


(image) We want to thank the wonderful people at Rachel's work, Stewart Title, for throwing a baby shower on Thursday, November 15th. It was absolutely beautiful! They had lunch catered by a healthy restaurant in the area, Green Acres Market, which we, of course, ruined with cake after the gift opening. We got several wonderful gifts, and it was just a wonderful time. Thanks so much to Mary LeAnn and everyone who put it together!


36 Weeks and Counting!


We are at week number 36...and Rachel is thinking, "Will this ever be over?" According to the due date (December 10th), we have four weeks to go, but you all know how these things work. Does anybody want to guess as to when the actual delivery date will be? Just click on the "comments" below and let us know.


Photos Session Pictures!


We had our first session of three with our photographer--Jessica. The second session will be right after our baby is born and the third will be sometime within her first year.


Baby Shower



My friend Sam Kuykendall and my mom threw me a baby shower on Saturday, October 13. We had a great time! Sam is so creative; she made a lot of cute things and desserts. My mom brought an ice cream cake and we all gained about 5 pounds! We did a game of “guess the baby food by sight” and everyone also had to guess when our little girl would arrive (that person gets their gift sent to them after she’s born). We opened presents – we got a lot of great stuff. Thanks everyone! A lot of aahh’s, as any good baby shower should have.

As you can see from the picture, we painted a face on my stomach with makeup. It was quite the sight! But we had a good time. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great day!



(image) We are curious to see how Kramer will react to our little girl when she arrives. In the photo above, he looks a little tired of listening to all of this "baby" talk. We think he will be fine with the long as he continues to take out his agression on his stuffed bone (see photo below) and not on our child.

Rachel Through The Months



October 9, 2007
31 Weeks


October 1, 2007
30 Weeks


September 16, 2007
28 Weeks


August 1, 2007
21 Weeks


June 26, 2007
16 Weeks

The Columbus Blue Jackets' Opening Night


(image) Today was the opening night for the Columbus Blue Jackets. They beat the Anaheim Ducks pretty easily, 4-0. The question many of you are asking right about now is..."What does this have to do with your future little girl?" Well, she has already been receiving gifts from family and friends. Grandpa Reynolds is making sure she grows up with a love for his favorite hockey team; he has already sent her much baby clothing which includes the Blue Jackets logo.


A Few Rachel Pictures


(image) Here is Rachel with Kramer (our cleaver and mischievous miniature dachshund...actually, he pretty much sleeps 20 hours a day).

(image) Rachel is preparing breakfast before she has to rush off to work. If you are trying to interpret the look, allow me to help: "Eric, I've had enough of the camera. Will you please help get breakfast ready?"

(image) Rachel and I (Eric) were on a good running routine pre-pregnancy. Since the pregnancy we have kept up the exercise by walking. Kramer joins us as we walk through the park.

(image) Hopefully, I won't get into too much trouble for posting this picture. Rachel is enjoying an afternoon snack of chips and salsa. Rachel did not have any of those unusual cravings that you hear many women talk about during pregnancy. (Again, I think Rachel was pretty sick of the camera being in my hands...but, that's what I'm there for)

30 Weeks Down, 10 To Go!


We want to again apologize for the very few posts recently. We have been properly reprimanded and encouraged by many of you blog readers. In our transition time back to Kansas City, we temporarily lost many "blogging necessities"...DSL in the home and our scanner to be specific. From here on out, the posts should be pretty consistent.

Rachel is at 30 weeks! We'll see how fast the final 10 (or so) weeks go. Several things are coming up which should provide us with blogging material for you all. We have a birthing class on October 13th, Rachel's baby shower on October 20th, and a photo session on October 27th. Our next appointment at the doctors in this Friday, the 5th. Simply put...October is turning out to be a BUSY month!

Our September 14th Appointment


Our recent doctor's appointment was last Friday. All went very well. For those of you that have gone through these appointments, you know that they begin to feel very similar. "Let's check your weight. Now let's measure your belly. How are you feeling? Any discomforts? Tell me about the baby movements." We, too, had our questions for the doctor. Yes, we are THOSE people who read everything so our questions go something like: "Our book says this. Is that true? What do you think about__________ because according to what we've read..." Our doctor humors us so; she is great.

We did have another ultrasound which is always a breathtaking experience (I hesitate to use the word "breathtaking"; it might evoke Seinfeld references..."She certainly is breathtaking.") At one point, the doctor was able to get a close-up of our baby's face right on the screen. What a moment! The doctor printed off the picture for us. Unfortunately, we are temporarily without a scanner. We will hopefully be able to get this picture up soon for you all to see.