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Dead Detective Nine Deaths Cat
A new case for Dead Detective! Stop Nine Deaths Cat, the greatest thief of Zombie Society in this funny point and click adventure sequel.

Zombie Society Dead Detective
In Zombie Society, a world full of undeads you've to fulfill your job as a Dead Detective in the funny point and click adventure 'Walls Can Bleed'.

Get your robot through the pixel levels of the platform puzzle game 'Unstable'. You will also be able to spawn blueprints that will help you.

Spacemans Flight
Keep the flying spaceman flying on his Spaceman's Flight in this simple yet fun skill game. Avoid asteroids and collect stars and other stuff to fly.

Fill Tracks
In the puzzle game 'Fill Tracks' you will have to fill all the levels with your own path, simply by sliding your block using mouse or arrow keys.

Welcome into the Rotary Club! Let all the bars point towards the same direction by rotating them in this puzzle game... which is not that easy!

Lets Get Apple
Go get some apples in the rather child oriented but chillaxed physics puzzle game Let's Get Apple. Stack animals and elements to get them.

Mumbai Jets Traffic
In this simple pixelated skill game you are an aircraft traffic coordinator. Spawn planes, but don't let them collide. Again: NO crashes!!!

Running Out Of Power Inc
You can jump and you can run, but you better not run out of power in the 'Running Out Of Power Inc.'... Explore this very lean pixel company.

Electric Connection
Electric Connection is a game quite similar to the classic pipe puzzlers. But this time you've to move tiles to build electric connections.

Running VoltGun
No one can stop the 'Running VoltGun'! Use arrows and ASDF to jump, run, shoot and dash your way through this great retro action game.

Pretentious Game 5
Let's get pretentious once again! Guide that sentimental square through different levels and figure out how to solve them in this platform puzzler.

Stellar Squad
Artificial Intelligence can be such a PITA. Especially, if it's trying to kill you. Fight it and protect your base in this strategy defense game.

Wasting Bullets
Don't waste too much bullets in the top down skill game 'Wasting Bullets'. Use arrows or WASD to shoot AND move, kill slime and reach exits.

Scrumpfy Beans Cookies Galaxy
The sky is the limit, and beans cookies are your rocket fuel! Help Scrumpfy to reach The Beans Cookies Galaxy in this distance launcher game.

Your task in the puzzle board game Fillness is to fill up every screen with colored tiles. Tricky thing is: you can move every element!

Rudash is another needlessly complicated but for that reason interesting platform game. Run, shoot and dash with horrible controls.

Crazy Dad Vacation
THIS IS SO CRAY! Everything doesn't look promising. Help Crazy Dad having the best Vacation ever in this funny point and click adventure game.

Road Of Heroes
Hit the Road Of Heroes in this vertical scrolling shoot 'em up action game. Control one or more heroes, gun down baddies and grab extras.

If you're searching for simplicity with a higher of difficulty you gotta check out the simple but still challenging slide puzzler Simplicity!