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Corporate Salmon
Be a good salmon, be a busy salmon, be a Corporate Salmon! In this fluffy fun game you've to climb stairs and collect coins. Don't get fired!

Forgotten Hill Playground
Welcome back to Forgotten Hill. If you like a creepy point and click adventure you should take a look at the old Playground... and the past.

Wondrous Lands
Guide your brave heroes through the Wondrous Lands in this RPG fantasy game. Power up your troop, fight enemies and finally save the world.

Midnight Spooks 2
Help two dudes to get that mysterious photo from the nautical antique shop keeper in the funny point and click adventure game Midnight Spooks 2.

Revenge Of The Kid
Gunslingers, here's one for you. Gun down tons of baddies using your colt and other weapons and fight duels with bosses in 'Revenge Of The Kid'.

Dead Detective Brain Drain
Welcome back to Zombie Society. This time Dead Detective and his assistant Zombie Watson are searching for a missing brain... lol

Dungeon Kriper 2
Crawl through the pixel dungeons, fight monsters, search for treasures and other nice stuff in the RPG idle game Dungeon Kriper 2.

Short And Sweet
Let's keep this year's Halloween followup short and sweet with the short but creepy mini game 'Short And Sweet'. Just feed the children!

Conquer all the Seven Kingdoms in the RPG Arcalona. Build a town, level up your mercs and beat up animals and enemies in round based fights.

Road Rage Trip
This resigned family guy is in a hurry! Bounce your car through the streets and try to make way in the funny launcher game Road Rage Trip.

Pulp Fantasy
You are stranded on Pulp Fantasy. Make your way and your own decisions using arrows, C, X, Enter and R to get through this pixelated little vacation.

Land Of Darkness
Dive through the Land Of Darkness with your little submarine. Use mouse button or space bar to raise your boat and try not to hit obstacles.

Dead Detective Nine Deaths Cat
A new case for Dead Detective! Stop Nine Deaths Cat, the greatest thief of Zombie Society in this funny point and click adventure sequel.

Zombie Society Dead Detective
In Zombie Society, a world full of undeads you've to fulfill your job as a Dead Detective in the funny point and click adventure 'Walls Can Bleed'.

Get your robot through the pixel levels of the platform puzzle game 'Unstable'. You will also be able to spawn blueprints that will help you.

Spacemans Flight
Keep the flying spaceman flying on his Spaceman's Flight in this simple yet fun skill game. Avoid asteroids and collect stars and other stuff to fly.

Fill Tracks
In the puzzle game 'Fill Tracks' you will have to fill all the levels with your own path, simply by sliding your block using mouse or arrow keys.

Welcome into the Rotary Club! Let all the bars point towards the same direction by rotating them in this puzzle game... which is not that easy!

Lets Get Apple
Go get some apples in the rather child oriented but chillaxed physics puzzle game Let's Get Apple. Stack animals and elements to get them.

Mumbai Jets Traffic
In this simple pixelated skill game you are an aircraft traffic coordinator. Spawn planes, but don't let them collide. Again: NO crashes!!!