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Published: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 21:06:14 -0400

Last Build Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 21:06:14 -0400


IDF didn't brief PM, cabinet on true scope of Hamas tunnel threat

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 02:02:00 -0400

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the cabinet were not briefed on the findings of an internal military report analyzing the potential threat posed by Hamas' grid of terror tunnels, Army Radio reported Wednesday.

Trump, Pence to give video addresses at GOP rally in Jerusalem

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 01:55:00 -0400

Donald Trump and Mike Pence will make satellite video addresses at a Republican Party rally in Jerusalem next week that will stress the unity of the city, Republicans Overseas Israel announced Wednesday.

Israeli Economic Growth Exceeding Expectations

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 03:39:00 -0400

Israel's economy is performing better than previously expected, the country's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reported Thursday, updating its annualized growth projection for 2016.

Clinton Campaign Advisers: Don't Mention Israel Among 'Dem Activists'

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 03:02:00 -0400

Hillary Clinton shouldn't mention Israel in her campaign's launch speech because it wouldn't play well with Democratic Party activists, several top campaign advisers agreed last year.

Hamas test-fires long-range rocket into sea off Gaza

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 04:56:00 -0400

The Palestinian terror group Hamas fired at least one long-range missile into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Gaza Strip on Monday morning, in what appeared to be a weapons test.