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Get Good Quality Sleep Tips


Sleep, besides aiming to rest himself from the fatigue of daily activities, as well as the right to physical and mental rest. Enough sleep is not only determined by the quantity or duration of sleep, but also of the quality of sleep itself. Well, to get quality sleep, some decent tips for you see: - Warm bath before bed - Allocate at least half an hour to relax before bedtime. - Make (image)

Diabetes and Heart Disease


A bad night's sleep habits often makes you feel tired and irritable. In addition, a bad night's sleep disorder for six times in a row, it can also lead to diabetes and heart disease. Professor Philippe Froguel of Imperial College London said, "The control of blood sugar is one of the many processes regulated by the body's biological clock," he said on Sunday (29/1). One of the body's (image)

Messi in Madrid Legend Threshold Break Record


Barcelona - Barcelona mainstay striker, Lionel Messi, great opportunity to go beyond the record scorer in the Champions 'El Clasico' is still held by Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano. Since the duel between Real Madrid and Barcelona rolled out in 1902, Di Stefano in uniform 'Los Blancos' of 1953 to 1964, has scored 18 goals. Note goal was apparently survived until the feud between the two(image)

Messi and Aguero Jungkalkan Uruguay


Argentina finally back topped the standings 2014 qualifiers after beating Uruguay on Saturday (12/10) evening local time Sunday (13/10) pm dawn at Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza, with a score of 3-0 (0-0). Three goals are nested into successfully created by Uruguay goalkeeper Sergio Arguero, and Lionel Messi who scored two goals. La Albiceleste With this result, the nickname for (image)

Tips for Building the Ideal Home


Buying a house from the developer is much easier. Only by paying a cash advance, you are able to occupy the house as desired. On the other hand, there are those who are not satisfied when buying a house from the developer. The reason may range does not match the shape to the quality of the building is considered unsatisfactory. For those of you who want to build a dream home on the private (image)

Due to Lack of Sleep, 6 Seram Waiting Disease


Ideal adult bedtime each night is 7 to 8 hours per day. This is not just useful to your fitness in the mornings only, but the lack of long-term sleep problems can improve your health. The following 6 health problems that may occur due to lack of sleep, as reported by the prevention, Monday (7/16/2012), among others: 1. Cardiovascular Disease Adequate sleep is important for your heart health. (image)

Step 7 Leave Wrinkles on the Face


According Riani Susanto, ND, CT, naturopathy doctor and specialist detoxification, aging of the skin is partly due to contamination of toxic substances in the skin cells, which lack of oxygen circulation, mengerutnya skin tissue due to lack of fatty acids, and muscle mass. Frown lines and rough skin texture is a sign of poor levels of collagen beneath the skin. All you can do: * Detoxify the (image)

Make Alcoholic Teeth Toothpaste porous


Brushing your teeth to be one way to maintain dental hygiene and oral cavity. However, you can not just while brushing your teeth. In addition to brushing your teeth and the right kind of toothbrush, toothpaste used should also be appropriate. "Most people just choose a toothpaste of origin, even though most toothpastes contain alcohol in it," said Prof. Dr. drg Melanie Soedono, MBIOMED, in the (image)

Also Need Attention Baby Daddy


Parenting role, including through activities to stimulate baby's growth, not only belongs to the mother. My father also had an equally important role in parenting. The involvement of fathers and mothers in the baby's growth and development activities have many positive effects. According to Dr. Eddy Vadlyana, SpA, fathers' involvement in activities related to infant growth and development not (image)

The essence of trading Forex online for the public


Want to add to your income to infinity? Convince yourself to join the forex trading business online now. This business is one form of trade in the current modern era that no longer make buying and selling conventional goods. Moreover, goods are traded in foreign exchange business that allows the fund manager to sell and purchase virtual trading, where there is no physical presence between the two(image)

Make Lemon Facial Mask Clear Skin


Make your own mask facial skin can help save the financial as well as caring for healthy skin, bright, and radiant. One face mask that you can make yourself is olive-lemon mask. Olive oil can help give skin moisture, while the lemon makes skin brighter and radiant. Olive oil is rich in vitamin C, D, and E, antioxidants, and iron, which is useful regenerate the skin and retain moisture. If both (image)

5 Habits of No Knowingly Causing Obesity


Eating fatty foods and high carbohydrate is one of the causes of obesity. But there are things that unwittingly contribute to lead to obesity, and it is often considered trivial and even a small factor. This is her daily habits that make you gain excess weight, as quoted from the Health Me Up: 1. Lack of Sleep Be careful! Lack of sleep can make you fat. According to some studies, sleep (image)

Foods that are Good For Pregnant Women


Composition of a balanced diet is necessary to maintain good health. This becomes more important, especially for pregnant women. Well for that to you a mother who is pregnant must be smart in choosing a good food for pregnant women to be in consumption. This need is supported by the fact that food choices during pregnancy can affect maternal health and the development of the fetus. Studies from (image)

6 Types of Herbal Tea & Benefits for the Body


Herbal teas have been used over thousands of years ago as a natural remedy to address a wide range of diseases and health conscious. Unfortunately, modern medicine has made many people forget terh herbal properties. As quoted from All Women Stalk, the following seven selection of herbal teas and health benefits. 1. Chamomile tea If you often feel anxious, try to drink chamomile tea because it (image)

11 Healthy Living at Home


Healthy living is everybody's dream because it would distance itself from various diseases. You can start a healthy lifestyle within themselves and to create a healthy environment. Try to start a healthy life of the home environment. Here are 11 tips on healthy living in your home, as quoted from iVillage, Sunday (4/15/2012), among others: 1. Cooking with chemical-free cookware Teflon pots and(image)

Prevent the rise of Weight Loss When Menstruation


Increase in appetite that occurs during or before menstruation due to hormonal changes or fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone. Some studies found an average increase of 1-3 kg of women experiencing weight gain due to these hormonal changes. Besides the food is generally desirable women before menstruation is a sweet foods such as sweets and carbohydrates that can automatically trigger (image)

Jogging in the Morning It's Good To Burn Body Fat


Jogging or running in the morning is an effective way to improve fitness throughout the day. In addition, exercise is relatively easy and cheap is also effective for burning body fat. Jogging in the morning to provide additional psychological and physiological benefits, including weight loss. According to strength coach and bodybuilder Tom Venuto, the first exercise in the morning is very (image)

Beware, High-Protein Diet Can be Dangerous for Kidney


When looking to lose weight, many people prefer foods high in protein because it can reduce hunger. But be careful, for people who have kidney disease risk, avoid high-protein diet because it can increase the risk of kidney stones. "A diet with a protein meal was chosen because it can withstand hunger. In obese patients, renal function should be checked first before making any dietary protein. (image)

The fruits for breakfast a Bantu Lose Weight


Skipping breakfast is often regarded as a weight loss tactic is quite effective. Unfortunately, it can actually harm the body. Eat fresh fruit at breakfast may be one way to healthy weight loss. A healthy breakfast has several components, including whole grains, low fat protein, low fat milk and fresh fruits and vegetables. The combination of food groups that provide fiber, protein, complex (image)

Here are 8 easy ways to control food portions


If you have type 2 diabetes, it is necessary to correctly measure food portions. So know how many calories and carbohydrates consumed and how food will affect blood sugar. It is very difficult to manage and keep eating. Limiting the servings can help you lose weight and eventually prevent complications. A study in 2004 of 329 overweight people found that, 38 percent of those who practice portion(image)

Can Autism Detected From 6 Months Old Baby


Early detection of autism can only be done when the baby reaches the age of 2 years. Recently, scientists discovered that it could be a sign of autism known as a baby is six months old. Researchers found that infants aged less than one year are at risk of developing autism already have a sign in his brain response when viewing others from near or away from them. These findings suggest that (image)

Anatomy of a New Born Baby Now


After 9 months in the womb of the mother then the fetus will be born into the world. Anatomy of a newborn baby has a different. What kind of anatomy of the baby at birth? Anatomy of a newborn has various characteristics that helped him to grow and thrive outside the womb. A baby is growing faster in the first year after birth than any other time during his life. Here is the anatomy of the (image)

3 Types of Headaches Need Emergency Management


Headaches are usually not life-threatening. However, a very severe headache could be a sign of something much more serious and requires emergency treatment. There are at least three types of headache requiring emergency treatment. Symptoms of diseases such as stroke, aneurysm (bleeding from blood vessels) and meningitis is usually a headache. So it's worth watching headache that feels very (image)

IMO X5 Android Tablet


IMO Tab X5 or X5 is a cheap Android tablet from IMO Mobile Entertainment with 7 inch touch screen capable of processing data two times faster than Android Tablet Cheap Super X3 IMO. The touch screen is applied to the IMO X5 is a type of TFT capacitive touchscreen WVGA wide screen 800 x 480 pixels. The dimensions of the tablet itself measures 198.5 x 127 x 16.8mm. IMO X5 tablets using high (image)

Malaga 0-1 Real Madrid (2-4 Agg)


Malaga 0-1 Real Madrid (2-4 Agg): Horrible error from Caballero allows Benzema to secure last-eight spot for Jose Mourinho's men A solitary effort from Karim Benzema, after a horrible mistake from Willy Caballero, was enough to earn Real Madrid a 1-0 victory over Malaga at La Rosaleda in the second-leg of the Copa del Rey round of 16 matchup on Tuesday evening. Madrid wins the two-legged tie by (image)