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Genital Herpes ndash; How Prevalent Is It And What Should You Do
Genital herpes is a topic not readily discussed in the course of normal conversation however, if you’re aged 25 and over, and are sexually active with multiple partners then it would be wise to be tested for genital herpes. A recent study in Australia ( May 2006 ) revealed at least one in eight people people in that country have genital herpes. If that sounds alarming then it should be. A first n..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone

Home Remedies For Fever Blister
Fever blisters or cold sores are small red blisters that usually appear on the lips and outer edges of the mouth. They often display a clear liquid and form scabs after a few days. They are caused by herpes virus that becomes active when something triggers them. There is no cure for cold sores, but there are remedies that will reduce the severity and frequency. They appear after colds, fever, expo..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone

What Exactly is a Cold Sore
Cold sores, also called fever blisters, are small wounds that appear on the lips or around the mouth. These sores seemingly appear at random and can be both painful and embarrassing. The reality is that the herpes simplex virus (HSV) causes cold sores. Most people find the connection between herpes and cold sores to be very alarming, but it is not. There are two types of herpes simplex virus, HS..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone

A Common Sense primer on Treating Herpes Naturall
The virus is going to be in your body for life, and believe it or not, it greatly prefers to stay dormant, much like it’s cousin the chicken–pox virus that is also a member of the herpes family of viruses and also in your body for life. 1. Forgive the person who gave you herpes. Even if you were deceived and put at risk without your consent holding on the anger and resentment not only aggravates ..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone

Herpes Simplex Viru
Herpes is a viral disease that mostly affects the mouth and the genital areas. The Herpes Virus is known as the Herpes Simples Virus. It has two strains– HSV–1 and HSV–2. HSV–1 is responsible for oral Herpes and HSV–2 causes genital herpes. HSV–1 virus is associated with infection on or in the mouth. The symptoms include lesions or sores on the lips and mouth. Other symptoms include swollen gums..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone

Dynamiclear Review! Scam or Not ? Best Solution for Controlling Herpe
herpes, and many more suffer with oral herpes.  That is why people who are sufferers of this virus are turning to products like Dynamiclear to help to alleviate, and eliminate their symptoms. Dynamiclear is a natural herpes remedy that ..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone

Your Sexual Health Can Enhance Your Relationshi
Sexual health seems to be on everyone’s mind these days and with good reason. Everyone wants to be healthy when it comes to sex; no one wants to think that they have problems with this most basic of human activities. Many men, however, find themselves faced with serious sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction and impotence. While most seek to hide what they think of as a deficiency, those wh..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone

Sexually Addicted? 10 Important Questions to As
There are many things in our culture that grab us and won’t let go. Sometimes sex is one of them. Perhaps that’s the case for you or your spouse/partner. Sexual addiction plays a prominent role in the "I Can’t Say No" kind of extramarital affair I outline in my E–book, "Break Free From the Affair." These questions are intended to help you be more aware of some behaviors that perhaps indicate th..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone

The Best Treatment for Cold Sores and Herpes Simple
If you have ever had a cold sore, you can only hope you never get anther one. We are hoping to provide you with some useful information about what they are, how you get them and some preventative measures you can take to avoid them. Core sores are infections that can occur around or in the mouth. Also referred to herpes simplex, there are 2 strains known as type 1 and type 2. Cold sores are most o..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone

Cold Sores ndash; The Alien Herpes Viru
Cold sores, fever blisters, oral herpes are 3 names for the same thing – a blister or sore on the face – normally occurring on the outer edge of your lip or nose. "Cold sores" is the most common term used for these hideous, painful and contagious facial sores. Herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 are the root cause of cold sores. About 80% of cold sores are caused by type 1. Type 2, although pr..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone

Cold Sore Symptoms ndash; The Domino Effec
Knowing your personal cold sore symptoms and being sensitive to them is an essential part of reducing the severity – or completely eliminating – cold sore symptoms from your life. Let me explain. Cold sore symptoms are caused by the replication process of the herpes simplex virus. 89% of people worldwide have this virus in their body, so it is quite universal. 67% of those folks will expe..... More on Genital Sores And Oxycodone