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How to control your herpes outbreak
Herpes is a virus that affects the human nervous system, modifying the DNA of the nerve cells supplying the skin through which the virus entered. Most patients suffer from recurrences that may vary in frequency from once in a lifetime to several recurrences a year. The average rate of recurrences is about four times per year. Recurrences usually take about a week or so to heal. People living wit..... More on Herpes British Facts

Genital Herpe
Genital herpes is a strain of the herpes simplex virus (HSV), from the viral family herpesveridae. This highly contagious disease is transmitted through sexual contact such as vaginal, anal or oral sex. If you have small breaks in your skin or mucous membrane when having sexual contact with an infected partner, you are susceptible to contracting the herpes simplex virus. It is almost impossible ..... More on Herpes British Facts

Your Sexual Health Can Enhance Your Relationshi
Sexual health seems to be on everyone’s mind these days and with good reason. Everyone wants to be healthy when it comes to sex; no one wants to think that they have problems with this most basic of human activities. Many men, however, find themselves faced with serious sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction and impotence. While most seek to hide what they think of as a deficiency, those wh..... More on Herpes British Facts

Herpes is a sexually transmitted viral disease caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. Two strains of this virus have been identified – HSV I and HSV2. The HSV–I virus is known to cause oral herpes. Oral herpes is a disease that affects the mouth. Cold sores appear on the lips and on and in the mouth. It is a communicable disease that is prevalent among children, though it is not uncommon among adul..... More on Herpes British Facts

Equine Herpes Virus Attacks the Track
Maryland horses won’t be accepted in Gulfstream Park or Palm Meadows Training Center. This was decided to protect other horses from getting contaminated of the equine herpes virus that is affecting some of these animals. They won’t be accepting horses that have been raced or stabled in Maryland since Jan 1st, 2006. Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore is under quarantine. The Maryland Jockey Club an..... More on Herpes British Facts

Genital Herpes ndash; How Prevalent Is It And What Should You Do
Genital herpes is a topic not readily discussed in the course of normal conversation however, if you’re aged 25 and over, and are sexually active with multiple partners then it would be wise to be tested for genital herpes. A recent study in Australia ( May 2006 ) revealed at least one in eight people people in that country have genital herpes. If that sounds alarming then it should be. A first n..... More on Herpes British Facts

The Incredible, Mystical, Formidable Herpes Viru
You are one of the oldest forms of life on this planet. Yet you are not truly alive. Instead you walk the shadow–world between life and non–life. You are feared by all, Revered by none. You infect all vertebrates and many invertebrates. You are one of the driving forces in evolution. Your genes have been incorporated into our genes. You are a wonder of engineering and adaptability. You are ru..... More on Herpes British Facts

Sexually transmitted diseases ndash; The Price of Sexual Freedo
In this modern era, sexual freedom is taken for granted and little is thought of promiscuity as it was in past generations. However, the reality is that this sexual freedom also carries with it the very real threat of sexually transmitted disease. Because not all sexually transmitted diseases are curable, it is essential to take steps to avoid them. A sexually transmitted disease or STD is actual..... More on Herpes British Facts

Cold Sores ndash; you CAN prevent outbreaks
Anyone who has ever had a cold sore knows that they can occur for seemingly no–reason. The symptoms are often obvious enough though. With summer coming on, and lovely days of sunshine to look forward to, how many of us are worrying about cold sores? A lot, because anyone anyone who has had a cold sore knows that sunburn or sun exposure is guaranteed to result in an outbreak... The Herpes Simpex ..... More on Herpes British Facts

Herpes 101 ndash; An Introduction To The Herpes Simplex Viru
There is often great confusion when it comes to herpes. Just the word "herpes" often conjures up images of a particularly nasty sexually transmitted disease. But did you know that herpes actually stems from a virus known as the herpes simplex virus? And were you aware, that the chances are that you have already caught it at some stage during your life? In fact, statistics show that around 85% of t..... More on Herpes British Facts

Herpes Cur
Herpes is a viral infection caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. There are two strains of this virus– HSV–1 and HSV–2 and they cause two variants of the disease, oral and genital herpes. While there is no cure for herpes, the illness itself can be shortened by anti–viral drugs like acyclovir. The outbreak of this disease is marked by blisters that appear on the body or on and in the mouth in case..... More on Herpes British Facts