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Dodgers Blue Heaven

Rest, Relax And Put Your Blue On. Dodger Blue passion mixed in with an obsessive compulsive desire to scour the world for rare and interesting Dodgers and Baseball collectibles.

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Sneek Peak at Corey Seager's Import Dragon MLB Figurine


Last season saw the the introduction of Imports Dragon MLB figures to the marketplace. They created 26 different Baseball figurines that year, but there were no Dodger players available.  That changes this season.  For 2017 both Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager will have figures available for fans and collectors to buy.The figures are expected to hit store this coming June and there are sixteen players in the initial 2017 checklist.  Go here for the complete checklist.  The company website is here.You should note that these figurines are not as detailed as the McFarlane issues from a couple years back. Featured above is the Corey Seager figure in its packaging.  Below is a closer look at it.  Unfortunately, preview photos of the Clayton Kershaw figurine have yet to be released.* Please follow on twitter @ernestreyes ** Like Dodgers Blue Heaven on facebook ** Dodgers Blue Heaven home page * [...]

Blog Kiosk: 3/27/2016 - Dodgers Links - Some Spring Odds and Ends


We are almost there.  The season is a week away and both fans and players alike will soon be heading to ballgames back at their teams home fields.  There are only a few days left before scenes like the one seen above will disappear until next Spring.  So enjoy the festivities if you are still there.  Photograph above via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2017.  Below are more links to check out:This Day in Dodgers History:  In 2012 Frank McCourt agrees to sell the Dodgers to a group headed by Stan Kasten, Guggenheim Partners and Magic Johnson for $2 billion.  He also sold the parking lots to the same group for $150 million (while retaining partial ownership).Happy Birthday, George Magoon, Bill Collins, Vince Sherlock, Newt Kimball, Wes Covington, Bill Sudakis & Adam Melhuse!NewsOK shares a photo gallery from the Oklahoma City Dodgers FanFest this past Saturday. Go here to check out Eric Karros signing autographs and more.Via Jacob Unruh at NewsOK; "Former Dodgers great Eric Karros talks Bill Haselman, Cody Bellinger."Q: You were in camp recently around top prospect Cody Bellinger. What impresses you the most about him?A: "For me, obviously the physical skills are there but the maturity for a young guy as good as anybody. We're at games and we're in the seventh inning and guys that have already played can go on in. He stays out for the entire game, which is not typical of any player for that matter. So it shows that again it's more than just, 'How am I going to get to the big leagues.' It's about being a good teammate; it's about being a responsible guy."Cat loves the dodgers shares even more pics from her recent visit to a Dodgers spring at Camelback Ranch, here. This is really great.  Sports Illustrated shares a bunch of pics taken by Rob Tringali featuring, "Dave Roberts: A Day in the Life of the Dodgers Manager."Fantastic! Via Robert Sanchez at ESPN; "Showstopper: Corey Seager is driven by a fear of failure. So how did he become the leader of a new generation of superstar shortstops? One sweet swing at a time." His swing is already legendary around here; the efficiency with which Seager deploys his most lethal gift is profound. Power hitters are often famous for the violence of their swings, the high leg kicks and viciousness of force through the ball. Seager is the antithesis. There are no grand movements. His head is perfectly still, his back elbow perpendicular to his sinewy body. There's a small toe-tap, a wide yawn of a step, a mass of controlled action ready to be unleashed forward. Seager's left-handed swing is like the undercurrent of a river -- liquid and beautiful and deceptively powerful, the source of its strength invisible to the naked eye. Via Eric Stephen at True Blue LA; "Andre Ethier shut down until first week of regular season: Herniated disc will land outfielder on DL."“Him taking another week to let it subside, we’ll get a better idea of how aggressive we can be,” Roberts said. “As he stays off it and minimizes his activity, the scarring takes place. Once he’s asymptomatic, we can continue to be more aggressive.”Via Ken Gurnick at; "Seager may miss Freeway Series: Dodgers shortstop needs work on swing; Baez likely headed to DL.""(Seager) doesn't feel great mechanically, but his timing, that's to be expected," said manager Dave Roberts. "As each day goes on, he'll get four or five at-bats. To get him in a Major League park is not a priority. To get him at-bats down here makes the most sense. There's a possibility [he misses the whole Freeway Series]."Per Bill Plunkett at the OC Register; "'Word on the street' has Toles part of Dodgers' platoon in left field."“I just go out and worry about me. I don’t worry about anybody else,” Toles said, seeming to be genuinely surprised when it was pointed out one half of left field had essentially fallen in his lap. “I don’t know, man. We’ll see how it works out.”* Please follow on twitter @ernestreyes ** Like Dodgers Blue[...]

A Sneak Peek at Dodger Promos and Food


There's nothing like spending an afternoon at Dodger Stadium, so when the club was kind enough to invite me to a special luncheon at the Baseline Club on Friday I couldn't say no. They promised everything from new stadium foods to an early peak at this seasons promotional items.  Best yet, they even offered a free tour of the stadium to cap off the day (I'll have more on that in a later post). Needless to say, I had a blast.  And it was especially nice to met both Scott Andes and Oscar Martinez from the LA Dodger Report.As for the luncheon let's start with the promos.  (See the complete promo schedule here)  Featured above and directly below are three of the ten bobbles the team is giving out this season.  Above is the Corey Seager "ROY & Silver Slugger" bobblehead and below are the Joc Pederson and Kenley Jansen bobbleheads. The best item of all was the ceremonial mic honoring Vin Scully.  On Monday, May 3rd the Dodgers will hold a special "Ring of Honor Ceremony" in honor of Vin Scully, and 40,000 fans in attendance will get the below promo.  It's just one of a long line of great must-have memorabilia items that feature our Hall of Fame broadcaster.One item they could not show us however, was the replica Jackie Robinson statue that they'll be giving away to fans on Jackie Robinson Day, Saturday, April 15th.  As Janet Marie Smith -- Dodgers senior vice president of planning and development -- explained, they could not let us see the replica statue until the day the real statue at the stadium is revealed.  She was able to share though, that the real statue would be made of bronze on a granite base, and would include numerous notable Robinson quotes around the base.  Furthermore, the statue will be situated on the reserve level outside of the entrance gates -- reasoning that this part of stadium would come into contact with the most number of fans coming into a game.  BTW, they also let us know that they've petitioned and received approval to have every future Jackie Robinson Day game be a home game for us.Other stadium giveaways on display was the chips & salsa dish and bluetooth speaker (see them below).Also on display were several of their ticket package promotional items; including the below Hello Kitty Dodgers-branded t-shirt.Below are school branded caps for USC, UCLA and Cal State Long Beach.And here are several of the t-shirt ticket package giveaways.And here are branded caps for the LA Kings and Jewish Community Night.Now lets get to why I was really here... The food!Dodgers Executive Chef Ryan Evans came out and introduced us to several new items available at Dodger Stadium. This season will see the introduction of their BaseBowls.  There will be a Teriyaki Chicken, Vietnamese Rice Noodle, Kalua Pork and Poke Bowls.  The last of which was available for us to taste.  The Poke Bowl includes fresh Ahi Tuna over rice with vegetables, wakame and ponzu sauce.  This was easily the best item they shared with us.  See a pic of it on the bottom right.  To its left is a new Dodger Burger that includes 1/3 lbs of Angus beef topped with a Dodger Dog, caramelized onions, Budweiser BBQ sauce and beer battered jalapeno's. And you can't be in LA without this staple on your menu.  Featured below is their Extreme Bacon Wrapped Hotdog -- just like the dogs vendors sell in downtown.Other new menu items include various tatter-tot inspired creations.  There's a Chili Cheese Tots dish (on the bottom left) and an Loaded Tots dish with fresh garlic, oil and parmesan cheese (on the bottom right).Finally, sweets are now available during games.  They introduced their Trolly Dodger Treats that includes numerous churro concoctions, deep fried oreos and twinkies, corn dog, and funnel cake (see below). Yum!Although I didn't have a chance to eat everything I did enjoy the opportunity to try things out. As for the luncheon things ended quickly once us bloggers were let loose in the[...]

Blog Kiosk: 3/25/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Spring Odds and Ends


Now this is the way to do it. This Dodger couple decided to get some help from the Dodgers at Camelback Ranch for a special announcement.  They were looking for the perfect way to let everyone know about a new addition to the family, and fortunately caught the eye of Justin Turner -- as you can see in the photo above.Congrats!Now, you know they've got to name the little tyke Justin.... Or Justine.The above photos via @Dodgers on twitter.  Below are more links to check out:Happy Birthday, Jimmy Sebring, Dutch Leonard, Chris Hartje, Brian Barnes, Hyun-Jin Ryu & Erisbel Arruebarrena!Video:  Go behind-the-scenes as Dodgers top prospect Cody Bellinger puts in work during his second major league spring training. (Video Link)Via Ken Gurnick at; "Ravin headed to DL with strained groin."Via Jay Paris at the Coast News Group; "Cardiff’s Roberts was keen to listen to fatherly advice."“My dad told me to stick it out,’’ Roberts said. “To give it another try.’’Waymon Roberts urged his son to play baseball, not the pity card.“You can’t feel sorry for yourself,’’ Roberts said. “I needed a wake-up call.’’Take a look at Matt Kemp's home in Poway in San Diego County that is for sale here.  It has not sold while listed, so he'll sell it through an auction.  Via Ken Stone at; "Ex-Dodgers star Matt Kemp whiffs on mansion sale, sets auction."  Below are some pics of the mansion.Via Steve Milton at the Hamilton Spectator; "Being There: One boating death reminds us of another: Tim Crews walked up and spilled the secret to how the Dodgers would win the 1988 World Series.""Wanna know how we're going to get them out?" Crews asked partway into a genial, casual conversation.Um, yes, I do. And any other trade secrets you'd care to share?Crews pointed out that McGwire clearly had a little trouble stretching for the ball, probably because of a stiff back and also because he stood kind of pigeon-toed. And Canseco — who had just become the first player to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases — also had trouble down and away, but AL pitchers hadn't been able to exploit it enough. The Dodgers, and Orel Hershiser, certainly planned to. Bust 'em inside, then hook 'em away.Via Eric Stephen at True Blue LA; "Brandon Morrow is healthy and ready to contribute to Dodgers."“I feel great this year. I feel like I have the life back on my fastball,” Morrow said. “I got back last August, and my average fastball was around my career norm. But I just didn’t feel like I had that extra gear, that I feel like I do this year.”Via Ken Gurnick at; "Hernandez rejoins Dodgers for camp competition.""No matter what, I'm glad I did it," Hernandez said. "It was a lot of fun, the most fun I've had playing baseball so far. I might have taken a few more at-bats if I was here. At the same time, I was doing what they need me to do during the season -- play against lefties, pinch-hit against lefties.* Please follow on twitter @ernestreyes ** Like Dodgers Blue Heaven on facebook ** Dodgers Blue Heaven home page * [...]

Scorecards from the Dodgers First Year as a Major League Club in 1884


The Dodger franchise didn't start as some expansion team created out of thin dust.  Instead, like most ballplayers, the club rose up the ranks.  The Brooklyn Grays, as they were known back then, had won the Interstate Association (a Triple-A level league) championship in 1883 and decided to move up to a major league called the American Association the following year.  That season they were dubbed the Brooklyn Atlantics in honor of the old National Association Brooklyn Atlantics team, and featured below are a couple of completed vintage scorecards from that season in 1884.They are both available at BST Auction and I thought it would fun to take a closer look at them.  Click any pic to embiggen.Here is a scorecard that dates to a Tuesday afternoon game on May 13th. (Auction Link) Brooklyn was matched against the Baltimore Orioles at Ebbets Field.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a description of the game in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle archives.  Thankfully, the scorecards provides a glimpse at what happened in the game.Clearly, the Orioles defeated the Atlantics, 3-2, but I'm a bit uncertain how the scoring came about.  Folks sure didn't score the same way they do now -- at least, I'm not familiar with the method used here.From what I can tell, Brooklyn scored their two runs in the second inning off what looks like a triple by pitcher Adonis Terry.  Baltimore, on the other hand, rallied to score a run in the third and two more in the fifth to eventually win the game.  I have no idea how those runs came about.  If you can figure it out please let me know.BTW, I was puzzled for hours trying to figure out why this game, as well as several others that week, did not have boxscores in the daily paper.  Then it dawned on me when I saw a story titled, "The Panic on Wall Street."  It was at about this time that the entire banking sector of the economy was thrown into turmoil.  Investment firms Grant & Ward and Marine Bank of New York failed and that caused a ripple effect which resulted in banks nationwide halting all investments throughout the United States.  The marketplace was at a standstill and folks probably had other things on their mind.The second scorecards is dated to Tuesday, August 12th.  (Auction Link)  This time the Atlantics faced off against the Philadelphia Athletics and defeated them, 5-2.  Thankfully, I was able to find a boxscore for this game in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.  You can see it below, along with the completed scorecard.The decisive victory of the Brooklyn Club over the champion Athletics on Monday served to draw a great audience to Washington Park yesterday afternoon, on the occasion of the return game between two clubs, and they were treated to a splendid exhibition of ball playing.  The visitors put in as their battery Taylor and O'Brien, Kimber and Householder representing the home team.  The Brooklyns went to the bat first and started the game off in lively style, to the great delight of the people, by getting in two runs.  After this inning the game was marked by good batting, base running and fielding, a long running catch in left field, by Remsen, calling forth plaudits and cheers from all present.  Cassidy, in right field, Knowles at first and Householder, behind the bat, played brilliantly.  This second victory of the Brooklyn team over the veteran Athletics shows clearly that the team is a good one and can play excellent ball, and their recent work has awakened the hopes of the home patrons of the game that Brooklyn will take a more commanding place in the championship race. BST Auction has another vintage scorecard available, but it is from 1885.  So, I'll take a closer look at that one a little later on.  Stay tuned.* Please follow on twitter @ernestreyes ** Like Dodgers Blue Heaven on facebook ** Dodgers Blue Heaven home page * [...]

The Glory of Will "The Thrill" Ireton


Corey Seager is on the cover of this seasons ESPN the Magazine MLB Preview issue.  It should be on newsstands soon.Photo above via ESPN on twitter.  Below are more links to check out:This Day in Dodgers History:  In 1982 Fernando Valenzuela ends his three week holdout and reports to Vero Beach for spring camp.  He earned just $42,500 in 1981, requested a raise to $1 million, then had his Dodger contract unilaterally renewed for a reported $350,000. In 2006 the U.S. Postal Service unveils the "Baseball Sluggers" postage stamps that includes Mickey Mantle, Mel Ott, Hank Greenberg and Roy Campanella.  See it on the right.Happy Birthday, Jim McCauley, Mike Mowrey, Jim Bucher, Dick Egan, Wilson Alvarez & Jamie Arnold!Check out these pics.  Cat Loves the Dodgers shares a whole bunch of great photos featuring her visit to Camelback Ranch.  Go here to check them out.Via Bill Plunkett at the LA Times; "Andre Ethier says back injury is deja vu all over again."“It feels like its Groundhogs Day all over again,” the Dodgers’ veteran outfielder said. “I’ve been stuck in spring training for 18 months now. That kind of hit me when I was sitting at home yesterday.”UPDATE: Apparently I've got the timing of the two videos entirely wrong.   The twitter video showing Will in the tiger's mask was actually his entrance into the clubhouse.  He would then prepare himself for the deadlift right afterwards.In honor of the Will I made a bunch of fantasy Baseball cards of him.  On the top left I used a pic taken by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2016 and the 1988 Donruss Baseball card design.  The top right card uses another pic taken by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2017 and the 1993 Upper Deck Baseball card design.  As you can see, it is of Will's grove that has been expertly drawn on by Kenta Maeda. For his next card I took a screengrab originally found at Dodgers Digest and used the 1982 Topps Baseball card design.  On its right is another screengrab from an instagram video and the 1981 Fleer Baseball card design.* Please follow on twitter @ernestreyes ** Like Dodgers Blue Heaven on facebook ** Dodgers Blue Heaven home page * [...]

Blog Kiosk: 3/14/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Spring Odds and Ends


Kenta Maeda was fantastic in his spring start against the Angels yesterday.  He went 3 2/3 innings and allowed just one hit - a solo homer to Albert Pujols.  Overall, he struck out seven batters.  Per Doug Miller at"The life of his fastball in the zone, and the conviction he had throwing it, was really good," Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said of Maeda. "He's got such good command, but sometimes he tries to be too fine. Today he was down in the zone and he executed all day."You can also watch Maeda talk about his outing with SportsNet LA here.   BTW, in the video, standing on Kenta's left, is Dodgers Japanese translator Will Ireton, and he has become quite an sensation for the club.  To see what I mean check out these two videos posted up this morning by Alex Wood, here and here.Photo above via @Dodgers on twitter.  Below are more links to check out:This Day in Dodgers History:  In 1932 the Dodgers sent 23-year old future Hall of Famer Ernie Lombardi and the still very effective Babe Herman to the Reds for Joe Stripp, Tony Cuccinello and Clyde Sukeforth.Happy Birthday, Bill Holbert, Jud Daley, John Miller, Mike Strahler, Kevin Brown & Jose Nunez!FYI, tonight is Dodgers Night at the Kings game.  As has been custom, you should expect to see the Kings come out for their pregame skate in Dodger hockey uniforms.   Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend.  So, if you are going and take photos please pass them along.  Video:  ICYMI: Alanna Rizzo speaks with Hyun-Jin Ryu after pitching two scoreless innings in his first Cactus League game this season on Saturday. (Video Link)Video:  Hear from Dave Roberts after Dodgers’ 3-1 win over Angels on Monday. (Video Link) Per Ken Gurnick at; "Dodgers pare down Spring Training roster."They optioned pitcher Jacob Rhame and catcher Kyle Farmer, and reassigned pitchers Joshua Sborz and Ralston Cash and outfielder Henry Ramos. Here's a peek at the St. Patrick's Day Dodger cap being sold at Camelback Ranch in Arizona, via a tweet from Camelback Ranch.Awesome!  Per Liz Roscher at Big League Stew; "Manny Ramirez's contract in Japan is a sweet, sushi-filled deal."Let’s start with the most fun/weird detail of them all. While Manny is with the Kochi Island Fighting Dogs, he gets unlimited sushi. Unlimited! If Manny wants to throw back four dragon rolls and 18 pieces of salmon sashimi, he can do that. Via Jon Heyman at Fanrag Sports; "Heyman: Dodgers renew contracts of Corey Seager, Joc Pederson."The Los Angeles Dodgers renewed the contracts of a pair of their young players in outfielder Joc Pederson at $555,000 and shortstop Corey Seager at $575,000, FanRag Sports has learned. Via JP Hoornstra, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin; "Dodgers’ Brandon Morrow willing to go deep on politics."Morrow, 32, said he hasn’t always been so politically aware. Not unusually, he found himself paying more attention to current events as he got older. The birth of his first child, William, catalyzed his political fervor last year. So did the 2016 election cycle.“You start thinking about how you want the world to be shaped when they grow up, that sort of thing,” Morrow said.Here's an early look at another 2017 Dodger promotional game giveaway item.  On the right is a pic of the Dodgers Chip & Salsa Dish being given out on Monday, May 8th against the Pirates.  Go here for the Dodgers complete promotional schedule. I thought I would just mention that Import Dragon Figures will be releasing both an Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager figures this season.  Stay tuned for preview pics.  Go here to check out their company website.   Holy Moly!  Apparently, Andre Ethier has put his home in Arizona up for sale (Hat Tip: Mr_Oinkers on Reddit).  It is gloriously massive.  Go here to check out the listing, and plenty [...]

2017 Donruss Baseball - The Rest of the Dodgers' Insert Cards


Here is a last look at the Dodger cards found in packs of Panini's 2017 Donruss Baseball cards.  Below are the 1983 Retro Variations, Signature Series, Diamond Collection relics, New Breed autographs, Promising Pros Materials relics and signatures, Significant Signatures, The Rookies and the Recollection Buybacks.  Go here to see all my post on this set.Retro Variations 1983 #17 Clayton Kershaw #18 Corey Seager Signature Series #9 Jose De Leon Diamond Collection #11 Corey Seager             #28 Trayce Thompson #53 Clayton Kershaw                #82 Joc Pederson #99 Orel Hershiser New Breed Autographs #5 Ross Stripling #7 Julio Urias #11 Trayce Thompson Promising Pros Materials #9 Ross Stripling             #12 Julio Urias #17 Trayce Thompson Promising Pros Materials Signatures #10 Cody Bellinger Significant Signatures #7 Tommy LasordaThe Rookies #9 Jose De Leon Recollection Buybacks #28 Fernando Valenzuela (#/5)#34 Michael Young  (#/10)#41 Joc Pederson (#/2)#42 Joc Pederson (#/2)#43 Joc Pederson (#/3)#53 Steve Garvey  (#/22)#34 Michael Young  (#/10)     #53 Steve Garvey  (#/22)* Please follow on twitter @ernestreyes ** Like Dodgers Blue Heaven on facebook ** Dodgers Blue Heaven home page * [...]

Blog Kiosk: 3/13/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Spring Odds and Ends


I think we should nickname the team the "Bridegrooms".Last week we got word that Dodger outfielder Joc Pederson proposed to his then girlfriend (link here).  Now we found out that third baseman Justin Turner did the same this weekend while at the Grand Canyon, as evidenced by the photo he shared on twitter.Congrats Justin and Courtney!As you may know, the Brooklyn Baseball club was given the nickname of the "Bridegrooms" by the press in the late 1880's.  Over one winter break four of their players had gotten hitched.  This nickname lasted for quite a few years until Ned Hanlon took charge as manager in 1899 and the press renamed the club the Superbas.Below are more links to check out:This Day in Dodgers History:  In 1917 Dodger skipper Wilbert Robinson performed some spring antics on the field.  After having heard about Gabby Street catching a ball from the Washington Monument, Robinson bragged that he could catch a ball dropped from an airplane.  So, it was set up, but young outfielder Casey Stengel decided to substituted a grapefruit instead of a Baseball.  Said fruit was then gloved by Robinson as it fell, but it exploded on his chest.  Having seen the fruit innards Wilbert mistook it for blood and screamed that he was dying -- that is until he tasted it.Happy Birthday, Chappie McFarland, Tom Flood, Mal Eason, Lew Malone, Don Bessent, Don Miles & Mariano Duncan!I haven't been paying attention, but apparently there's some controversy regarding tiebreaker rules.  Per Liz Roscher at Big League Stew; "Adrian Gonzalez and Team Mexico aren't thrilled with WBC rules."  A protest has been filed, and there might be some credence to Team Mexico's complaints.Eric Longenhagen at FanGraphs shares his "2017 Topp 1 Prospects, and it includes five Dodger players. Yadier Alvarez (12), Cody Bellinger (13), Alex Verdugo (42), Walker Buehler (74), Willie Calhoun (89).  Here's what he wrote about Yadier Alvarez:I’ve never seen someone generate elite velocity with as much ease and grace as Alvarez, who was untouchable in the AZL last year despite tinkering with his secondaries. He began to harness fastball command in Low-A after his promotion.  Via Ken Gurnick at; "Puig sees preparation, patience paying off.""I want to look for better pitches, not swing at every pitch and I'm doing great now, not because I hit two homers tonight (Friday) but because I'm working hard," he said. "My goal in Spring Training is to keep working every day, coming early every day, do my job in the cage and that's why I feel better. I work a lot, I want this season to do what I didn't do last season. Be a good teammate, come early, listen to coaches and manager, that's my hope to do great in baseball." Gurnick also relays some positive news about Hyun-Jin Ryu: "Ryu wants to build off solid Cactus League debut."  Ryu threw two scoreless innings on Saturday."He's got such good arm speed, and repeating that delivery, he's got great deception on the change-up. Today was really a good day for Ryu," Roberts said. "He's right not to make too much of it, but it's something for us to build on. When he's right, he's really good. This was a step in the right direction, and we've got to continue to build up his arm strength and he's got to stay healthy." Cecil Cooperstown shares a fun drawing of former Brooklyn Dodger hurler Vin Lingle Mundo.  Check it out here.Via Scott Soshnick  at Bloomberg; "Dodgers' Boehly Leads $100 Million DraftKings Investment."Tracy Ringolsby at interviews Corey's brother Kyle and chats a bit about his younger brother: "Q&A: K. Seager set brothers on path to Majors." You were the first to make the big leagues. Was it a big deal to Corey and Justin?Seager: When I was called up in 2011, Corey was in high school. I re[...]

2017 Donruss Baseball - Dominator, Masters, Elite and Prospect Insert Cards


Now that you've seen the base cards, here are some of the Dodgers' 2017 Donruss insert cards.  Below are the Dominator, Masters of the Game, The Elite Series and The Prospect cards.  Go here to see all my post on this set.Dominator #17 Corey Seager Masters of the Game #2 Fernando ValenzuelaThe Elite Series #4 Clayton Kershaw #21 Kenta Maeda The Prospects #14 Cody Bellinger * Please follow on twitter @ernestreyes ** Like Dodgers Blue Heaven on facebook ** Dodgers Blue Heaven home page * [...]

Blog Kiosk: 3/10/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Spring Odds and Ends


Above is an example of what avid Baseball fans had to do to keep track of the season.  Dated September 29, 1946, Dodger fans had just witnessed their team lose the last game of the season to the Braves.  This put them into an virtual tie with the Cardinals for the National League pennant with St. Louis' last game still left to play.  Naturally, without instant media at their fingertips Dodger fans had to stick around the stadium to get news of their rivals battle against Chicago, so they flooded the field awaiting news.  Per the descriptor on the reverse:Awaiting the Verdict: After they had seen Brooklyn drop their game to the Boston Braves, 4-0, crowds jam the field in front of the scoreboard at Ebbets Field to watch the play-by-play account of the St. Louis Cardinals-Chicago Bubs battle.  Redbirds lost 8 to 3.With the loss the Dodgers and Cardinals would play a three-game playoff series to decide the pennant.  Unfortunately, the Dodgers would get swept and begin their vacation. The above photo is current available on auction at RMY Auctions (link here).  Below are more links to check out:This Day in Dodgers History:  In 1983 longtime Dodger manager Walter Alston is elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Special Veterans Committee vote.  Happy Birthday, Gene DeMontreville, Art Herring & Steve Howe!Video:  Get a behind-the-scenes look as Orel Hershiser coaches up the pitching staff during spring training. (Link Here) Rob Segedin had quite a day at the WBC game against Mexico in Jalisco yesterday.  He hit a fourth inning two-run jack that cleared the right-centerfield wall.  Go here to watch a video of it.Here's a nice scouting report on our backup catcher.  Via Henry Druschel at Beyond the Boxscore; "Will Austin Barnes make his mark?"Jacob Rudner at Think Blue LA tells us more about another Dodger pitching prospect: "Spring training providing great opportunity for Shea Spitzbarth." Via Bill Plunkett at OC Register; "Dodgers' Logan Forsythe finds growth with everyday role."“When I was in San Diego, the biggest thing was my role there was a utility guy, so I was kind of in between swings at times,” Forsythe said. “When I was doing the utility role … I tried to have as simple a swing as I could. Just get the bat to the ball.“Then once I moved to Tampa and that consistent playing time became a thing, that’s when I was able to incorporate, ‘OK, I can get back to the swing I want’ – which is probably stupid to think at a younger age. … It was more of an approach-type thing that showed in my swing a little bit. It wasn’t as aggressive as I wanted it to be. Once I got to Tampa, we didn’t remake the swing. There were just a couple key points. The swing was there. It was just kind of a mindset change that I had thought when I had that consistent playing time and it paid off.”I must have this!  The Dodgers unveiled another game giveaway and it's a doozy.  On Wednesday, May 3rd against the Giants they will give to fans a Vin Scully Commemorative Microphone Statue.  Check it out on the right.  There will also be a ceremony in Vin's honor before the game.  Go here for the Dodgers promotional schedule.Per Ken Gurnick at; "Stroke hasn't clicked, but Gutierrez is patient.""Every spring is different, but nothing before like this," said Gutierrez, whose career Spring Training OPS is .796. "I know it will be fine. It will come pretty soon. Repetition is the key. As soon as I get the first one, the hits will come." Daniel at C70 at the Bat asked me (along with three other Dodger bloggers at Dodgers Digest, LA Dodger Report and Chavez Ravine Fields) about my thoughts of the Dodgers' winter and their future this upcoming season.&[...]

A Thrift Store Find: A Vintage Brooklyn Dodger "Bum" Figurine


Could you say no to this face?  I certainly couldn't.I've recently discovered the joy of the hunt... And I don't mean the kind of hunting that requires a firearm.  Instead, I've become a thrift store shopper.  Just like that stupid song from Macklemore, I've been "lookin' to pop some tags and I've got only $20 in my pocket."  Featured here is a painted, circa 1950's, porcelain figurine of the Brooklyn Dodger "Bum" that I took home for under $10.  It stands approximately 10" tall and is purported to have been produced in Japan for Shields 5th Avenue -- a men's jewelry outfit located in Manhattan in the 40's and 50's.  It has been described to me as a desk caddy, but I think it is clearly a smoking accessory.  At its foot is a sunken well that acts as an ashtray.  On his belly is a little holder that I assume is were you would place some matches.  Behind him is a basket that is big enough to hold a typical pack of cigarettes.In the past I've seen these exact figurines sell in the hundreds (especially at the more established auction houses), but have noticed a sizable dip in prices of late.  You can check on eBay or Etsy and find similar statues for sale from $30 to $70 each.  So, a part of me wonders if they got reproduced recently, and I got one of those reproductions.  Or maybe these figurine are not as scarce as collectors originally thought.  The age of the internet and online sales has made information regarding scarcity far more public than they used to be.The figurine I found does not appear to have a makers mark (I am not aware of one existing for this product), and I didn't see a "made in Japan" marking on its bottom (it's usually just a sticker, so that's not very surprising).  If you happen to know anything about this piece please pass that information along.This is the first seemingly vintage Baseball item I've found while strolling the aisles of a thrift store, and hopefully it won't be the last.  * Please follow on twitter @ernestreyes ** Like Dodgers Blue Heaven on facebook ** Dodgers Blue Heaven home page * [...]

2017 Donruss Baseball - All the Dodgers Base Cards and Variations


2017 Donruss, Panini America's flagship Baseball card brand, was release yesterday.  It includes all the subsets older collectors like myself recall with fondness. Go here for a complete checklist.There are eight Dodgers' in the base set, one rated rookie card of recently traded prospect Jose De Leon and a Diamond Kings card of Corey Seager.  Of note, I hate what they've done to the Diamond Kings cards.  They used to be drawings or paintings created by noted sports artist Dick Perez.  Now, Panini just throws some pic into some nameless computer program to simulate a drawing.  Ugh....Diamond Kings#14 Corey Seager Rated Rookies#39 Jose De Leon Base#106 Corey Seager            #107 Justin Turner #108 Clayton Kershaw             #109 Kenta Maeda #110 Kenley Jansen             #111 Joc Pederson #112 Adrian Gonzalez             #179 Duke Snider Base Variations #106 Corey Seager                #179 Duke Snider * Please follow on twitter @ernestreyes ** Like Dodgers Blue Heaven on facebook ** Dodgers Blue Heaven home page * [...]