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Animal Wildlife Monkey,Monkeys are found naturally in the jungles and forests of the Southern Hemisphere.There are two ways to classify a monkey,the old world monkey (Asia and Africa) and the new world monkey (South America).There are around 260 known species of monkey worldwide ranging from chimpanzees to the tiny pygmy marmoset.The monkey can be anywhere from just a few centimetres tall,with



Dog is a Grey wolf in a domesticated form, the canidae family member of the carnivore order. Both the pet and feral variety use time periods. The primary animal domesticated is the dog which is widely used, work saving, companion and looking animal in the history of mankind. The Dog the word itself means male species, while the word bitch means female of the species. They have been domesticated

American Cocker Spaniel


American Cocker Spaniel has been developed by the English Cocker Spaniel which is known as his cousin. Obo II started the history of the American Cocker Spaniel and hence continues with the other breed like the Idahurst belle II, Princess Marie, Torohill Trader, Windsweep Ladysman, My own Brucie, and the Red Brucie. They have attempting with breed like the Holmeric of Brookville, Cob’s Candidate

Labrador Retrievers Make Great Family Pets


Labrador retriever is the famous among the family pets. Considering the whole UK and USA, Labrador retriever is the only canine among the breeds of the opposite dog which stands head as well as shoulders above others for the reputation. If you have time, spend some time with this breed and soon you will come know that why these Labradors are so popular. Due to their playful, friendly, loyal and

English Bulldogs


Bulldogs are the dogs which are friendly companion for the children and the adult but they are normally used for the struggle up. There are the three kind of the species can be seen in the bulldogs likely the French bulldog, American bulldog and English bulldog. English bulldog Origin & Historical Past English bulldog is originated from the ancient Asiatic Isles descendant in the British Isles.

German Shepherds


German shepherd is considered as the most noble and elegant breed among the dogs. Due to its glossy coats, pointed ears, agile and robust appearance of these breeds are preceded by the intelligence of these dogs. These canines never the things taught to them. Basically German shepherd is known for their functionality because of their activeness and hard work. But where did it come from and how

Basic Rules In Training Your Puppy


Puppy in the home is always joy because they keep the home brighten. However for the owner it is tough for coaching first time a puppy. Sooner is the better rule for coaching the puppy at the home by the owner. Usually puppy growth is different from the human being in the small age the puppies has the tendency to study more thing at that time he don’t be trained, after that when they grow big

Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire terrier is very different dog than the breed appeared in 1865. In 100 years, size of the Yorkshire terrier is so decreased from medium weight 30kgs to 7 pounds today. And the trend of having Yorkie smaller along with the adult scaling around 3 pounds. But who knows what is going to happen tomorrow, maybe there will be a requirement for Yorkshire terrier for developing back into 30

Alba Casals ringing in Ogassa


I wasn't there, but she left me put some photos of the ringing, let's start! Anelladora i autora de les fotos: Alba Casals Mitjà ©                                                                            Lanius collurio Male Sylvia Cantillans Lanius collurio female Garrulus glandarius Parus Ater Cheek

Last monday...


I went with my mum to look for some beauty houses near the mountait, well, in one moment I listened a group of Bee Eaters, well we pass with the car near they. Then, I listened the same song and there were the same group of Bee Eaters, but this time really near, and I have got some really nice pictures for my age I think, That experience was so good! Ok, make a comment for what do you think

Swallows in my garden.


These are swallows from last year, I just share them, because I think the pictures ara fine. Its were taken in my garden. Well, I hope you will enjoy these pictures. Comment what do you think please!  Fuuu, mayday mayday!  Oh false alarm.

Ringing at "Riet Vell"


At "Riet Vell" this morning, there was a bird ringing event with Cristian Jensen, we rung:                                                          Robin (Erithacus rubecula) The people Moustached Warbler (Acrocephalus melanopogon) Cetti's Warbler (Cettia Cetti) Pendulin Tit (Remiz Pendulinus) Male or Femal Glaç

Ringing in Riet Vell with Pere Josa


First, I'd like to say sorry, because not publish any articles at the blog, it was because I've got a lot of tests and homework, but I'll publish every week or every day in the blog. Well now we are going to talk about the ringing. That was cool because I made 5 bimbos, well we had ring: ·1 Luscinia Sveica ·33 Phylloscopus Collybita ·2 Cettia Cetti ·1 Passer Domesticus ·1 Sturnus Vulgaris ·1

Ringig with Pere Josa at "Riet Vell"


Hi everybody, the 23th April 2011, I went to ring birds in Riet Vell, and that was an espectacular day, the previous day, had been raining, and it was windy. Thats the perfect day for watch/ring birds. After this day i tried to convince my parents, for they leave me go the Sunday, and i did it (studing). The Sunday, at the first time, that was good, there were some birds but then it started

Chihuahua dogs


Group classification: Toy Country of origin: Mexico Date of origin: 16th centuryWeight (M): Less than 6 lb Height (M): 6 - 9" Life expectancy: 15 - 18 yearsWeight (F): Less than 6 lb Height (F): 6 - 9" Chihuahua dogs1.General Description of the Chihuahua dogs The very smallest dog breed, the Chihuahua dogs is ever vigilant and fleet of foot, with a spunky attitude. Compact with a

Chinese Shar-Pei dogs


The Chinese Shar-Pei is also known as: Chinese Fighting DogFast FactsGroup classification: Non-Sporting Country of origin: China Date of origin: AntiquityWeight (M): 50 - 60 lb Height (M): 19 - 20" Life expectancy: 9 - 10 yearsWeight (F): 45 - 50 lb Height (F): 18 - 19" 1.General Description of the Chinese Shar-PeiA unique and intelligent dog that most often is recognized for its wrinkles,

Border Collie dogs


Border Collie The Border Collie is also known as: NoneFast Facts Group classification: Herding Country of origin: Scotland and England Date of origin: 19th centuryWeight (M): 35 - 45 lb Height (M): 20 - 23" Life expectancy: 11 - 14 yearsWeight (F): 30 - 40 lb Height (F): 18 - 21"General Description of the Border Collie The Border Collie is a medium size dog renowned for its unique herding

Chow Chow dogs


Fast FactsGroup classification: Non-Sporting Country of origin: China Date of origin: AntiquityWeight (M): 50 - 70 lb Height (M): 18 - 20" Life expectancy: 8 - 12 yearsWeight (F): 45 - 65 lb Height (F): 17 - 19" 1.General Description of the Chow ChowThe Chow Chow is a firm, powerful, squarely-built dog of medium size. Heavy bones and solid muscles endow the breed with its characteristic

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Unique Wallpapers


Unique Wallpapers 1 Unique Wallpapers 2 Unique Wallpapers 3 Unique Wallpapers 4 Unique Wallpapers 5 Unique Wallpapers 6 Unique Wallpapers 7 Unique Wallpapers 8 Unique Wallpapers 9 Unique Wallpapers 10 Unique Wallpapers 11 Unique Wallpapers 12 Unique Wallpapers 13 Unique Wallpapers 14 Unique Wallpapers 15 Unique Wallpapers 16 Unique Wallpapers 17 Unique

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USC Football Statistics


Are you one of those who like to watch almost every game in college football? To make sure you know that one of the most interesting numbers in college football is the statistic of USC Trojans. The Trojans have winning streaks and shown many improvements in their numbers during recent years. Almost every year the Trojans have managed to deliver a satisfactory, except in 2003. Since then, the

Animals Photography


Wildlife Photography Awards 2011


Animal Portraits winner: Mystical Deer by Mark Smith. Fallow deer (Dama dama) in Richmond, Surrey, England. Animal Portraits highly commended: Windy Day by Steward Ellett. Red squirrel (Sciurrus vularis) Formby Point, Merseyside, England. Red Fox by Matt Binstead. (Vulpes vulpes) British Wildlife Centre, Lingfield, Surrey, England.Urban Wildlife winner: Champagne Starling by David Biggs. European

Boxer Dog


Boxer dogs are very large in the terms of dimension and very smart, due to these 2 things they are educated for helping policemen in their case. These kinds of dogs are very huge and strong enough to restrain and take down a prisoner when required and also smart enough to get a skills for helping the police for their work. This breed of dogs as a history of working as the police dogs as we go

Golden Retriever


Golden retriever is the heart stealer of every house among all the American household pets. When we search for the honest and family oriented kind of pet, golden retriever is the best choice. Here we provided the details regarding this breed.The European respectable golden retriever was the breed for hunting purpose and retrieving the water fowl and the game birds. It is said that this breed was

Bedlington Terrier


Bedlington Terrier is a breed of terrier named after the mining town of Bedlington, Northumberland in North East England.Bedlington TerrierBedlington Terrier Water Dog

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Amazing Moms of the Animal Kingdom


Emperor PenguinSuccessfully raising a chick is a truly remarkable accomplishment for this mom and dad. Courtship for a typical couple starts in March and April when temperatures in the Antarctic are around -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Emperor Penguins are also serial monogamists and will wait for their previous year's mate before breeding again. The female produces one egg and leaves it in the care of

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