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SlickEdit 2009 Evaluation

Thu, 17 Sep 2009 11:00:13 GMT

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I was asked to evaluate SlickEdit 2009, so I dropped Ultra-Edit for about three weeks and used only SlickEdit 2009.  Here is a little “log” of my thoughts on the switch:

- SE setup asked to add to my system path – I don’t like having to add stuff to my path.  What is the benefit of adding this? 

[SE Staff:] Many of our customers are heavy keyboard and command line users. Adding SlickEdit to the path allows you to invoke it and its related utilities using the command line.

- The first thing I went to edit was an .htm file.  I couldn’t find a way to quickly launch the browser to see the browser view of the document.  Ultra-Edit has this and I use it a lot.  Later on, I discovered that I can add an “HTML” toolbar, but I wish it would just automatically add that toolbar when I am editing an .htm/.aspx/etc document.

- The next thing I went to edit was a .cs file containing one small class.  I loved the way SE showed me a list of all the class members, and when I click a class member it jumps to that spot in the code.  I wished it could let me “collapse to definition” like Visual Studio does – and it turns out, it does!

[SE Staff:] Check out View > Function headers. You can also invoke a SlickEdit command to do this. Press ESC to bring up the command line and type in “collapse-to-definitions”. There’s a lot of different ways to collapse text. Look through the items on the View menu plus View > Selective Display. That’s what we call this feature.

- I seemed to recall a slow startup time the last time I tried SlickEdit.  There was none of that this time.  But, when SE sits unused for a while, and then later I want to drag some files into it…it takes upwards of 4-5 seconds for it to even start responding.  I’m not sure what its doing, but the cpu % is at about 5-6 during that time.

- It took me 3 clicks to integrate SE with SVN!  Love this feature.  At this point I am blaming the slow responsiveness on Vista, and I am thinking I might just be hooked on SE now.


There are so many features in this editor that it can be hard to find the ones you want (ie, view in browser and the many “selective displays”).  Its not as lightweight as UltraEdit, but has many more features than Ultra-Edit.  It is a much more functional and powerful editor, but one that requires some system resources.


Four New Developer Toolkit Releases from /n software

Wed, 15 Jul 2009 05:53:57 GMT

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Last week /n software announced new versions of three different toolkits, and a brand new SharePoint Integrator product.  From

(image) NEW: /n software UPS Integrator V2 Released!

Includes easy access to the most popular UPS mail capabilities including shipping, tracking, address verification, rate calculation, and much more.

(image) NEW: /n software SharePoint Integrator Released!

Enables developers to build applications that integrate with Microsoft SharePoint Server, including components for working with popular constructs like Sites, Lists, and Documents.

(image) NEW: PayPal Integrator V3 Released!

Now with support for PayPal Recurring Payments. Connect your application to PayPal merchant services without the use of client side certificates.

(image) NEW: Vital/TSYS Integrator V6 Released!

Now certified for FSA / Healthcare, Retail, Grocery, Restaurant, Hotel, Auto Rental, Direct Marketing, E-Commerce, Debit, EBT, GiftCard, Level II, Level III transactions, and PABP Compliance.



New Release of IMAP ACL Manager

Thu, 04 Jun 2009 21:29:29 GMT

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An update to the IMAP ACL Manager has been published.

Release Information June 4th, 2009 - Release V2.5:
  • Added check/un-check all box
  • Verify through UI that permission change applies to subfolders
  • Added status bar and "busy" indicators
  • Bug fix: logoff and re logging on resulted in folder tree not showing.
  • Bug fix: avoid "busy performing current action" errors.

AmzWish is Amazon's ECS App of the Week

Mon, 08 Jan 2007 17:31:00 GMT

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For the last few weeks, AmzWish (digg it), my little widget that displays your Amazon wishlist and lets people buy things for you while letting you make money from their purchases at the same time, has been one of the featured widgets at Widgetbox.

Now, AmzWish is Amazon's ECS App of the week! Thanks to Amazon ECS and RSSBus, AmzWish was created in just a few minutes by doing nothing by combining a few RSSBus calls to RSSBus' AmazonOps with simple HTML.

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Troubleshooting FTP connections with PowerShell

Thu, 21 May 2009 17:22:52 GMT

Originally posted on: find that helping people troubleshoot FTP connectivity issues is much easier if they have PowerShell installed.  I can just have them run the NetCmdlets ftp cmdlets with the –debug switch, which displays a trail of information about the communication over the wire.  In this way you can see every command send to the server and every response coming back from the server, including what ports a server is attempting to use for ftp data connections.  Very often ftp transfer connectivity errors are the result of firewall/ftp server configuration error, and being able to see this raw communication without a network sniffer is quite handy. PS C:\> get-ftp -server $myserver -user myusername –password ******* -debug DEBUG: VerbsCommon.Get-FTP started processing. Confirm Continue with this operation? [Y] Yes [A] Yes to All [H] Halt Command [S] Suspend [?] Help (default is "Y"): a DEBUG: Info: Connecting to FTP server. DEBUG: Server: 220 (vsFTPd 2.0.4) DEBUG: Client: USER myusername DEBUG: Server: 331 Please specify the password. DEBUG: Client: PASS ******* DEBUG: Server: 230 Login successful. DEBUG: Client: PASV DEBUG: Server: 227 Entering Passive Mode (10,0,1,1,225,79) DEBUG: Client: LIST DEBUG: Server: 425 Can’t open data connection.DEBUG: at nsoftware.NetCmdlets.Commands.Core.cs.a(Int32 A_0) at nsoftware.NetCmdlets.Commands.GetFTP.DoSSL() Send-FTP : FTP protocol error: 425 Can’t open data connection. In the example above, you can see that the get-ftp cmdlet sends the PASV command in order to transfer some data (a directory listing).  The server response to the PASV command shows the ip and port that the client should connect to ( is the ip address, and (225*256) + 79 is the port).  That IP address ( is obviously wrong since I am attempting to FTP to a server outside of my local network.  This is one example of a misconfigured FTP server. Right away, with one PowerShell command, I know the cause of the problem and where to go to fix it. Technorati Tags: PowerShell, FTP, Troubleshooting [...]

Shipping APIs - FedEx

Wed, 18 Jul 2007 17:49:13 GMT

Originally posted on: my last post I talked about an API for shipping via USPS, and promised a similar walk-through for shipping via FedEx.  Well, here it is - an introduction to adding FedEx shipping to your desktop and web applications using the IBiz FedEx Integrator. IBiz FedEx Integrator is a tookit that enables software developers to quickly and easily incorporate FedEx shipping capabilities into their software applications and websites.  The toolkit includes components for shipping, tracking, and rate calculation: Locator component: Used to locate FedEx locations that are close to a given address or telephone number. Rates component: Retreives courtesy rate quotes from FedEx for a specific account and service types. Ship component: Generates FedEx shipping labels complete with address and barcodes. This component also gives you the ability to cancel a shipment or close out FedEx Ground shipments. Track component: Provides tracking information for packages. Subscribe component: Provides a unique meter number specific to the customer's FedEx account. Getting Started Certification with FedEx FedEx requires that all applications that print shipping labels pass a series of certification tests prior to being placed in production. The full version of IBiz FedEx Integrator gives you access to a certification package that makes this process very easy. The certification package is available by request to all owners of any licensed version of IBiz FedEx Integrator.  It includes all test scenarios required by FedEx for FedEx Express and Ground (international and domestic), and Home Delivery. Through the application included in the certification package you can generate all shipping labels for selected scenarios applicable to your shipping needs with a click of a button.  After you get registered for this certification you'll also need to subscribe to FedEx Services (next paragraph). To request materials for certification please contact /n software support. Subscribe to FedEx Services Before you can communicate with FedEx electronically you need to have both a FedEx account number and a FedEx meter number.  First you must have a FedEx account number, then you can use the Subscribe component included in the IBiz FedEx Integrator to subscribe to FedEx Services and get a meter number assigned to your account number.  This subscription is a one-time process. The response to the Subscribe component's Register method will contain your assigned FedEx Meter Number as well as which FedEx services are authorized for that particular FedEx Account. You will need to submit this subscription request twice: Once after you are registered in the FedEx Test Environment. To register in the FedEx Ship Manager (FSM) Direct program, go to Once after you are certified to access the FedEx Production Environment. You should record the returned meter number and use it with each request sent to FedEx. Your typical online retailer needs to ship items to his customers, and this simple task involves several steps: Allow the customer to choose what type of shipping to use, and show the cost and delivery time of each choice. Print a shipping label for the package. Provide the customer with a shipment tracking number. Give the package to FedEx. Now here is how we can implement each of these tasks. 1.   Allow the customer to choose what type of shipping to use, show them the cost and estimated delivery time of each choice. After you get the customers shipping address, you can retrieve the cost of delivery and an estimated date of delivery using the Rates component. To determine the rate to ship a regular FedEx envelope from my zip code (27502) to a sample address (20770), I can use the following code: Rates1.ServerURL = http[...]

PowerShelling from mobile devices

Wed, 06 Jun 2007 16:58:42 GMT

Originally posted on:

Marco Shaw is PowerShelling from his blackberry by running /n software's new PowerShell Remoting server along with the "Mobile SSH" client application for wireless handhelds . You can connect to the PowerShell Remoting client using any SSH tool, or even create your own custom client using a developer tool like IP*Works! S/Shell development toolkit.

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Twitter Search Web Part for SharePoint

Fri, 20 Feb 2009 16:00:03 GMT

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1.  I installed and activated the RSSBus Web Part for SharePoint, which allows me as a SharePoint owner or member to create a customized web part from one of dozens of RSSBus connectors or any RSS/Atom feed I like, such as a Twitter Search RSS feed.

2.  I added the RSSBus Web Part to my SharePoint page, and edited its content using the Source Editor.  I am using the following template to format the results of my RSS result:

<rsb:call op= pagesize="5"> 
<P> <A href="[[rss:link#1]]"> <img align="left" src="[[rss:link#2]]" border="0" width="33px"/>
[[atom:author_name]]A>: [[rss:description]]
P><BR> rsb:call>

3.  I applied this, and voila, Twitter search results for my keywords (PowerShell or RSSBus in this case) appear in my Web Part!  Pagesize tells RSSBus to only return 5 results.  You can specify whatever search criteria you want in the URL to, or you can specify any other RSS feed you like too.


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New nsoftware Releases for SharePoint, BizTalk, SSIS

Fri, 09 Jan 2009 20:38:24 GMT

Originally posted on:

Today /n software announced new versions of three more toolkits today:

SharePoint Extensions V3
BizTalk Adapters V3
SSIS Tasks V3

I have been involved in building these products, so if you have any questions feel free to let me know.

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Amazon EC2 developer component

Fri, 09 Jan 2009 20:25:38 GMT

Originally posted on:

/n software’s new Amazon Integrator toolkit is now available (it was just released today!) for software developers:

Amazon Integrator V3 with EC2 & SimpleDB Now Shipping!

Integrate popular Amazon Web Services, including S3, SQS, SimpleDB, AWS, and EC2 with your applications. All Editions Now Shipping: .NET, Java, C++, ActiveX, Delphi, & C++ Builder!

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