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Preparation time : - 20 minutes Serves : - 2
Ingredients : - 250gms mattar(peas), 10 medium sized mushrooms, 2 big onions, 2 medium sized tomatoes, 1 teaspoon turmeric, 2 green chillies, 2 tablespoons oil, 1 pinch cumin seeds, butter and salt to taste.

Vegiterian Recipe: Mattar mushroom
HOW TO PREPARE : - Cut the mushroom into little pieces. Grate the onions. Blend the tomatoes, chillies, turmeric and keep it aside. Take a pressure pan and pour the oil. Let it come to heat and add the cumin seeds. After they turn golden brown add the grated onions. Sauteacute; till the onions turn golden brown. Then add the tomato paste and cook until the raw smell leaves. The tomatoes will then begin giving out oil. Add the mushroom and mattar. Stir well. Add a little water and bring to boil. Once its boiling add the salt stir well and close the pan. Keep it on a low flame for about ten minutes or for two whistles. If you want it to be dry then after opening the pressure pan, keep it on the stove and keep stirring till the water reduces and it becomes dry. Garnish with coriander or grated butter and serve.