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Love, Lust, Sex and Passion

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Tips for a great oral sex (blowjob)

Tue, 18 Dec 2012 17:28:00 +0000

Do you think that someone better at giving oral pleasure - men or women? Regardless of your answer, we offer you some tips that you can use to give a man the thrill of oral sex.

Let's start with the fact that you will surely see in front of the penis every day. Yes, men can see it every day, and then the top. But just because we're looking at it every day, it is not so interesting to us. But for women to look at a man's penis is very nice. So we advise you to admire this man's body before any intimate act. And you can not just look at it, touch it, pat, and squeeze it. If he's still asleep, start stroking his hands and see how quickly he starts to wake up. See to it as he wakes up, enlarged and engorged with blood, it is full of strength and energy. If you slide the foreskin, then you will understand why it is often called "one-eyed monster." Can squeeze his hand and look at how to increase the head, you can pull back the skin all the way back until the man would not hurt - though it will be a sort of test for extensibility. You can even hit it.

We highly recommend you to find out all the information about the structure of a member, before proceeding to the weasel. Only in this case, your efforts will not be wasted. After all, you can not drive a car, not knowing that he is under the hood. For this reason, study anatomy penis, learn when he is ready for the fight, when he was a little tired when he can be hurt. Before the eruption will happen, you should know what are the symptoms of this phenomenon - a change in color, throbbing, muscle contraction. Otherwise, you'll be playing with a loaded gun, not knowing where and when to fuse it is worth pressing the trigger. Lasky penis begins with a respectful attitude toward it. You can not respect what you do not. So you know the penis, because each one is unique. Also be sure to familiarize yourself with a couple of eggs, which are hidden beneath it. Lift them, touch them, feel how they react to your touch. They're kind like a snail in any danger begin to shrink or pursed up. Try to feel the root of the penis, in order to fully realize what a male reproductive system structure.

If you look at the structure of the penis, you will know that it consists of: the cavernous bodies, heads, prepuce, urethral, and the rest for you are not so important. Head of the penis is the most sensitive part of it and it is riddled with numerous small arteries. Many men head of the penis is covered by the foreskin. It is the movement of the foreskin of the head of the penis and causes a man excited. Do not be afraid to grasp the main body of the penis, the man will not hurt. Start holds his tongue over the entire surface of the penis, in order to determine what kind it is the most sensitive part. In any case, do not be afraid to touch it, do not be afraid to learn it, you'll love this part of the male body, which is probably more than once brought you a lot of fun.

Why anal sex can be painful

Tue, 18 Dec 2012 17:20:00 +0000

Anal sex is meant not only the act of penetration (penetration of the penis into the anus), it also includes other forms of pleasure, such as anilingus or anal fisting. But when we hear the phrase "anal sex" the first thing that comes to mind - this is the penetration of the penis into the anus.Does a heterosexual couple have anal sex? Yes, of course. For some, this may seem surprising, but many couples love to engage in anal sex. First of all, even now, anal sex is taboo and many people like to break this ban and to experience such sexual pleasure. Between partners who engage in anal sex increases the level of trust.Of course, trust is a determining factor, if you think about anal sex. I will not lie to you and to be honest, when you first try to do anal sex - it's going to hurt. Even after you stop such sexual stimulation, she will some time experience discomfort. Here are some reasons why anal sex can be painful:Anal sex can be painful if you're not ready for itMany partners do not let the words presented their girlfriends like "surprise" as she, but I would not advise you to do so. First you have to ask the girl if she wanted to try anal pleasure. At the very least, it can adjust itself in advance. But if the guy did not notice penetrates the anus it can cause excruciating physical pain and what kind of confidence in him then we can speak.Anal sex can be painful if you are forced by forceEven if a partner has asked for permission, if you do not want them to do, you will be hurt. You have to be completely relaxed to enjoy anal sex. In addition, you have to trust your partner, and know exactly what you tell him to stop, he stopped. The muscles of the rectum have a "retractor" effect and when you are tense, this effect is reinforced. If the power of trying to break into the rectum, this muscle will be very tense and the result will be much pain.Anal sex can be painful if you do not use enough lubricationYour relaxed state can reduce the initial pain of penetration of members of the anus, but no relaxation does not relieve you of the pain, if you do not use grease. Apply a certain amount of grease to the partner's penis; put as much grease to the anal area, but in this case, you can avoid the discomfort.If you're going to get into it, talk to a girl trying to maximize relaxation and thus help it, gently stimulating the sphincter fingers or tongue. You should never enter into the anus, without using a lubricant. Also, do not forget to take a shower after anal sex, if you plan to vaginal penetration.One of the most appealing aspects associated with anal sex may be that it will become a "dirty little secret." You know that many are ready to break a sexual taboo, but you did it and you insanely happy.[...]

How to win your Ex back

Tue, 28 Aug 2012 11:00:00 +0000

Maybe you only destroyed together with your ex and square measure thinking however acquires your girlfriend or boyfriend. Thus what square measure the steps you ought to go for win your ex back?

Well, the foremost vital factor you ought to do isn't to "jump" step. What does one mean by that?

AFAIK, for many folks, once their boyfriend or girlfriend is simply an interruption, the primary factor on their mind is typically to induce their ex back.

This is terribly traditional. Here may be a typical state of affairs. Jamie's friend, Peter told him that he desires to interrupt up along with her. Of course, Jamie was ruined and she or he needed her boyfriend back.

What Jamie has done?

In addition, she knew as Peter once more and once more. Somehow, Peter tried to avoid him and not get the phone. So, Jamie tried to decision Peter once more and once more.

This is an awfully common mistake that several men and ladies in an effort to win their ex. Why is that?

For it's a symptom of desperation. Despair won't assist you win your ex back. He can come solely drive your ex more and makes it abundant more durable for you to win your ex back.

So what to try to instead? Therefore, the primary step you ought to take isn't to do to win your ex back right away. Instead, you wish to heal your broken heart initial.

When you square measure in an exceedingly state of emotional turmoil, it's terribly troublesome for you to form the correct call. In fact, once you are in emotional turmoil, it's terribly straightforward for you to try to things that cause you to scrutinize the eyes of your ex despair.

Therefore, notwithstanding however tempted you're, attempt to not contact him till you're a lot of showing emotion stable. By yourself in an exceedingly a lot of positive state, you may be in an exceedingly far better position to win your ex back

Arab woman seeking man via Arab dating sites

Tue, 28 Aug 2012 10:08:00 +0000

We saw many relationships and marriage created of the Arab services completion free of dating. Online dating is recreation. You only need to create a profile; you can contact the staff of the online Arab dating advertising without paying anything. This century of Internet is great because it helps us to do almost anything on line conveniently. Your companion of heart waits on line thus seeking a woman or an Arab man to fill your simple dream. You must take action now. Wait no longer. To be a man or a single woman is not good. The date of your future now awaits you. The website of the online Arab dating does not cost you anything. You create personnel dating the advertisement to come into contact with thousands of Arab online choose and say goodbye to your isolated life.

There are many Arab services agreement to help manufacturers of match locally and around the world to meet the ones with the others on the line. The service and the Arab are to help single men and women find their report on the net. There are free Arabic end of that match making services to matchmakers to find love and be online. Arab sites in line of arrangement aim at helping singles everywhere. Not only the people of the country choose, but also choose the international Arabic service of dating is what you want. There are thousands of unique girls and women and Arab men seeking marriage online. You must find your companion of heart today. To be single is not recreation of the whole. Thus, the search for your compatible report line is necessary.

Sites are free Arab dating place for Arabs looking for friendship and love. The online service of dating is simple where the Arab rally for love and friendship. There is much to see and do and meet new people on the net only. The best thing is that girls and single men of Arabic do not pay a dime to use the Arabic sites online dating. The online service of dating is the place where one people search for Arab friends, pen pals, activity partners and companions of heart. All Arab singles are online loan for their companion thus what should do to you now must join these sites free Arab dating to find your other half. Connection between you and your companion dreamer are Arab websites online dating.

Many Arab women seeking men for online sites free Arabic dating were popular nowadays. Looking for love and romance online dating sites Arabic is common and easy these days. There are many free services to Arab dating online provides the bridge to the Arab simple ones with the others. Bachelors should not visit a bar looking for a date, they can ask their companion of heart to no Arab service of dating. It saves time and money to find dates online because you do not pay anything for using the service so far on the net. Unmarried Arab women can easily find their men on the Internet. Many Arab women seeking men and vice versa, relationships are created completely free Arab dating site.

Pieces of sexy lingerie

Mon, 27 Aug 2012 17:46:00 +0000

Out string, padded Bras! The "sexiness" is not often where it is thought. Search in your cupboard and get your classics: door-garters, body, brassiere bra... Check out the new pieces of sexy lingerie fashion: shorty, panties in cotton and satin and become the Queen of glamour at home!No, lingerie sexy is not only Twine string and the padded bra! The "sexiness" is often where would not expected it. Search in your cupboard and get your classic but absolutely not out door-garters, body or brassiere bra... Mix these below with new pieces of lingerie to sexy fashion: shorty, pant in cotton or satin and how you are Queen of glamour at home! We, we see Darling smile here!Sexy lingerie and the door-garters LordDoor garters embodies to him all alone the classic of sexy lingerie. This piece will never cease to fantasize the men. It is enough just to mention his name and human background. Designed to maintain the bottom, it is unfortunately less worn since the appearance on the market of low tights.The door-garters, sensuality, is above the string or the Pant size and its ribbons keep the bottom of each side of the thigh. Often in lace, this type of sexy lingerie is very feminine and worn under skirts mi-cuisses. For a definitely sexy look, play the game of the femme fatale to the end... Feel free to wear your door-garters under a tailor set and high heels, then ask for help at your partner to gently remove your bottom. The effect lingerie sexy mode will be quickly feel!The indisputable sexy bodyFocused day and night, the body, piece of sexy lingerie very 80's, made his grand return. It is now how to sport or lace.For a very "Fame" revival, found easily in cotton to wear under a skirt or shorts. Much more sexy, lace or silk with integrated padded model recalled the first models Dolce & Gabbana and worn with a skirt Jean, under a shirt in short tartan as a dress in sexy mode. You also dare to wear as a top to play the effects "below-top" for a look very fashion and sexy.Sexy lingerie without support throat bra?Form push-up or not, support throat balconette showcases all even the menus necklines. sexy, comfortable, it is even better to wear with the matching bottom. Whether a pant or a tanga (very brief bikini ) this type of sexy lingerie will be all the more noticed as yet more sophisticated. Out, the famous bra padded, we put on our natural strengths, rather than on frankly vulgar cheating. Attention! Need to impose on its top to prevent marks and involuntary and especially... inappropriate transparency effects.Discreetly sexy cotton pantiesA priori cotton pants is not part of what is called the sexy lingerie. Think again! Friend of our days and our nights, pants cotton small boat for example is much sexier that it believes. Underwear of the girl in flower par excellence, just wear associated with a simple tank top to move your companion. Comfortable and very fresh, it is simply indispensable. Attention however: it does not concern with tight clothes because its seams are. Prefer the porter under a skirt or a dress loose and fluid or thick pant. A robe flurried with the panties in white cotton classic... This is not sexy?The tanga (very brief bikini ) a must have sexy lingerieLarger and sexy than the string, the tanga (very brief bikini ) is a sexy cousin of the Brazilian slip. We chose it in of beautiful all soft and glamorous materials such as satin, silk or the lace. Side colors is favored the cream, white, black, rather than the colors bright, too vulgar. The new alternative to the tanga pants notched in satin or silk blouse effect called "blummer", sexy, sensual, found even in day planner, Rascal and malignant. It is the must - have sexy lingerie.Shorty and sexyMini short has taken its place in our closet for several years without they can dislodge it. Its a little sport style seduces all generations and form showcases all forms of buttocks. It is the best friend it a little wide hips but of also it silhouettes a b[...]

Foreplay: what should it last?

Tue, 05 Jun 2012 19:03:00 +0000

(image) What is the foreplay everybody knows: It's intimate caresses, hugs, kisses all over his body, erotic massage and so on and so forth.

The foreplay is an important prelude to sex. Sex fact must be understood as a crescendo of excitement and foreplay allows both partners to stimulate their erogenous zones, including increasing sexual desire. In particular, a woman sexual foreplay and caressing intimate play an important premise for good lubrication of the vagina and can help to overcome the decline in sexual desire.

  • What is the appropriate duration of foreplay no one can say for sure The truth that emerges from a recent British study reveals, however, contradictory data with respect to tradition. Until now, it has always thought that women would love foreplay while men prefer to go straight to the point. But now it seems that women are more interested in durability and quality of sexual intercourse that does not have a real preliminary. What do you think? Of course, it depends on the occasions.
  • If you have to have sex in a secluded place unusual or uncomfortable, perhaps in the room next to where your children are sleeping (or your parents), you may prefer not to spend too much time on foreplay. Most of these cases you probably will prefer to have sex but very passionate and fast paced.
  • But if you enjoy making love without haste, we recommend you take the foreplay as long as necessary. Have fun and let go is not only intimate kisses and caresses, but if you want to venture a little 'more, even erotic games and sex toys. Everything is allowed to make a pleasant and exciting foreplay to sex!

Make your man crazy with oral sex

Tue, 05 Jun 2012 18:46:00 +0000

Men love oral sex, that's a fact! Even though women have learned to appreciate the intimate kisses and caresses, and those we receive from our partner, and those that we do.Practicing good oral sex is very pleased indeed, especially if the partner is particularly pleased with our performance.If you also want to go crazy with your man oral sex, keep reading, here are our tips for a perfect fellatio. Add a pinch of imagination, improvisation and just as much love and you're done!    The first rule for a perfect oral sex is to be convinced one hundred percent want to do. Never oral sex with your man just to please him, if you do it reluctantly because he will notice and will not be pleasant for either nor he for you. In contrast to practice fellatio without constraints is very exciting for the woman and can also be a pleasant sexual advance.    Do not be afraid of being wrong, much less not being able to make good oral sex. It is actually a cuddle between lovers really natural. Even if you are on your first sexual experiences, the more beautiful it will be spontaneous as behaving.    - In general, the golden rule for a perfect fellatio is no hurry. You have to excite your partner gradually. Started to kiss on the mouth, neck, nipples, try her erogenous zones. He will be excited when you’re at the right point undid pants and started stroking it first and then kissing him, but everything very calm and always looking at him from time to time in the eye. You sbagliatissimo swan dive between his legs and get started kissing him so busy and maybe not even breathe on the contrary it's important to calm and sweetness in oral sex.    It is a good idea to start plenty of oral sex licking his penis. Not just for the man who is exciting to see you licking the shaft of his penis like an ice cream (dear old male sexual fantasies!), But your saliva also plays a key role in lubrication: the more the penis is wet from your saliva, the easier it slide between your lips and in your mouth in a rhythmic and sensual.    A good rule for oral sex is to be imaginative. Not use fixed patterns to practice fellatio. Play with the tongue, lips, palate, and even with the teeth (very, very gently!). Be guided by your emotions, and emotions of your partner: listening to the rhythm of her breathing and her moans will easily understand what is the pampering they prefer.    Do not just concentrate on the penis; there are other male intimate areas that will be very sensitive to your kisses! First of all testicles tighten gently in his hands, and eagerly licking rinchiudeteli between your lips, your partner will be thrilled! For a true elixir of pleasure, slide your tongue also in part behind the testicles: there is the muscle that gives rise to the erection and the location is easy to arouse the male point L, the same as our point of G. Needless to say, the result is assured.    Do not forget to use your head while doing oral sex! If you know your partner recently and you are not sure of her past sexual experiences, remember to always use precautions. There are flavored condoms for oral sex done on purpose: protecting you from the risk of AIDS during oral sex and leave a good taste in your mouth![...]

Best sexual positions for orgasm

Sat, 02 Jun 2012 22:00:00 +0000

Improving orgasm experimenting new positions: experts we deliver the keys of pleasure. According to a group of American scholars do exist that enable the ideal positions to improve the quality of orgasm. No doubt everyone has the sexual positions you like, but to experience something new, and find out the sex at 360 ° contributes to the quality of your relationship. About some of the positions that men of science we recommend.The Butterfly Position In reality it is a revised and revisited the already-known "missionary position". The woman sits on the edge of the bed, but man remains standing. During intercourse she put her legs over his shoulders and tilts slightly upward. At this point the two bodies will have a provision that allows the angle of the man to stimulate the cervix of a match with the position that allows a deeper penetration.The Coital Alignment PositionAnother variant of the classic sex position. The pair began intercourse in the missionary position, and then she brings her legs between those of her partners, so that the two bodies are arranged parallel to each other. At this point the man placed the weight of his body forward to increase the pressure and the friction between the members. An ideal location for women who prefer clitoral stimulation during penetration, in order to reach a powerful orgasm.The Scissors Position This is one of the positions preferred by women who love under the sheets run the show, with the position of the scissors can control the depth, the angle of penetration and clitoral stimulation. He lies on his back and bend your knees, she sits with one leg snap mode to the partner's side of the hip and the other between her legs. So it is she who takes the lead, make decisions, to control the depth, intensity. A great recipe for a good orgasm.The "scepter discovered" position We must form a ring with your thumb and index finger around the penis of the companion. Then we must pull down the skin to expose the end of the organ, this greatly increases the sensitivity of the penis and the partner involved in an intense, so the woman also has a certain advantage in this matter.The work planThis is one of the favorite locations for those couples who enjoy sex improvised. What you need is a table or just a work in which to relax yourself while your partner takes up their lovemaking. The more inappropriate the better the context, the idea is to improvise a risky relationship: for example in a public place, or in an old garage, the concierge of a building. Obviously, the exposed areas will be very limited, so that recompose will be easy in case of an unexpected visitor.Sex in the footThe sex is romantic walk, sometimes uncomfortable, but very romantic. It helps to tie into an embrace; the two bodies are joined to each other also on an emotional level. A position for men in the form that is able to support all the time of intercourse the weight of the companion.[...]

6 exciting places to have sex

Wed, 30 May 2012 19:20:00 +0000

In this article we tell you where the strangest and most exciting places to have sex are, the most loved and most dreamed of by couples who want to violate the rule and get new excited with new sex positions,  inventing new erotic games with partners !Making love in a place more exotic than usual is a fun and exciting way to increase libido and fight against routines. An unusual place, however, need not be "outlawed" but it may also simply be located at the foot of the bed, rather than in the kitchen or on the classic dish!Hotel and rooms for rentA survey by found that the place where couples are more likely to have satisfying sex is the bed of a hotel. In the following order: swimming pool, Jacuzzi and shower. Rather conventional, could tell who loves making love in the situation to the limit but, in reality, the hotel can be the perfect place for a nice erotic game between "sexy stranger and the traveler seduced."The bathroom of the restaurantThis mode is all the rage, especially in restaurants where more excitement of transgression seems like a lot. Having sex in a bath of luxury while the ladies at the entrance, are based makeup is a super-sexual experience that combines the possibility of "breaking" the rules and contrary to the label of conventional sex. This attractive way of making 'Love - experts say - is more common than you might think: just a drink more, eats an aphrodisiac and the spring of inhibition goes to hell ...National LandmarkBe transgress in a camp is one thing, but having a sexual relationship within a historic building is another. In this case, however, you must really pay attention to the risk of being arrested for indecent exposure in public places, as happened in 2004, a young couple who had got caught with excitement while he was visiting the Empire State Building!The kitchen and the dishesAn Australian survey found that 44% of couples admitted to twice the normal excited making love in the kitchen. Some 53% said that a meal eaten between dishes and utensils in the kitchen, preparing dishes with recipes and exciting, is the best way to increase libido.The office and workplaceAnother sacred place is really exciting place to work, the yard by forklift trucks and office printers and copiers. Some people said they would return to the office late at night with your partner or colleague to experience the thrill of breaking the rules in place where they worked.Events, sports events and sports arenasAmong the exciting events to do together, as is known, is to join a game or a sporting event of shared interest. On these occasions it seems that some couples prove an irresistible desire to stand apart in the bathroom or in dark areas of the stadium to make love. Although this place is so exciting, however, very risky, but perhaps that's the reason why so much love!Sex in carWhile, in sixth position of exciting places to have sex : the car remains a favorite among couples for sex offending and exciting. Unfortunately in recent years there have been many warnings against this challenging habit that allows it to combine the freedom of travel with the excitement of getting by! However, the car remains a sacred place for sex offending as it allows usually leave the room, to hide (or be perceived to do so), it also allows you to watch the stars together and therefore, also brings romance for those who loves to dream together even in those moments. Although it is dangerous, therefore, the sex drives crazy many couples with large and small![...]

Erection Killer

Sun, 20 May 2012 08:17:00 +0000

Erectile dysfunction is the biggest problem faced by a man. This applies regardless of nation and race. Erectile dysfunction has become a talking point since hundreds of years ago. So what exactly of the erection killer? Here's an erection killer collected from various sources:High Blood PressureHigh blood pressure can damage blood vessels so that blood supply to the penis is reduced...High Cholesterol The same goes for high cholesterol: they prevent the blood vessels to pump enough blood to the genital areas. This threatens to impotence.AlcoholResearch has shown that the organ damage caused by alcoholism can also be a killer erection. Is consumption of alcohol in moderate amounts can also cause impotence? Not yet clear.SmokingSmoking constricts blood vessels and damaging in the long run. This slows down blood flow and is difficult to obtain or maintain an erection.Brutal sexBrutal and rough sex will cause trauma to the penis. As it is known that the penis is filled with connective tissue and blood vessels are delicate and sensitive. Injuries and trauma could potentially be a killer erection.Fatty foodsUnhealthy diet with too much fat and sugar is not good for blood circulation. A study shows that fruits, whole grains, fish and vegetables, very good for sexuality.ObesityAnyone who is overweight is more prone to diabetes. And this disease is the biggest erection killer. Body fails to produce the hormone testosterone, which is sufficient to produce sexual arousal. Blood sugar control and weight is essential for sexual health.Low levels of testosteroneEven in healthy men decreased from about age 40, testosterone levels - and this can lead to low sex drive in addition to erectile dysfunction. Because the male sex hormone is important for the function and structure of the genital organs, also affect libido and potency. Other factors that can lead to testosterone deficiency: obesity, stress, diabetes, medicines for high blood pressure and heart disease.Mental stressMental stress can increase levels of adrenaline, it affects the blood circulation. The result: blood supply to the penis is not sufficient to produce erectile dysfunction. Mental stress caused by daily problems or even the fear of sex itself should be avoided. Leisure and relaxation is important before having sex.That's an erection killer 9 collected from various sources.[...]

Delayed ejaculation with stop-start technique

Sat, 19 May 2012 19:57:00 +0000

If the passion is too big, sex intercourse would soon be over. If this happens, it will jeopardize a relationship. But there are some tricks to delay ejaculation and to the implementation of the ejaculatory reflex. The following tips are ways to delayed ejaculation with stop-start technique :
How fast you ejaculate?
No partner who brings a stopwatch on the bed. Men who ejaculate rapidly is not related to the time, but with the satisfaction of both partners. If you ejaculate too quickly and endanger the relationship, it is can be described as premature ejaculation. To solve the problem of premature ejaculation, the couple should talk to each other frankly about what happened (their sex). Scientific research clearly shows that most men ejaculate within three minutes after vaginal penetration. Although, much of men who had an orgasm before penetration.

Delayed ejaculation with stop-start technique
Not many know that delayed ejaculation can be trained and required cooperation with a partner for this exercise to delay ejaculation. Men, alone or with partners, stimulate his penis to almost orgasm. Then stop until the orgasm urge fades. Do this repeatedly. Through the "exercise", he can learn to maintain control ejaculation. It's called stop-start technique

The most common men sexual problems 
Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems in men. Scientific studies have shown that about 35 percent of men experience premature ejaculation - regardless of age. Premature ejaculation is also dependent on the mood and the environment... In rare cases, premature ejaculation is also caused by physical illness, such as inflammation of the urethra. Cure of these diseases may help delay ejaculation.

Cause headaches during sex

Sat, 19 May 2012 15:54:00 +0000

  Sex can actually make the pain and stress disappear. But there is also sex activity that could cause headaches during sex. What causes?

According to sex consultant, headache usually occurs due to disruption of blood flow to the brain. Blood flow can be increased or decreased.

The decreased flow can be caused by low blood pressure so that blood flow to the brain become weak and many brain cells become starved of oxygen. While high blood pressure causes the pressure inside the cavity of the head becomes redundant.

Sexual relationships usually end in orgasm and ejaculation is strongly influenced by the sympathetic nervous system. Sympathetic nervous system in addition to making the occurrence of ejaculation, but also has other effects include increased heart rate, increased cardiac work and increased blood pressure.

It is in men who already have a previous illness such as high blood pressure or heart disease can often be triggered recurrence during or after sexual intercourse. In people with the condition of the body that do not fit or have low blood pressure, with the erection and the flow of blood into a blood pennies vessel will cause the flow of blood into the body will be disrupted, including the head.

Therefore, these pain sufferers often complain of drowsiness, fatigue, or may experience headaches after sexual intercourse. To know more clearly about sex headache, it is advisable to contact your doctor.

Woman On Top Position Tips

Fri, 18 May 2012 10:57:00 +0000

Sex is more fun and not monotonous when each partner will take turns 'in control'. If you have been accustomed to just lie down and accept “the service” of your husband, now its your turn to take over. sometimes be more dominant in bed is not a problem. it will make sex more interesting and not just become routine. One is the style of woman on top position. Check out the tips when having sex with woman on top position below:

A. Show the 'Directions'
Suggest your husband to 'explore' your body. Show him any parts of the body you want to be touched.. Hold his hand, and move into 'zones' which roughly can give you a pleasure.  This will be surprised and delighted, because he came to know more about the woman's sensitive areas.

2. Ask what he likes
Not only him who should know what things you like, ask also what he likes and show it. Try some of the variation in one sex position. Once you know what the best move he likes, then it will be more enjoyable sex session. Exploration or experimentation is important to keep hot during lovemaking, but do not try something that makes your husband uncomfortable.

3. Do not be too eager
On woman on top position style, you should be able to measure how much physical stress is given to your husband during sex. Should not be too eager in action, especially when you do a position of 'cow girl' because it might hurt him. Ask what kind of position and movement that makes it comfortable; sit directly on his lap or a little more to the side? Is the he would rather make love in a sitting or lying down? He will be flattered by the attention to how you desire in great detail.

4. Move your hips
For deeper penetration sex, move your hips in a circle, instead of up and down. It is believed that the way will be easier for the penis to achieve G-spot without having to make it hurt.

5. Do not hesitate and shy
Many women are reluctant to have sex with the woman on top position because it is not confident with her body. Fear of fat in the abdominal folds visible, the cellulite on the thighs or breasts that are sagging. The essence of the woman on top position is self-confident. In fact, he did not pay much attention to body shape or appearance of their partner during sex, because it is more focused on the search for pleasure. If it's still too shy, pull your body closer to his shoulder so that 'lack of body' you were a little closed. Avoid also, when woman on top position style, looked into his eyes for too long, just focus on his body.

New Types of Food That Can Enhance Sex Arousal

Fri, 18 May 2012 08:53:00 +0000

Some studies find new foods that have been scientifically proven to enhance sex arousal, libido, and increase the pleasure during lovemaking. If for only oysters, ginseng, chocolate or almond, known as an aphrodisiac food, now we can enter a list of new dishes that can enhance sex arousal. What are the lists?

A. Black coffee
Drinking coffee does cause bad breath is a bit unpleasant. But black coffee contains some of the benefits to Improve Sexual Passion. Studies from Southwestern University, Texas, United States found that the sex drive in women increases after drinking a small cup of coffee. Coffee stimulates certain parts of the brain that lead to stimulation. It is recommended to drink black coffee before night, if not you could have trouble sleeping.

2. Eggs
Eggs are a source of high L-arginine. L-arginine is one type of amino acids that have proven effective in the treatment for erectile dysfunction. Do not just eat eggs for breakfast or lunch; eggs can also be used as a delicious meal for dinner.

3. Peach
Creamy texture fruit and fresh taste is high in vitamin C which can be a good 'supplement' for fertility. Eat plenty of peaches to produce better sperm count and fewer sperm clumping. Frozen peaches contain vitamin C which is higher than a fresh peach.

4. Saffron
Saffron is widely used as a seasoning for Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Research shows that saffron could enhance sex arousal. To get the benefits to the quality of sex, soak the saffron in hot water for 15 minutes until a broth. Add the broth in a soup like the soup diet.

5. Steak
Red meat is rich in zinc, iron, protein and vitamin B. Iron helps the production of the hormone estrogen, thereby enhance sex arousal of women. In addition, these nutrients also increase the hormone testosterone in men. An increase in sex hormones can make you and your husband make love more often.

Women Sex Time

Fri, 18 May 2012 04:35:00 +0000

There is an interesting fact which states that every woman in the world has about the same time in matters of sex desire? This was confirmed from a study that was launched by the Women's Health magazine about a woman's libido.

Quoted from the Times of India, the study was conducted of 1,000 adult women to find out some truth to both fact and myth of female sex libido. Of a number of results obtained, it was the top female libido for sex arose on Saturday, 11 pm.

Three out of four women in Britain blamed the grueling work hours on weekdays (Monday-Friday) for causing a drop in libido. Therefore, on Saturday where they have started to relax, begin to feel the aura of seductive in the evening.

The study also found that Irish women are the most difficult women to reach orgasm during lovemaking. They are considered to have many demands on their partners, although the quantity of their sex at most, three times a week.

The research results revealed by the Women's Health magazine is quite contrary to studies conducted by the London School of Economics. They claim she would have sex with a partner in the mood Thursday morning.

In general, almost all studies have found that the hormones women and men to achieve a high level in the morning. This is because the energy levels of the natural hormone cortisol, testosterone and estrogen increase to five times when I wake up. That's why quality sleep can improve sexual performance.