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Tim Cumper & his true story of an international online romance - that went dreadfully wrong - & how a suspicious group of bloggers tried to bury the story on the Internet.

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Tim Cumper -True Story

Tue, 08 Sep 2009 20:53:00 +0000

 IMPORTANT UPDATE.WARNING - THIS WEBSITE (written by Tim Cumper) HAS BEEN CLONED *Read how this whole adventure has migrated to become the responsibilty of a vindictive and hostile web-guru - who just cannot leave it alone.* - domain name registered by NOEMI DADO - my site being cloned by JOHN PHILLIPS BENGERO aka JEPOYENG aka JEPOY of "GAME OPS" - QUEZON CITY - PHILIPPINES.Any mention of this story, predominantly mentioning my name & not published directly by myself, will almost certainly be a part of the SEO campaign of hatred and hostility - organised by people WHO ARE ALL CONNECTED - one way or another, friends, family or colleagues - with the instigation and incitement of JOHN PHILLIPS BENGERO.THEIR SITE WAS LAUNCHED TWO DAYS AFTER THE VIDEO EVIDENCE ON THIS PAGE WAS RELEASED ONLINE (see evidence below.)Update - despite sending numerous requests for negotiation, to attempt a mutual & reciprocal dismantling of the machinery of this dispute - I have had no reply, and have not noticed any easing of this group's acitvities - they are still churning out links associated with my name. I have put much of the material (the alleged cause of their grievances) - in draft mode, placing it out of circulation - I wait to see if there is any reciprocal response from members of this group.The central showpiece of their campaign "" - is still active - the domain name, arranged by Noemi Dado (as The Protagonist) - being regularly renewed.People often ask which came first – the chicken or the egg.It is painfully clear in this instance, that the stinking egg of propaganda initiated my response – a response which was engineered to face frustrating restrictions and limitations - and which this same propaganda machine is now deceitfully electing as its raison d’etre - by labeling it as harassment or stalking.It is strikingly obvious, therefore, that the egg has gradually altered its original smell.The original aim of this propaganda (to which the site is merely a recent addition) was to distill or obscure the story here – a story containing incriminating speculation.Rather than deal with the issue of incrimination in the normally expected manner – by directly supplying adequate proof of innocence – the decision was made to enlist the help of people, expert in manipulation of the media, to tackle the problematic issue of publicity head on - with an orchestrated campaign of propaganda.The nature of the story being such that with suitable distortion of the facts, this propaganda would attract viral condemnation for the story's author – and achieve the original aim of obscuration, while conveniently masking the idea behind the campaign's launch - purely a strategic business decision – posing as the result of a moral outrage, which is how it will now appear to the naive reader.I can assure every reader of this propaganda – that if they study the original story here – they will detect through all the copious detail – a strong thread of unexplained inconsistencies, coincidences, anomalies and behaviour – all of which contributed to the perfectly justified caution I adopted.This simple caution has been twisted and misrepresented by the propaganda machine – as part of an obvious incitement, to garner support – allowing it to achieve the totally fake veneer of consensus.It has been a total manipulation of the medium of the Internet – by those with the appropriate skills and networks for propaganda supremacy.Due to the hideous amount of this devious propaganda being released, insisting - relentlessly and consistently that this story is no more than a hoax - by people with a commercial and corrupt vested interest in concealing the truth - I decided to release a short version of a video - that was recorded 29th September 2007 at 7:10am (PH time.)The video, which I recorded secretly at that time, is of a girl in the Philippines, who in collaboration with a real estate company (she worked for the company & her boss had corroborated her story, stating that[...]

Hospital Scams - Philippines - TITLE PAGE

Wed, 11 Feb 2009 23:47:00 +0000

WARNING - THIS WEBSITE (written by Tim Cumper) HAS BEEN CLONED@ - domain name registered by NOEMI DADO - my site being cloned by JOHN PHILLIPS BENGERO aka JEPOYENG aka JEPOY of "GAME OPS" - QUEZON CITY - PHILIPPINES. In their distorted view - retaliation to an act of BULLYING is known as STALKING or HARASSMENT. They are busy POISONING THE INTERNET with defamation sites, in an effort to further disguise the truth. BE WARNED - BLOGROACHES ABOUT.THEIR SITE WAS LAUNCHED TWO DAYS AFTER THE VIDEO EVIDENCE ON THIS PAGE WAS RELEASED ONLINE Welcome to Hospital Scams - Philippines.In order to find your way around here - understanding the Tierra Maria Estates Scam - I have assembled this title page for your navigation.Just click on the red cross . . . . . . to return to this page.STOP PRESS! - Two years from the phone call from "the hospital" - conclusive proof finally arrives& the video & still frames that proves it.For the HospitalFor The Sales OfficeARTICLES BY TIM CUMPER IN PRIORITY FOR YOU TO READ.Hospital Scams - Philippines - the journey itself.Flag Day - all the causes for suspicion.The Bloggers - an introduction to some of the characters, energetically denying this as a hoax.Cyber - Bullies - the reaction from the Philippines.You Are all Victims - makes you think.The Final Nail - final & conclusive video evidence.A Behavioural Analysis - a summing up in psychological terms.Psychology of a Scam - mind bending methods.Cover - Up - of one deception, with an even bigger one.Save Our Skin - my reply to Noemi Dado & Jepoy Bengero's video.Blood is Thicker - keep it in the family.Horse Heads & Red Flags - on organised crime.Is Hospitality a Myth? - fun at Filipina Images.Comments - from some Filipino readers.Settling Dust - the calm after the storm.Filipina Image I Nation - join the group for responsible blogging.Why All the Publicity - business as usual?INDEX TO PARALLEL BLOGS BY TIM CUMPER(See INDEX OF CHAPTERS - below - for navigation in this site - Hospital Scams - Philippines.)Tierra Maria Estates Scam - 2Criticism    - A look at options that were available & reasons.The first hint of . . . - Don't expect a worm to turn.A Final offer for peace - A video and final statement.John Phillips Bengero's emails - Where he denies any wrong doing regarding his defamation site.A True Story  - The short extract from the video of the scar revelation.A Revelation - A few low quality frames from the video of the "fake scar."Buzz Without A Sting - A recent (August 2009) outburst - a death spasm from the supporters of the scam.Behavioural Analysis - A frank analysis of the obvious.Noemi Dado - Feeling The Pinch  - Discussing Noemi's tactics - the "hospital photographs" displayed on her blog - why is she afraid?Cyber-Bullies - What it says on the tin - exploring the way they have collaborated - a feeding frenzy of hateful propaganda.Flag Day - All the red flags - warning signs.Horse Heads & Red Flags - Discussing the subject of organised crime.Settling Dust  - A brief respite - a pause to collect my thoughts.Pull The Other One - A detailed analysis of Noemi Dado's contribution and methods.07/01/09 - An update - when the gang linked to a possibly "bent" website - that had been involved very early on.Grisly McGoo - My pet name for MrkGrismer - star of The World Of Filipinas - his contribution.Still Hiding The Truth - The outburst at Christmas 2008 - Reyan Elena in disguise & his gang of tame cronies.Response To Cath Cath - Cathy Black - a detailed response to her involvement.More Answers To Comments - I was getting mail, comments from all points of the compass - various people who featured in this whole escapade, took it very seriously and personally. A detailed look at their comments and my responses.Answers, Suggestions - A close look at Southern Don's (Don Pi[...]

0 - Introduction

Thu, 02 Oct 2008 15:18:00 +0000

Dear reader - welcome.You have probably arrived here from one of a number of posts and blogs scattered about the Internet - some which belong to me - under the names Ellumbra, Philcorrupt, Nemesis, Capuccini.Others - various Blogs, Forums and Bulletin Boards, copious amounts of ill-informed or biased comments - denouncing this story as a hoax, have been posted by a group of people - mainly from or still in the Philippines.At first sight, these writings would appear to be random and unsolicited. But dig beneath the surface, quite easy to do by exploring social networking - and you will discover that this is not the case. Most of this counter material has been orchestrated and is written by groups and people who are known to each other, quite often being real-life friends or associates - trying to conceal their duplicity behind the anonymity afforded by the Internet.It is patently apparent that this group of people have been mobilised - specifically instructed to distort & distill, denounce & disrupt my writings - in an effort to sweep my presence from the pages of the search engines - and generally to cast doubt over the sincerity of my words by the sheer volume of their retaliation.All of this, to try and clear the name of the real estate company at the heart of the story.(For a brief outline of the initial events - see here.)Some of them - photographed on holiday together.These people all emerged simultaneously - and started their hostile, bigoted and devious psychological attack around February 2008, as soon as it became clear that the influence of the girl, alone, was no longer having any effect - as I had finally cut all means of communication with her - leaving activity on the open seas of the Internet as their sole means of contact with me.Their recent SEO campaign is having the desired effect - I am gradually being pushed from page one of google.However, it would appear that they are possibly not the only people with a vested interest in how the Philippines is portrayed on the Internet.The sex tourism industry - which has a variety of presences online - dating sites, pornography sites, "sex tours" to the Philippines, prostitution itself, massage parlours, club and bar owners - all have a share of interest - the largest slice of the pie doubtless being controlled by organised crime. The telephone & Internet companies will also be interested in the increased profits that this activity creates - and at the end of the line, any form of commerce that depends on western money being attracted to their shores.A typical first response by the many Filipinos who will read this story is to dismiss it as racism.Please think again.Challenge yourself seriously on that point.I harbour no hatred whatsoever - I detest only the actions and events that took place - not the people.It is publicised here as a warning and as a challenge.The story is a report of events between April 2007 and the present, which occurred in the Philippines.It could have happened anywhere in the world - but this specific incident happened in the Philippines - which is the only reason for that country being mentioned.The majority of people involved in the story are Filipinos.That is the only reason for their frequent mention.Neither of those aspects can turn this into an act of racism.It is a true report, that is all.The challenges it raises must be addressed by the vast majority of good citizens in and from that country - and those challenges are many and varied.The report exposes behaviour which is to the detrement of that country's perception.Namely the original deceitful events and the subsequent spread of propaganda in false denial - both of which can only flourish in an environment of inaction and apathy.I urge all good citizens of that country to speak out openly in condemnation.I have a deep love still for the country and the people, whereas this behaviour only reflects a sordid, short term, corrupt self-interest - with no genuine concern for establishing a meaningful and lasting reput[...]

1 - Preface

Wed, 01 Oct 2008 21:26:00 +0000

Welcome to Hospital Scams - Philippines.Please return to the . . . Title Page(For important information & links to damning video evidence)Thank you - please leave your preconceptions outside . . .. . . & on with the story . . .This is not blind revenge - simply an effort to warn others and to make it difficult for this particular group, practicing emotional extortion, to continue their despicable trade.Presented here, where that trade can propagate like a virus in a culture dish - the Internet.When there is no fear of the law, or no law to fear - exposure is a solitary and powerful alternative.We all lie - white lies - we all distort the truth from time to time, however the people incriminated in the following are of a different calibre.This is professional racketeering by people suffering from the impoverished conditions that unfortunately befall the vast majority living in the Philippines, constantly alert for any way to make more money for themselves.Morals don't seem to concern them.Aware of the potential in the raw power of emotions - like an untapped natural resource - they resort to a type of suburban savagery, using modern technology to wreak their havoc - destroying lives in the process - as they consciously manipulate situations to be able to take advantage of people's sincere and deeply felt emotions - yes - people's love - for their own material gain.I have found that they quite readily employ the concepts we regard as Holy, to try to endorse, add a sense of legitimacy to their evil endeavours - the name of God and His angels - swearing on The Almighty that the words they speak and write are the truth.Revealing sociopathic behaviour, these pathological liars are utterly ruthless in their pursuit - with not a single care for the resulting devastation to their victims' lives - only the cold, single-minded intent of aquiring money.Believe me when I tell you that evil is not too strong a word to describe them - masquerading behind the exquisite preciousness, the sacredness of love and the trust it naturally engenders - with their deceit, their cunning and their greed.It is a lasting shame that the social and political conditions of the country contribute so much to cause this thriving underworld - and make it a breeding ground for racketeering - Tierra Mafia - although behaviour is always a matter of personal choice.So many people have tried to explain all this away, tried to excuse it, by quoting cultural differences - but deceit, dishonesty, emotional manipulation are never acceptable - anywhere. It is true, the habit of scouring for financial hand-outs is hardwired into the psyche of many of these people. A certain contemptuous attitude (in many cases justified by the activities of "sex-tourism" but born on a tide of generalisation and lack of understanding) is commonly evident. This all contributes to make scamming seem acceptable to some of these people.All the more reason for it to be eradicated - at its political roots.Of course, I have a responsibility to bear in all of this - if it were not for people like me, this sort of behaviour, these activities could not possibly exist - my only defense is that I was totally genuine and honest in my pursuit of a loving relationship and marriage. Love without trust is like a ship without water.But the trust that developed in this case, as far as the girl was concerned, was for one sole purpose. As in all love affairs, a sense of trust is cultivated - here it was nutured and nourished, groomed by a fantasy lover, changing colour like a chameleon to obtain the maximum depth of feeling - merely so that it could ultimately be abused.All requests for help from her have had four common denominators:1) They were situations tailored to maximise the degree of emotionally conditioned response from me.2) They all contained a large proportion of fiction.3) They required that I send her some money.4) The requests were never direct - but a clever (& in retrospect - blatantly obvious)[...]

2 - Encounter

Sun, 31 Aug 2008 21:25:00 +0000

Journey Into My Heart 1Welcome.The events that you will read in this blog are true and accurate.However, you will see that I have drawn my own conclusions from the events that have happened.The section from here (Journey Into My Heart 1) up until August 10th (Journey 16) is left - untouched - from when it was just a private blog - I was happy and proud of my miraculous romance.It was originally started in July 2007 as a private photo-record of my diary, written during my journey to the Philippines - & it was hosted at first on MySpace. Tierra Maria Estates were made aware of my blog in August 2007, I had sent them the URL in an email - I was still keeping it updated on the unfolding story - as the events happened - but it was not always public. However after I wrote the evidence about the fake-scar in October and made the blog public - one hour later - the account was hacked and everything disappeared. MySpace, after security checking, were very helpful in eventually rescuing the files for me. I now keep them separately backed up.MY JOURNALSome of you may view this as simply unashamed self-publicity, maybe as the trumpetings of a middle-aged man - finding some excitement during a mid-life crisis.Please let me assure you that these poems, my diary of events, originally were thoroughly private affairs of my heart - they are only posted here to be read as such - and to give me something to do that keeps me close to the wonderful memories I have, while I wait for my situation to resolve itself.It all started with a growing discontent - at the rut I was in.My wife and I had been steadily drifting apart for too many years.Happy in my work, but tired, really tired of being financially drained every month - life was seemingly going nowhere.The mortgage hung around my neck like a slab of concrete - the house became a burden, not a home.Out of the blue - cyberspace is blue you know - I received an invitation from a young Filipina to become friends on Friendster. She was very pretty, as indeed a great many of them are - we started an exchange of communication. Somehow, the forwardness of her admitted affections made them seem rather perfunctory - but it is all too easy to be swayed by the satisfaction this brings, the soothing massage to the ego. Before too long, I suspected that I was about to be scammed for money - she started to mention that her family could no longer afford her tuition fees as a trainee nurse - he, he - again, it all seemed far too business like - and stuck out like a red flag for what was supposed to be a developing relationship. Not particularly subtle at all. I've read and I'm sure you've heard tales of the sort of behaviour that goes on - so I cut off communication.But a seed had been planted in my head.To be honest - hopefully you will have detected by now, it is not my intention to hide anything from you - I have always been attracted to an Eastern look, the dusky skin, the raven hair - I read a great deal on websites associated with the Philippines that they have great respect for the elder members of society (see where this is going?) - were not too particular about the physical appearance of their partner, appreciating more the attributes of loyalty and honesty - "God-fearing" - as they would say.I will openly admit to my feelings and accept what my taste is - I see no cause for shame either - I am not intending to use force or deception. Provided that I find reciprocation and mutual understanding, I will stand by my particular attractions - free from any burden of guilt that some would wish to accompany them.I am in search of the miraculous.I was God-fearing, but now that fear has all but evaporated - replaced by an attitude of wonderment and love - sometimes overwhelmingly so, especially recently.So I joined a website specifically designed for dating Asian women.The process is standard - fill in a profile, submit a photo - search through the profiles and lodge messages of interest e[...]

3 - Preparations

Sat, 30 Aug 2008 21:24:00 +0000

Journey 2Flames? - oh, very yesterday,Fire & brimstone? - so passé,Old Nick has now a better way,To torture souls (who go astray)He sends them back to Terra Firma,As far afield as France and Burma,And once his players are on set,He puts them on the internet."Sounds just fine" I hear you cry,But wait - and here's the reason why,Once they're sat there, up above,He'll make damn sure they fall in love.A definite landmark in this period came when she sent me her cellphone number, in an effort to quell my doubts and fears about who she really was - it is impossible across the internet to know for certain - and once faith and trust are put aside, even for a moment - it can all start to turn upside down.I immediately phoned her up - I will never forget the sound of her golden voice - hearing it for the very first time - hearing the excitement that she was feeling - her wonderful bubbling laughter. The memory of that moment proved a positive lifeline as I started to become engulfed by an ocean of suspicion - unfortunately - the cost of phone calls and the often poor quality restricted, almost entirely, their use.[Mayen sent me two new photographs of herself after I had pleaded with her to let me know more about her. She teased me on the phone, saying "What you want, sexy pictures?" The two pictures that did arrive were thankfully modest - but made me realise, with a shock, that I had been focussing my love around one solitary photograph - and that I did not really know Mayen at all.]The intervening time was rather painful - on several fronts. I started to feel a dreadful ambiguity - on the one hand I really wanted this to be genuine, I prayed that it would turn out as it appeared to promise to my heart. But on the other hand, what if I arrived at Manila to find the whole thing a big scam - finding someone unrecognisable there meeting me? Compounding the horror of this dichotomy - no matter how much I tried, I could not communicate this fear any more strongly than the subtlest of hints - virtually undetectable hints - without it becoming very insulting. Trying to get to the truth across the internet is well nigh impossible - words are cheap and honesty is indistinguishable from deceit.What brought this issue to a head was the fact that I was recommended a hotel that was newly built and had no internet presence. Best advice is always to leave word with a friend of where exactly one is staying when abroad, especially in circumstances like this - I could find no trace. I even went as far as contacting the British Embassy in Manila - they wrote back saying "We are unable to confirm the existence of this hotel.""Great" I thought - "I'm walking right into a scam" - so I confronted the poor girl with my fears, spilling out all my doubts and suspicions - it was a great relief. After initially getting angry & upset at my wavering trust - she eventually saw the funny side - me fearing for my life - kidnapping - extortion - entrapment. Well it does happen you know.[So it does exist after all - and very comfortable it was too. This was our home for the first week and our final night together.] During a discussion about decorating the house - my wife discovers that I am planning on selling up - she immediately, intuitively jumps to the conclusion that I have met somebody else - wow! I cannot deny it, confess everything - except the proposed trip - shh! that's still a secret - well it was. Even that secret seems about to be exposed - due to a phone call that I received at Heathrow, the day I returned - waiting for my connecting flight back to Jersey.I am so convinced that destiny is about to reveal someone very special - I float around for the remainder of the time before the trip.I have managed some secret shopping on my previous visit to Jersey, so all that I'll need for the trip is over there - anti-malaria tablets, cool clothes, a new suitcase etc.Hectic exchanges over the internet approaching d-d[...]

4 - Arrival

Fri, 29 Aug 2008 21:23:00 +0000

Journey 3I decided to keep a daily journal (my diary) of the adventure, as it was happening - as a detailed souvenir of this glorious first meeting.So here is that journal, started on loose scraps of paper I found in my bag - accompanied by the photographs - and some of the poems written before we had met - but I assure you that these dreams are all coming true - and I do believe in miracles.I knew in an instant,When I first saw your face,What more can time achieve?I do not need that space -It merely makes a place for fear,For un-answerable questions.I cannot get much closer here,My heart knows its direction.If all the pagesOf every bookDescribed you to perfection,It still would only take one lookTo win my soul's affection.DAY ONEThe first flight was a struggle - keeping it together emotionally & physically - stuck in my seat for 12 hours - I felt at times like a force fed battery hen might feel - no excercise - I did little stretchy movements regularly and meditated, which dipped into sleep occasionally but kept me reasonably calm and centred - despite the whirlpool of thoughts circling around inside my head.Mayen and I had a brief exchange of text messages while I was waiting at Hong Kong - until she realised that I was still "roaming" on my cellphone - they stopped abruptly.The second flight introduced me to Philippine food for the first time and my neighbour on the plane - a Filipina returning home from Sweden.Finally stepping off the plane in Manila - the heat, the humidity - just incredible - like walking in to a hot shower room. Gradually getting used to this - changing gear dramatically - collecting baggage and all the other airport formalities were painless. Through all this, despite surrendering to destiny, having tired of chasing my thoughts any more - there was one sole preoccupation throughout my entire being - meeting Mayen.Eventually I find the airport arrivals greeting area - a cacophony of car horns and police whistles, crowds of people, straining at the barriers, bustling and shuffling to catch sight of their loved ones - the culture shock was immediate. Again that recurring phrase appeared in my mind "What am I doing?"After a couple of cellphone calls and about an hour waiting, there is a flurry of girls approaching me - Mayen - chaperoned by two of her friends - just over two months since it all began - my first real glimpse - aware for the first time of her young, small frame and the vibrancy of her personality, smiling, gleaming from every pore - and that hair - that luxurious wavy hair.Our mutual delight was still evident, although mixed with other feelings - relief, overbearing excitement and the surreal - meeting someone you feel so close to although you have never met physically. It was holding hands, lots of wonderful smiles and kisses, gripping me tight and leading me like a blind man to our driver "dadda" - Marivien and Miss Ann sharing the passenger seat in the front - my heart was pumping with love and desire for Mayen - I was engulfed with such strong, natural love for this girl - there was no ice to break between us - it was all instantly melted to water - I felt what I have felt all along for Mayen - now she was right next to me, my arm around her shoulder in the back of a cab - as we all danced through the late night traffic - looking for a money changer - something I had overlooked at the airport in my eagerness - despite the offer from a couple of security guards to change my money. [Yeah - into thin air probably.]We arrived at the hotel and I checked in - unsure of what was going to happen for the rest of the night, although it was very late by this time - my flight had landed at 10:30 pm. I photographed the exterior of the hotel while Mayen, with her friends, viewed the rooms for me, kindly choosing one that was away from the traffic noise. We arranged to meet in the reception next morning - deciding that it would be [...]

5 - In her hands

Thu, 28 Aug 2008 21:22:00 +0000

Journey 4DAY TWOI wake, shower and go down stairs for breakfast. Mayen appears shortly afterwards - this is strange - we didn't talk much last night in all the excitement.I am completely in her hands at the moment - not knowing a thing about this new land - but we are happy people - about to have our first whole day together.We spend most of today tasting a variety of transportation - taxi cabs, metered/unmetered, with or without air-con, jeepneys, motorised tricycles - in an effort to find somewhere to change my traveller's cheques. Ended up going to Makati - trusty, fiesty Mayen by my side, holding the money for the cabs - negotiating good deals - getting more and more exasperated at her fellow countrymen - treating "foreigner" here like the Golden Goose - the penultimate taxi driver typifying the bad deal - unmetered, no air-con, challenging us for a healthy tip even before we start - he took a "short cut" through shanty town, the squatters in the fishermens village - crowded, narrow, rust coloured streets - we made sure the doors were locked - the cab showing more and more signs of something terminally wrong with it - eventually giving up completely in a gas station - the driver pouring buckets of water over the engine to cool it down - hood up - we were told to find another cab. I don't think we gave him his healthy tip.[Here again, my detractors have really tried to make a meal out of me using "Golden Goose" - an innocent enough phrase - surely preferable to the phrase I hear later in this adventure "Fat White Monkey."Unfortunately, it is an inescapable reality - it is not a posture one has to assume - it is presumed by many who see "foreigner" - that here is an opportunity to "up" the going rate. It is an undeniable truth - proving anyone who cares to argue this point has either never been to the Philippines - or that they are a liar - trying to conceal the truth behind their words.]During the day I broke a tooth on some hard pork we had for lunch [I had heard that the Filipinos loved their food - what an understatement!] We shopped for a SIM card for my cellphone to lessen the expense of texting. Sat outside in the new and enormous Mall of Asia, on the Baywalk - drinking coffee.We go to Mayen's room in the early evening - she takes a shower - a simple room, rented for her by the firm she works for, and shared with her work colleagues occasionally - a bed, a water cooler, electric fan, rice cooker, basic kitchen utensils, clothes neatly folded in a large suitcase type bag, a bed for guests folded alongside the dining table and chairs. This is a small, hot room. I go outside for a cigarette while Mayen showers - waiting on the stairs as I prepare my roll up - the door of the room at the bottom of the stairs opens - out steps a girl dressed in just a slip carrying some freshly washed item of clothing to hang on the drying rails - seeing me lurking there on the stairwell, she apologises and - embarrassed, disappears straight back inside her room. I go out beyond the gate for a smoke. A grubby and almost skinny white cat of Siamese variety lounges on top of the perimeter wall - the security guard lounges on a plastic chair just inside the entrance to this little compound.We then go to Mayen's "homebase" as she calls it - the sales office and greet her friends and colleagues.Our first full day together - hand in hand - as close as two bodies can be - growing, expanding in our love and trust for each other. We all went for a meal together at East 19 [I think it was called] overlooking Victoriana housing project, with lightning flashing all around on the horizon - but a fresh breeze blowing.My cellphone doesn't like the heat. I love Mayen so completely, so deeply - I am changing.Unto the four winds did I shout your name,And kept alight that sacred flameBefore the altars of Sun and Moon,Underneath a vault of stars,I offered prayer, t[...]

6 - Taal Lake

Wed, 27 Aug 2008 21:21:00 +0000

Journey 5DAY THREEWhen I meet youFace to face,For a moment or two,I'll shut my eyes,Breath deeplyInto my heart,The knowing,The comfort,The loveThat lives there,Flick through memories,And paint my eyesWith the coloursI have seen you wear,Dip into theRefreshing watersOf a poolAlready overflowing.Our companyAlready shared,To love youI've already dared.I've come to meetYou from without,Yet reach you stillWithin.And soul will greetAnother soul,As closeAs they have always been.Not sleeping too well after my strange dream - I was woken by the phone - Mayen was obviously already in reception - we had arranged to meet for breakfast.My goodness, I was so pleased to see Mayen again - we greeted like old friends, close lovers. After breakfast we retired to room 304 - I had a shower - and we just hung around in the room - I had the occasional doze.The latter end of the morning - via tricycle - jeepney - we found an air-con van that would drive us to Tagaytay and Taal lake - the site of a volcano.The driver, Elmer, after all the other passengers had left the van, was ours for the rest of the day - all the Tagalog chat that had taken place between him and Mayen was her negotiating a fee.As we approached the high ground - essentially the rim of the giant crater - it started to rain, very heavily - and any good views down to the lake disappeared in mist, so we stopped at a small roadside cafeteria for food and rest.First we were persuaded, by a street seller who had followed us inside, to buy and taste Espasol - a sort of powder covered jelly, made from coconuts and rolled in paper wraps - hmm - a little tasty, but disappointing really - next, a large pot of Bula - a big joint of pork in soup. After a strangely sweet cup of coffee, the rain seems to be stopping - back into the van - climbing up again, we find - a Starbucks - yeah!A very good view of the lake, the top deck of the place is open - good - a smoke and coffee with chocolate cake - with the woman I love and am going to marry - perfect.Many text messages going on - back and forth - I get to speak to Mayen's boss on the phone - Sir Francis. He's very kindly offered us his services for a day out - he'll take us to see the Tierra Maria Farm Estate housing project and maybe a beach if we'd like - we agree that will be Saturday.How kind, I thank him very much - Mayen and I do much talking. She really appreciates having such a "kind, humble man" for a boss.Picking up Elmer and the van we drive back to Manila - en route stopping for some Buko pie [again from coconuts - again very disappointing] some fresh mangos and pineapples. We put them in the fridge at homebase and go out for an evening meal after showering at the hotel - together.The chinese restaurant was just in the process of closing up for the night, but they served us - we did not finish the food and it was wrapped up in plastic bags for us to take away - Mayen - ever thoughtful - wanted to take it for her work colleagues (her closest friends really) to eat the next day.Now - this morning, walking to catch the tricycle, Mayen looked at me and said, quite simply "Timmy, I will sleep with you tonight - I missed you last night," quite matter of fact.Needless to say, the effect those words had on my heart, mind and body were immediate and very pronounced - I had to adjust my shoulder bag to continue walking without embarrassment.I had not anticipated, nor had I any expectations of physical love - slumbering dreams yes, that I had dared not awaken - but I had never dwelt on the thoughts. We had never discussed this, nor, I hope, will we - it flows from the soul - it accompanies my love for her - a deep and intrinsic part of the whole of my feelings for her - and completes the perfection of finding my soulmate.I shan't go into details here - we showered before bed - very gently, supremely tenderly, my whole being ove[...]

7 - Shopping

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Journey 6DAY FOURLips close around a lover's seal,Much more than just a kiss,And doors in heartsSwing open wide,Secure and safe in this,Souls escape and flying high,Free as birds inside the breath,They rise to meet,In a long moment of playWith their own reflection,Absorbing the warmth of another sun,Sharing, knowing another love.Two spirits, dancing as one,Lost in the clouds of ecstasy.To some, maybe, it's just a kiss.But you and me, I pray,Such bliss.We went shopping - Mayen wanted to buy presents for her family - we were going to fly south to her province later in the week.OK, before we go into the "golden goose" theory - I know all about that - and now I have seen, first hand, the desperate poverty here as well - it is cruel - really hard for people. Mayen, on our first day, calmly walked into a shoe shop and bought herself some new slippers [posh flip-flops] with my money - I'd given her control of it - hadn't worked out quite what it was worth - she enjoyed the feeling of having money for a change - I enjoyed the feeling of generosity - what is mine is hers. Making a peso here and there is as instinctive as breathing. Amidst all the religious slogans pasted everywhere, their faith is a sugar coating for the very bitter pill they consume daily, just scratching a living.But - with exceptions of course - they are wonderful, sweet and joyful - bahala na - they would say - I love the country and the people - Mayen I would die for. I didn't enjoy feeling like the golden goose, nor did I wallow about in my new found role as benefactor, courtesy of the exchange rate - I am all too well aware of my own struggle back in the UK - all relationships are a trade off in some respect - I don't mind this one tiny bit - I am hopelessly, divinely in love and Mayen is a wonderful, kind, bright, humorous girl, full of joy despite her struggles - and I don't doubt the genuine love she has for me - it's just in her terms, through her eyes - as much as she is the answer to my prayer, I am the answer to hers.Shopping here is an unbelievable experience. Due to the struggle for employment and the horrendously low minimum wage [£3.00 per day!] stores are hopelessly overstaffed - by devoted, conscientious and stunningly beautiful and courteous employees - desperate to cling on to their jobs. Nothing is too much trouble - everything is folded, packed in a meticulous way - and all with such a genuine smile - it's amazing.We bought baby socks for a new family addition - baby shoes - there's a baptism happening, but poor Mayen will miss it - accompanying me back to Manila - she has to resume her work. Chocolate - very expensive - lots of chocolate, T shirts for a brother's birthday. I already had some gifts for mum and dad - some perfume and cologne.I was touched earlier to see Mayen, in her room, sort through all of her clothes - hard earned - to find what she no longer needed - to pass on to her sisters or nieces.Bought a new battery for my cellphone - you can probably get anything in Manila - every nook and cranny outside the big SM malls is crammed with every conceivable type of shop, work shop, repair shop - everyone scratching a living in their own little niche market - and working hard as well.We had lunch in the open air on a deck of the mall - Gerry's - it was the franchise owner's birthday - some of the staff were partying outside as well - I made the mistake of ordering a "western" dish - a club sandwich - it was awful compared to the succulent, fresh food that Mayen ordered - of course there was enough to go round - a delicious Buko Pandan - lime jelly, condensed milk and scrapings of fresh Buko (young coconut flesh) Masarap! a word I think I got to use more than any other - delicious!.Did I hand you the key to my heart?Or, maybe you saw it lying there -Mostly buried in the mud?One lucky reflec[...]

8 - Day with Sir F

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Journey 7DAY FIVEWe meet Sir Francis after our breakfast - breakfast is a strange affair - "Korean or American?" we are asked, "Coffee or juice?"Korean is - rice, an assortment of fishy things, a salad - I tended to go for American, which was - rice, a sausage or leg of cold chicken on alternating days, a salad, a fried egg. But the staff at the hotel [part of a Korean chain of hotels] are so respectful - bowing to us upon our appearance - always a cheerful smile.We meet at the homebase - I meet his colleague George Mendoza - [responsible for the edited photograph of Mayen - which appeared on her profile at DIA] - a big time broker and we all discuss the possibility of me setting up a website in the UK as an outlet for Tierra Maria Estates - strangely echoing thoughts I had much earlier when contemplating Mayen coming to the UK.After a couple of hours drive in Sir Francis's 4 x 4 we arrive at Lipa City, the town just outside which is the housing project.It took me a while to understand all this project business - and it was kindly explained to me on the journey as we listened to a double CD of Cliff Richard - the simple lyrics tugging at my heart strings. I was missing being close to Mayen - she was only on the back seat - and occasionally I would reach around behind my seat to give her a gentle foot massage - often turning round and blowing kisses.The Americans redistributed the land after Spanish colonisation. It was broken up into subdivisions of titled property lots - mostly farm or agricultural land. Roads were built and houses, shops, churches, motor repairs etc. sprang up alongside these roads, mainly in a single line, behind which is agricultural land or forest.The Islands are split up into Provinces, regions, Cities & Municipalities, which in turn are split up into Barangays or Barrios and houses are built upon subdivisions of land within these areas. Housing projects are springing up all over the place as the Philippines undergoes a rapid transformation and development. They consist of lots of land - cleared or uncleared of forest - laid out with roads and utilities such as water, electricity and telephone.The purchasers usually make their own arrangements to have a house built to their specification upon the land, conforming to the guidlines of that particular project. The newer projects are often very pronounced affairs, enclosed behind perimeter walls with grand entrance gates, security, sometimes with a clubhouse and communal pool.The Tierra Maria Estate is slightly different in that it is designed to appeal to those who are interested in residential or backyard farming - fruit, vegetables or aquaculture and as such it is a stipulation that each individual house may only occupy up to 25% of the total lot area. The land is thick with coconut palms, some very old trees and coffee trees producing a special coffee only grown there.As we drove around to a commentary from Sir Francis - I fired off many questions - and sat with a board on my lap - a large map of the whole site, with coloured pins marking the sold or unsold lots.The site's developer, a cousin of Sir Francis, is a very religious man - hence the name of the project - Ground of Maria - Mary's Ground - and statues of the Virgin Mary are erected in the grounds. There is a meditation park - it's all very lush, fresh and peaceful. Marketed towards retiring people, or as second homes or investment.tierra maria websiteAfter the tour we go into the town for lunch. Sir Francis thinks I will enjoy Crispy Pata - he was right - masarap! - a delicious meal of a large, deep fried knuckle of pork with crispy skin - with rice - a buko shake - followed by a coffee. Lots of good conversation - so good in fact - we go outside for a smoke and then climb in the car preparing to drive off - until M[...]

9 - To Leyte

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Journey 8DAY SIXLight and shadow, equally,Can show how much I feel for thee -Love's just begun,But there is pain -One brings the sun,The other, rain,Yet both allow my heart to seeHow precious you've become to me.A busy day - I'll keep it all brief. Breakfast - taxi driver doesn't show up, despite Mayen texting him the night before, so we hail one from the kerbside. Tata - the beginning of quite a morning with Tata - we have to be at the Cebu Pacific office before ten o'clock to collect and pay for the tickets.Queue - we are number 19 - the counter is showing No 82 a long wait ahead - a kind man holding a young child gives us his ticket that he no longer needs for some reason - No 6 - aha - things are looking up. Later on Mayen gives our old ticket to a latecomer in the queue. Mayen is besotted by a beautiful little girl sitting astride her father's shoulders - maternal instincts coming right to the surface - we keep seeing this couple for the rest of the day. Collect the ticket - rejoin Tata who takes us to the duty free shopping mall.Quite a lot of security - we buy some Fundador brandy for Mayen's father - I get some tobacco - the brand is called Domingo - and it's Sunday today - we look at some rings - I said I'd buy Mayen a ring - a token - there are not too many to choose from but we both like one depicting two intertwining hearts - but I've not enough cash and can't draw any more - so that idea gets put aside for a while.Tata drives us back to the hotel - we check out [I've already booked the room again for Thursday night - our last night together - I don't want to think about that] - load our bags.The other taxi driver shows up out of the shadows and really annoys Mayen by insisting on being paid for waiting for us - cheek - to get rid of him Mayen pays him - she is really upset to observe again her fellow countrymen trying their hardest to squeeze every peso out of her when they see her with me, presuming that I am rich - well it's only the exchange rate that makes me rich over here - I am not rich, only lucky - so lucky - in that sense I'm rich beyond imagination.Tata drives us to the Festival Shopping Mall, in the same compound as the duty free shop - but first we drive via Mayen's room - deposit all we don't need for the trip - take some clothes to the laundry right alongside - and deposit Mayen's keys back at homebase for the other girls to be able to use the room. Tata crawls along back to the main road as we are still looking for a jewellery shop. No luck - we head off for lunch.Tata joins us - noodles, banana shake - Masarap! - then off to the airport.The experience of Manila Airport - the domestic terminal - it's hot and crowded - queue to get inside - first security check - queue to check in - queue to pay terminal fee - queue for second security check - the brandy is not allowed in our hand luggage - Argh!What do we do? Sell it to one of the staff? No, we head back to the check in going straight to the front of the queue - they take it in the hold with all the chocolates - I hope they survive the journey - back for another security check with "Haven't I seen you before?" looks from the guards and into the waiting lounge. A chance to cool off in the only area so far with adequate air-con.Great teams of airline support girls chat away behind their desks - again - overstaffing - but it's still a gentle chaos. The flight is twenty minutes late - but eventually we land in the relative peace on the Island of Leyte at Tacloban airport.Very small scale compared to Manila. The chocolate and brandy have survived.We are greeted by an airport taxi driver, employed by Cathay Pacific airline - there are no cabs in the city - only tricycles and jeepneys. The girl sitting next to Mayen on the flight suggested we try the Man[...]

10 - To the Barrio

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Journey 9DAY SEVENThe first thing after my shower I go to the Mercury Drugstore just across the road for some Imodium for my stomach.They sell tablets individually - not everyone can afford to buy complete packets - so I bought four - and some fresh milk. I noticed as I was weaving through the traffic crossing the road that Mayen, with a towel wrapped around her head, was peeping out of the hotel window at me to see if I was safe - I waved at her. Had a cigarette outside the hotel soaking up the hubbub of the hot morning.We checked out of the hotel.I thought that our original plan was to get a cab to the bus terminal and find a bus that would take us as far as Mayen's province - but all the dialect going on in the cab was Mayen negotiating with Ado to drive us all the way - and she had arranged for him to come and pick us up and return us to the airport on the Thursday. So we loaded our bags into Ado's cab and he drove us off to the Tacloban branch of McDonalds - McDoh as they call it - for breakfast. Still rather cautious of how my stomach was feeling I ordered something safe - rice, egg, Longganisa (or something vaguely meaty) and coffee.We purchased some oranges and Fuji apples outside on the steps - drove off to visit a grocery store for water and provisions for our stay.After this we headed off for the very south of the Island - first taking a slight detour to see the San Juanico bridge - a very long structure that joins the island of Samar to the island of Leyte.The journey to Pintuyan takes us about three hours with stops for photos. We wind through the small villages and communities scattered about the mountainous terrain, travelling south - always lush with some stunning scenery.We eventually cross the small Wawa bridge connecting mainland Southern Leyte to Panaon Island - a small island of only four municipalities: Lilo-an, Pintuyan, San Ricardo and San Fransisco.The island suffered dreadfully in recent years with whole barrios being swept away by severe landslides with great loss of life.There is now a new road that sweeps over the bridge and continues down the island - almost finished - but ever improvising - the hot white concrete surface is already used to dry coconuts for the copra trade - every so often we had to drive around a great swathe of drying coconut halves.The view from Wawa bridge, named after the serious whirlpools that occur in the channel between - Panaon Island on the left - Southern Leyte on the right.Mayen on the Wawa bridge - behind her is Southern Leyte. There are no taxis here on the island - hardly any cars - the transport is motorcycle - or habal-habal - a motorcycle with an extended rear seat. Our first port of call is at Mayen's sister's house where we will be staying.We are greeted by Susana, Mayen's mother - I notice the local greeting - bringing the offered hand up to touch the forehead - and the many members of Mayen's close and extended family - though not all - some are at the baringay - we are in the municipality of Pintuyan at the moment - some are travelling from other islands to arrive later - and one brother, I learn, is still missing at sea - now for 3 or 4 years - he failed to return home after a storm as he was out fishing on his own at night - leaving behind a wife and two children - both girls, who live in the baringay in Mayen's family house together with two other brothers, one who is "bakla" - gay - and walks around the house with a padded bra [I think] and a dress - it is just accepted here that some are born to be "bakla" - Mayen tells me she was the first to notice this when he would always prefer to play with her dolls - altogether, a confusing multitude of people - I will take a long time to learn who is who and even longer to become fa[...]

11 - Picnic

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Journey 10DAY EIGHTToday, after breakfast, a few of us ventured into the Municipality (the town) - just a short walk to where the shops are.Tasted the local bread in town - there are lots of varieties to choose from - the ones I ate looked like yellowish scones and tasted sweet - masarap!Walk down to the quay and take a couple of photos.We were overcharged for the vegetables - Mayen gets upset when we get home - the first time I have seen her cry - I, conceitedly, think that she is upset about us having to part at the end of the week - and try to comfort her - blah, blah - she 's actually fed up with some of her family members trying to fleece the golden goose.At lunchtime, the nephews and nieces all return home from the local school for an hour and a half - some of them will be absent from school this afternoon.Mayen had promised that I would get to try a local delicacy - one of her favourite foods - sea urchin - fresh from the sea. I had no idea how fresh - the family had previously arranged with, and paid, a fisherman to collect a great pile of sea urchins, which was strewn amongst the rocks down on the seashore. We were going to have a picnic - Filipino style.We all trooped off, carrying plastic containers of rice, noodles, a variety of banana which had been baked [tasted more like potato - not sweet at all, just a starchy carbohydrate] and walked down to where the fisherman had deposited the harvest from the sea.To eat a sea urchin - they were all still alive - their little black spines bristling away - you smash open the top, remove virtually all of the inside leaving behind the strange, sponge like, buff coloured ribs that are lining the inside of the shell. This is the edible part. The whole process stains the fingers a deep red. The taste is unlike anything else - full of Iodine - it tastes very medicinal, slightly salty of course. I tasted the chewy part of a clam that had also been collected - got stuck in, as by now I had learnt to, noodles, rice - the bananas.All the time out in the hot sun - ignorant of the fact that my feet were gradually getting extremely sunburnt. Mayen hadn't noticed, but advised me to go and sit in the shade - suggesting that I don't sit directly under any of the coconut trees, for obvious reasons. I just got on with photographing the whole happy scene.I would regret not heeding her advice for the remainder of my trip as my feet got very swollen - at times making it difficult to walk - and attracting even more unusual stares from passers by. "It's alright" I would say "All Englishmen have big, bright red feet."I didn't write much about today - so I'll let the photographs tell their own story.I play a little more on the keyboard later on in the day.After the evening meal, Mayen and I walk down to the sea again - she tells me the story of the night her brother disappeared at sea - she was at school at the time, on another Island when she heard the news - and the valiant attempts of her father, hiring a local pump boat and crew at great expense to scour the coastal regions for any traces.We just sat there listening to the gentle sound of the ocean.Back to the house to get our rest and "make babies" - in silence.There once was a time,Quite how long agoI just can't recall.There once was a man,And who was he?I don't know at all.Some say it was me,Before I knew you.All this could be true,But it escapes me now.For I cannot imagine,Or think of how,There once were daysWithout your trace,A heart without hope,A dream with no face.This brand new world'sA far happier place,And I'm learning to walk,Hand in hand with Grace.Click the flags to read about all the alarm bells.ARCHIVES - NAVIGATION - LINKS - STATISTICS - BELOW.This is the Genuine Hos[...]

12 - Sister arrives

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Journey 11DAY NINEFirst thing in the morning, after a shower and breakfast, Mayen and I walk down to the seashore to buy a fish to be prepared for the family later on in the day.I regret not bringing my camera when I see the big fish, a maja-maja, dead eyes staring at me, mouth open wide, as it is chopped up by the fisherman on a crude table outside.We return to the house carrying the pieces of fish in a plastic carrier bag, one of its eyes pressed up against the inside of the bag. At least I'll get a photo of this when back at the house, I thought to myself.While reloading my camera with film - there's some activity going on in the kitchen - Mayen, realising my wish to have taken a photo of the fish has asked the fisherman to come up to the house - there he is, busily reconstructing the pieces of fish on a plate by the kitchen sink. How amenable is that?After a while we go back to the shore, to the same spot - Mayen's sister, who she stayed with while schooling - was arriving with five of her six children from the island of Mindanao - from the town Surigao, right on the north of the island, not too far away - arriving soon at the quay here by pump boat [a small passenger ferry] travelling over, apparantly, one of the deepest stretches of ocean in the world.Mayen takes a beautiful photo with my cellphone of two yellow flowers we find lying on the shore - I will find a means to post it here sometime.[Here it is - having lived inside my phone for 3 years]We chat and watch armies of termites crawling over the tree above us. Eventually the ferry comes in to view and we head back to the house - this time I have my camera and I pause to take a shot of the fisherman's table.By the time we arrive back on the road, Mayen spots her sister, Christy, and family already walking past and rushes excitedly to greet them.I am introduced, my red feet explained, and we walk back to the house with much laughter and happiness.Wherever Mayen and I go in the Municipality we cause great amusement and arouse the curiosity in the many children we meet and often they just stop and stare at us - we take the liberty of play acting in front of them - dancing in the street - singing.We arrive back at the house to find "bakla" brother having a pedicure in preparation for his big night from a local woman. She has a busy time, after about three hours solid, sprucing up various family members she suddenly fell to the floor, having a fit. After coming round, having the abrasion on her face tended to and a glass of water, she collected her things and a few pesos for her work and left - staggering and spitting as she disappeared down the road.It was a fishy day altogether today - at some point in the morning Mayen's father appeared, carrying a small tuna fish.The clamour of the day, subsided,I'm surrounded by my own space,And time stretching out before me.A crescent moon tonight,Rising in the western sky,Needle sharp at each end,Pricks my mind,Causing me again to think of you,Devotion now lies to the east,My heart, in supplication,Turns and remembers,I offer a secret, whispered prayer.Click the flags to read about all the alarm bells.ARCHIVES - NAVIGATION - LINKS - STATISTICS - BELOW.This is the Genuine Hospital Scams site. It is not the ILLEGAL CLONE SITE Set up by John Phillips Bengero for DEFAMATION PURPOSES.[...]

13 - Bakla basketball

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Journey 12DAY NINE (cont'd)The magic in your hands,Bestowed upon you -A gift that flooded inWith the sunlightThe day you were born -An abundance of Grace,That follows your days,Comforts your nights -Giving you, you alone -The power to strip awayMy falsehood -All that is in meThat is not life -Of life and for life.You expose my very soulTo the elements of God,The raging torrent of love,Cyclones of passion,Soft clouds,Billows of tenderness,All of nature's urgent rainbow,Heaven's living miracle.I see new depths,New pinnacles,They reveal to meYour astonishing touch,You have kissed meWith realityAnd shown it to be Divine -Oh how sure is my prayer,For you to soon be mine?Let us light a fire in this world,A beacon, in a high place,That others may see,An everlasting mercy,How blesséd we may be,With truth - at last,Out of disguise,Life, standing nakedBefore us,Her fragrance, aloneWe breath - not maskedBy swirls of heady incence -True riches -More precious even than gold -To feel that pulse,Life's beating heart,To know and share,His supremest art within ourselves.Only the Almighty handCould create such a wonder as this,Finding you,Joining you,Becoming oneWith only you,I become one with eternity.This evening, postponed from an earlier night due to heavy rain - we are to be entertained.The weekend sees the Barrio Fiesta - when the local saint is honoured and great festivities happen - it is localised to the baringay, the particular area [like a parish] in which the family house is.Already, along the roadside outside the house, stalls are being set up - and the whole atmosphere is lifting in anticipation. Tonight, Mayen's "bakla" brother has organised a "bakla" basketball tournament in the playground of the small school just down the road, next to the small local chapel. This will be followed by a talent contest - featuring the singing talent of the locals - one of Mayen's nieces is to take part.I take some photos from outside the chapel where a service is being held, having been attracted there by the singing. Mayen joins me, accompanied by two of her newly arrived nieces and ushers me in to sit at the back of the chapel for the rest of the service.We sit down on broken plastic chairs - Mayen invites me to make a donation to the church. I try my best to join in with the Tagalog words projected on to a screen as hymns are sung, but I don't recognise the tunes either. Someone at the front, who I can't see, is playing the accompaniment on an electric guitar - rather well.After emerging from the service, the whole street is buzzing - I take some photos of children playing in the school playground - they are so happy just entertaining themselves - playing a variety of different games - a delight to watch.Just outside Mayen's family house a woman has set up a makeshift barbecue out of breeze blocks - I taste the skewered pigs intestine - curiously curly, like a pigs tail - covered in a sweet sauce - it is delicious - very like liver.We go inside the family house - the three men who were conducting the mass in the chapel are sat down, feasting at the table - underneath a picture of the last supper made from glittery coloured tinfoil, hanging on the wall.It is local protocol - families take their turn to feed the churchmen.We sit and wait by the open door for the family meal being prepared in the kitchen - when suddenly the power cuts out - left in darkness - and much muttering - oil lamps and candles are hunted by the light of cellphones - it happens regularly - often during the day when it is shut down for repairs on the line.The last supper continues by candle light and we go back outside - the festivities won't happen if there is no [...]

14 - To Manila

Tue, 19 Aug 2008 21:09:00 +0000

Journey 13DAY TENUp early - we go for a swim at the place where we bought the fish. The sea is glorious - clear - fish swimming around us - and incredibly warm - the sun still below the crests of the coconut palms. We cuddle, swim, lots of kissing in the water - we discuss ideas for starting up a business - right here in Pintuyan - it is so beautiful and Mayen would be close to her family - and this beloved place she misses so much, having to work in Manila.We return to the house - very happy people indeed.I shower and we pack our bags. Ado arrives from Tacloban after a really early start and we are driven with "mum" in the front passenger seat, in the air-con comfort of the cab to the barrio, where we start the farewell process - Mayen's uncle, her grandmother, the newly arrived sister - we are ushered into the chapel by Mayen's mother where we light candles - she told me to say a prayer to ask that I be allowed to return here. What else could have been in my heart at that moment?I waited in the shade of a tree for a while, where the cab was parked and chatted and smoked with Ado - we talk about cars, crocodiles - he practiced his English & I roll him one of my liquorice paper cigarettes.The family adults all gather for a meal -Mayen has already started discussing our ideas for a business - one of our ideas that we talked about during our swim was to open an air-conditioned supermarket. My initial concern was that we should not be responsible for putting out of business any of the small shops already there - many of which already seemed to be stocking the same sort of goods.Later on Mayen tells me that she has been discussing business ideas with her father - he suggested to her that one of the better business opportunities in that area is in coconut farming - for the copra business, perhaps I could buy some land for him to administer?This conversation took place without me being present.The idea was to purchase a few lots of land, very cheap in this area, they are already populated by mature trees - little upkeep - nature renews the stock every four or five months - little in the way of labour costs for harvesting. Mayen told me that when landowners get into financial difficulties, a loan of money to them - nowhere near the worth of the land - against the title to the property, in default of repayment of the loan within a specified period of time - can mean that sometimes land can be aquired very cheaply indeed.I must admit - it sounded extremely risky.I sent some astrology readings to Mayen after our first night of contact - they suggested quite strongly that we would make good business partners - and I see that quite clearly now - Mayen does seem to have a very astute mind for business.Outside again - I am introduced to a cheerful lady - Lisa - she played the guitar in the chapel yesterday - I shake her hand and tell her how much I enjoyed her playing. We all had a great laugh when I asked if she also did heavy metal or grunge.After quite an emotional farewell to most of the adults - particularly Mayen's parents - I officially state my intentions to Mayen's father and thank her mother for the welcoming hospitality.We set off in the taxi - I hear a voice from the front of the cab - I think at first that it is Ado talking in a very strange way but soon realise that it is Mayen's slightly built sister-in-law sitting, completely concealed in front of me. She's getting a lift as far as San Fransisco [I think] - travelling along the road built by the company she presently works for - a Thai-Italian construction consortium. She wants to collect her final wage packet - the road is almost com[...]

15 - Last moments

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Journey 14DAY ELEVENTEN THOUSANDA face that hides ten thousand secrets,Eyes that reach as many milesInto the corners of my soul,Lips to kiss ten thousand times,And paint upon ten thousand smilesFrom whence those secrets will be told.Ten thousand silkworms spun the hair,Who's colour, darkest night gave style.The stars, within her hand she holdsTo cast, with love, to whom she cares.I think one fell to me awhile,So I return, ten thousand fold.Up at a reasonable hour - 9 ish - head straight to the drug store after breakfast in the hotel for Anti-histamine tablets and Amoxycillin for my feet - these in combination with my anti-malaria tablets make me feel all woozy as we head for the SM mall to eat and buy Mayen a new cellphone - her old one is giving up - I could never successfully phone her from the UK.We have a good brunch at Max's - choose the cellphone and head to a small coffee booth on the ground floor where we sit - I smoke, drink coffee as we sort out the SIM card and enter a few important numbers. The SMS soon start to flow.Back at the hotel we have more coffee in the reception area.All around us preparations for a Filipino wedding - a posh one at that - men wielding great chunky video cameras film the bride as she glides down the stairs - followed by her mother - then her father. A long white mercedes parked outside, with a large bouquet attached to the radiator grill, gave the game away as we approached the hotel. I can see Mayen's thoughts whirring - and to be honest - my imagination is working overtime as well.We keep strong - it's time to go to the airport.I check in and meet Mayen for a final fifteen minutes in a restaurant. It's all quite bearable as long as we are together - we can do anything.The time comes - I see Mayen off in a taxi cab, watching her being whisked off to continue with her life, that I knew so little about. It was a strangely unemotional farewell - very business like and swift.I feel dreadfully alone as I wander through the milling crowds through security and in to the waiting lounge.I receive an SMS from Mayen while sat in the lounge - but cannot reply for some reason. I hunt down a payphone and using my last pieces of Filipino coinage manage to speak to her. That was the last time I heard her voice - just before boarding the plane to Hong Kong.I ask my neighbour on the plane to translate some of the other SMS messages that have arrived on my phone for Mayen who had been using it all the time - nothing critical - but there still was the important one from her - in English - saying that she loved me - and that she would wait.[I wrote the following passage at Hong Kong airport.]My world is strangely silent now - and suddenly spinning on its own orbit - no longer two bodies in a dance of attraction - pulled together around the sun of a mutual love.Like a dream just gone - I feel the sharp focus of my memories beginning to blur - the intricate detail becoming fuzzy, receding fast, speeding away into the past.But I know that same speed is pulling me towards a future - the adventure continues - I still find myself in two worlds - the world of faith, surrender to love's destiny - and less often now - the frightening world of doubt, of fear - and I feel I know which of those two worlds is the true one. Yet the disguise, the illusion is at times so convincingly deceptive.What have I just been through? The amazing, kaleidoscopic - fairground world of Manila - hustling, bustling - all the time alive - sometimes disgustingly so - having to breath those eye stinging exhaust fumes. I see the less positive side of their inheritance from the years [...]

16 - Waiting

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Journey 15A MONTH ONPhotographs have the unfortunate habit of usurping feelings, replacing them with something purely visual, in a reference that is only courtesy of the camera lens.They give me the same sensation as walking through a waxworks.What is crucial for me to remember is exactly how I was feeling when these photographs were taken.Memory is an ephemeral, fragile thing - however my feelings exist at such a deep place inside me - I am never going to forget the power those moments had to change the thrust of my life. Mayen and I are still regularly keeping in touch - via the humble means at our disposal.I have planned another trip in August - mainly because I am desperate to be with her again - and to sort out various plans and explore in more detail ideas for our future. Progress seems laboriously slow on the home front - there is so much to be done - and my guilt at keeping poor Mayen waiting - so patiently, bless her - adds to the overall discomfort.I am faced with poisonous attitudes from some of those people around me - which at times have encouraged, reconstituted my own early fears and doubts. I have battled willfully against this - my faith being victorious - I am now so resolute that, no matter what, no matter when - I will marry Mayen - we will live a happy, prosperous life together in the Philippines.We will not be defeated by time or space - we are as close as ever - and constantly growing in trust and respect - excited and full of wonder, as always, by our seemingly miraculous happiness.Ours will be no shooting starTo burn up soon,Without a trace,Or like the moon,That shines afar,No smile upon her face,But as the sun,So warm, so bright,Our days are spunWith rays of light,Threads of fire,Woven gold,Young love's desireWhile hearts grow old.God bless you all.I have another very strange dream - riding in a horse drawn carriage I arrive in the forecourt of a large, sombre castle.As the carriage crunches across the gravel and makes a turn to the left I look up - standing behind the castellated boundary - up on the roof - two hooded figures - both women - I know them to be members of Mayen's family.One of them points out and I hear "Mayen is here - she's waiting for you."In the dream my cellphone rings - it's Mayen. I don't get to hear what the call is about - for at that point I wake up.Click the flags to read about all the alarm bells.ARCHIVES - NAVIGATION - LINKS - STATISTICS - BELOW.This is the Genuine Hospital Scams site. It is not the ILLEGAL CLONE SITE Set up by John Phillips Bengero for DEFAMATION PURPOSES.[...]

17 - Hindsight

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Journey 16Poverty is cruel. I suggest that impoverishment is more cruel.To be living in the outfall of corruption, the moral pollution that spills out and all around - impoverishment is the effect on the human soul.To be like a child in the shadow of a parent who has turned away, turned their back. Only an impoverished soul could employ love as a means to satisfy the complete opposite - and I don't mean simply hatred - but lovelessness, avarice, contempt.Only a soul that was starved of the experience, the possibility of genuine love would attempt such a devious disguise with full conscience.Each country walks its own unique path through history - the path trodden by the Philippines has been cruelly twisted.*They wish to come to the table - they are reaching out a hand to the rest of the world.But what of the table manners that this cruel path, including the present day, has taught the Philippines?We welcome the beautiful Philippines and their wonderful people to the table, but we must take their hand - and with the assistance of our governments - stamp out one or two deviations in manners - that at the moment seem to suggest, to a few, that they can hide under the table - and share the meal. * Please read this to understand just how cruel.Okay - now please remove the rose tinted spectacles, crush them under your feet and put on the brown pair.Almost as hard for me to believe as it is to bear - this has come to an abrupt end.I admit to being carried along on a cloud of self-delusion, which my ego found very agreeable, to which I ascribed the word love.As we shall see - things cannot be so.I will leave the previous chapters in this journey completely untouched - so they may be read for what they are - the musings of a big fish - caught upon a dirty hook - believing that he was about to be lifted into paradise pond, when in reality - all the time - he was secretly being prepared for someone else's feast.So here are all the bits I left out - plus a few that I left in - but their selection will show you that there are always two sides to every coin.I was virtually immediately snapped up to take part in these adventures - remember - my first night - my picture not even on display, only the tag "new" and she was there, waiting.Her picture, by the way, had been edited - Mayen openly told me this - once in one of her rare longish emails - & again in the back of a taxi cab, making a point of showing me her ID card. It was then she told me that it had been taken for her ID badge - but she had used it on the dating site.I think it much more likely that it was the other way round.The age range selected for her interest was suitably vast.I admit to playing perfectly into her skillful hands - yes - putty indeed - the unhappy marriage - the burgeoning hope for new horizons - the poetry - ha!I think my contribution to our overall communication must stand at least as high as 80%.No matter how long were my messages to her on the dating site, or my emails to her - apart from two occasions when I emphatically supplied a heading to my message - "Here is your questionnaire" - and bulleted and numbered the questions - only very, very rarely was any comment made by her upon the content of these messages - she explained . . .Hello my dearest tim,I know that your intention to me is true and pure..I can sense it.. imso glad sometimes flattered about you. I know also that everytime iwrote shortly here or even in DIA seems you disappointing coz youwanna know everything and every little details about me and yet youcan't discover it thr[...]

18 - Squeezing

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Journey 17Since my return to the UK there have been occasions when I have been asked to send money - of course - the expected route - via Western Union - untraceable.My interest has been encouraged also in a variety of "business opportunities" - purchasing some land available in Mayen's province - land that is for sale cheaply because the owner needs some money, according to the method outlined in a previous chapter - land that Mayen's father would administer for the Copra trade - interest has been stirred for purchasing condominiums, a franchise in a restaurant chain - requiring a 3 million pesos deposit - not quite my league.I recall now, looking back, on at least a couple of occasions, Mayen quizzed me on why I had no children (if they were to try a scam & I had had a vasectomy, for instance - it would blow the whole thing wide open. Important for this detail to be discovered.)The honey trap was set for me - I ate the honey . . . I was surprised, as I expressed in the journey, when out of the blue the relationship with Mayen became physical.That night I asked her if she was at all concerned about becoming pregnant - should I use contraception, to which she replied that she wasn't bothered and that she thought I would prefer not to - distinctly giving me the impression that our love was to include the possibility of children - whether sooner or later - which was precisely how I felt at the time - desiring passionately to bring new life through our union.I was not rational at all - not thinking of complications, implications - merely being carried along on a tide of love.I was equally surprised that while staying at the family house, after the briefest of inquisitions from Mayen's mother, we were permitted to share the same bed - it seemed to be contrary to the strictly Catholic morality that I had understood ran so deeply in these people.Now I realise that my feet are starting to feel sticky . . .Back in the UK - back from my final week in Jersey - my first day at home, just over a week since leaving Mayen in the taxi at Manila airport. I am busy sending the photos of the journey to her via email.Soon, we are online - chatting - Mayen requests some money to help with the expense of internet cafes, as I am expecting her to chat to me daily if possible.However - Mayen is not feeling well - fever - a stiff neck - very soon the request transforms into a need for money for a health check. Her friend's brother has been hospitalised with Dengue Fever and she is worried that she might have contracted that, although personally, my perception is that there is something else going on here. The following day I send the money - not an enormous amount for me - but a large amount for her to receive.I learn later that Mayen and her colleagues all ate well on one occasion after collecting the money.Having now discovered that I'm willing to play ball with her requests . . .Friday 13th of July - ominous sounding date already - I learn from Mayen that she has had the check up - but she thinks that she is showing symptoms of pregnancy - I knew it - and has to go for another checkup . . . "Timmy, I have to go back to the doctor this day coz i felt something unusual.. my fever is gone and stiff neck but i lose my appetite and i keep on vomiting..feel so weak and im delayed, im suspecting that im pregnant huhuhuhu.. but to make sure have to go for check up again.. i'll just let you know the details after the check up.. I love you..and i mis you a lot my timmyboy..". . . certainly the list of symptoms s[...]

19 - Decision time

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Journey 18Monday 13th AugustNo sleep for me Sunday night - heavy discussions here at home - my wife being thoroughly wonderful throughout - understanding the emotional pressure I am now under - even offering to help pay for some of this from her own savings.Things kick off again internationally - early in the morning - remember they are seven hours ahead of UK time.At 5:34 am UK time, I send two emails marked URGENT to the hospital.They have never been replied to.I'm certain that at first this was intended to be just a simple and quick scam for money - but it had started to go wrong for them.Here is an extract from a chat - the last one we had before the hospital incident. We were making arrangements for my visit the following week. I think Mayen has to do some quick covering up - the fact that she is friends with the money changer in BF Homes (where her old room was) after only 2 occasions that I had sent her money via WU.tim: I'll try to change my money at the airportmayen: why?tim: save us having to go into Makatimayen: is there any travellers check in iarportmayen: money changer?tim: I don't know - but as it's only for the flight - I might just bring British Poundstim: I'm sure there are money changers theremayen: we will still go in makatitim: yah?mayen: i have friend in a money changermayen: in Bftim: we know where to go nowmayen: YES I HAVE THE ADDRESStim: he hemayen: in makatimayen: and i have friend also in bfmayen: money changertim: but not for traveller's cheques?mayen: they have western union theretim: yah?mayen: no traveller's checktim: nopemayen: i usually get your money their in western union that's why we are freindsmayen: heheheThat last remark and then the usual nervous laughter reveals a certain anxiety about what she had told me.I hadn't seen it clearly at the time - I was about to become blinded by my own cloud of dust - if I had either walked away or payed up - which is probably what most people would do in this situation - the gang would have not had to go to such extreme lengths to fabricate their own innocence, by producing the evidence of legitimacy that I insisted on seeing.It was only the depth of my love for Mayen, hoping still for a future together and the absolute necessity I felt to discover the truth - one way or the other - to find out once and for all if I should invest any more trust in Mayen - resolve my guilt - or to face up to my obligations - that kept me forging ahead on this painful trail.My love, all be it for a phantom that was becoming more and more unreal, was not going to vanish overnight.Yes - above all - this was about a human relationship - two people - professing a deep love - who had shared that love.How could any further hellos or even a final goodbye happen until the truth were found?Everything was in suspension - time, evolution for this love, was now standing still.This was not so much about recriminations or blame - as far as I was concerned - it was about finding that true peace of the soul again - either way - a hello or a goodbye - words of understanding, forgiveness or of a most sincere and regretful apology could only be spoken when that truth was finally, unquestionably found.Marivien appears on the messenger. She wants me to write an email to Mayen which she will print out and deliver to the hospital - I pass over my flight details - which Mayen had already received but Marivien needed to know as she was going to meet me at the airport.13/08/07 03:54 amv: Hi tim!v: Good day?tim: hi there mariv[...]

20 - A friend indeed

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Journey 19Let me introduce you to my friend - Jim.It was his suggestion that I revisit the Philippines - for a second opinion, convinced that the beautiful picture of romance that I had been painting for him would start to show a few cracks.Jim has first hand experience - previous encounters with racketeers - the Mafia.Perhaps not on such a global scale as the Mafia - in downtown Manila - but we are essentially dealing with the same sort of underworld. A cocktail of prostitution, money laundering and extortion.We examined the whole of my journey so far with a forensic eye for detail - and it is clear that not only have we discovered and fulfilled the criteria for guilt in Civil Law - "In the balance of probability" - but also those for Criminal Law "Beyond reasonable doubt."Unwittingly - in complete ignorance - I have stumbled into a nest of vipers.It would seem to us that we have the boss man - Sir Francis - with his teams of girls, trawling the internet from dating sites - luring folk into parting with their money on all sorts of false pretences.The only reason this is so successful is because the men have been duped, fooled into thinking that there was a genuine relationship happening - and are therefore highly emotionally involved - feeling great responsibility to the girls of their dreams.Starting out with requests for small amounts - to prime the pump, as it were - and test the willingness of their victim - gradually escalating to larger and larger sums - who knows where it could end - how much it could net for these fraudsters - all neatly tied in to a real estate business.Indeed - in my plans with Mayen we had discussed the purchasing of property - I had been shown condominiums, either already built or "off plan." I know that some, if not all of these, were directly connected to her business.Considering that the law prohibits foreigners owning land, the alliance between a real estate business and dating sites seems like a marriage made in heaven.Who knows what devious ways they would have found to rid me of more and more money - real estate purchasing in the Philippines is a mine-field of potential hazards for the unwary even with a legitimate business. Now we have uncovered the possible association between Tierra Maria (certainly the Marketing Manager) and racketeering - the credentials of this particular company are not looking enticing at all.I had met up again with Sir Francis in Hounslow UK in July, at a Barrio Fiesta - thinking at the time that Mayen was pregnant - anticipating my next visit to see her. He was there representing Tierra Maria Estates. I discovered him sitting inside a tent with various other real estate companies from the Philippines. I had set up a web site at Sir Francis's invitation - to expand the marketing exposure into the UK - and went along to pick up the latest specifications and prices.It is so hard for me to believe that this man, who I had a lot of respect for, was pulling such a big confidence trick on me.Click here for the psychology of scammers.Click here for behaviour analysis.Jim and I talk well into the night - and I end up by handing him my passport and traveller's cheques - to prevent myself from going. I know that the pendulum will swing back to the love I have for Mayen - but I am scared. After all - they know my flight details - they are expecting me to arrive in Manila carrying a wad of cash - I don't know who would have met me at the airport - where I might have been taken - Ma[...]

21 - Non-arrival

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Journey 20On the Tuesday - although I am not peaceful at all within myself - I get no disturbing messages or emails from the Philippines.They think I'm in the air somewhere between Heathrow and Manila.I am expected to land in Manila airport - precisely 4 months, almost to the hour since I first met Mayen online in April.Wednesday morning, at exactly the time my plane was due to land, I get a barrage of SMS on my phone from Mayen - unwittingly I hear one word of a voice message that she leaves - one word was enough - I delete the message.The sound of her voice renders me incapable of rational thought - and perhaps I need a great deal of that from now on.Possibly they don't know whether I was on the flight or not - I decide to keep them guessing - maybe they'll think that I'm lurking in Manila somewhere - checking things out - secretly - in which case Mayen may well be tucked up and tightly bandaged, in a bed provided by the hospital.Up until now, they have been quite content to be the go-betweens for me and Mayen, never once suggesting that I contact the hospital directly, only Mayen - on her cellphone.I expect that the original phone calls might well have come from them in the hospital on the Friday - they would have been sure that I would want to phone the hospital on that day for verification. The hospital staff obviously have been told exactly what to say to me should I phone again.Today, however, they are expecting me to show up - I suspect that Mayen might actually be there again. She told me that her seaman brother was there with her on Monday - just arrived from the province - Sir Francis told me on the Monday that he was with Mayen and her seaman brother the previous night. Later on - in an email - he tells me that Mayen's seaman brother has been with her in the hospital since Wednesday. Now they start encouraging me to phone the hospital.I receive two emails from Sir Francis, sent early morning PH time, Thursday 16th August - the tone of both are insulting and vaguely threatening. The first one was CC'd to Mayen.Hi Tim,Everybody was expecting you to arrive yesterday. As of now, I understand that Mayen is still stuck in the hospital & you have not showed up. Where do we go from here? I hope there is a good explanation for your delay. I'm told that your celphone does not answer either. I'm still hoping that there will be a happy ending to this episode.Tim,Mayen now thinking that you might never come. Please advise what we are to donow?If there is no logical explanation for your delay and unfounded suspicions, thenI think you are an animal of the worst kind. Thursday I get the following offline message from Marivien on Yahoo Messenger.vhienne (8/16/2007 11:07:38 AM): tim good day?vhienne: mayen still at the hospital right now?vhienne: please directly comunicate with here or to the hospital .She's waiting for you?She needs you right plese call here.vhienne: She always cried because she expect you come to see here.vhienne: Please call herevhienne: Thanks so much.So I reply - still pretending that I might be in Manila - and also implying that I might not be alone. Still between a rock and a really hard place - I don't want to lose Mayen - if this all turns out tragically to be true.Tim: The money is no problem - I need a genuine invoice from the hospital.Tim: *Invoice No.Tim: *Patient IDTim: *Doctor's name & licence No.Tim: *Anesthetiologist's name & licence No.Tim: My email to the hospita[...]

22 - Try the Embassy

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Journey 23I receive an email from Mayen on the Friday - now a whole week since she was admitted to hospital. The email was physically written by Marivien, using Mayen's email account. No - I didn't send them my address.August 18,2007Timmy,Im worry free now knowing that you're alright. Marivien told me that you left anoffline messages to her.All i can say is that i have to wait for office days coz the admin of thehospital is off during saturdays and sundays and this coming monday i doubt if they have o office because its holiday. I tried my best to talked to them but i do nothing.Timmy the main reason why i never do it the other day because i thought that youhave verified it already.You are the one who sent me the SMS and you told also that you will come thiswednesday.I was expecting you but even your shadow never came. Now you are claiming thatyour an honourable man, so tell me where is your word of honor.I have here all the receipts and invoices they are all numbered and legitimate. Iwill send it to you through DHL or fast pak.This is the least i could do while waiting for the office day to open.So pleasegive me your address.Timmy, why is this happening to us? Why you let this happen? Why you let otherpeople motivate you instead of yourself?Try to examine yourself. No doubt why your not happy with your married life, thisis because you are weak and coward.Sorry to tell you this but i have to. Now please dont do it to us,dont do it toour love and to our relationship.This is the time i needed you most and the time to prove how strong we are. Iwant you to be strong and brave.You are the one who told that we will work as a team. So, where is it now? Wepromised we will be honest and respect each other and we will trust,now where is it? Timmyboy, I let you enter my life, open my world to you.We had a good memories during your first visit. I introduced to you to my familyand to my friends and collegues for you to know me more. I want you to remember them all as i reminisce them. Please dont be blind, dont be deaf, we are destined to be happy the both of us. Why you let yourself live insuspicions and doubts? Are you happy with it?I swear to God and to the angels in heaven I never lie to you. And Im always beyour bukobaby. I want forget you. All my life i will remember you the scar in my tummy during the operation reminds me of you and to our first angel.I still love you and trying to understand you. I never change my timmyboy. I hopeit will end well.Thanks to Marivien the bearer.Love,MayenI wrote an email to Sir Francis at two of his email addresses - determined that someone get the message that I needed something legitimate from the hospital. I got the impression that the first "quick scam" had gone seriously wrong from their point of view and they were now busying about trying to procure "fake" evidence - trying to fabricate their innocence - because I knew a lot about these people - and it was now apparant to them that I was not going to give up trying to get to the truth - by any means open to me.I expect they just wished I would disappear.Friday 17th AugustTo Marketing Manager, Tierra Maria Estates.Dear Sir Francis Jalbuena,We understand that you have kindly made some monetary deposits on behalf of Mr.Timothy Ellis Cumper.Please would you supply the following information regarding the recent operation on Ma.Ana Samson Betita to relieve an Ectopic Pregnancy at 7 weeks gestation.1) [...]