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[Maxi-Single] SPYAIR - My World (14.03.2012)


New Single by Spyair !!"320 kbps"OFFICIAL SITEMySpace[Maxi-Single] SPYAIR - My World (14.03.2012)TrackLisT1- My World2- Come On3- Beautiful Days (Acoustic Version)DownloaDcredits to Meku(image)

[Preview] LUCHe. [NEW BAND]


Name: LUCHe.Since: 2012MembersVo: Tohma (ex. Vell)Gui: HikaruGui: Ichiru (ex. -LIMIT-)Bass: Yutaka (ex. ZEAK)Dr: Keit (ex. Septembara)OFFICIAL SITELUCHe. - Nanairo story / FAKE trick [SINGLE](image)

[Live] MEJIBRAY - Sliver Crossing (07.03.2012)


Live by MEJIBRAY !!from Takadanobaba AREA 16/12/11OFFICIAL SITE[Live] MEJIBRAY - Sliver Crossing (07.03.2012)TrackLisT1- Sabbat2- APOCALYPSE3- KILLING ME4- Karma -gareki no Mantichoras-InformationFormat: VobServer: MediafireLINKS Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 credits to skrible(image)

The Frantic Five "A Long Play With…" 2007


"A Long Play With..." is the fab new release by THE FRANTIC V, the ultra hip garage kings of Greece, which also marks their 10th year anniversary in the garagedom! After numerous singles on various labels (from Australia to United Kingdom) plus a 10" mini album on the Italian Misty Lane Records, this is their first and brand new album! Expect nothing less than the best and most swinging 60's (image)

"R&B HUMDINGERS" Vol. 5 - Twenty Greasy Groovers


Amazing collection of rockin' R&B!trax:1. Scratch That Itch - Elliot Shavers 2. Itch With Me - Guitar Crusher 3. Where Did I Goof - Elroy 'Shadow' Peace 4. You've Got To Move - James Dixon 5. You Move Me Baby - The Rivingtons 6. Quick Draw McGraw - Frank Dalton 7. My Heart Beats Faster - The El Venos 8. What's The Matter Claudy - Ernest Tucker 9. How Can I Please You - Little Frankie Brunson 10. (image)

MAXINE BROWN "Spotlight On Maxine Brown / Maxine Brown's Greatest Hits"


Maxine Brown recorded for the Scepter label's Wand subsidiary during the same period as the Shirelles, Chuck Jackson and Tommy Hunt -- which means that among the writer-producers she worked with were Carole King, Luther Dixon and Burt Bacharach. This album contains two complete albums and eight bonus tracks. The material on this Kent album is fine and the notes are good. (Amazon)trax:01 Oh No, (image)

Against The Odds said...


I just completed a song and video commemorating the early days of Sun Studios. 1954 thru 1958. Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins started their careers at Sun. I thought you and your readers might enjoy it. I would be honored if you would take a listen and would be even more honored if you posted it on your blog.(image)

Black & Spiro Tidbits


I snapped these few pictures at the shop late last week of some of our new things.  Why didn't I notice that the seat cushion on the chair above was upside down before I took the photo?  Gosh that annoys me.  Even though I love to embrace and promote THE MISMATCH this certainly isn't cool!!  Patterns on chairs need to line up. Needless to say the cushion has now be turned over to the correct side(image)

[Album] OUROBOROS - LOST RECORDS (12.10.2011)


1st Album by OUROBOROS !!"128 kbps"OFFICIAL SITE [Album] OUROBOROS - LOST RECORDS (12.10.2011)TrackLisT1- Theme of ∽ ~無限花序~2- Chevalier - LR mix -3- Cross Over - LR mix -4- 砂の消憶0-5- Theme of ∽ ~生誕~6- debris0-7- Remnant0-8- null'/Heaven0-9- 五月雨 - piano ver-10- wish - LR mix -DownloaDcredits to JrockDrama(image)

[Preview] DEATHGAZE - C R E A T U R E [Album]



[Album] DEAD END - dream demon analyzer (07.03.2012)


New Album by DEAD END !!+ Single "Yume Oni Uta""320 kbps"+ 3 PV [DVD-RIP]OFFICIAL SITE ?[Album] DEAD END - dream demon analyzer (07.03.2012)TrackLisT1- Suishoujuu2- Conception3- Sss4- Calamity5- Seiren6- Angel7- Kyomu Wo Koete8- Yume Oni Uta9- Final Feast10- No Man`s Dream11- Deep -ryuusei Hakusho-DownloaD[Single] DEAD END - Yume Oni Uta (11.01.2012)TrackLisT1- Yume Oni Uta2- Jigoku no (image)

The Frantic Five "It's Frantic Time" 2002


The Frantic Five where formed in June of 1994 (Thessaloniki-Greece) and they have never denied their obsession with the sound of the mid-sixties garage punk, rnb and euro beat. The spine of their sound consists of an explosive mixture of farfisa and fuzz and they manage to move smoothly between garage punk, groovy beat and melodic moody tunes. The band has a bunch of releases in various labels (image)



Cool collection of Northern Soul compiled by Tim Brown.trax:1. My Baby's Been Cheating I Know - AC Reed 2. Do You Still Love Me - Cookie Jackson 3. I've Only Got Myself To Blame - Bobby Williams 4. Standing At A Standstill - Sherlock Holmes 5. Come Back My Love - Jackie Beavers 6. Like My Love For You - The Four Tracks 7. I Am Nothing - The LaBeat Orchestra 8. Castle In The Sky - Gerri Granger 9.(image)

"DOO WOP GOLD" Best Of Milestone Records


Milestone Records, located in California, is best remembered for the hits 'Diamonds and Pearls' by the Paradons & 'Lover's Island' by the Bluejays. Now you can enjoy them along with other great material from this great label. (Music Heaven)trax:1. Diamonds And Pearls - The Paradons 2. Lover's Island - The Blue Jays 3. The Wedding Song (If You Say I Do) - The Hi-Tensions 4. If You Care - The (image)



Name: ASTRAY Since: 2012OFFICIAL SITEMembersVo: Kaguya (ex. shake†spier, BERLIN, GRIEVER) Gui: Taiga (ex. 7even'∽Resist)Gui: Katsuki (ex. LAGING)Bass: Youri (ex. SoЯARiS, GRIEVER)Dr: Yami (ex. C'RESIST)ASTRAY - LUV IMITATION [PV PREVIEW](image)

[Maxi-Single] ZORO - Baraniku (29.02.2012)


New Single by ZORO !!"320 kbps"FFICIAL SITE MySpace TwitteR [Maxi-Single] ZORO - Baraniku (29.02.2012)TrackLisT1- Baraniku2- Yuritaba-soushiki-3- Gekokujou stripDownloaDcredits to Gekokujou strip(image)

[Maxi-Single] LIPHLICH - 6 Degrees of Separation (01.02.2012)


1st Single by LIPHLICH !!"320 kbps"OFFICIAL SITEMySpace TwitteR[Maxi-Single] LIPHLICH - 6 Degrees of Separation (01.02.2012)TrackLisT1- VESSEL2- -6 Degrees ver.-3- Thread of SalvationDownloaDcredits to YukiNoSai(image)

Weekend Ramblings


What fabulous names you've all come up with for my Trellis wallpaper!  Gosh there are some great suggestions there. Please keep them coming over the next few days.  I will be closing off the entries this Friday.  By the way, it has been so lovely to receive some emails and comments from old readers who I haven't heard from in such a long time.  I can't believe you all still read my ramblings!! (image)



Fine collection of soul compiled by Tim Brown.trax:1. If I Could Only Be Sure - Nolan Porter 2. Isn't It Just A Shame - Kenny Wells 3. Only Lies - Reatha Rees 4. Two Loves Have I - Big Joe Turner 5. One More Chance - Shirley Lawson 6. Can You Remember - Rhonda Davis 7. What Does It Take - The Bay Brothers 8. I Got It From Heaven - Billy Harner 9. A Lot Of Lovin Goin' Round - Clarence Hill 10. (image)

"COUNTRY" Vol 1 - Nashville / Dallas / Hollywood 1927-1942


Old-time country compilations don't get any better than this dazzling 36-song double CD, made up of artists who are unrepresented (or barely represented) on CD, and genuine rarities by some who are well represented. The opening track, "Railroad Blues" by Sam McGee, heralds a brace of blues-based country songs by G.B. Grayson ("Omie Wise"), the Carolina Tarheels ("Peg and Awl"), Buster Carter and (image)

[Album] Nocturnal Bloodlust - Ivy (01.02.2012)


New Album by Nocturnal Bloodlust !!"320 kbps"OFFICIAL SITEMySpaceTwitteRFACEBOOK[Album] Nocturnal Bloodlust - Ivy (01.02.2012)TrackLisT1- Pulse2- Rebellion3- Vanilla4- A Bullet of Skyline5- Crimson Gate6- Trigger7- A Gift of ProphecyDownloaD credits to A Philippine ..(image)

[Preview] CodeRebirth [NEW BAND]


Name: CodeRebirth Since: 2012MembersVo: KeitaGui: KatsuyaGui: TohruBass: NobuDr: RyuOFFICIAL SITEYouTubeAudioLeafCodeRebirth - In Corrupt Light [Sample](image)

[Preview] Mas'ke=Raid [NEW BAND]


Name: Mas'ke=RaidSince: 2012MembersVo: ZERO (ex. Re : VelLioN)Gui: Luke (ex. AltliA)Bass: Serena (ex. AltliA)Dr: TAKA (ex. AltliA)OFFICIAL SITEYouTubeMas'ke=Raid - akai hana , doku [SAMPLE](image)

[PV] Visual Moon - Endless


New PV by Visual Moon !HIGH QUALITY [HD-PV]LastFM[PV] Visual Moon - Endless (mp4)DownloaDcredits to visual moon(image)



6th volume in the popular R&B Humdingers series, bringing you 20 more rockin' Rhythm & Blues movers, groovers and dancefloor fillers.trax:1. Do It - The Premiers 2. Chimpanzee - Count Yates 3. Don't Forget I Love You - The Butanes 4. Doing The Rock 'n' Roll - Calvin Spears 5. Women - Emmett Lord 6. Stay A Little Longer - The Equaders 7. Scoop Scoobie Doobie - Jessie Hill 8. McDonald's Daughter - (image)