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Digital Art: My Dream Wedding Dress

Tue, 28 Aug 2012 14:24:00 +0000

Every girl has her own dream wedding dress. It has been an ongoing fantasy to wear extravagant luxurious dress with the beautiful fabric and the biggest skirt, preferably in the color of white. Of course nowadays, Wedding dresses do not have to be white. It is even recommended to wear one with light ivory coloring to add a more romantic air to it.

My favorite color - if I were allowed to wear a wedding dress in the color other than white - would be pink. Not shocking pink, though. But lighter dusty pink, veering to purple, even.

This one is not the final design. More like a rough draft to put on the more intricate patterns and embellishments. The blue gems will have to go and will be substituted with smattering of Swarovski crystals and rose gold threads.

The Harmony of Me

Fri, 13 Jul 2012 17:57:00 +0000

Metallic silver and the color purple conjoined and intertwined created an atmosphere of powered modernization with a hint of ancient traditional heritage. That was the first impression I got when I saw the silver Sony Vaio E14P. From the tag line, one can be certain about who will be most suitable to utilize this gadget, the cool and creative people. As an amateur graphic designer, an art enthusiast, and a versatile musician, I sincerely believe it suits me just as well. One example that represents the harmonious marriage between modern and tradition is the fusion music. I'm talking about a combination of various musical styles like jazz and rock, with a heavy influence of Gamelan. My favorite band that carries this style of music is Simak Dialog, formed by Riza Arshad and Tohpati. Their albums have been distributed internationally, although only a few of Indonesian people have actually heard them. Their third album "Trance/Mission" has the sound of contemporary music with a touch of mysticism. Another musician I adore is Ananda Sukarlan who has successfully incorporated the pentatonic scales of Gamelan music into modern classical piano pieces. They are whom I would call cool and creative musician of our time. In order to follow the footsteps of my idols, naturally I started listening to Gamelan music to understand the mysterious charm of Indonesia's ancient orchestra. The pentatonic tone and echoing vibe created an aura of spiritual calmness reverberating though the soul. In an experiment, I tried merging it with techno beat to counterbalance the calm and collected expression. The sound of course did not come out as beautifully as my idols' creation, but it is a wonderful start. Currently I have been working on a simple piano piece using Gamelan's pentatonic scale. It is a work-in-progress and hopefully one day, I too can give a meaningful contribution to the preservation of traditional art. With that, I think I can call myself a cool and creative person. So if you ask me why I think the silver Sony Vaio E14P suits me...Well, ... Because it's me...[...]

Original Art Print on Demand T-Shirts on RedBubble

Sat, 02 Jun 2012 13:46:00 +0000

If you want a customized t-shirt that can show your uniqueness, you can get them here at RedBubble. There are a lot of one of the kind t-shirt designs on many subjects of your interest.

Music lovers, ethnic enthusiasts, fun loving people, feel free to browse around the ready made designs.

Or if you want a specific design exclusively made for you, feel free to request on the comment box below or directly by email in my contact info.


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Best Books About Drawing Manga For Beginners

Fri, 11 May 2012 20:19:00 +0000

People who want to learn about drawing manga sometimes ask themselves, "Where to start? How?". There are a lot of books about drawing manga out there. But how to choose the best one for you?Here's a few tips. If you are a true beginner, pick books with the word "Beginner" in the title. These books contain all the basics you need to learn to start drawing manga, usually in a straight forward step-by-step style. Some of those basic information are about drawing the head and face, the body proportion, how to draw adorable manga eyes, and how to draw trendy clothes usually appear in a manga. A few books also hold information about special effects, lighting and shading, and also simple perspective.Here I list a few manga drawing books for beginners.Manga for the Beginner: Everything you Need to Start Drawing Right Away!Manga for the Beginner Shoujo: Everything You Need to Start Drawing the Most Popular Style of Japanese ComicsMastering Manga with Mark Crilley: 30 drawing lessons from the creator of AkikoBasic Anatomy for the Manga Artist: Everything You Need to Start Drawing Authentic Manga CharactersComickers Art: Tools and Techniques for Drawing Amazing Manga[...]

Hand Drawing & Digital Coloring: Uta Hime Niko

Mon, 19 Dec 2011 13:26:00 +0000

New image, titled: Uta Hime Niko. Not sure what the name means, but it sounds cool and manga-like. Roughly it could mean Song Princess Erhu. Maybe...

I did this recently in my crazy phase after watching magical princess anime marathon on youtube. I remembered watching Sailor Moon when I was a little girl. Another reason why I did the picture was the competition posted on The Book Depository. Whoever won would get a set of manga books. Who wouldn't want that? The competition called for a drawing of your original manga or anime style superhero (or superheroine, whichever you like).

Seriously, I'm not sure what possessed me to make this design. It just happened. The costume looks a bit like latex. I was actually going for stretchy blue jeans and pink satin, but it kind of failed to look it. The boots weren't supposed to be brown (at first), but this earthy color was milder and more benign for a heroine. If the character was a villainess, I'd make the boots black with metal spikes. The style was a mix between western square dance fiddler and eastern court musician. Do you think it works?

Like most of the pictures in this blog, the first sketch was hand drawn and then it was colored using computer software such as Adobe Photoshop. So, here it is.

Digital Art: Chinese Fan Dance

Mon, 08 Aug 2011 08:06:00 +0000

A personal favorite Asian traditional dance of mine. The Chinese Fan Dance. I got hooked the first time I saw it on TV. The twirl of elegant fans coupled with the swirl of extravagant dresses was enough to captivate my uncultured eyes.

At first, the image was pencil sketched based on memory of the dance show on TV. The costume might not be accurately traditional, but I like the design. It's simple to edit with my graphic software. I scanned the picture and edited it in Adobe Photoshop, as usual. Selected the outlines, and then filled the selected area with white wash on a different layer. I tend to keep the original intact. I cleaned some mess I made in the original sketch to get clear lines. Made another layer underneath the line art and painted the whole background with black. The white line art image just pops, doesn't it?

Digital Art: Spirit of Rose

Sat, 02 Jul 2011 06:20:00 +0000

I am completely enchanted by the world of ballet. It started when I was a little kid, just beginning to know about Japanese manga. I came across this manga about ballet with the main character named Mari Saotome. I got hooked almost instantly. Now, I didn't jump ahead into the pond because I knew I would sink. But, I started to like drawing ballerinas dancing, or just standing in costumes.

So this, like any other of mine, was traditionally sketched with a pencil and inked with a pen. Then it was scanned and colored with Adobe Photoshop. The color scheme is red according to the most vibrant of rose colors. Red dresses are so pretty. The shoes are pink, as is the color of most ballet slippers. Unless you're dancing Red Shoes. Sometimes Odile's pointe shoes are black too.

Okay, ballet aside, this is not tampered with layer styles. Only pure traditional brushes and ... alright, I used blur filter too.

GIF Animation: Love Kiss

Thu, 17 Mar 2011 10:33:00 +0000



Not much can be said. I made these GIF animation to try out a GIF animation software. So these two love themed GIF animation were the first few shots at making an animation by myself.

Next stop would be flash animation. Hopefully.

I am not obsessed with all the romance and the kissing, seriously. These are just the easiest to draw. That's it. I created all the necessary elements on Corel Draw X3 for clean tidy lines. No hand drawing happened here. They were all vector images. Then I optimized the images in Adobe Photoshop and saved it in GIF format. Uploaded the image sequence on GIF animator and Voila!!!!!!

Digital Art: Girl in Kimono

Tue, 22 Feb 2011 16:21:00 +0000

This image I dubbed "Girl in Kimono". Or " Kimono Doll". Whatever strikes my fancy. Again in anime or manga style, using chibi or super deformed (SD) proportion which strikes me as cute.

One characteristic of a chibi or SD is mega large eyes. Head bigger than body. Teeny Weeny lips and less detailed limbs. The easiest to draw because I so don't have to worry about the correct body proportion or the natural flow of limbs.

Pencil sketch and manual inking as usual, with digital coloring on Adobe Photoshop. I think the colors are not vibrant enough for a digital image. Maybe I should use stronger colors. I usually like them soft, but this time it doesn't work. Using soft colors, I mean.

Digital Art: Little Ballerina

Tue, 15 Feb 2011 12:13:00 +0000


Aaaaand.... another anime manga style character drawing. The theme in this image is ballet. I call it Little Ballerina because the character is a little girl who dances ballet. And I like this Barbie-slash-Hello-Kitty blue-on-pink color scheme. In my opinion, the color combo has a cute effect.

Not much of technique is needed here. It's just an inked pencil sketch scanned and colored on Adobe Photoshop. The use of gradient fill is never mind-blowing.

Digital Art: School Girl

Thu, 10 Feb 2011 17:11:00 +0000

Yet another manga / anime style digital art from moi... Because I love the style, and so do a lot of people. This time, the subject is an anime style school girl (original character, of course... I don't want to get in trouble or anything).

At the beginning there was a picture of a school girl drawn with pencil. And then, it was inked with a black marker to darken the outline. After inking, there was the erasing of the pencil lines for a clearer scanning. Finally, the hand drawn picture was mounted on a scanner.

After that, the rest was history. Maybe a little level adjustment for an easier painting. I colored it with Adobe Photoshop as usual. I like the crisp lines and vibrant colors. The shading and highlights are as simple as possible, faithful to the anime style.

Digital Art: Heart and Wings

Tue, 08 Feb 2011 12:16:00 +0000

I made a new image. Yes, it is inspired by Card Captor Sakura.

I made this wholly on Adobe Photoshop. I was bored with nothing to do. So I doodled a bit and made this. It's nothing fancy. Just a little Gaussian Blur here and there, and a gradient fill.

It's so simple, a first grader could have done this. But I like it. I like the message attached to this picture. You know, like that song, ... "My heart has wings, ... hmmm, and I can fly ..."

Digital Art: Windance

Mon, 31 Jan 2011 09:14:00 +0000


I made a new image of a girl or fairy or angel, take your pick. Similar method like the previous images, hand drawn outline and digital inking with Corel Draw and coloring with Adobe Photoshop. Not much to be said about what inspired me to draw this image, other than I was thinking about the gale a few months ago. I did pick the title based on the Irish Riverdance.

The color green was my own opinion of the suitable color for the wind element. It's more aqua really, than true green. A mix of water and earth, I think. Earth is true green, water is true blue. Fire should be red or orange. I don't have the reference for this, so it might not be accurate at all. It just looks nice, IMHO.

Manga Style: Old Fashioned Girl

Tue, 27 Jul 2010 17:25:00 +0000

I like old school style dresses. I drew this based on an image I found from a manga about some European girls at school, maybe English, but I wasn't sure.

The outline I drew by hand, from scratch. I use 2B mechanical pencil and 4B pencil for the stronger lines. The face and figure were supposed to be doll-like, with enormous manga(anime)-style eyes. I'm not partial toward the proportion of the body. Not enough manga (anime) streak in it. Shoulders too wide (maybe), arms too long. In my vision, European dolls should have curly hair and I made it short enough for the style to look child-like.
Then I tidied up the stray lines and scanned the end result.

For color, I used Adobe Photoshop because I was too lazy to do it by hand. It would take too long. With polygonal lasso, I selected the area I wanted to color and used paint bucket to fill with 100% opacity ... on a new layer. Then changed the opacity of the layer.
Made a new layer and do the above steps all over again.
See... I'm lazy. Manual outline and digital coloring might be the fastest way to go.

Fan Art: Sora Naegino (Kaleido Star)

Sat, 03 Jul 2010 16:19:00 +0000

This is a fan art of Sora Naegino, the main character from the anime Kaleido Star. There's the manga too, but the style of my image is purely anime.

I sketched the outline based on a few screen shots of Sora and scanned it. Inked (traced) the outline using Corel Draw so I got crispy clean lines. Then painted the colors using Adobe Photoshop which was so much fun. The costume wasn't from the anime, it's purely mine. Notice the shabby design which was a little dull, not the extravagant getup that appeared in the anime.

Notice the background. I didn't get to write Kaleido Star because it's a bit long. Believe me, I tried. Looked weird. So I opted for the word Star. It's short, meaningful and appropriate to describe Sora.

Digital Art: Ballerina

Fri, 19 Mar 2010 16:14:00 +0000

I made this image based on a photograph of a ballerina in a magazine, can't remember which. It seems that I still can't give up learning to create digital art images. Maybe if the response was good, I'd sell the art prints in Deviant Art.

The original picture is in vector, constructed with Corel Draw. The tools I used here were the freehand tool (equivalent of the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop), shape tool, the interactive transparency tool and the interactive drop shadow tool. For the background, I used gradient fill.
I'm not very good with designing the costume, so it's very simple and unimaginative. The tools in Corel Draw are easy to use without the hassle of using pen tool.

After the vector's finished, I opened the file in Adobe Photoshop to add some effects, like the transparent flowers around the border, and the border as well. A few layer styles and layer mask later, the final image's done.

So, is the artwork good enough for sale?

Hand Drawing: Little Girl Lost

Tue, 23 Feb 2010 05:28:00 +0000

What can I say? I love drawing little dollies. The cuter she looks, the better. Not that, I don't draw the males. But males always end up less cute, somehow.

I got the inspiration after listening to Annie's Tomorrow over and over again. And in the play, Little Annie's supposed to have red hair. The story had a happy ending. But the scene above was before the happy ending. And actually, there wasn't a teddy bear in the story. There was a dog. Dogs weren't exactly my strong point, so I opted for the bear.

I drew the character manga style, as my preference. First, was a simple rough outline with a soft pencil, added the ink using black ballpoint pen, erased the unnecessary chicken scratches. Lastly, the hues were applied using colored pencils and cotton swab.

Hand Drawing: Victorian Girls

Wed, 17 Feb 2010 20:11:00 +0000

I like drawing long dresses. I can't design a beautiful dress, though. So here's just two girls wearing generic long dresses. With different colors, of course. The lack of background is not deliberate. It's just that I suck at drawing background, so it's left empty and barren. I'm not sure about the parchment and quill. Victorians no longer use parchments, methinks. Oh well, at least it's not a slab of stone and a chisel.

The image is fairly simple, just generic manga style girls with generic manga style hair. At first, it was just rough pencil sketch, then I added ink using black ballpoint pen. Other pens are not as cheap and easy to use. I erased the rough lines and added some colors using colored pencils. As I was too lazy to fill the background, I only colored the grass.

Not much to be said. That's the problem about hand drawing. Nothing to brag about.

Pencil Sketch: Sacrifice

Tue, 16 Feb 2010 20:24:00 +0000

In preparation to face Ash Wednesday, I tried to make a pencil sketch of the Big JC based on the portrayal in King of Kings. Not that I succeed in reinventing the portrayal. It was a lousy screen printing. I mean, screen capture. Or something.

I thought I was going to return to basic by using the common 2B carbon pencil, cotton bud, and of course, the shabby sketchpad that I've abandoned for a couple of months. At first, making the outline was difficult, the hand's a bit rusty at the joints. Little by little, with lots of erasing and redrawing, the outline was done.

Now the hard part, the Shading. Did I ever mention I suck at shading? Yes, I did. By meticulously following the black and white photo caps, the face definition emerged. Not good, but not too shabby either, methinks. I spent hours and hours just doing the thorns. It didn't look exactly like thorns, more like wire. The hair was a nightmare. Because I suck at shading and highlighting.

But I'm kind of happy with the result. The image looks human, at the very least. I hope I don't go to hell because of this. What can I say? Still need some training and practice to reach professional level. Still a lot of work to do.

Hand Drawing: Violet Dress

Tue, 09 Feb 2010 20:50:00 +0000

I drew the picture a while ago. Since learning digital imaging is a little difficult, I thought I could take a break and stretched my itchy fingers. So I picked up my old sketchbook, pencil, ballpoint and some coloring pencils, and started doodling.

To say that I like Jessica Alba is a major understatement. I love her style. I saw a picture of her wearing a beautiful dress in some event and I thought she looked gorgeous. So I sketched one based on that picture. The result isn't realistic like, doesn't even look like her. But the thought is there. I don't really remember if the dress is in similar hue. The hair is too bright and the skin is too pale.

Oh, well. I guess I still need a lot of work improving my hand drawing skill. And since I only used a simple ballpoint to trace the pencil sketch (I don't have RAPIDO tracing pen), the outline looked a little rough. The coloring pencils didn't produce vibrant tones. Those cheap counterfeit merchandise. Something's off, maybe the anatomical proportion. Where is my atlas of anatomy? I still need it as reference.

At least this time my scanner didn't throw a tantrum like last time.

Digital Image: Heart of Gold

Fri, 13 Nov 2009 08:04:00 +0000

Seeing that I'm still in love with this theme, I post an image with similar vibe as the one I posted weeks ago. Shabby Victorian feel is a little addictive, like caffeine. This full photoshop-generated image is an expression of love. Well, of course, what with the heart and flower, can it express anything else? So ....

Background. Simple brush downloaded from Brusheezy, under the floral category. Or maybe swirly? Just click the brush anywhere you like. Even random clicks may get you a nice picture. What I did here was tampering with corner only. Try this: put swirls around the corner, duplicate layer, move to opposite corner, then flip horizontal. If you want the same pattern for each corner, just merge the two layers, duplicate it, move to opposite side, then flip vertical and merge the two layers.

Texture. This, I like. Because it's easy and can alter the whole appearance of an image. Create new layer, fill with color (I used BEAD90). Add noise and apply motion blur. You'll get a layer full of scratch lines. Duplicate the layer and rotate 90 degrees clockwise. Change blend mode of top layer to soft light. It will now look like a cross-hatched canvass. Merge the two texture layers and reduce opacity until you can see the background swirls.

Heart. Pick the heart shape from free shape, make path as selection, then make a stroke using black. Get the floral brush again and click randomly inside the heart. After you're done, tidy up the image a little. Erase any swirl that crosses over the outline.
Now we hit layer style. Apply drop shadow and bevel. Choose a smooth inner bevel and ring for the curve. Experiment with depth, size, and soften. Apply color overlay because we don't want a black heart. In this image, I use gold color (ffc900 or so). It's done. Looking nice and shiny. Everything a girl likes.

Digital Image: Badz (Text Effect)

Fri, 06 Nov 2009 20:44:00 +0000

For once, I wanted to do something about text. Simple font like Arial can look cool too. My first thought was to make the text looked like zooming fast. By using a couple of filters, this can be done. Before doing anything, we needed to make sure the canvass was a perfect square, because there would be a lot of rotating. Less than perfect square would make the end result a little weird.

First I typed a short word with Arial Black. Then I duplicated the layer and filled the duplicated layer with white on multiply blending option. I blurred it a little with 2 pixels Gaussian. At this stage, the text would look rather plain.

How to make it not so plain. Hit filter, find distort and find polar coordinate. Check the option polar to rectangular. See the difference? Rotate it 90 clockwise. Hit another filter. This time, it's stylize, the wind effect. Make sure to pick wind method and direction from left. Do this twice, then we'll have a bunch of scratch marks. Then hit Ctrl+I to invert the color. Do the windy twice, again. We'll have a blackboard with white scratches. That's fine. Rotate it 90 counter clockwise. Still not getting it, eh? Try the previous filter, polar coordinate. Pick rectangular to polar option. Now we're getting somewhere. For this layer, choose hard light for blending option. Adjust hue/saturation as you like. See? A lot cooler than simple type.

If it's still not enough, make another layer. Fill with white and add 100% Gaussian monochrome noise. Use motion blur with direction 90 degrees, and distance 200 pixels. Hit polar coordinate again and choose rectangular to polar. Again, pick hard light blending mode. See?
Oh, but text becomes unclear. We need to add layer mask on this and brush the areas we want to make clear with black. If the zoom lines is too strong for your taste, just reduce the opacity of the layer. Done.

Digital Image: My Banner (?)

Wed, 21 Oct 2009 19:13:00 +0000

I've just finished making a banner for this blog. Not saying that I'd use it anywhere, but still, there's some sort of a satisfaction when you made something that you liked. Although, it's not as pretty as I wanted, but it would have to do.

Fabric textures always interest me. So, when I made this image, I wanted it to look like a banner from an older era. Hence, the fabric. The color is a little dull and boring, but it's the color of common people. Bright colors and lush fabrics are only for royalty. Shabby Sketch Pad was created by common people for common people. See, people power. And because I'm sort of female, so the feel has to be sort of feminine. Hence, the flowers.
The tools are simple, just a few brushes, paint bucket, and filters. I downloaded the brushes from Brusheezy, free of charge. Making the background was fairly easy. I filled a layer with color, add some noise, and filtered with motion blur. Then I duplicated the layer, rotated 90 degrees CW, changed the blending mode, and merged. Voila! Instant fabric less than 2 minutes.
I made the text using Janee's photoshop tutorial for jelly text. But I overdid the Gaussian blur intentionally so the text wouldn't look too jelly-ish. Check out the other tutorials at! They are awesome and easy to follow. You don't have to be photoshop savvy to understand the instructions.

Digital Image: Yoga Pose

Sun, 20 Sep 2009 21:23:00 +0000

Yesterday, I saw a group of people doing yoga in the gym. I wasn't a gym member, only a passer by. Anyway, one of the instructors who wasn't guiding the class did a pose which I thought only existed in ballet or gymnastics. It was a beautiful pose.

I made the background thinking about how yoga was a part of Indian culture. The image wasn't exactly accurate, because it's too geometric. But the pose was so fluid, I needed to balance it with a bit of angle. So by using a hexagonal shape, copy layer facility, and a move tool, the background pattern constructed itself.

The focus subject only consisted of a silhouette because sketching the exact feature of the person wasn't really my niche. I selected the subject, filled it with white with 30% opacity, added a bit of shading and highlight so it wouldn't look too flat. And with selection still active, I added a 2 pixels black stroke and a 3 pixels Gaussian blur.

Here's the result.