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Tevita Aholelei United States Body Builder


"Stone of Tonga", Tevita Aholelei was born on April 21, 1969 known as a professional bodybuilder for International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB). Tonga is a name of the place he was born, Kingdom of Tonga known as the Friendly Islands.

In 1997 was Tevita first competition, he was placed in 1st, National Physique Committee ( NPC), California Championships.

For 13 years Tevita Aholelei has competed in bodybuilding.

Tevita Aholelei has been featured in magazine articles, including those on the cover of Muscle Polynesia magazine.

Tevita Aholelei lives in a city Fullerton in northern Orange County, California with his wife and four children.

Dexter Jackson Bodybuilder Mr. Olympia 2008


Jacksonville, the largest city in the U.S. state of Florida has Dexter Jackson Bodybuilder Mr. Olympia 2008. And the last record was Pro Masters world champion in 2011 hold in Miami, Florida got the 1st place, then followed by Toney Freeman from USA, Bill Wilmore from USA, Edward Nunn from USA , Troy Alves from USA, Darrem Charles from Trinidad, Ricky "Tricky" Jackson from USA, Roland Cziurlok from Germany, Pavol Jablonicky from Czech Republic, Lee Apperson from USA, Samir Bannout from USA, Stan Frydrych from USA, Andreas Cahling from USA .

Source : Muscular Development 
Dexter Jackson was born on November 25, 1969. Dexter Jackson reputations are in 2011, Pro Masters world champion, 1st. 2008, Mr. Olympia, 1st, 2011 FIBO Pro, 1st. 2008, Arnold Classic, 1st. 2006, Arnold Classic, 1st. 2005, Arnold Classic, 1st. 2004, San Francisco Pro Invitational, 1st. 2004, Ironman Pro Invitational, 1st. 2002, Grand Prix England, 1st. 1998, North American Championships, Light-HeavyWeight, 1st. 1995, NPC USA Championships, Light-Heavyweight, 1st.

Lou Ferrigno Brooklyn New York Bodybuilder


Remember The Incredible Hulk (TV series), a superhero in the Marvel Comics Universe starred by Lou Ferrigno born in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. on November 9, 1951 who won IFBB Mr. America in 1969 when finished his high school.

Very interesting profile because Lou Ferrigno admitted that "he suffered a series of ear infections and lost 75 to 80% of his hearing". We never know that this made Lou Ferrigno became a famous star around the world.

Source : darkwoods
We certainly agree that we know Lou Ferrigno as "Hulk" rather than as a bodybuilder.

Source :  
Four years after he got his first title IFBB Mr. America, he won IFBB Mr. Universe and ever trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger when he lived in Columbus. Then after Masters Olympia in 1994 he stopped competing.

In 2009, Lou Ferrigno helped Michael Jackson got in shape for a concert in London.
Source : Freaking News 

(image) (image)

Pull Up Exercise You Should Do


When I was a child about in elementary school, I always watched my father did "Pull Up" in the morning. "Pull Up" is my father's favorite exercise and I was amazed at my father. My father has a great body but could lift his body with his both hands with ease.

Source : Wikipedia 
There are some variations of "Pull Up" : Standard, Weighted, Behind-the-neck pull-up, One arm, Muscle-up, Supine row, Mixed grip, Kipping, and Butterfly.

Off course, if we do this exercise for the first time, we couldn't lift our body even just once, but practise makes perfect.

"Pull Up" exercise is a bodyweight exercise that is the ideal choice for people who are interested in fitness, but no access to equipment.

You can feel yourselt doing this Pull Up, what are the benefits Pull Up Exercise, especially associated with Shoulders, Elbows, Core.

If you are interested in this Pull Up Exercise, consult with your friend or the expert for the safety.

Well, are you ready to grasp the bar with only one hand while pulling up?
Source : Wikipedia 

How to make biceps and triceps bigger in your own home for beginners


There are many ways to increase self-confidence. This is one way for people who have a thin body. This way I've ever done and the results are incredible.

Credit : Preacher Curl Bench 
I want to increase confidence through my hands, especially the biceps and triceps. You can find out what the biceps and triceps in Wikipedia.

Have a look at Arnold's biceps. Biceps like an egg shape or fruit and dense. What you feel when you have biceps like this. See, your sleeves will feel tight
and of course, having biceps like this then you also will change the way you walk, runs better.

Ok, let's get the focus. Something to be prepared is the smallest Dumbbell. Remember! smallest or lightest Dumbbell. Check Dumbbell Wikipedia.

Now, every morning after waking, get used to warm a few minutes by moving the entire body,
 then start to lift the barbell just 10 to 20 times and then stop.

Credit : Wikipedia 
Take a deep breath and then do it again. Do it 3 set. Like this : 1 set : 10 times. 3 set : 30 times. For beginners, do this for a week and don't add the count or dumbell weight or you will stop doing this because your muscles will feel sore. Be patient, and discipline when you want to achieve your goals. Then after a week, you can add the count.

Remember, success is on your own. If you want to make your biceps and triceps bigger from your home, do this way. Little by little, you will get what you want.

Sit Ups And Flat Stomach For Women


How to strengthen the hip flexors and abdominal muscles without spending money? How to have flat stomach? The answer is do sit ups. This exercise is very good for women. Sit-ups can be carried out wherever you are, sit ups is easy to do but one of the benefit is to get flat stomach. Here are pictures collection of Sit Ups and how to do it.Source: via Megami on PinterestSource: via Megami on PinterestSource: via Megami on PinterestSource: via Megami on PinterestHave a flat stomach? Yes, you can. Do sit ups when you get up in the morning, little by little, be patient and look what happen then, you believe, it's you... flat stomach can increase self-confidence.Source: via Megami on PinterestSource: via Megami on PinterestSource: via Megami on Pinterest[...]

Total Gym XLS Trainer Awesome Machine


If you want to establish the form of all the major muscles of your body, want a device that not only works well for the upper body, but also your lower body, abdomen, and even your cardiovascular system.

(image) (image)

This unit is the perfect tool for rehabilitation for several reasons: exercise, provides a smooth gliding joints, a high degree of diversity to meet all fitness levels, and support upholstered sleigh excellent for your back.
Total Gym XLS Trainer 

30 years ago this product was introduced to Chuck Norris. Norris is still using this product as the main home fitness. Christie Brinkley also became a loyal user for over 10 years, and use it to stay slim and fit even with two kids and a hectic schedule. Find out how easy it is to get fit and stay fit, supported by Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley.

The quality of "Total Gym" is very good and easy assembly. You can run it in 10 minutes, starter and things are going really well. Total Gym XLS Trainer is a machine with well-designed exercises enough to challenge any part of the body.

User stated :"I have owned and used a Total Gym 1000 for 8 years, and finally purchased an XLS this year. This review includes my observations as a long-term Total Gym owner."

"I've used the Total Gym XLS for about nine months now. There's no question about the concept and quality of the workouts. I primarily use it as an all-around body workout to start the day. The endless possibilities make it very versatile and keep workouts fresh."

Arnold Schwarzenegger With Barbell And Dumbbell


Barbell or Dumbbell is a close friend of bodybuilding. We know there are 3 types of dumbbell : adjustable dumbbells, fixed-weight dumbbells, and selectorized dumbbells. Here are pictures Arnold Schwarzenegger with dumbells made biceps and triceps larger.Source: via Megami on PinterestSource: via Megami on PinterestSource: via Megami on PinterestAnd these are Arnold Schwarzenegger doing barbell curl.Source: via Megami on PinterestBarbell for biceps, triceps and chest.Source: via Megami on PinterestThis is a success.Source: via Megami on PinterestSource: via Megami on Pinterest[...]

Victor Martinez, Body Builder Dominican Republic


In 1997 was Victor Martinez's year. In the National Physique Committee 1997 (NPC), New York Metro Championships as a light heavyweight, he got the first place.Source: via Megami on PinterestIn 2007, Victor Martinez got second place as Mr. Olympia.Source: via Megami on PinterestVictor Martinez, his nick name is Dominican Dominator was born on July 29, 1973 in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic.Source: via Megami on PinterestIn 2009, Victor Martinez got 2nd place, IFBB Arnold Classic.Source: via Megami on PinterestHow do you think about Victor Martinez?Source: via Megami on Pinterest[...]

Ade Ray, Indonesian Body Builder


Ade Ray full name is I Gusti Agung Kusuma Yudha Rai, was born on May 6, 1970. The name "I Gusti Agung Kusuma Yudha Rai" is Balinese name, sure he is from Bali, Indonesia.Source: via Megami on PinterestAde Ray wrote :"Berdasarkan pengalaman menjalankan diet (pengaturan pola makan) dan mempertahankan kadar lemak tubuh di bawah 7% sejak tahun 1994, saya justru melakukan yang sebaliknya yakni: makan lebih sering dan dengan memilih makanan yang tepat, saya ternyata juga bisa makan dengan porsi lebih banyak!" (Based on the experience of the diet (diet arrangements) and to maintain body fat levels below 7% since 1994, I actually do the opposite ie: eat more often and by choosing the right food, I was also able to eat more servings!).Source: via Megami on PinterestAde Ray, current focus on health and fitness clubs he own in Jakarta, Bali and Malang.Source: via Megami on PinterestSea Games 2011.Source: via Megami on Pinterest[...]

Hidetada Yamagishi, Japanese Body Builder.


Hidetada Yamagishi or The Ultimate Warrior is a professional Japanese bodybuilder, was born on June 30, 1973. When he was in Hokkaidō Sapporo Asahigaoka High School he started lifting.

He studied Sports science, Nutirition from 1993 to 1997. At the moment Hidetada Yamagishi is an Athlete in Muscular Development Magazine and Gaspari Nutrition, Inc and owner of HIDE Productions.

I like this part when he was smailing.

I also love his smile like this...

Source: via Megami on Pinterest

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger Professional Bodybuilder


Most people around the world knows Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Commando, or Terminator, a soldier well-built and muscular. He won the Mr. Olympia contest seven times was the result of hard work since the age of 15 years and when he was 20, he deserved it also got the title of Mr. Universe. Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947 in Austria.Source: via Megami on PinterestIn 1967 when Arnold was 19 years old, he met his idol Reg Park.Source: via Megami on PinterestSource: via Megami on PinterestWatch Arnold's biceps and triceps.Source: via Megami on PinterestPeople know him, Mr. bodybuilder, Mr. model, Mr. director, Mr. actor and Mr. governor.Source: via Megami on Pinterest[...]