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Reasons why MMA training workout program is one of the best ways for weight loss


MMA training programs includes ground drills as well There are many training workout programs out there that promise they are effective for weight loss. However, some of these programs only say so for marketing purpose only. This is the reason why many people will end up disappointed after trying these training workouts offered. Have you heard about MMA? MMA is the abbreviation for Mixed Martial Arts. In case you don’t know, MMA is martial arts that incorporate several martial arts discipline in fighting. The basic and the most common martial art discipline used in MMA are boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and muay thai or kick boxing. These martial arts that comprise MMA are all very physically challenging and this is why MMA training workout programs is the best way for weight loss. To give you details, here are the break downs why MMA training workout program is the best for weight loss. MMA requires great lung capacity MMA really needs a lot of gas from you. In preparation or part of MMA, the drills in MMA never missed out cardio exercises. Doing cardio exercises such as running skipping rope, mitts training, jiu jitsu, muay thai and wrestling drills will burn your fats amazingly. There is a science with this principle and it is when you intake a lot of oxygen, this will surely burn your extra fats. Will build your muscles naturally Aside from the benefit of weight loss, MMA training workout programs tone down your muscle naturally. Unlike gym work or MMA will not bulk your muscles but it will only sculpt your muscles instead. MMA will shape your arms, chest, legs, and the most difficult part to develop which is the abs. Will sweat out all your fats and toxins Doing boxing alone will sweat the hell out of you what more doing the jiu-jitsu drills and other MMA disciplines. As we all know, as we sweat fats and toxins will naturally be excreted to our system. MMA training workout programs are tough as nails. This is the reason why you will drain all your fluids in your body. Fluids or water in our system is also the reason for being overweight. Flushing some h20 out  of from your body will surely help for your weight loss. One method for MMA fighters or boxers to cut weight is to dehydrate themselves. This only shows sweating is very effective for your weight loss and MMA training workout programs will effectively sweat you out. Gruelling MMA drills MMA training workout programs are all physically challenging and will require a lot of lung capacity. This powerful combination of aerobic activities needs a lot of energy. Doing MMA drills and workout programs will consume all your energy reserves MMA is not only an entertaining sport to watch but a great way to get way to get fit and healthy as well. There are many advantages that you could reap from doing mma training workout and one of them is weight loss. If you are looking ways cut weight fast, try mma training workout programs to the nearest MMA gym at your area. [...]

Reasons why boxing training is best for you,for your health and for weight loss


Boxing training is a great alternative or a perfect combination for a gym workout as for fitness and weight loss. Compared to gym training it is more complete. Boxing training has the combination of aerobic and anaerobic benefits, weight loss, toning your muscles, and more amazing advantages to anyone’s health. If you are thinking of doing boxing training as for physical fitness, here are the advantages that will surely convince you to try boxing training. Cardio Improvement For those who are easy to get tired and lacks energy, boxing training is perfect for them. Boxing training consist of many drills that will require great lung capacity. Therefore, will increase and improve your cardiovascular capacity. Bag work like punching heavy bags, skipping rope, sparring and doing focus pad training like mitts drills are just some of the activities that are part of boxing training. These are also the reasons why you need to be physically conditioned before you jump in to boxing training. It is a must for you to prepare your conditioning first. In case you don’t know, if you have great cardio, you will not tire immediately no matter how demanding your activities are especially if you are into a very tiring work or business. Boxing training will also boost your energy and will help you have extra vigour after a day of labour. If you get tire easily or if you need to have extra push, do boxing training. Immune system booster Any physical activity like running could amazingly improve your immune system, what more with boxing training. As what I have mentioned earlier, boxing training is multi- faceted. It comprises many drills that are very physically challenging. Therefore great physically activity or exercise is equals to better immune system. Stress Buster Boxing training is very fun especially when you are doing bag works or training with the mitts. Punching your heart out on these boxing equipment's will make you feel better after doing such activities. Doing punching sessions especially when you are stressed with your work or just angry with someone will release all your angst with these drills. Great muscle toner Unlike going to the gym like lifting and pulling heavy weights, boxing training will not bulk your muscles instead will tone down and shape your muscles. Arms, abs, legs and gluts will surely be sculpted because doing boxing training focus on these muscles. Just doing it for days will have tremendous results in those mentioned parts of the body. Perfect for weight loss Compared to doing gym work, boxing training is great for weight loss and it has fast results. Why is it very effective? Boxing training is a cardio activity. This only means that when you inhale more oxygen, you burn your fats fast. See how boxers lose weight when they train and there are many testimonial that will prove how effective boxing training is in terms of burning calories and for weight loss. Confidence booster Boxing training will not only beneficial to your body and health but with your self-esteem as well. Boxing is a martial art and any form of martial art will form your personality in a positive way. When you learn boxing, you will also appreciate yourself more. These are the intangibles that boxing training benefits those practitioners. Additional skills for you When you do boxing training, you will add a new skill in your list and that is learning of defending yourself and others. Boxing is one of the most effective striking martial art ever since and in MMA as well. Punching is the most basic arsenal in self-defence so if you do boxing training, you can use it when it is needed. Boxing training is very advantageous to anyone who wishes to do this for fitness, weight loss, self-defence and etc. If you are searching for great alternatives to get fit and healthy, put boxing training on the top of your list. You will surely not regret if you choose boxing training as your physica[...]

How and why weight training is important in Mixed Martial Arts


Why weight training is important in mixed martial arts? Mixed martial arts is a physically demanding sport. You need to be in perfect shape to be able to train well and to last fights. As for pro mma fighters being in tipped top condition is a must because without this you will not even finish a 1-minute fight. One way of being in good shape in sports, especially mma is weight training. Weight training will develop punching power. There are specific programs for improving your knockout ratio with your lead hand or for power jabs. If you are not naturally gifted having a punching power, don't worry because there are weight training techniques to improve and maximize it. If you want to enhance your punches, weight training is there to help. Not everyone one knows that striking power comes from the legs and proper stance. This is science at its best and there is a fight science actually. To have a stronger base, you need to work out on your legs. Weight training will definitely be a great help. Have you tried punching a heavy bag for one hour or more? As you go further, your power diminishes and will exhaust your muscles. With weight training, this will improve and will develop endurance while maintaining your power with both hands. This will also help ground fighters too, because on the ground will require more used of muscles compared to stand up. For wrestlers, weight training will boost the takedown assaults and takedown defense as well. Most wrestlers frequently lift weights because grapplers spend most of the time on the ground. As I have mentioned ground fighting is much physically demanding than stand-up combat. These are just some of the reasons why weight training is incorporated in mixed martial arts. If you want to try MMA for building your muscle, this will definitely give you sure results.[...]

Learning MMA


Learning MMA is not that easy because MMA is one of the toughest sports today. It a very physically demanding sport that will require a lot from an amateur or a pro fighter and practitioner of it as well. Learning this sport is not easy as many people think of it. A person who wants to get involved in this sport should be physically prepared. For fighters who make MMA as their living are needed to level up their training. This is where they incorporate MMA training, weight training, strength and conditioning for them to achieve their potential physically and mentally. MMA fighters need great cardio, strength, power and endurance in training especially in fights. This is the reason why incorporation of these aspects are very important. With just one missing in their MMA training it could lead to lack of performance. MMA fighters need to be ahead of the competition and these trainings should be done diligently especially months before a fight. MMA is a very competitive sports and getting ahead of the opponent through training is one aspect of it. Even in MMA training alone is very physically challenging. Drills in MMA are very hard and intense, lacking cardio for example, will not make a mma fighter train properly. Running out of air is a big “no no” in this sport. If you are planning to try MMA, better prepare your cardio before actually getting in the gym. I advise you to condition yourself first before engaging yourself to the actual MMA drills. In boxing alone, if your lungs are not prepared, with just 5 minutes of drills you will get dizzy for sure if you lack conditioning. You will just waste your time and money if you lack cardio preparation. It is advisable for newbie’s to run at least 15-30 minutes a day for one week before they go to a mma gym. Running will surely increase you lung capacity to have more air to perform intense mma training. In addition, running will also burn your fats faster than you can imagine because one of the most effective and practical exercises available. MMA is not only a great way to be healthy and to have a well sculpted body it is an excellent for self-defense as well. For people who have inferiority complex, this is the sport ideal for them. How it is related to self-confidence? Learning MMA or any martial arts will naturally build your confidence because when you master this sport your perception would be different. First, you will have this mentality that you can defend yourself anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Secondly, because martial arts is about respect, you will begin to respect yourself eventually and other people as well. MMA is a great and noble sport. Anyone who wishes to train for MMA will reap its benefits not only physically, mentally and spiritually. It is an excellent way to stay fit and in building a person’s character as well. .[...]

Boxing Basic Stance


Basic Boxing Stance There are lot to learn in boxing training if you want to take this as a form of martial art or just for fitness. The best way to start to become skilled at boxing is to know the fundamentals. One aspect of boxing that a person should need to study if he or she is willing to take boxing is the basic stance. What is the importance of a proper boxing stance? Like other sports, proper stance is very important. This is what technique is all about. When you have learned the proper stance, moving to one place to another properly will be easy without affecting your performance in the sport you are in. In boxing, proper stance help maintains your power, agility and defence. Power punches doesn’t start in your arms but in your legs and gluts. With proper form, power is fully utilized in its maximum potential when proper form is established. One important reminder: In boxing, when you hit, your goal is not to be hit back. Once you throw your punches, your mindset is to avoid counter punches. This is where the importance of proper form equals fast and swift movements. Two types of stances Orthodox: This is the stance of a right hander which means left foot forward and right foot backward Southpaw: This is for a person who is a left hander. Right foot forward and left foot backward. The proper boxing form The instructions are for right hander. Just reverse if you are a left hander. Imagine that you on top and standing on a clock face. Your right foot on 12’o clock and your left foot on 20 past twelve. Your goal is to maintain this posture for most of the time in boxing and make sure you don’t cross your feet. Make sure that you are always balance and never cross your both feet. Ideally your body weight should be distributed 60% on the back foot and 40% on the front foot. However, there are times that you need to bounce, in that situation distribution of body weight will come back and forth with your front foot and back foot. Your body posture should not be standing straight but you should crouch. Your chin must be a little tucked and imagine that there is tennis ball place between your chin and upper chest. Eyes should be straight on your target. Tucking your chin is a defensive move for your chin not to be a hitting target. When you are hit on your chin with a good punch its lights out for you. In boxing, the chin is the target because when you are hit at this area on your face, it will shake your brain. Always make sure to tuck your chin and protect it to get hit with a good shot from your opponent. This is the principle in boxing regarding protecting and tucking the chin. In addition, your elbows should also be tucked comfortably against your ribs. This is to protect you from body shots. Hitting the opponent with a great punch at the rib cage or a liver shot, there is no other place that your opponent will go but to drop down. This part of the body is very vulnerable. This is the reason behind why you should protect your rib and elbows should always be down. Furthermore, your right hand should be near your chin, ready to block counter punches on your face. It is very important to always put your hands up especially your right hand. On the other hand, your left hand should at same height of your right but should be 12 inches afar from your left hand. You should relax your shoulders, both arms and your legs. It is said in boxing that the more relax you are, the more accurate and powerful the punches are. Boxers are more dangerous when they are relaxed. As the great Muhammad Ali has said, “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. In boxing training, proper form and stance is usually emphasized. With proper form and stance, boxers can perform to the best of their abilities. When you do your first boxing training, master first all the fundamentals before you advance. There is a science in every sport, to [...]

Is a Muay Thai kick the most powerful among other martial arts?


How powerful and dangerous is a Muay Thai kick A Muay Thai kick is equal to a swing of a baseball bat Muay Thai is martial arts originated from Thailand. It is called the martial arts of eight limbs. Unlike other martial arts, it utilizes not just punches and kicks but with elbows and knees. Furthermore, what make this sport unique is that it doesn’t make use of the feet to kick but with the shins instead. This is why Muay Thai is said to one of most hardest and brutal kicks in the Martial Arts world. How strong are the kicks of a professional Muay Thai Fighther? Could it kill or break a bone of any opponent? In Muay Thai, it is said to be that a Muay Thai kick is equivalent to the power of swinging baseball bat. If that is true, a Muay Thai kick could actually break your skull, break your ribs and injure your thighs. Why are Muay Thai so powerful and how did they do it? There was once a movie of Van Damme, where in there was scene where he was training and one part of his preparation was to kick a small coconut tree. This is quite impossible and you might think it just an exaggeration. However, this crazy idea of kicking a hard wood with a bare shin is actually true. To make their bones harder than rock, a traditional Muay Thai fighter practiced and actually need to kick a tree or anything like that to harden their bone as part of their training. Furthermore, they spent gruesome hours kicking heavy bags to develop power, accuracy and technique. In addition, Muay Thai fighters have one of the hardest training in Martial Arts. They need to do super hard calisthenics to make their core and lower body ready to take any physical punishment such as a swing of a baseball bat. On the other hand, because of the effectiveness of Muay Thai as a lethal and effective martial arts, it has been used and utilized by many MMA fighters as their striking arsenal. One of the most dangerous MMA fighter today was once a Muay Thai fighter and now has the most accurate striking technique in the MMA world, he is no other than the UFC middleweight champ, Anderson “The Spider" Silva. He is a living proof how dangerous and effective Muay Thai is and how powerful Muay Thai strikes are and that includes the heavy kicks of Muay Thai. In some actual MMA fight or Muay Thai competition, I have seen many “jaw dropping” knock outs by a head to shin contact. The results are usually devastating and shocking. A fighter, who has been hit with a shin of a Muay Thai fighter, would actually look like a timber falling down in the canvass. They can hardly stand-up and sometimes left unconscious for several minutes or being rushed to the nearest hospital. Are you not yet convince how strong and dangerous Muay Thai kicks are? At first I couldn’t believe how hard the shins or how hard a Muay Thai kick is. But with actual figures and science, all my doubts have been vanished. Science now has curiously explored this mystery. Is a Muay Thai kick the most lethal and powerful kick in Martial arts? How hard are the shins of a MMA fighter? Are they even harder than a hardest wood type baseball bat? These questions have been answered and watch this video and click this link, Muay Thai kick. If you haven’t seen this yet, all the questions here have been answered. [...]

Basic boxing drills for you to get fit


Basic boxing drills and exercises Boxing is a great sport to watch and to follow and it is one of the most popular fight sports for a very long time up to now. However, boxing is not just an entertaining sport but an effective way to get fit and healthy. There are simple boxing exercises that is so simple yet effective in busting your stress and burning those extra and unwanted fats. Let us get started and here are some of the essential boxing training exercises and drills that you can do at the comfort of your home. Skipping rope Who says that you need to need to spend expensive gym membership and exercise equipments to get fast result to burn calories fast? Think again! Skipping ropes would not cost a thing. It’s cheap and easy to find, and you can even make an improvised one. Why skipping rope is a great way to exercise? It dramatically improves your body coordination. When you do skipping it get your upper and lower body to coordinates movements. This is not only helpful for boxers only but for you as well. As we all know how important coordination in our body system. The next good thing about skipping rope exercise is that it increases your cardio. This is very important especially when you easily get tired. It gives you an extra energy boost to do every day activities. You will not get easily get tired when you have rev up your lungs. Furthermore skipping rope exercise increases joint strength and improves bone density. Whether you are young or old bone you need to strengthen up your bone. Drinking milk might not be enough. To supplement that doing skipping rope exercise is the best option to for you to avoid bone illness and other deficiencies and will also be beneficial for those who have arthritis or rheumatism. Other benefits are it increases leg power and endurance, tones your muscles and it is an awesome fat burner. Doing 3 minutes skipping rope exercise will make sense already. Try it to believe. Shadow boxing Shadow boxing is the most simple yet a great boxing exercise that will sweat you out, tone your arms and will increase your upper body strength. This is a great way to have muscle cuts in your arms. It will not swell your muscle but will perfectly cut those unwanted arms flab’s. Shadow boxing will also improve your heart rate and will slightly improve your lung capacity. Not only that, this will also improve your hand and eye coordination. Running and Sprinting This is the most effective boxing exercise to lose fats fast. The combination of running and sprinting will do phenomenal effect on your weight. Running and sprinting has been popularly used in other weight loss programs for its effectiveness. However, for beginners, it advisedly to try jog at first, for you not to have gas out easily because running and sprinting requires a lot from your lungs. The best thing for a newbie to do is to jog at least 15 minutes each day. Running and sprinting will amazingly increase your cardio. With every day of work you will have energy more than enough to face every day work challenges. These exercises will make you more relax and will bust your stress significantly. Boxing drills and exercises are great way to get fit without spending. It is not just an entertaining fight sport to watch but is the best tool for you to fight stress, tone your body and to have the best out of your body. Simply do this simple boxing exercises and you will surely reap all the health rewards from it. [...]

Boxing training workout: How to do skipping rope


Boxing training drill : Skipping Rope Skipping is a simple toy but an effective tool for cardio and weight loss I don’t know why people spend huge chunks of money to get fit while there are many available alternatives around. They depend on quick schemes that usually end up to frustrations and waste. One of the cheapest and free workouts is found in basic boxing training drills. These are absolutely free and you can do this at the comfort of your home. When you say boxing, it doesn’t necessarily means that you are an amateur or a pro boxer immediately. Some people do boxing training as a hobby, for fitness and self-defense. Everyone is welcome to try boxing not as a profession but as a lifestyle and well being. Boxing is a great a great tool for fitness not just an entertaining fun sport to watch. It is an effective way to burn fats fast. Boxing training has many drills and exercises that conditioned boxers and ordinary people as well. One great attribute of a boxer is cardio and endurance. Boxers achieve their peak lung capacity is through boxing training drills that focus on lung capacity and of them is the simple exercise which is the skipping rope. This meek boxing equipment is so simple as it seems but don’t underestimate it, it can do more to your health and to your physique. Skipping rope is not only popularly used in boxing but in mma training or any sports because it develops body coordination, endurance and great cardio. If you want to lose fast without spending try skipping rope. You will reap the benefits immediately if you are just patient enough. Boxing training programs never without skipping rope drills. To give you idea on how to do “jumping rope” as the other term of it, here are simple tips that you can do if you are willing enough to learn and to get healthy. Health is surely wealth. Doing this is nothing compared if you being not in shape and prone to sickness related to weight problems. Getting started I have to say, you need to be very patient. Learning skipping rope is like riding a bike. You need to try several times over to learn it the right way. People who are new to boxing training and drills often have the hard time doing jumping ropes. Just a reminder use running shoes, crossover shoes or any sporty shoes you have when you don’t have soft mats in your area where you are going to do this. purposes, you need to look straight while doing it. Hold the both ends of the rope while your elbows are closely flattened to your body. Try jumping with the rope at your back and let it just stay there until you get relax and have the feel comfortably bouncing. Boxing training programs see the importance of skipping exercises because it help boxers bounce and move lightly. In boxing, footwork and fast movement is very important. Once you got the right feel, start rotating your wrist and let the rope go over your head and rotate from head to foot and jump before it touches your feet. Sometimes it feels frustrating when the ropes hit your feet. This is just normal especially for those who are not athletically gifted. Just practicing would really sweat you a lot and will test your cardio already. Breathe with your nose and not with your mouth. I am not actually sure what the reason for this maybe because when you breathe with your mouth it will tire you faster compared breathing naturally with your nose. Patient and practice is the key here. You might even learn it within 30 minutes and less. Once you have mastered it you can do advance skipping techniques that will surely test your coordination and your lungs. I will discuss the advance skipping rope drills that are usually included in boxing training programs. Regularly do this or every other day for 3 times 3 minutes each and this will make sense to your health. Why do you need to spend when the[...]

Boxing Training Workout drills for fitness and weight loss


Boxing Training drills for fitness and weight loss Boxing training is a great tool to get fit, buffed, and to be healthy. However, there are still people who prefer gym workout than boxing training workout. Many people don’t know that boxing training is a great alternative and even more effective to lose weight compared to gym work out there and I have seen many people who have weight problems shred weight easily and fast with the help of boxing training. To give you idea, here are the top boxing workout programs and drills that you can try if you are serious to lose weight. Bag work routines This boxing training will surely needs a lot of cardio. Punching without any punching bags alone will surely tire you much more with a heavy bag. This workout will tremendously require you a lot of energy especially if you are throwing power punches and giving all you got. Frequent boxing training on punching bags will definitely shape up your arms and upper body. Throwing light punching combinations alone will tire your arms. This only means that it is working effectively and the best part of it is that it will not swell your muscles like if you are lifting some weight in the gym. This workout is also best for women because this will not bulk their arms but will only shred flabs and will shape up their arms. Personally, it is pretty awkward to see women have bulky arms like guys do and this boxing training workout is perfect for them. In addition, bag work in boxing training is an amazing stress buster especially if you have angst on someone. You will feel good after doing punching drills on the bags and you will feel great. This is very addictive because doing bag work when you are stress will make you a somewhat a psychological high. Calisthenics What is good about these boxing training exercises is that you don’t need any equipment to perform these drills. You can do it anywhere in your home and even in your room. Calisthenics is widely used in sports and even in military training. Some common calisthenics are push ups, leg raises, sit-up and other simple exercises that are being incorporated in boxing training and other sports. Actually there are a lot of exercises that don’t require you to go to the gym and they are even free. Furthermore, there are a lot of resources that you can use to get fit in your homes. You don’t really need to spend money to get a gym membership to be healthy. If you are just resourceful you could get some boxing training workout programs and do it during your spare time. You will not only get fit but you will same some dough as well. Skipping ropes and running This is the most practical boxing training drills available and very effective as well in increasing your cardio, endurance, toning your lower body and burning extra calories. These are cheap drills that you can do anytime you want but it really needs a lot of motivation from you. One worst enemy of people in getting fit and healthy is laziness. If you are not well motivated enough even there are free workout programs, they are all useless. No doubt about it, boxing training is one of the most effective tools to lose extra pounds. I believe it is more effective and free. Motivation is the only key for you to achieve your desired weight. Just try these simple boxing training drills and you would feel better after doing it for the first time. [...]

How to find cheap affliction shirts for men


Finding cheap affliction shirts

Affliction shirts are cool yet expensive

Genuine affliction shirt is kind of expensive but there is a value on what you pay for. However, if you are the type of person who is out of budget and looking for the cheap finds here are some of the simple tips. I'm not an expert on this, but I'll teach based on my experience.
Try to look for second-hand affliction shirts, There are some collectors out there who want to dispose or just need some money and try to sell that stuff. I think there are website that is like markets for used items. This is risky but if you have no choice, you need to gamble.
If there are small bazaars in your area, visit and ask if there are affliction shirts available. Some of the merchants sell surplus or shirts that did not pass quality control. You might be lucky if you find one, just bear with the minor defects.
Lastly, ask your friends or someone you know who is a MMA fan. They might know someone or somewhere that offers affliction shirt. Referrals are a great source of valid and credible information, and if you got some, grab it.
There are always value and risk for anything. However, sometimes taking risk can be worth it especially if you find a good and cheap affliction shirt.

Different types of punching bags


Basic boxing training equipment's If you are familiar with boxing, you usually see boxers train punching and making combos with different punching bags. It seems like they are all the same but actually it has different purposes. These bags play an important role in MMA and in boxing training that is why they are usually in any boxing and MMA gyms. To make you aware or if you are wanting to set up these bags in your home for boxing training here are the different types of punching bags and its purpose. Just a reminder, make sure to have your hands wrapped and wear boxing gloves for you to avoid rheumatic hands in the coming future. Light Bags This bag is used for fast punching. Hitting it will make it swing. While it swings you need to evade it as if it is your opponent by using bob and weave. This boxing training bag will improve boxers to make fast combinations and avoiding counter punches as it simulates attacks when it swings back to you. The swings of this bag will also teach boxer hitting different angles. Avoid the bag and hit it while it moves. Try to control it by hitting fast combos as if controlling your opponent. This boxing training bag will dramatically improve you combos and will develop fast hands as well. Heavy Bags This bag will develop your punching power. This boxing training equipment is literally heavy and this is why it is important to hand wrapped your hands and wear at least 14 and 16 oz boxing gloves to be safe. To develop your punching power deliberately hit it with power as it moves towards you. Because this is a heavy bag make sure to punch straight and don’t hit it with a cocked wrist to avoid wrist injuries. Try hitting with long range power bombs such overhands and power hooks. Hitting this bag will surely be fun especially if you are angry with someone and just imagine that you are hitting their faces with this special boxing training bag. Floor to ceiling bag This is one of the hardest bags to hit. It will make you look stupid if you are not used to punch this hard moving target. This actually simulates an opponent moving head as a hard target. Real boxers are really hard to hit because of their fast head movement and this is a perfect boxing training to develop accuracy and timing. In addition, this will also teach how to avoid counter punches. Because when you hit this bag hard it will sure bounces back fast and could hit you as well. When hitting it do head movement left or right and hit it with a counter hook. This is a fun bag to hit. Practice makes perfect. Once you are used to it, you will tremendously improve your accuracy with your eyes close. Speed ball It is some kind of a tear-drop shaped ball hanging in a wooden platform. This is also tough to learn hitting it because it needs timing and arm endurance. You need both hands up to have a perfect timing striking it while it bounces back fast. This is not popularly used because of its unrealistic punching set up when you need to hit it in a rolling fashion. It is also have an annoying noise and it is not advisable to set-up in your home especially when you have super sensitive neighbours around. These are just the basic bags that are used in MMA training and boxing training. They have different shapes and sizes and purpose as well. Now you know how to use it and why you need to use it. You now also have the idea which bag you need to set up in your own homes. Just click the link for ideas on basic boxing drills for fitness.[...]

Boxing Training 101: Basic Weight training Workout for boxing


Weight training drills for boxing Weight training is very important not only in other sports but in boxing as well. Before, weight training was not incorporated in boxing training because there was a belief that weight training would bulk boxers and eventually will slow them down. However, today that is only a myth and boxers now include weight training in their boxing training regiments. Weight training is very valuable in boxing because increases power, build endurance, it is effective is losing fats, and strengthens the bones. This weight training routines are not only applicable for boxers but you can do it for fitness as well. If you are planning to train for boxing it is best if you incorporate it. Before you do some weight lifting, stretch before and after to avoid cramps and to better perform all the weight training drills. These weight training workouts only need two dumbbells and one barbell. If your lucky to have one use it if you haven't got one yet don't hesitate to buy one. You can find any of this sport equipment in all sports shop and it doesn’t cost too much. If you want, you can make improvised dumbbells and barbells out of cement, cans and pipe. However, this will eat your time and it’s better to buy instead. These kinds of sports equipment are life time investment that is very useable and practical to use. So it is better to buy one if you haven’t had this sort of basic weight training equipment. To give you ideas on what weight training exercises specifically for boxing, here are some of the basic weight training drills. Just a reminder, do weight training at least twice a week for best results. To make it simple and easy to what kind of exercises that you need to do, I’ll use pictures. Do 10 repetitions by 3 sets. You need to rest for 30 seconds after each 10 repetition. The first repetition will be slightly easy and will be difficult as you continue. [...]

MMA Training: Greg Jackson on MMA training


Greg Jackson is one of the premier mma trainers in the planet

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Muay Thai Kicks : Science has proven how powerful a Muay Thai Kick is


Can Muay Thai Kick  brake a baseball bat? There is a rule in Muay Thai that a kick of a Muay Thai fighter is equal to swing of a baseball bat. No doubt, Muay Thai kicks is one of the most powerful kicks in Martial Arts. This is the reason why Muay Thai is one of the most lethal martial arts in world and it is highly used by MMA fighters. Muay Thai fighters are well known for their strong and powerful shins that can drop  small coconut tree.  Muay Thai was originaly practiced in Thailand as the version of boxing. It is boxing of Thailand. It became popular when MMA gains its popularity because MMA fighters usually used Muay Thai as their main striking arsenal. There are many great MMA fighters who practice Muay Thai which includes Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Brandon Vera, Anderson Silva, and a lot more MMA fighers. Now, science has proven how deadly Muay Thai kicks are. Science has curiously explored how powerful is the kick of Muay Thai fighter and how strong their shins are. Mystery now unfolds proving that Muay Thai kicks are equally or even more powerful than a baseball bat. Muay Thai will forever be one of the most deadliest and lethal martial arts in the planet. [...]

MMA: How to choose the right MMA gym in your area


MMA:  How to choose the right MMA gym in your area A clean MMA gym is good place for MMA training Nowadays, MMA is gaining its popularity not only as a sport and entertainment but as a tool to get fit and healthy. MMA gyms have mushroomed since MMA has been put into mainstream by the UFC. Because of this, people now are getting more interested to do MMA for fitness or an alternative for going to regular gyms. But how would you know or how would you choose the right MMA gym for you? MMA gym is a growing business and obvious there are some those just sprouted to make money. If you are about to join or get enrolled to MMA classes better choose the best so that the money you will be spending could be all worth it. To guide you and for you to make the right choice here are some of the guidelines that you need to consider. Search and Canvass As what I have mentioned, MMA gyms are everywhere. Make an effort to look for it in your area and browse as many as you can. Try to investigate and ask for some questions like how much are the fees, what their operation hours are and so forth and so on. Know them like you are getting to know someone. See how friendly people are and see yourself of you are fitted to their environment. In addition, scan the area and observe how well their equipments are and make sure that they have separate lockers for girls and for boys. See how clean their shower areas and comfort rooms. Cleanliness is everything as a standard for an ideal MMA gym. Choose the one with reasonable price We need to be practical nowadays. There are gyms that are very affordable yet have better things to offer. You don’t to member yourself on classy and costly MMA gyms because what important is what they teach and that you need to sweat out. Average looking gyms will do. However, make sure that they have complete sports equipments such as punching bags, heavy bags, speed ball and other basic sports equipment used in MMA. There are many affordable gym memberships yet have better instructors, equipments and staffs. Don’t go for gyms who are asking for high down payments and long term agreements Sometimes it is good not to be a member at all because you will not be always at the gym. If you see that you will not have the chance to  train every day let us say you could only spare 2-3 days a week better not to be a member at all and just pay per session. On the other hand, there are gyms who ask for high down payments and long term agreements. This is not practical especially if you don’t frequently train. Go for monthly membership if you think if this is your case. However, if you can commit yourself to train on the daily basis, go for one year membership but still choose the affordable ones. You will save more if you can attend daily mma training. Make most out of your time if you are a member for a long term, consume all the amenities offered and maximize all your privileges. These are just ideas that could guide you to choose you mma gym or membership. You need to be practical nowadays and there good MMA gym around the offers the best amenities and programs that are cheap. It just needs a little effort from you for you to be able to find the right MMA gym to fit your needs. [...]

MMA: MMA in the Philippines


MMA in the Philippine settings MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is sweeping the world with its popularity. No one ever taught that MMA will reach the farthest corner of the world specifically in the south East Asian region like in the small island of the Philippines. MMA in this small region is becoming a household name like basketball and boxing and it is quite surprising. It all started when a local channel here started showing live UFC fights and the rest is history. Even though MMA is dominated by westerners it is not a hindrance for this brutal sport to capture Pinoy fight fans. However, with the name of Mark Munoz and Brandon Vera, MMA is beginning to become more popular ever since. With the unstoppable fame of MMA, MMA gyms are sprouting like mushrooms anywhere in this country. With this, MMA practitioners and fighters are growing in numbers. Philippines are well known for its world class boxers but soon one great MMA warrior will soon arise from this meek place because Pinoy are naturally talented fighters. With the help of MMA organizations here in the Philippines like URRC (Universal Reality Combat Championship) and PXC (Pacific X-treme Combat), Filipino fighters are given the chance to showcase their fighting skills in the ring or in the cage. However, it is still a dream of many Pinoy MMA fans to see and to watch the foremost MMA organization live which is the UFC here in the Philippines. However, locals here had the chance to see MMA heroes such as Chuck Liddell, Brandon Vera, BJ Pennn, Mark Munoz, and George St. Pierre who visited the country. I myself had the chance to see GSP in the Mall of Asia wherein I got to chance to see him do some muay thai and bjj drills. That was exhilarating to have a close encounter with a MMA superstar. It is amazing to see how MMA has grown through the years. It spreads beyond the expectation of many. Even how brutal this sport can be, nothing or no one could stop its growing reputation. Filipino’s are naturally fight fans, as boxing to begin with. However, as fight sports evolve and so are the fans. I could see someday that MMA will reach the farthest region not only in the Philippines but all across the globe. It will someday overtake boxing as a dominating and most admired fight sport. No wonder it captured the hearts of hardcore Pinoy fight fanatics. In MMA your dream fights are all possible. Unlike in boxing where money and greed are rampant. MMA is not about Money, it is about seeing top athletes beating up top athletes and MMA fighter’s goal is to the best of the best. This is why this is sport is taking the world by storm. No one would ever imagine that MMA will reach the farthest region such as the Philippines. Maybe because it is the best fight sport around today, it went further boundaries. MMA is undoubtedly an excellent fight sport to follow; this is why it captured the hearts of many Filipino MMA aficionados. [...]

MMA training : Ways to increase cardio before your MMA training


MMA Training: How to increase cardio before your MMA training MMA is gaining its popularity by storm. Because of this many people are getting interested to do MMA as for their fitness and staying in shape. Yes! MMA training is surely beneficial to anyone’s health. However, maybe because of excitement people tend to forget one important thing before they jump to MMA training and that is to prepare their cardio for an intense MMA training. Why do you need to prepare for cardio and why is it important? MMA training is extremely exhausting. Doing warm-ups alone could gas out a person if he or she is not well conditioned. Furthermore, if a person lacks cardio to push through, it would slow down the learning process. Time and money will surely be wasted. How would you increase you cardio? This is very simple yet it will need a lot effort from you. However, the benefits of this preparation will save you time and your money spent on your MMA Gym membership. If you have great lung capacity it only means that you could do all the drills of your MMA training program. So let’s get this started. Here are the basic and practical tips on how to increase your cardio before to jump into you MMA training. Do all of these and you will reap the health benefits doing these preparations alone. Jogging Jogging is the preparation for running and sprinting if you are not used to do these things. It is easier compared to run and to sprint. Long minutes of jogging will develop your endurance. However, jogging will not be able to help you to increase your lung capacity to explosive move in your MMA training such as shooting for a takedown, powerful punches and kicks and other moves that needs sudden burst of energy. Here is what you need to do. Do this only if you never did this before or if haven’t done this for a while. Jog for at least 15-20 minutes straight. If you need to rest, have a minute walk then jog again. Do this for at least one week each day. Doing this will improve your endurance to last gruelling routines in your MMA training. Running Do running if you are ready enough. Jogging will prepare you to do run. So, if you have diligently jog for one week this is enough to put in a higher level for you cardio preparation before your MMA training.  Running will greatly improve your cardio in doing repetitions that are frequent but doesn’t require great power and explosiveness such as punches and kicks combos. These drills are easy as you think but they are not. Doing one combo alone will make you sweat and will drain your oxygen out of your lungs. This is where the role of running comes. This will help you perform MMA training drills that require repletion with little or no power. Here is what you need to do. Run for 15- 20 minutes and when you tire down jog for 1 minute and don’t walk. This is not only effective in building great lung capacity but it will burn your fats quickly. Do this for one week and you will be able to do some MMA training drills effectively. Sprinting As what I have mentioned earlier, sprinting will help you do explosive and sudden burst of action in your drills that is included in your MMA training. This will also expand you gas tank to do power punches and kicks especially in your boxing and muay thai training. Sprinting is best combined with running. Here is what you need to do. Run for at least 15-30 minutes and within that period, sprint for atleast 1- 2 minutes then run again. Your rest is running not jogging or walking. This is an amazing drill to maximize your lung capacity and you will[...]

MMA: The Importance of MMA training


 MMA training for a MMA fighter MMA is a very physically demanding sport. MMA amateur and pro fighters dedicate themselves physically, mentally and emotionally before the fight. If a fighter just lack a one session of mma training, this could be a factor in a fighter’s performance in the octagon or in the ring. This is the reason why mma training is very important for a fighter to win fights. MMA fighters are well known for their dedication in the gym. They almost spend their gruesome hours in mma training to develop their skill in all the aspect of mma. As we all know, to be a great mma fighter you need to be good at every aspect of martial arts such as in muay thai, boxing, jiu-jitsu and wrestling. These four martial arts are the basic martial arts discipline in mma. MMA training generally focuses in these techniques. However, mma training doesn’t stop in just developing and improving the fighter’s skills but in improving endurance, cardio, strength, power, explosiveness, and speed. Weight training is also important in mma training. This as aspect of mma training will develop or improve the fighter’s muscles endurance and strength. Punching, kicking, shooting and grappling will greatly require muscle strength. To maximize the muscle performance, mma fighter will need to divide or allocate time for weight training as part of their mma training. The great importance of mma training is much needed months before the fight. This could be gruelling days of a mma fighter. A fighter needs to focus and think less about the pressure of the upcoming fight. Fighters should stay on their mind on their mma training and maximize the minutes and the hours on the gym. MMA training will also play a role in the mental aspect of a mma fighter. The harder the fighter trains the greater the confidence that they gain. MMA fighting doesn’t only require a fighter to be physically conditioned but their mind as well. MMA fighting is also like a chess match. In order for a fighter to win he or she must have a game plan that will be incorporated in their MMA training. Like any sports, MMA is physically demanding. A fighter who lacks MMA training before his or her match will put themselves in doom. Without a proper MMA training, a MMA fighter will not perform to his or her potential and will be taken advantage of their opponents. Hard work is the key to every MMA fighter that is needed to be translated in their MMA training. MMA training will continuously improve a fighter mentally and physically. This is where they improve their skills and put it in a higher level. Like in basketball, whoever dedicates themsevles in practice and training will greatly improve and will reach their full potential. MMA training is very important to any MMA fighter. Even without a booking for a fight, a MMA fighter will usually devote his or time to the gym. They spar and train hard to push them to their limit. MMA training will put advantage to any MMA fighter and will put them ahead of the competition. Even how talented a MMA fighter is without diligent and dedicated MMA training will be beaten by those who are less superior to them and who has better and more intense MMA training. MMA training is very important no matter how skilful you are as a fighter. [...]

Boxing training workout program for you to lose weight


MMA: Boxing Training workout program to lose weight  Being overweight and not having any kind of exercise could be a factor for a person to have health problems. Studies have shown how important physical activity is and how it contributes positively to one’s health. One great way to get fit is through boxing training workout program. It is not only fun sports to watch but amazing tool for you burn fats and other health benefits. If you are having problems with your weight, try to do boxing training workout program at your spare time. There are many sources that you can look for in the internet. However, I will give you some basic boxing program that worked for me. You can do this on your spare time and the best part is that you don’t have to spend some cash. 1) Cardio exercise This is the most basic and the most effective way to burn some fats. This has always been a part of a boxing training workout program or any sports. If this is your first time to jog or run, do it minimally according to your capacity. Don’t push yourself too much. If your capacity is running for 10 minutes, so be it. As you progress, increase it incrementally. I have a technique that is so effective for me and that is if you are ready to do this. I jog for 5 minutes and then sprint for 1 – 2 minutes and jog again. I don’t walk but jog instead as my rest. I do this for 20 minutes. Do this every other day. Jog and sprint is so effective in burning those extra calories but you need to be disciplined in your food intake and I’m going to explain it on the next subject. 2) Diet This is also important in a boxing workout training program. Without this, losing weight will take same time or will not take effect. I don’t eat special kind of foods but I don’t eat lot of calories like bread or rice instead. In addition to the diet, I don’t eat dinner after 6pm. Studies have shown that eating 6pm onwards will give you a hard time burning what you eat. This works for me. 3) Shadow boxing If you don’t know how the basics of boxing, there are many good videos in YouTube that will teach how to box from footwork to basic punches. When you get to learn all of that, shadow box for 3 minutes and take a one minute break then continue this for 3 times. As you go further and when you are accustomed to it, increase the number of repetition. 4) Skip rope If you don’t have time to go out and jog, try skipping rope instead. Do this for 3 minutes and have 1 minute rest. Repeat this three times. If you don’t know how to do this, just practice until you get the right way or you can search for videos that will instruct you how to do it properly in the internet specifically in YouTube. It your choice if you want to do all of these in just one activity but you can do one exercise per day. It really depends on you. The important thing is you have an activity that would sweat you out. These are the basic boxing training workouts that you can do in your spare time if you are really willing to lose some weights and to be healthy. You don’t actually need to go to the gym because there available options that you can do on your extra time and at the comfort of your home. [...]

Boxing training : Boxing as part of MMA training


Fitness and health through boxing training Boxing is not only a popular fight sport but a great self-defense and an excellent to tool to lose weight as well. When it comes to MMA or Mixed Martial Arts it is one of the most effective striking arsenals in this sport. We have witnessed a lot of MMA fighters who are natural boxers and went their way to the top of the heap. On the other hand, boxing training is also an amazing activity for you to lose weight. It is a tried and tested formula. Just see what kind of physique boxers have. If you are having a problem losing weight or you just want to be healthy, try boxing training. Make an effort to find a MMA or boxing gym near your area. Some of them may come cheap and enrolling for boxing classes is not a problem, money wise. Buy your own boxing gloves and make sure to wear comfortable and stretchable shorts or jogging pants. But first, before you join your a boxing training class, you need to prepare some things. First, you need to condition yourself. Boxing training or any MMA training requires cardio, endurance and strength. To prepare yourself physically, jog or run at least 15 minutes a day or every other day. Do this for 1 week and while doing this, you are already burning a lot of calories. The reason why you need to prepare physically before your boxing training or MMA training is to maximize your lung capacity. You will not be able perform well if you will end gassing out. Time and your money will be wasted if that happens. It is an advantage if you perform well on your first training session for you to absorb the technique fast. Your instructor will do the rest. Follow their instructions very carefully and perform all the drills that they require you to do. At first, you would have a hard time catching up with balance and timing especially when you are doing the mitts but later on as you progress, you will be much comfortable and you would be more relax. During your boxing training or MMA training, don’t drink too much water but have a little sip once in a while. If you drink lots of water during your training you will slow down, feel lazy and would feel bloated. Drink lots of water after the session instead. As you go along, you would feel that there is an improvement on how you feel about yourself and you would observe how fast you are cutting weight. When you are doing a boxing training or MMA training, you are naturally burning your fats and building your muscles gradually. There is a lot of bonus of doing boxing training or MMA training. Unlike going to the gym and pulling and lifting some weights, you will learn the art of self-defense. Boxing is a very effective striking technique. If you master this fight sport, you could be dangerous and lethal. But use boxing if you only need it. Boxing is about respect and humility. You would be more addicted to do boxing once you have started it. It is like a drug but a good kind of it. It is one of the best stress busters. Making boxing or MMA as your way of life would make you feel positively different about yourself and about life. Choose boxing training as your means to burn those unwanted fats. [...]

Boxing training for free at the comfort of your home


Boxing training at Home Boxing is a great and fun sport to watch and it is a great physical activity to lose weight and to get fit. However for some people they don’t have time to enroll for a boxing class or gym. For those who want to learn boxing at the comfort of your home, here are some of the useful tips. Boxing training will give you lots of health benefits that you ever imagined. Free Instructional lessons For information about the basic movements and punches in boxing, internet is a good source of it. There are also informative instructional YouTube videos that will teach you step by step about boxing fundamentals. Try this video; I believe this is a great instructional video for boxing It is easier to learn from videos than reading because you can visualize how to properly execute the instructions given. What to prepare for your boxing training? You don’t need to buy expensive material if you want to do boxing at home. You only need to buy a pair of good quality gloves, a skipping rope and hand wraps. A 14 oz gloves will do. If you don’t wish to buy punching bags, you can make in on your own using empty flour sacks in filing it with used clothes or sand. What are the things that you should do before your boxing training? Before any activity, you need to first do some stretching. This is also a good warmer before any strenuous activity especially in boxing. It also prevents you from painful cramps. Doing this, will start to make you sweat and will pump you up to do the next activities. Exercises that you can do There are a lot of boxing drills that you can do in boxing and they are physically challenging especially if you are not used to do some exercises but it could be beneficial to you and your health. For the boxing exercises just click the link for some suggested activities that you can do. To add more on that, practice the combinations with you punching bags. I assume that you already know the basic punches and movement. This is the best part of boxing especially if you are stressed out and you are angry on someone. Punching the bag with force and power will burn those fats, build muscles and kill the stress. Try these combinations using the punching bag: Jab Double Jab Jab, Straight Double Jab, Straight Upper cut, Hook, Straight Try to do your own combinations but start with these mentioned above and do punching bag drills for about 15- 30 minutes. This will surely help increase your cardio and upper body strength. Do this every day or every other day and you will achieve fast results. Who says you need to spend a lot of money to be fit? There are lot of options for you to be healthy and one cheaper way is boxing training at home. Boxing is one of the best exercises to lose weight, to get sculpted and to be fit. It is also cheap. [...]

How to get fit : Practical ways to get fit and healthy


How to get fit practically I wonder why do people spend a lot of money on weight programs or make overs while there are many available practical ways how to get fit and healthy for free. They are blinded by the convincing sales pitch on TV commercials in a home shopping programs forgetting that they don’t need products to achieve the dream body that they wish to. There are actually tons of ways to to get fit without you spending money for the unnecessary equipments or costly operations. Your dream of a healthy and great body could be done right at the comfort of your home. If you are resourceful enough you could use anything that you see in your house. For example you could use the empty plastic bottles as you dumbbells. Just put water in it and there you go, an instant sports equipment. Other things that you could use in your home are chairs, your beds, or anything, just be creative. You could use that for high level push-ups by placing your feet over the bed, or for sit-ups and triceps exercises. How to get fit without spending anything is easy right? It is such a waste to see treadmills that are dusting and not being used. It is one of the most expensive sports equipment that is usually wasted when they can jog or run instead. Jogging, running and sprinting are the very effective and efficient activities that are often forgotten. Try these activities and you will lose weight and you will get fit for sure without losing any money in your pocket. I am also surprise why people spend on expensive weight loss supplements just to get fit when there are many alternatives cheaper and better than those available in the market. If you are eating healthy, there is no need for you to make food supplements maker richer. Eating fruits, vegetables and having a less carb diet would be more effective and inexpensive than those steep and health risky food supplements in the market.    The media is blinding people for ways to be healthy and to get fit. Because of that health and weight loss programs have become a multi-billion industry that took advantage of people who are desperate and brain washed that this and that is the best product around to get fit wherein there are tons of alternative not needing to shell out a single penny. We need to be practical nowadays. Let us not be easily be influenced by the media that you need to spend money to look physically great and fit while there are great and cheap ways to lose some extra pounds. Look around and be resourceful, these may be even more effective than those commercialized health items available today, without any cost. Come to think of it. How to get fit is very easy and cheap.. [...]

How to do shadow boxing


Shadow boxing tips shadow boxing in front of the mirror is advisable to see proper form. How to shadow box? Shadow boxing is one of the boxing drills to develop proper form, speed, proper hand coordination and technique. Many don’t know that this simple exercise is a great way to sweat all your calories and to increase cardio as well. When I need to sweat and do some exercising, I do shadow boxing. Because of what I feel shadow boxing has done to my health,I want you to try it as well and benefit from it too. I’m going to share to you the basics and do this during your  spare time. You will surely feel great. The best part here is that you don’t have to go out and gear up accordingly because you could do this in your room or anywhere in your home. Shadow boxing is a practical way to get fit and healthy. How to do shadow boxing is very easy.First thing I do is  to do some stretching and warm up before  I shadow box. I believe everyone knows how to do it. Make 20 repetitions in every exercise. You should start from head to foot or vice versa. Doing this alone could have a positive effect on your health. Once you are all ready. Make a boxing stance and start making combinations. For you to understand more on what you should do check out this video. Once you have learned how to do shadow boxing basics. Do this every morning or during your spare time. If you want to lose weight do this at least 15 a day. Shadow boxing is one of the cheapest and the practical ways to get fit. Don’t forget to drink lots of water after doing shadow boxing and don’t drink too much before or when you are doing it. Just have a sip while doing the shadow boxing drills. Do shadow boxing for 3 minutes and have a 1 minute rest. Don’t rest longer because you would feel lazy. Keep the momentum coming by being spontaneous. Who says you need to spend money to get fit? There are tons of ways to be fit and healthy and one of it is  shadow boxing. Shadow boxing would let you sweat and burn those extra calories away.[...]

MMA: Boxing Effectiveness in MMA


MMA and Boxing                                                         Boxing is undoubtedly widely used in MMA as a stand-up discipline. Why is being utilized by many mixed martial arts fighters out there? The answer is effectiveness. Boxing is one of the lethal mixed martial arts techniques. Where do you think the fight starts? It is obviously in standing up and not in the ground. As fight a start standing this is where boxing is so dangerous with just one strike a MMA fighter could be put into sleep. Boxing is very effective as a striking discipline in MMA because a punch lands faster than a kick. I have seen great muay thai and kick boxing fighters that have been knock out before they could make a powerful kick. I think it also depends on how skill boxers are. I’m not saying boxing is the only one effective striking martial arts out there, what I’m saying is the effectiveness of boxing in MMA. If this not an effective and practical technique in striking, why do MMA fighters train for boxing? All mixed martial arts discipline are very important in this sport but surely boxing is one of them. What also great about boxing is the footwork. Boxing is said to be a dance. In MMA, footwork is very important. Footwork will help mixed martial arts fighter to evade punches, kicks and take downs. Footwork is a great defensive skill. I have seen MMA fighter even they are jiu jitsu black belts choose to stand up and box. Take a look at Junior Dos Santos. He is a jiu jitsu black right? Who is the UFC heavy weight champ? Boxing lead many MMA fighters to greatness. Some people say if you have a good take down defense, you would be successful in boxing. I believe that because there are great MMA fighters that I rarely seen on the ground like Chuck Liddell and succeeded in MMA. Boxing will never be taken out as a lethal striking arsenal in MMA. Many MMA fighters have succeeded in this sport by using boxing as their stand up game. Every MMA fighter should have boxing in their striking ammunition's because thus is one of the most effective striking discipline in MMA or any martial arts. [...]

MMA: Increasing Cardio for MMA


MMA tips to increase your cardio Cardio is very important in all sports most especially in MMA. Even you do mixed martial arts for fitness, without cardio you would not perform all of its drills. Mixed martial arts is one the most physically exhaustive sports and very physically challenging as well. For you to perform all the drill and exercises of MMA you need to be very well physically conditioned and one aspect of it is your cardio. This is the reason why you need to be ready with your oxygen tank before you try to do mixed martial arts. Without a good cardio there is a big possibility that you could vomit because you are gassing out. Before you begin with your training it is advisable for you to be well conditioned first. You need to be willing enough to train because it will require you a lot of effort and determination. If you are too lazy to stretch some muscle this sport is not for you. How to increase your cardio before you jump for your MMA training is simple but it will need more of your willingness and drive without it you will not progress. If you are willing enough here are the simple tips from my experience how to prepare your lung to train for mixed martial arts. As what I have said it is very easy. The key here is your desire to train. My suggestion is that you need to prepare at least for one month before you wear your MMA gear for gym. Jog If you never ran before, you should try to jog first. Jog at least 15 – 20 minutes a day. Do this at least once a week until you are accustomed to it. If you can run straight 15 minutes have a break but don’t take it too long. Rest for 1-2 minutes then jog again. After doing this for a week, it doesn’t mean that you are ready for mixed MMA yet because this is not enough. Run After a week of jogging, you lungs now are beginning to adjust. You lungs now should have improved its lungs capacity but it is not enough for MMA training yet this is the reason why you need to try to run now instead of jogging. Running will require great lung capacity but because you have jogged for a week, I assume that you are now ready to do this. Cardio capacity differs from one person to another but 1 week of jog is the ideal time for you to be prepared to run. In MMA there are activities and drill that will need a lot of air from you and even endurance. Sprint Sprinting is for sudden blast and explosive move for MMA. This is why sprinting is very important. There a difference from these three cardio exercises. Jog is just for preparation, running is for you to have a gas reserve and sprinting is for sudden burst of action such as shooting for a takedown. After doing jog for one week and running for one week. Sprinting should be incorporate with running. This is how I do it. I run for 5 minutes first. After I have warmed up enough that is by running, I sprint for 1- 2 minutes, and then run again. The only rest for you here is run. Then after you are ready again after a five minutes run, sprint again for 3 minutes. This just an idea for what you can do with running and sprinting. This is my program. If you wish to do your own it is ok for as long you combine the two. Jogging, running and sprinting are simple and most effective way to increase your cardio in preparation for you MMA training. It is easy buy will require you a sheer of determinat[...]