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News, reviews on enterprise ERP includes manufacturing planning, invoicing and bill of sale, business process automation and integrated financial systems.


TomorrowNow's Fate Won't Ruin Third-Party App Support
Third-party app support won't fail despite TomorrowNow's legal struggles, observers say.

Oracle's Ellison Provides Fusion Apps Overview
CEO Larry Ellison says the Fusion Applications will be both on-demand and on-premise software.

Oracle to Add Enterprise 2.0 Features to Fusion
Oracle sees Enterprise 2.0 features as a potential differentiator for its Fusion Middleware products.

Oracle Extends Application Integration Architecture
Oracle's Application Integration Architecture lets developers build composite applications.

HP Expands into IT Governance Space
Business and regulatory demands fuel the growing sector.

SAP Promises Stable Road Map for MySAP ERP
The company says there will be no upgrades to its next-generation ERP suite for the next five years--only enhancement packages.

SAP Foresees Scant Interest in On-Demand ERP
SAP sees little need to offer a full suite of enterprise resource planning applications on the software-as-a-service model even though it plans to market additional on-demand modules beyond its current CRM offerings.

Microsoft Plays SAAS Catch-Up
Microsoft lays the foundation for software as a service with Dynamics.

Golden Gate Capital to Acquire Geac
Golden Gate intends to break Geac into two separate entities and fold them into other companies.

Hosting Space Gains ERP Duo
A group of smaller, more nimble ERP companies are breaking into the hosting game in an effort to give midsize businesses the same tools that traditionally have been available only to large enterprises.