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American Idol Sues Josiah Over His New Album


It seems that we won't hear new songs from former American Idol contestant, Josiah Leming. His contract with Warner Bros is now in danger and he may never release his EP. Why is this happening? Why can't his new album be released, with new music on a fine label like Warner Bros?It's because of American Idol Show. They claim that Josiah signed a contract that forbids him to sign a deal with any

Josiah's Angels Undercover EP Coming!


Get ready to meet Josiah Leming in a new light. On October 28th his EP will be available on iTunes and you will get a chance to hear his new songs. It is half album edition and you will have 5 songs to choose from. This is a promotion for the full album that Josiah plans to release in January 2009. Until then, you will have a chance to see him live or you can pay for $5 and listen to Angels

Josiah Leming Answers Questions


This is a great list of questions Josiah Leming got from his fans. He answered all of them, and it's just like he said: "Nothing is off limits....".The entire "interview" is taken from his Myspace page, so you can go there and join in commenting ( over 1000 comments so far). Enjoy! Josiah Leming Q&A:Favorite animal: lionMy first pet was named oscar lolMy cd comes out in september, i'm not sure

Josiah Is In London


After being on Ellen Show again, Josiah left to visit London. We don't know what's he doing there exactly. But it is probably business related, recording in the studio or planning for a new tour.There are also some new pictures Josiah took for his fans. I must say they are pretty artsy. Now I'm thinking, there are probably thousands of girls who are looking at these pictures and falling in love.

Josiah Is In The Studio


Josiah Leming is currently in the studio, recording songs for his new, first album. It is hard to hear any other news from him because he is so busy with that.He has a recording sessions that are all day long. He says he is exhausted and he now knows that there are limits beyond he ever imagined. And those are not only physical limits.On the finale of American Idol, Josiah Leming tried to get

Josiah Leming Pushes It Further


If you are tracking what is happening with Josiah Leming, then you know he is an interesting person with lots of it to offer. Sometimes you just wish for those kind of people to be with you when you are out of fuel. You need some kind of boost at that point and I believe Josiah Leming is a guy who can get you up to the stars. His music and contest in American Idol showed what kind of guy he's

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Josiah Leming Signs With Warner


Josiah signs with Warner Bross! It's been confirmed and the kid from Morristown finally makes it happen. Knoxnews announced today that the deal is done.Josiah Leming has an agent and an entertainment lawyer who helped him to get the record deal. It's all by the book and he is now in good hands. He's gonna go to Hollywood soon to make something with his music, something we will appreciate no

Josiah Leming In Fort Wayne


You probably know that Josiah Leming had a concert in Fort Wayne. Here's a great video of him playing piano and singing.It's great to hear his music again. His talent is unbelievable. I still can't believe he was kicked from American Idol. You kinda wonder what people run American Idol...Well, that's not important here. It's important Josiah Leming is making progress. We all hope he will have

Josiah Leming Signs With Warner?


Josiah Leming closed a deal with Warner and will start recording soon. That's the information I found today and I still can't confirm it to you. But I'm sure in a day or two we will know what's actually going on.A source also say today will be a lot of beer drinking at Josiah Leming hometown, Morristown. Green beer will flow and songs will be on the menu all night long. Josiah Leming - Warner

Josiah Leming Gets A Car


You probably remember that the booted American Idol contestant Josiah Leming lived in a car before his audition. That car was his home and his way of transportation. And it was the same car that helped Josiah to get so much attention during the American Idol.Well, that car finished his journey couple a days ago and Josiah had to come back to live with his parents again. His mother is still under

Josiah Leming | Hollywood Star


Believe it or not, Josiah Leming is going to be a huge star. His performance on American Idol was not just a little sparkle that was forgotten. His Grace Kelly song performance on American Idol show is something that touched so many of us, and that's what's important at the end. Not the opinion of the American Idol judges on Josiah's music, but the emotions of audience and how they saw the

Josiah On Ellen Degeneres Show


It was great to see and hear Josiah Leming with Ellen Degeneres. His performance of One Last Song was awesome! He wasn't crying after the song, but no problem, maybe will see him doing that later on.Do you think that American Idol did him a big favor by giving him so much exposure before and after the boot? I certainly think YES.Sign up HERE And Download JOSIAH LEMING Songs For FREENow he has a

No Regrets For Josiah Leming


Josiah Leming is not just some kid who sleeps in his car. And he's not a kid that cries for every little thing. He's not Emo and not pretending to be one. But what he is, he's a kid who tried. He has no regrets about choices he made.Besides that, he knows that his 15 minutes are up. The fame he felt for a while drops off, we've seen it before.Sign up HERE And Download JOSIAH LEMING Songs For FREE

The Fall Of Josiah


Josiah Leming’s run on American Idol 7 is finally over.Many of us wished to see more, much more from this littleguy. But now, when it's over, I hope that Josiah Leming seeks out some form of help in the future, maybe surround himself with friends who will look after him and offer some perspective. Yes, I really do.Download JOSIAH LEMING Songs For FREE With This ProgramWhatever Josiah Leming

Josiah Leming Sings With Keyboard


Josiah Leming has been one of the most interesting American Idol wannabes — this talented teenager lives in his car by his own choice. Thats one big dream chaser we got here. Most important thing, I am sure he will get the American Idol. Yes, Josiah Leming. I am calling it right now and everyone can come back here to read it. Then you will see how perfect my choices and predictions are.Lets see

Josiah Leming


Josiah Leming is a 18-year free spirit that lives out of his car. He is a sad story case and reminds us of Asiah Epperson whose father died in a car accident just before her American Idol appearance.But don’t call Josiah Leming homeless, he lives in a car! Whatsoever, he insisted to the judges to be there. An American Idol wannabe is surviving hardest times of his life but he proceeds to impress

Josiah American Idol


Josiah Leming, as you may know, has been living out of his car since leaving home about one year ago. First he said he loves it but he broke down in tears over his loneliness. He appeared on American Idol and sang an original tune “To Run” but the judges stopped him after they detected something. Yes, it's a strange British accent coming through when he sang. He didn’t really have an