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Loosing Weight in 30 Days


A lot can happen in 30 days, if the planning is there. The dream of everyone who wishes to lose maximum fat and build maximum muscle in the shortest period of time. While it is difficult to do this, it most certainly is possible to both lose fat and gain muscle at the same time and in my own experience, the best results come from concentrating on one goal at a time while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

Let me make it even easier: to lose fat, you need a caloric deficit and when building muscle, you need a caloric surplus. If you try to do both simultaneously, you will be most likely hindering your goals instead of saving time or fueling progress. So the question at heart is, how do we maximize fat loss and muscle gain, two opposing goals, in only one month? It's simple - focus on both goals in the same training program but not simultaneously!

By alternating between reduced-calorie fat loss training and higher-calorie weight gain (mass-oriented) training, you can not only accomplish both goals at the same time, you can actually use the two opposing goals to fuel each other and provide phenomenal results. To illustrate my point further, have you ever gained a large amount of weight back once coming off a strict diet? That's your body's way of adapting to a stress. One of the most powerful features of alternating back and forth in this training philosophy is in the change itself. Your body changes quickly when you follow a regimen that is complimentary to your body's internal systems of metabolism and recovery. Results come in the form of extremely rapid fat loss and muscle gain.

To maximize this training and fitness program, you must tailor your training, diet and supplementation towards the specific goals you want to attain during this physical program. For five days, I cab help you target everything about your training and nutrition towards these goals (fat loss / muscle growth). You will reduce caloric intake below maintenance levels to promote fat burning and will reduce the rest periods between sets in your weight training to increase the intensity of the workload and boost your metabolism. Increasing your training amount and performing more sets for each bodypart. You will not push your body to muscular failure as pushing to this point can be highly stressful to the muscles when on a reduced-calorie plan.

You will include cardio training, preferably High Intensity Interval Training for best results, to burn calories and further boost your metabolism. Believe me when I say that this combination training regimen can keep you in the best shape of your life and with very minimal long-term maintenance work in regards to low-calorie intake and tough workouts. In fact, after three to four months of this personal training program, you will swear it's proven to be as effective as a year's worth of training.

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