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Used Buses, Tanks, Trucks and Trailers for Sales in Europe

Used Buses, Tanks, Trucks and Trailers for Sales in Europe. Trade Brokers from France - Trucks Tractors, Trailers Tanks and Refrigerated. Used Cars and Used Commercial Vans.


Used Truck Tractors EURO 1-2-3-4-5, hydraulic system, ADR
The webpage contains the newest items in our offer including French made Truck Tractors, trucks adapted to cistern transport with ADR and dump hydraulics system on MEGA wheels.

Set Semitrailers and Trucks Tractors
Second hand Set Trailers and Trucks Tractors and Tractor/Trailer Combination. Used Set Tractors Units Trailers with Semitrailers Tilts, Tanks, Silo, Refrigerated, Isothermal, Flatbed, Container chassis, Cattle, Tipper and Flat deck.

Refrigerated Trucks including Rails and hooks for meat
The means of transport from France haulers Refrigerated Trucks including system Rails and hooks for meat, multi-temperature compartments, chamber freezing refrigerators for frozen food transport. The isothermal vehicles equipped with hydraulic loading lift.

Used Tanks Trucks for food, chemical and fuel and oils
Tanks for the transportation and distribution of petroleum and derivative products on Trucks (Lorry) Tank Trucks (cisterns) for transportation chemicals and light chemistry, crude oil refined petroleum products, fuel and oils, molasses, alcohols of liquid food products, fertilizers, cement and dry bulk, animal fats, trucks food tank animal, cement carriers - vehicles are available in France.

Used Trucks, Heavy Trucks New Lorries for Sale from France
The means of transport from French haulers used trucks for sale with photos. Lorry chassis cab, dump trucks, trucks BDF system, curtainsider, car transport other The vehicles equipped with hydraulic loading lift, box, sleeper cabin and tippers with HDS crane.

Cattle Trailers Trucks for Sale
Trucks, trailers and semi trailers for livestock transport, pigs transport, vehicles for loading and transport living animals with the two-three level, used trucks for transport of the horses, pigs, sheep or cattle and slaughter animals.

Used Semi-Trailers for Sales from France and Poland
Used Semi-Trailer for Sales from Europe. Livestock, stock, horse semi-trailers for transport living fowl, aluminium trailers tow dumper with common crane, trailers steel or aluminium, dumper, transfer trailers, flatbed trailers and semi-trailer.

Semitrailers Refrigerated from France and Poland
The offer of Refrigerated Semi Trailers of 33 Euro-Pallets capacity including system Rails and hooks for meat - transport of hanging meet, fruit coolers and those for delivering drinks and beverages - side loaded and multi-temperature compartments.

Used Tankers Trailers for Sales from France
SemiTrailer tanks for the transportation and distribution of petroleum for chemicals and light chemistry, dry bulk, foodstuffs, asphalt, LPG, molasses, alcohols of liquid food products, fertilizers and cement carriers, dump tanks trailers and loose food items.

Used Special and Municipals Vehicles
Selling used vehicles municipal utility and public roads trucks - garbage and vacuum trucks, ressure vehicles, cesspool trucks, fire trucks, trucks garbage containers, gritters, sweeping machines (hydrocuror) and armoured delivery trucks for money transport.

Used Cars for Sale from France
Used Cars and Ambulances for Sale from France - Europe. Used cars for sale - second hand cars for sale. If you are interested Send a note using the Order Form or Contact US by telephone in French, Polish or Roussian. Location stock in Europe.

Used Delivery Trucks and Refrigerated
Commercial Vehicles, refrigerated vans body Citroen Berlingo light commercial vehicles, used commercial vehicles refrigerated with the lift or van delivery Iveco and MB Sprinter ready for extension up to 3t500 and used armoured vehicles for money transport for banks.

Used Ambulances Rescue Vehicles
Used ambulances and emergency service vehicles from Europe. Our company offers used ambulances, specialty mobile medical vehicles and emergency service vehicles. Ambulances, rescue and emergency vehicles second hand - Location stock in France, Germany and Belgium.

Used Buses and Coaches
Export used buses Charter and Intercity, luxury tourist coach from the European Union. Offer used buses luxury tourist coach, tourist bus charter, category double deck bus. Export used buses long distance - Charter and Intercity from France and the European Union.

Used Construction Machinery
Used Construction Machinery and European Construction Equipment Industry. We now offer used heavy construction equipment, used forklift, Used Track Excavators, Used Backhoe Loaders and Used Wheeled Excavators for Sales.

Used trucks and vehicles construction
Trucks Construction. Used trucks and vehicles construction, used heavy construction equipment in Europe. We now offer used heavy construction equipment for Sales from Europe (France, Belgium, Holland, Espana and Germany).

Selling Used ISO Tank Containers
Selling containers tanks for the transportation, distribution and storage of petroleum products on lorry, chemicals and light chemistry, dry bulk, food, asphalt, molasses, alcohols, liquid food products.

Used and New Reefers ISO Containers
Selling used refrigerated shipping cargo containers from European Union, cargo containers inside 20 and 40 foot to often use for Storage Refrigerated Containers. The Shipping Refrigerated Containers with aggregate Carrier Microlink 2,3.

Used Refrigerated Containers are Thermoking and Carrier
Used refrigeraded container equipped to meat rail systems for bodywork refrigeraded of the trucks and storage container. Multi-temperature compartments fixed or removable partitions. Refrigerating units are Thermoking and Carrier.

Used Storage tanks and stock containers
Tank Storage Systems is the single source provider for Liquid Storage and Dry Bulk Storage applications. Single wall tanks are common for various applications. Double wall tanks are used in applications where higher-pressure considerations are necessary.

Used Trucks and Vehicles Damaged
Damaged repairable and stolen recovered vehicles the means of transport from French haulers Used Commercial Vans, Cars, Vehicles, Trucks and Trailers - damaged vehicles. We only offer lightly damaged cars and trucks trailers.

Spare Parts and Booths, Trucks Cabs
Parts Vehicles and Trucks Cabs from Europe Our offer of specialist parts vehicles includes: parts vehicles and trucks booths from Europe, spare parts trucks, trailers and semi trailers. Location stock in Europe.

Hydraulic load lifts for commercial trucks semitrailers
New and used hydraulic load lifts for commercial trucks, trucks and semitrailers. Aluminium and with steel platform lifts. Folding lift hidden under chassis, load 500-3000 kg used in cargo delivery and urban and local food delivery.