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Updated: 2018-03-06T06:36:34.183-08:00


How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer


The increasing usage of smartphones has meant that most of us are using them more and more these days. We call, use internet, read news, do online shopping, book tickets, do online baking these days and use our smartphones for various other purposes. The convenience and comfort is something that has made our lives much easier and hassle free. But doing so many things puts a big strain on the

Marshmallow Is Coming to Huawei's Honor 7


Huawei doesn't really position the Honor 7 as a Samsung S6 alternative for a lot less money but that's what the latest smartphone offering from the Chinese giant, really is. It's obvious as soon as you look at it. A beautiful metal frame manages to disguise the somewhat chunky size and the 8.5mm thick profile of the 7 but at least it makes Honor 7 cases an option rather than a necessity. The

Features To Look For On Your Business Phone System


It goes without say that companies use a substantial amount of money in telephone expenses monthly. Getting value for money used on a business phone system has become the ultimate goal of every business. In the years gone by, businesses did not have a choice as to the type of business telephone system they could go for since virtually every provider offered the same kind of services. However,

Samsung's Newest Phones Can Compete With Apple's Best


Samsung has just launched its two new jumbo-screen smartphones. The Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are big, attractive and well designed. They appear to be the company's best effort to date to take on Apple's iPhone 6 series.The phones are larger than the iPhone 6 Plus. Both have a 5.7 inch screen, bigger than the iPhone's 5.5 inch screen. Both phones run Google's Android operating system

What Will Microsoft Windows 10 Mean for You?


Microsoft has just revealed a deeper look at its new futuristic operating system, Windows 10. Microsoft Windows 10 Attempting to gain momentum after the disappointment of Windows 8, the company is launching a new OS and returning to more familiar user friendly applications. Included are new inventive features like a souped-up start menu and multiple virtual desktops. While no firm date has

Move Or Copy Worksheets Between Excel Workbooks


Moving or copying worksheets from one workbook to another may sound like a complicated process but as with a lot of features in Excel it really is quite straightforward. I will describe in detail the two different methods. First I will cover Excel's built in method for completing this task, and as usual in Excel there is also an alternative way to carry out the task as well, which we will cover

Christmas Music Radio


Although many Nintendo Wii's, Xbox 360's, and many other toys are not always easy to come by in the holiday season, one thing we never fall short of is Christmas music. Needless to say it is not always so easy to find quality Christmas music. Many lucky consumers who were able to afford the IPod touch, IPhone, or a decent set of computer speaker will have no trouble finding exactly what they are

How to Send Fax From the Internet


Sending faxes via the Internet is the in-thing for businesses worldwide nowadays. In fact, companies which use such a communication tool are often held in high esteem by customers as it portrays the firm as being "proactive" and "forward looking".So, how does one send faxes via the Internet? Currently, there are many service providers out there, and more and more are coming on

Home Internet Phone Service Made Easy


Internet phone service is like bathroom tissue. There are dozens of brands and few significant differences between them. Beneath all the marketing fuss, the product is very simple and easy. Installing Internet phone service for ordinary home use is no scarier than installing bathroom tissue, as you are about to learn.Here's a short list of what you need: Internet access service that is always "

Turn your iPhone into a voice note recorder with Jott


Jott is a very simple idea made sophisticated, and it works.As a free download software for the iPhone, this application allows you to record voice notes, just like any sound recorder. However, the software goes one step further with the ability to transcribe recorded notes into text. You can even have the note sent to your mail account.In order to use Jott, you will need to register for an

13mm Italian Charms


Bee Italian Charm 13mmReally amazing and beautiful charm for your bracelet. Gorgeous and cute Bee Italian Charm is made from best quality stainless steel that makes perfect shiny background for charm. This funny bee is painted in pretty and colorful enamel. Big Ladybug Italian Charm 13mmLadybug, Ladybug, where have you been? Make your wish and get this Big Ladybug Italian Charm. Red ladybug with

Fourth of July Charms


American Flag Star Italian CharmAmerican Flag and Statue of Liberty Italian CharmAmerican Flag Black Laser CharmAmerican Flag Heart Italian CharmWaving American FlagAmerica Italian CharmClassic American FlagAmerican Flag StateAmerican Flag with Yellow RibbonMore Fourth of July Italian Charms at

Epson Stylus Photo R2880


Incorporating an amalgam of recent technologies that we've seen in other models, today Epson announced the Epson Stylus Photo 2880, a replacement for the 4-year-old Stylus Photo R2400, a popular printer among amateur and pro photographers.The R2880 uses the same print engine as the higher-end Stylus Pro x880 models, including the same Ultrachrome K3 inkset, which replace standard Magenta and

Two-Way Radio


A couple years ago I got pair of the 5 mile versions of these and the wife and I tested them out quite a bit. I gotta say the 5 mile range is pretty accurate, and having a live radio to talk with the wife when she’s out hiking or walking the dogs is great. The one thing I would have changed with mine is to have internal batteries as ours have 4 AAA’s and with a kid in the house those batteries

Hollywood Denizens Kiss Each Other's Bums


Know what would be cool? If some other director won Best Director, and up he goes, then says "Ah, come on! We all know who deserves this," and calls Pete up to the podium and gives the award to him to thunderous applause.Then all the actors and actors with breasts (can't call them 'actresses' any more) come up in long line, ignoring the officious little dweeb whose job it is to notify people that

A VoIP Phone


VoIP is just about everywhere right now, and it will most likely become the communication method of choice in the future, considering all its great advantages and low costs of calling. We've got VoIP voice services in the most important IM clients around, and also a service that has become a synonym for calls made via the Voice Over Internet Protocol, Skype. That's the reason why more andmore

The Portable Inkless Printer


Although digital photography reigns supreme nowadays, there are still a lot of people who miss the old days of paper photos, especially those instant ones provided byPolaroid. And it seems that those days might once again come back, albeit adapted to the modern technology, since a company called ZINK has announced the development of a pocket-sized printer which can cough up photos without using a

100 Million Installations - Internet Explorer 7


Internet Explorer 7 has reached the 100 million-installation milestone. Tony Chor, IE Group Program Manager revealed that the browser had reached 100 million installations as ofJanuary 8, 2007. Internet Explorer 7 was released on October 18, 2006. The browser's performance can be explained through Microsoft's adoption strategy.Following the official release, and beginning with November 8, 2006,

The World's Smallest USB Hub


USB Hubs have become some sort of a “must have”in a world where almost all electronic devices connect to the PC via the USB ports. They come in all shapes, designs and sizes, standalone or embedded in another multi-functional device. However, in the case of today's gadget, the 4 Port USB 2.0 Mini Hub from Lindy, the most important feature is the size, or more precisely, the lack of, since the

Disney's MP3 Player


Disney wants a slice of the digital music market as well, so the company will introduce a new lineup of MP3 players, specifically designed for the its main clients, the children aged between 6 and 12 years.Disney’sMP3 players, known as Mix Stick, will come in four colors: Disney Chrome, Forever Princess, Sassy Pixie and That's So Raven, with a price of $49.Mix Stick will allow the copying of

Got Books?


A few weeks ago our daughter came home from school with some information about a program called It's designed to encourage kids to read more outside of class and help parents "promote literacy behaviors at home." My wife and I are both avid readers and we'd love to see our kids follow suit, not just because studies suggest it would help them academically but just for the pure