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Doctor Barbour

Thu, 15 Nov 2012 19:15:49 -0500

The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup For May 13, 2011

Fri, 13 May 2011 18:27:54 -0400

Newt Gingrich's decision this week to leap into the pool and finally get himself wet kicked off what has been -- and what will continue, through tomorrow, to be -- the period in which the 2012 GOP presidential field really started to come together.

The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup For May 6, 2011

Fri, 06 May 2011 19:39:58 -0400

The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup

Fri, 29 Apr 2011 18:55:32 -0400

This week, the 2012 presidential landscape was rocked by a couple of big announcements. Haley Barbour, who had us more or less convinced he was going to take a run at the White House, surprised everyone by announcing that he had decided against mounting a campaign. Now, the insider knowledge and deep connections that Barbour has spent his career cultivating are hot commodities -- as is his endorsement. Will Barbour lay his kiss of approval on the brow of Mitch Daniels? Or will he back his fellow southerner, Mike Huckabee? Or Tim Pawlenty? At this point, nobody knows.

Haley Barbour Out, Ron Paul In: Will Voters Like The 2012 GOP Field Now?

Tue, 26 Apr 2011 11:49:54 -0400

When we last checked in with how people felt about the way the 2012 GOP primary field was shaping up, people basically hated it. So, do the latest updates to the roster mean anything?

Potential GOP Presidential Candidates Raised Taxes

Tue, 19 Apr 2011 09:33:43 -0400

Barbour Defends Boehner's Budget Deal

Thu, 14 Apr 2011 08:45:58 -0400

Another Haley Barbour Hunkers Down On K Street

Mon, 11 Apr 2011 09:08:47 -0400

Tea Party Flexes Muscle In 2012 Presidential Race

Wed, 06 Apr 2011 11:05:52 -0400

Proud Lobbyist & Southerner Weighs Presidential Run

Tue, 22 Mar 2011 08:59:13 -0400

Haley Barbour Racked Up Questionable Travel Bill

Mon, 21 Mar 2011 13:43:02 -0400

Haley Barbour Breaks From The GOP Pack

Wed, 16 Mar 2011 00:12:44 -0400

Haley Barbour & Mike Huckabee: A Tale Of Two Souths

Mon, 28 Feb 2011 14:00:30 -0500

My Top Ten Political Winners and Losers for 2010

Thu, 23 Dec 2010 12:54:07 -0500

Written off after the mid-term elections, a few weeks later Barack Obama glides, if not exactly walks, on water.

Haley Barbour Has No Excuse

Tue, 21 Dec 2010 18:51:13 -0500

Barbour's recitation of Mississippi history is 180 degrees in the wrong direction. His remarks on Citizens Councils and the Ku Klux Klan can be "clarified" from now until the last racist is voted out of public office.

Haley Barbour Clarifies Controversial Comments

Tue, 21 Dec 2010 13:23:37 -0500