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er 6, 2010 Bird Tattoo Designs

Sun, 04 Mar 2012 09:17:00 +0000

they are in vogue again. Most popular are swallow tattoos, followed by phoenix tattoos.

swallow tattoo

swallow heart tattoo

Bird Tattoo

female hummingbird tattoo

star tattoo for men

Sun, 04 Mar 2012 09:15:00 +0000

So, you finally decided that the star tattoos for men the kind of design you want. But does that represent a star? Are there different types of models are available or only the five-pointed star that we are so used in the drawing as a child? For more information on the Tribal tattoos for men find in google search with keyword Tribal tattoos for men

Since these objects in the sky lights, a dark and heavy night, they also symbolize a certain light in the period of darkness in our lives. He represents the Divine shines through each and every one of us. They are a symbol of hope and truth. And since it's basically coming out mostly at night, the essence of the stars for a fight at a time of darkness and overcome this time.

(image) star tattoo for men
The importance of a particular design, which depends mainly on the number of points and sometimes the form of his tips. Three of the most popular designs are the stars of the Pentagram or five-pointed star, the Nautical Star and the hexagram, or as the Star of David or the six-pointed star known.

Tattoo Letter Designs - Tattoo Lettering Ideas

Sun, 04 Mar 2012 09:14:00 +0000

(image) An entire range of tattoo designs are available in various styles, intricacies and colors. People get letter tattoos done so as to memorialize a person or event of immense value. Also adding to one's image, people mark their respect for accomplished personalities by etching their names as body art. It has been studied that around 24 percent of the people in America between the age group 18 to 50 years carry at least one tattoo on their body.

Graphic symbols


Beautiful monograms and initials are designed precisely to project this notion through body art. Such monograms are usually seen on the shoulders, chest and lower back. If you wish to create a monogram having the initial letters from your first, middle and last names, fonts with particularly brandished waves combined with lines changing between thick and thin exquisitely turns mere letters into an amazing artwork. A slightly different alternative may be to get a monogram tattoo that speaks of a life changing event like a new last name after marriage, proclaiming a new beginning and a new aspect to one's identity.


Before going ahead with tattooing a phrase or word in a foreign language, refer to a person who can offer a translation of the required name or any other expression. Images out of certain languages that use the hieroglyphic pattern of representation can be created to symbolize characters. Ancient Egyptian and Mayan are a few of the many that have used character symbols as opposed to alphabets in their writings. One may settle for a word or phrase which may be symbolic to one and can be developed into a tattoo once it's true and correct representation has been cross checked. To keep one's tattoo authentic, one may also use words from languages like Greek, Hebrew, Pali.

English of the past:

Old English fonts look best on upper arms, shoulders and on the chest areas. It is best to keep a phrase short while using the Old English font on tattoo so as to avoid congestion. Just like in ancient writings that used this style of font, an illuminated letter box is used to highlight the first letter of the desired word or phrase which may be even be a name or any other word. In Old English, the first letter of the first word has always been intricately decorated with lines framing it in such a manner that it creates a kind of text box.

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Messieurs fumez entraine des troubles de l 'érection.. donc profitez des bonne résolutions pour arrêter !!!!

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Et surtout bonne santé !!!!!!

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Bonne Année 2012 a tous

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