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This blog is on the Vitamin B17 and Laetrile that will make you understand about the treatment of Cancer.

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The benefits of apricot, which is not related to vitamin b17 part 3


In addition, Apricot (Believe that it is a good source of Vitamin B17) was used as a component in the food and drinks.

The drink mixed orange juice and apricot

The benefit is that it helps cure colds, strengthen the immune system and also antioxidants. Properties of apricot (Believe that it is a good source of Vitamin B17) are rich in beta carotene, which helps fight free radicals and against the degeneration of cells and tissues. A tip for choosing apricot is choosing dark color, because it contains more beta carotene.

Orange contains vitamin C, beta carotene, Bioflavonoids, zinc, potassium and phosphorus and it good for the lungs and kidneys. Benefits of Orange to help solve a cold, cough, mild laxative, stimulate the body fresh and energetic. It also prevents mold and microorganisms.


- 2 apricot
- 2 orange
- 1 cup of mineral water or clean water

How do

Clean, clearing apricot (Believe that it is a good source of Vitamin B17), then you need to be cut half of it, cored out and cut into small pieces. The orange, you should unwrap it as the petals but do not peel the seeds out. Then mix the two kinds of fruit, and water extraction with Juice Extraction Machine

Finished add mineral water or clean water to dilute, drinking now or you can add cool by adding ice.

The benefits of apricot, which is not related to vitamin b17 part 2


Apricots are used to produce a wide range of products.

Scrub products.

Apricots are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E (Will see that it does not have Vitamin B17). It helps to shed the skin cells and cleans deeply. There are also advertisements for related products from apricot scrub that it makes the skin smooth, help tighten pores including get rid of pimple and the skin moist.


Apricots are the dominant nutrient is a substance beta-carotene, not have Vitamin B17). Beta carotene to help resist degradation and wilting of cells and tissues more effectively, Beta carotene will have plenty in dark fruit. In addition, it create acids Malik which it can clean the small intestine.
Mud mask with Apricot extracts.

It is rich in vitamin A which helps adjust condition and increase the flexibility of the skin. There are also advertisements for related products from Mud mask with Apricot extracts that it reduces fine lines wrinkles and help clean up the dirt that accumulates in the skin including the acceleration of new skin cells gently and firming skin firming is suitable for the skin dryness and wrinkles.

So, you will see that these products aren't mention to the vitamin B17.

The benefits of apricot, which is not related to vitamin b17 part 1


Apricot is a fruit yellow-orange, sweet and sour and a unique fragrance. It is both fresh and dry. When cooked by the heat will make it even sweeter, it is suitable for used to make jams, tarts, bakery, cakes, ice cream and sorbate.

How to prepare apricot to cook is take knife is cut in half vertically and twist it to remove the seeds out. It contains many nutrients such as vitamin A and C in large doses, no fatty acids, no cholesterol and low in fat, including it contains amygdalin (Laetrile or that falsely appears to be Vitamin B17).

It has toxins that name is cyanide same amygdalin (Laetrile or vitamin B17)

This fruit is rich in beta carotene. This causes the body has a high vitamin A as well. It will make your eyes better visibility in the dark and the eyes do not deteriorate easily. Apricot seeds are popular because of its taste. However, eating large amounts can cause the formation of hydrogen cyanide (The toxins from Vitamin B17). This toxicity can be fatal and curing this fruit causing toxins that can cause toxins to stimulate the development of asthma.

Apricot seeds with Vitamin B17 part 1


Treatment of human cancers has been hundreds of years. There are reports of traditional Chinese medicine that they use seeds of bitter almonds, which has amount of Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) high for treatment of cancer for more than 3,000 years ago.

Laetrile is the name used to be called pure amygdalin. Apricot are rich in Vitamin B17, It can prevent and suppress tumor cells. The Eskimo tribes, Navajo and hunza, they often take B17 regularly. Thus they are not cancerous.

Yes or no, properties of vitamin B17's apricot seeds are very good for the body?

But actually it is not so. In fact, with apricot seeds from the above, it does not have any research or evidence to support the features of apricot seeds. And compounds derived from the seeds of apricots can be converted to cyanide. It is toxic to the body. Its toxicity may lead to coma and death in the end.


Apricot seeds with Vitamin B17 part 2


Amygdalin and apricot seeds are associated with some reason. To use the name Vitamin B17 of amygdalin(Laetrile ) is to avoid the legal and business interests. Industries associated with cancer treatment are worth to 200,000 million dollars. Manufacturer of modern medicine cannot be occupied the discovery of natural compounds such as

vitamin B17 because it was not approved by FDA.

Has been pushing for sales the raw apricot seeds or advertising about Vitamin B17 are illegal.

In contrast, many pharmaceutical companies in collaboration with some of the agencies pharmacists to try to push it to the FDA allow sales of raw apricot seeds or advertising that it has the ability to treat and anti-cancer, is illegal.

We see that in today's there is no sale raw apricot seed at health food stores but only have dried form, which various enzymes have been destroyed already.

Hunza with vitamin B17 part 4


But above all else, there is link story of Thais with vitamin B17, Amygdalin and Laetrile. Amygdalin is a substance found in grains and seed fruits. Most Hunza people eat the fruit of the apicot (The fruit that contains Amygdalin or Laetrile that falsely appears to be vitamin B17) and plants. It is tied up to business interests and deception to sell products.

Hunza people do not need vitamin B17, this is what actually happened.

The pattern of life of these people is a good thing. It is a natural to life, which is beneficial to the body. They eat vegetables and fruit primarily and less meat. But above all, taking pattern of life Hunza people to used, you should learn from a reliable source of information and study it carefully. It would be beneficial to you absolutely.

Hunza with vitamin B17 part 3


Hunza people eat the fresh fruits and vegetables per day, over one kilogram. It is the proportion of vegetables and fruit high, in particular, apicot (The fruit that contains amygdalin or Laetrile, which falsely appears to be vitamin B17), cherry, grape and plum.

They without electricity, there is not fuel, no gas, cooking is done sparingly, because firewood as fuel rarity of there.

They do not have enough space to grow rice, glutinous rice. They have wheat to make bread only, but it is not too much and used goat milk to make yogurt. The consumption fresh fruit and vegetable has resulted in these people defecate 3-4 times a day average. It's natural detoxification very good.

Their lifestyles and consumption was 900 years ago. Note that it is natural food consumption. Foods of them focus on whole fruit, whole-grain and vegetables. This is very important. Men over the age of a hundred years, with healthy same they tend to consume vegetables and fruit is the staple food for many generations.

Hunza with vitamin B17 part 2


In August 1963, there are international medical conferences in field of Gerontology in Copenhagen, Denmark. In conference with more than 500 research reports and concluded that the average human lifespan to 120 years and may continue for up to 140 years or 150 years by the body does not decay or death due to illness (Not senile nor sick with diseases). It was out of breath itself because it died because of its natural cell death. This is the death of Hunza

These people are an example that we should recognize how living and behavior of interest is the food consumption. They do not eat meat as a staple food. Why Hunza people do not eat meat is the staple food. The answer is not meat in the place where they live. They have the opportunity to eat mountain goats meat only 1-2 times a year, which will be the annual ceremony such as a group of wedding that it is only once a year.

That is because those areas do not have enough grass to feed animals, even animals such as dogs and cats. The husbandry is very limited for these people. It must be permitted as an individual only.

Hunza with vitamin B17 part 1


Hunza people living in the Himalayan foothills of northern Pakistan, they in an average lifespan of about 120 years with a healthy body, walk, run and the permanent teeth are fully. Dr. Jay Hoffman has survey found that they with a population of over three thousand people in 1961 and an increase about sixty thousand people in 1982.

In March 1961, has published an article about these people in the medical journal "Journal of the American Medical Association" says about the Hunza people live longer and have a lot of life to 140 years.

Dr. Jay Milton Hoffman conducted research about these people and his research make he was Oscar Award from American Medical Association in field of medical care for the elderly (National Geriatrics Society) on April 2, 1962, at Washington, DC.

Story of Laetrile (It has a fake name that vitamin B17.)


Laetrile (fake Vitamin B17) is a compound that has been used as a treatment for people who are cancer throughout the world. But it is not approved by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). This substance is a synthesis of the compound amygdalin. Amygdalin is a natural substance found in raw nuts and fruits. In particular, the seed of it and it produces cyanide.

Believe that the cyanide created from this compound is ingredient that destroys the cancer. But there is no scientific evidence to support that laetrile can cure it or other diseases.

Laetrile has a name that vitamin B17.

Despite this it has been promoted as a cancer treatment alternative. Some people called laetrile as Vitamin B17, but it is not a B17 or it does not have the properties of the vitamin. It was first used in the treatment of this disease in Russia and it is used in the United States at a later time.

Laetrile can cause serious side effects in some people (The toxins from vitamin B17).

In 1970 laetrile has been advertised widely as it can fight cancer. This substance can cause serious side effects in some people (The toxins from vitamin B17). Therefore, we do not recommend that you use it along with treatment for your cancer and we do not recommend you use it instead of treating this disease.

Cyanide (The toxins in vitamin B17) part 3


Cyanide exposure in industry

Cyanide is a toxic substance into the body through the mouth, inhalation or absorption through the skin and eyes. We can get this poisoning from accidental or incidental. Since today with the use of chemicals containing cyanide (Toxins in laetrile or Vitamin B17) in various industries such as Manufactured in stainless, Smelting silver or gold, Metal plating, The petrochemical industry, Manufacture of pesticides.

They also found chemicals in the home, such as nail polish, which will contain acetonitrile and these compounds, can release this compounds, burning the plastic, poly-urethane material, nylon mat which these can cause cyanide (The toxins in amygdalin, laetrile or Vitamin B17) gas as well. Of course it is very dangerous if inhaled into the body. So far that it is not you.

The toxins in vitamin B17 affect the body's death.

Once we receive cumulative toxicity of cyanide poisoning (Toxins from Vitamin B17) are often abnormal in the brain, may show symptoms of psychosis, optic nerve degeneration. For those who have been highly this toxin. It can cause acute toxicity of the body, especially brain cells to hypoxia, patients who have seizures, unconsciousness and respiratory disorders. If medical treatment is slow, it will be fatal.

Cyanide (The toxins in vitamin B17) part 2


Cyanide poisoning near us, but plants and humans are Substance reduce the toxicity of it. Such as Cassava contains enzymes linamarinase, which it can be decomposed substance linamari into hydrogen-cyanide (The toxins in Vitamin B17). In the human body can get rid of this toxin by the enzyme rodanese (or Beta-cyanoalanine synthase). It will change the hydrogen-cyanide into thiocyanate, which is less toxic and excretion in urine.

This toxin in vitamin B17 can reduce by heating

There is also a way to reduce the toxicity of it in plants in several ways such as heating, cooking, etc. The level of cyanide (The toxins in Vitamin B17) that is toxic to humans (lethal dose) is 0.5 to 3.5 milligrams per kilogram. To determine the amount of this toxin by Acid hydrolysis in plants and animals, found that the amount of these toxins in cassava has a very high level in all parts of plants (240-1,040 ppm)

So if we want to remove parts or products of cassava, vegetables and fruits containing cyanide (The toxins in Vitamin B17) was used. You need to detect the amount of it and to reduce the toxicity of this toxin to a safe level before.

Cyanide (The toxins in vitamin B17) part 1


         Cyanide is a toxic substance commonly found in many plants and industrial facilities. It is a form of toxic hydrogen cyanide (HCN). It is found in many plants such as cassava, sugar cane, apple, taro, almonds, cherries, peaches, mango, papaya, guava, lemon and rice such as, wheat, barley, oats, rice, rye, sorghum, corn, beans, etc.

        These plants contain substances amygdalin (The precursors of the Laetrile or Vitamin B17), which is different depending on the type of plant (Compounds were isolated as Laetrile or substances that be impersonating as B17) such as cassava were found 80-90 of the linamarin and lotaustralin, the remainder in the form hydrogen-cyanide.

Cyanide (toxic form of Laetrile, or vitamin B17) is a toxic.

          While in apple found in the form of amygdalin and prunasin etc. These plants contain enzymes capable of degrading these cyanogenic glycosides into hydrogen-cyanide (toxic form of Amygdalin, Laetrile, or B17), which it is toxic.

Story of Amygdalin, Laetrile and vitamin B17 part 2


It is also not conclusions about the use of Laetrile (or Vitamin B17) to treat patients, Therefore, researchers wanted to study the topic. There are reports about laetrile, which is a clinical trial. It is research with people. This means that the use of this substance with real patients. However, such trials provide evidence or research is very little to support the treatment of cancer with this compound.

It also has the side effect of treatment with this compound have symptoms similar to the toxic effects of cyanide compounds such as nausea and vomiting, fever, dizziness, headache, skin is blue due to lack of oxygen in the blood, Abnormally low blood pressure, Trouble walking due to nerve damage, Mental confusion, coma and death, which severity of it depends on how it will receive toxic cyanide.

Laetrile (or vitamin B17) was used to treat cancer in Mexico.

But Laetrile (Fake name that Vitamin B17) has been used to treat cancer in Mexico, a country that produces it. On the other hand, FDA does not approve the use of these compounds for the treatment of cancer in the U.S.

Story of Amygdalin, Laetrile and vitamin B17 part 1


          In 1830 Amygdalin be extracted the first. It is used to combat cancer in Russia in early 1845 and recorded that the U.S. uses this substance to treat cancer in the 1920s. Later it was discovered that there are to the too toxic to be dangerous.

Amygdalin has been extracted as a Laetrile (or that falsely appears to be vitamin B17)

         But 30 years later it was reported that some of amygdalin is synthesized into a substance called Laetrile (Fake name that Vitamin B17). It was patented in the United States. It is used to treat cancer as well as used as a supplement in the form of vitamin in 1970. This substance has been very popular. At that time there were reports that people in the United States than 70 000 treated with it. Which theory of Laetrile treatment is a cancer treatment using cyanide compounds mainly.

Amygdalin is vitamin B17 or Laetrile? Part 2


In first part we have mentioned amygdalins with the treatment of cancer.

Such treatment has been used in various countries. Mexico, Australia, as well as other countries allow the use of Amygdalin ( Laetrile or that falsely appear to be Vitamin B17 ) in the form of drug to eat and injection. The use of this compound is use a different amount each time between 500 mg to 1 gram per day. But the United States are not allowed to use is strictly prohibited, because Amygdalin can changed to cyanide and toxic enzymes. Therefore, you should avoid eating it is strictly prohibited. In addition, it is toxic to the body and it also can lead to coma and death in the end.

Yes or no, amygdalin (Laetrile or vitamin B17) can treat cancer?

Currently there isn’t evidence to prove that Amygdalin ( or Vitamin B17 ) can eliminate cancer cells, including reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back again in any way. So to be safe, people with cancer patients should avoid eating these drugs is strictly prohibited.

Amygdalin is vitamin B17 or Laetrile? Part 1


          It is a plant compound that contains sugar. Amygdalins (Laetrile or Vitamin B17 can change to cyanide and toxic enzymes, it is believed that cyanide is a chemical that can destroy cancer cells. This compound is found in the seeds of fruits such as peach, melon, plum, cherry, almonds, apple and orange. In particular, it is found in apricot seeds. As well as the seeds of other crops such as Sunflower seeds, raw nuts such as peanuts, rice, macadamia beans and lima beans, in addition It is also found in whole grains, legumes and some grasses such as wheat grass and sorghum.

Vitamin B17 is Amygdalin or Laetrile?

          Amygdalin is also known by the name of Laetrile and that falsely appear to be Vitamin B17. The original believe that cancer cells will change Amygdalin into Cyanide which is a toxic substance has the ability to eliminate the cancer completely. They also believe that the lack of this compound’s body may lead to breast cancer again.

Vitamin B17, Laetrile and treatment of Cancer part 3


Today although still not conclusive about the benefits of  B17, but there's some background about the business benefits of this vitamin.

Above all else, there are claims that pharmaceutical companies have claim to FDA about the study and monitoring of Vitamin B17 ( or Laetrile ) and must be implemented urgently. Because pharmaceutical companies will conduct studies on these vitamins and they will be patented. The result is that if they approved of what they studied and patented. They will have the exclusive right to sell these vitamins. This will be a lot of money.

Vitamin B17 ( or Laetrile ) is a name to being impersonated in order to avoid the law.

Sources of this supplement was from, Chemists who want to sell products made from a substance Laetrile. He took a name B17 ( or Laetrile ) replaced the name of Laetrile. They do this because they want to keep it as a dietary supplement in order to avoid the law of some states in the United States government regarding the marketing of the drug. And pretends that nutrient's he has good health properties. He also benefits from such action at that time.

Vitamin B17, Laetrile and treatment of Cancer part 2


          We were aware of the B17 ( Laetrile ) from the previous article. But some experts have discovered the benefits of it. Medical health care professionals found that vitamin B2, B17 and C can help prevent the degeneration of the brain. The doctor who also said that supplements that contain B17 can help people with weak physical strength and mental health was very good. But it is a new kind of nutrients it needs to be further study and research.

          On the other hand, some information says it's a penalty. That Data indicate that Vitamin B17 ( Laetrile ) is the nutrients in some grains and fruits and it can develop cancer cells. Which corresponds to the report of the National Cancer Institute Not found that Laetrile is effective in the treatment of cancer in any way.

Vitamin B17 is a dangerous poison.

          And this material is not authorized FDA or U.S. Food and Drug Administration that it can relieve or prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. Dangers arising from the use of Laetrile are toxic from cyanide, which is about 6%. If patients believe in the properties of this vitamin and not in the right way to treat cancer, would cause serious harm to patients.

Vitamin B17, Laetrile and treatment of Cancer part 1


          Laetrile and Amygdalin is a substance that has been mistaken as Vitamin B17. But really, it's a different kind of substance with B17 and they are different chemical compounds. They do not have the properties of the vitamin or it is not a vitamin. Laetriles have been patented in the United States, which it is a synthetic chemical molecules or develop a model of the structure of amygdalin. It is different with Laetrile from Mexico, which it come from Mexico as amygdalin and it is a natural product derived from Apricot grinding.

There is controversy about the properties of the vitamin B17 or Laetrile

          It was a long time ago that there is discussion and debate in the field of nutrition and the medical community about the purpose of reporting it. When some of the world's top scientists claim that it can destroy cancer cells or cancer treatment. It will help stop the cancer or relieve pain and no effect on normal cells.