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Watching live video webcam stream (tv broadcast) in the Alps during your morning coffeebreak

Tue, 24 Jan 2017 12:43:53 +0000

I really like to watch almost every morning in the winter period (and probably it’s also possible to see it in the summer I think) to the live tv stream of the various cities and regions in mainly the Alps of Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. In the Netherlands we can see the broadcast of the Feratel video streams of the video webcams that are placed in various cities and mountain areas. I found out that both German streams do work in the Netherlands as well for broadcasting the ‘Panoramabilder’ program. The…

The best iOS weather widget apps for the Notification Center

Tue, 24 Jan 2017 12:09:25 +0000

Here is a list of which I think are the best iOS weather widget apps for the Notification Center. I’ve tried to sum up all great features and lack of features in each widget. So it’s kind of a comparison. I do hope that at somepoint the folks from will add support in 2017 (as they promised) to support also minute by minute rain forecast in the Netherlands as well because this free source does exist at KNMI see here and here. A lot of the below apps do use…

Vergelijking: Boodschappen thuis laten bezorgen

Wed, 07 Sep 2016 10:53:27 +0000

Ik vroeg me af welke partijen er boodschappen thuis laten bezorgen en of dit ook mogelijk is voor onze woonplaats (Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Zuid-Holland). Hieronder deel ik mijn resultaten zodat wellicht iemand anders er ook wat aan heeft. Kijk vooraf wel eerst goed of de desbetreffende supermarkt ook in je eigen woonplaats bezorgd. Helaas kun je in mijn geval slechts bij een beperkt aantal supermarkten bestellen. Mijn favoriet is nu Plus i.v.m. mogelijkheid bezorgen vanaf 25 euro aan boodschappen. De bezorgkosten van 6 euro zijn gemiddeld, het is nog vrij prijzig al…

Alternatives for Warcraft 2/3 or Command & Conquer on iOS

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 11:40:05 +0000

I was looking for an app alternative on iOS for the games I loved and played a lot on the PC and Mac: Warcraft 2 (Warcraft II) and Warcraft 3 (Warcraft III) or games such as Starcraft, Command & Conquer, but it was very hard to find a great one without annoying in-app purchases. I just simply want to pay once and play the game like in the ‘old’ days on my PC. For Warcraft 1,2,3 there aren’t much app alternatives nowadays in the App Store that have the humor and gameplay…

iOS Calendar/Agenda app that indicates distance time to an appointment

Mon, 23 May 2016 11:48:04 +0000

I was looking into a way to show the distance time to a certain appointment from my current location or from the previous appointment, should be an option to choose I think. There is ofcourse the Apple Calendar app  which also supports Google Calendar. I’ve read that it only works with iCloud Calendar see these options it does work with Google Calendar (I’m using that) but there are a few things that are crucial in order for it to work. I have created a new appointment this time with Apple’s own calendar app. It’s then crucial…

iOS10 feature wishes

Thu, 21 Apr 2016 12:33:26 +0000

I really hope that Apple will add the below features in the next iOS10 release: – Word swipe gesture support (like Swype, Swiftkey, Path Input) in Apple’s own keyboard so you can remain using Siri and on lock screen – Allow Siri for third party keyboards – Allow third party keyboards on lock screen to quick reply to notifications – Slide Over selection of apps (remove the ones you don’t want to see and/or a search button) – Finder for iOS – Customisable Control Center – Systemwide dark mode for…

iOS game alternatives for PuyoPuyo (Tetris like) outside Japan

Mon, 11 Apr 2016 11:58:23 +0000

I love the PuyoPuyo game concept (see Sega’s official page) and I’ve played it a lot on the Nintendo64. Outside of Japan it was released as e.g. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Kirby’s Avalanche / Kirby’s Ghost Trap and Puyo Pop Fever). Currently it’s 2016 and it’s still a very popular game (now also as an app) in Japan. In the US and Europe (outside of Japan) we had  ‘SEGA Columns Deluxe (with Puyo Pop)’ but SEGA pulled that app from the App Store unfortunately. It seems that SEGA did a soft-launch in e.g.…

E-mail apps for iOS and MacOS and their features

Mon, 14 Dec 2015 13:17:36 +0000

I was looking at all the people which were/are using Mailbox and were looking for an alternatives (because they shutdown next month) and thought that it would be good to see a comparison of alternative e-mails apps. I wasn’t using Mailbox myself but was looking a few months ago for alternatives for the standard Mail app especially because of the way it handles attachments but also other things. Here is a part of an offline Excel sheet I created to compare almost all apps. You can download a copy here.…

Webcam weather/snow widgets for iOS and Android

Tue, 08 Dec 2015 09:48:55 +0000

I was looking for a webcam widget in the Notification Center for Apple’s iOS for on my iPhone but that wasn’t easy untill now. I’ve also mentioned a Google Android alternative. The options that are out there are: Apple iOS Notification Center Widgets: – AlpenCams by Arrow Webprojects / Eric Horstmanshof | 0,99 dollar – still needs some tweaks, and lacks option to add your own webcam(s) but for snow webcams this is best option out there. – Glimpse by Arno Appenzeller | 1,99 dollar – Photo of the Day…

Comparison of cheap streaming music subscription services for smartphone / laptop/desktop

Tue, 17 Nov 2015 11:15:10 +0000

Here is a short comparison of all the cheap (free or a maximum of 5 euro/dollar a month) streaming music ‘radio’ services out there and their features. Please note that with the majority of these subscription services you get a smartradio subscription so create your own station(s). In some cases you can also listen to a select (25) amount of tracks offline and in other cases you can put your radio playlists offline but not specific albums/tracks. My favorite app/service was MixRadio (no longer available). Last updated 15th of September…