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Preview: Oregon Ducks Blog + Rumors + 2012 Recruits + News: Ducks Football / Basketball

Oregon Ducks Blog + Rumors + 2015 Recruits + News: Ducks Football / Basketball

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Social Media Let Down


You'd think that a BCS National Championship would be a social media phenomenon on Facebook, right? Well, according to the Oregon Ducks official Facebook fan page, there is no mention of it on their events tab. In fact, their most recent event promotion was the 2010 Rose Bowl, more than 13 months ago. Before that, there were only five total events, dating back to 2008, skipping many crucial match ups, including the 2009 Holiday Bowl victory against Oklahoma State. There's also no indication of upcoming events since the Rose Bowl against Ohio State, almost as if the creator lost faith in posting after a BCS let down on a national stage.

Also, many sports teams will include several websites, Twitters, and other information on their Facebook; the Oregon Ducks page does not. It only mentions the University establishment date in 1876, and the about section states, “There's something about the Oregon Ducks.” Cute. But, not informative or interesting about one of the most watched football programs across the country.

The informal organization continues to the wall. Instead of posts about the Ducks – which would make sense considering it is the Ducks fan page – it's filled with news about the Super Bowl, girls in green and yellow swimsuits, among other college humor.

Yes, it's a college website, but it should still maintain some sort of professional organization. There's no mention anywhere on the website about the basketball team or the $290 million Matthew Knight Arena. The hockey and track team are displayed in caption-less pictures, where it's hard to guess what exactly is going on. The rest of the pictures are just zoomed out takes of the Rose Bowl crowd, which with all the green and yellow, looks like an average Saturday at Autzen Stadium – also not pictured on the page.

As if all the boarderline importance isn't enough to cram the Oregon Ducks Facebook page, there's even spam on the wall. You'd think at a University with 24,000 students looking to amplify their resumes, combined with the 134,000 Facebook fans, someone would step up to enhance the Facebook page. It's possible that no one has updated the page since the Rose Bowl, especially when the only video on this social media outlet is when Puddles got in a mascot fight against the Houston Cougar three years ago. Hopefully this changes soon, as the Ducks look to return to the national title game in New Orleans next year, which is definitely something to brag about on Facebook.

~Jacob Rogers~


A Bikram Yoga Stretch


Cam Newton’s name was butchered around campus, because he appears to be getting away with athletic violations at the University of Auburn. Whether or not Newton and the Auburn athletic department are guilty remains to be unknown. However, the University of Oregon is on the other side of a separate claim. Rather than facing teams with violations, the Ducks are side-stepping questions about former Center Michael Dunigan.

Dunigan signed with an agent and fled the country to play professional basketball in Europe. The Register-Guard reported that the University of Oregon athletic department allegedly violated NCAA rules when recruiting the seven foot center.

Normally schools defend these claims, with well thought out answers. Oregon, however, refuses to say anything about it. Instead, they’re hiding behind a bikram yoga stretch of the Buckley Amendment. The Buckley Amendment, also known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, blocks the public’s right to know what’s going on with a student.

Rather than dig deeper into the investigation, an anonymous Register-Guard reporter called the now retired Buckley and asked what he thought about implementing the self-named amendment on this situation. Buckley replied with distaste of the issue, saying this does not constitute an educational record as defined by the federal statute. UO officials, on the other hand, disagree, saying that athletics is indeed private.

What exactly should be broadcasted to the people of Eugene and the country about Michael Dunigan’s recruiting and of athletes across the nation? No, they’re not paid to endure the type of negative publicity professional athletes endure, but where does the gray area end and public opinion begin?

If an athlete or university is caught violating NCAA rules and regulations, the public should be notified in full. It’s better than ESPN covering half-stories on the topic, which creates exaggerated stories about issues that may or may not be accurate. Exaggerated stories filled with lies are the kind of publicity that college athletes don’t deserve, so get the truth out there and have the violators deal with public consequence.

~Jacob Rogers~


Out With the Old and In With the New


The Oregon Ducks debuted their home Pac-10 schedule against The USC Trojans at the $227 million replacement for the aged but beloved McArthur Court last Thursday. An opening ceremony combined with a speech from Nike CEO Phil Knight warmed the hearts of the sold out crowd before the Ducks first Pac-10 win this year. Many doubters claimed that “it’s the same old team in a brand new venue.” However, the Ducks shocked viewers on regional TV with a 68-62 win over the Trojans that night, playing their best game thus far under Coach Dana Altman.The arena is named after Nike CEO Phil Knight's late son, Matthew. The Knight family donated $100 million to the year long project, creating one of the most controversial playing fields in sports history, comparable to Boise State's blue turf. Nike designer Tinker Hatfield designed the slogan on the court, “Deep in the Woods,” which fits perfectly with the unique portrait displayed around the floor. The trees are meant to intimidate opposing teams, adding to the home court advantage teams already have in college basketball. The incline of the stands is also at the maximum grade allowed by architects, so opponents will feel shadowed by the ruckus Oregon noise. Autzen Stadium is nationally considered to be one of the toughest places to play, the Ducks hope that Matthew Knight can become the Autzen Stadium of college basketballMatthew Knight Arena houses 12,400 seats, an increase of more than 3,000 in capacity than old venue, McArthur Court and is now one of the largest college arenas on the west coast. While it may not match the 33,000 seats of the Carrier Dome, the stylish court and Nike sponsorship throws in a sense of pizzazz that even Syracuse can't match.But there's more to Matthew Knight arena than the revamped floor and attempts of sparking hope back into the men's basketball program. Knight may have paid $100 million for the arena but he isn't receiving much praise outside of Eugene. He'll make the money back quickly with all the free advertising Nike gets out the new arena that much isn't hard to understand. But the rest of the funds had to come from somewhere. Apparently the State of Oregon took out a $200 million debt issue in the name of the tax payers to cover additional costs. However, due to interest charges some expect this bill to reach close to $400 million before it’s entirely paid off.Many critics have a problem with this debt, as well as the name of the arena. Some claim that if Oregon tax payers are paying $400 million for this arena, then it should be named “The Oregon Taxpayers Arena,” but that's ludicrous. People have paid for sports for over a century. Sometimes I stop and wonder why I'm paying to watch college or professional sports, when I can just as easily run to the gym and play basketball on my own. And if I can do it, then so can the rest of the Oregon tax payers. But guess what? We don't. Or if we do, we still pay to watch sports anyway, especially in this state, because the Blazers have sold out 130 straight games. Ducks football has sold out 73 straight games and Matthew Knight Arena may be starting a similar streak as soon as the team puts together a few victories and returns to the NCAA Tournament. It's only been four years since the Ducks reached the Elite Eight, where they lost 85-77 to the Florida Gators, who won the national championship that year. Coach Altman is no stranger to that tournament, entering March Madness eight times since 1991.So, for all of the doubters, sit back and relax. The majority of complainers come from sports journalists anyway. The same people who haven’t missed a Ducks football or basketball game in years. It isn’t like Phil Knight named the arena after himself. Until I see a lights shining around “Uncle Phil’s Stadium,” I will have all the respect in the world for the man. Plus, he pushed $100 million into the pot, which is the only reason this project was a possibility. And then he names it after his son who tragic[...]

What a Year!


The 2010 season is now over and the Ducks completed their best season in school history. Although they did not beat Auburn in Glendale, the team still deserves recognition. SEC blogs and reports boast that “them Orygun boys couldn't live up to a real defense,” “Orygun was never in that game,” or “when push came to shove, Orygun wasn't able to match up with the tough SEC.”

It's true that when it's all said and done, a win's a win and a loss is a loss. But to say that the Ducks weren't competitive at the Natty is ludacris. Darron Thomas played his heart out, scampering away from All-American Nick Fairley, in order to complete 27 of 40 for 363 yards with a pair of touchdowns and interceptions. Cliff Harris led the defense with an interception and a fumble recovery, he nearly had a second interception one play before Cam Newton threw a 35 yard touchdown to give Auburn a 7-3 lead. Had Harris held onto that ball before tumbling out-of-bounds, the game may have changed drastically.

But of course there's no way Harris holds onto that ball, because the Ducks were never in the game, right? When Darron Thomas found LaMichael James for a late touchdown, followed by a two-point conversion to tie the game, the Ducks still weren't in it, were they?

Regardless of what the SEC biased country says, they may just need to watch the tape again. Had LaMichael James scored on the 3rd and 2 from the Auburn 3 on the first play of the second quarter the game would have been different. Or if Lavasier Tuinei scored in the third quarter, or Kenyon Barner scored on any of the four plays to come things may have changed. Oh and don't forget about the safety the Tigers squeaked out to give them a crucial two points. I'm not trying to make excuses for the Ducks, Auburn is a very, very good team, but it was a lot closer than the SEC biased bloggers and reporters think. The Ducks were very close to celebrating in Glendale.

The Ducks may have fallen short to the SEC West Champion Auburn Tigers 10 days ago, but they will get another shot on opening day in the 2011 season, when they travel to Dallas to play the LSU Tigers. Many of the same SEC bloggers who claim that Auburn rolled over the Ducks in the National Title Game, brag that the Ducks won't match up to Les Miles and the Tigers.

If the SEC can be biased, then why can't the Pac-12? Look for the Ducks to roll into Oregon, having won 15 straight regular season games, with no hopes of breaking that streak.

I know all of us Ducks fans wanted and expected to win in Glendale, but don't hang your heads. Cam Newton's and Jim Harbaugh ran away to the NFL and that leaves the door wide open for a repeat appearance in the 2012 National Title Game next January at the Superdome in New Orleans.

So, sit back, relax, and while you get ready for the Tigers in September, watch Ducks Basketball take place on brand new Matthew Knight Arena's wacky floor.

I love my Ducks!

~Jacob Rogers~


Holy Cal


Well, I apologize for looking ahead in my last post. I hope I didn't jinx the Ducks by saying I am starting to imagine that this could be the year. I knew there would be some scary moments down the stretch, I just didn't think they would come against Cal. But I was proven wrong as Cal came out strong and scored first. They hung tough the whole game limiting the Ducks to their lowest scoring output of the year. However, the Ducks did what it takes to win and they remain unbeaten as they head into this Friday's matchup with Arizona. The Wildcats enter the game 4-3 in the Pac-10 having lost to Oregon State, USC and Stanford. I am no longer allowing myself to imagine that this might be the year, I'm simply going to watch these last three games (Arizona, Civil War and whatever bowl game it is) and keep quiet. I hope everyone has a warm and happy Thanksgiving. Go Ducks!

9 and Ooooooohhhhhhhhh by Justin Miers


Well, with three regular season games left, I'm finally allowing myself to imagine that this could be the year. Not that it's in the bag, by any means, but I'm just allowing myself to imagine. And I got to be honest, it feels pretty good. Duck fans have come a long way this past year. A tough Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State, an off-season that saw way too much attention off the field and uncertainty at quarterback. And now with a 9 and 0 record for the first time in school history, a number 1 BCS ranking for the first time in history and the inside track to the BCS championship game, four words come to mind...thank you, Chip Kelly.
It has been a joy to watch and listen to Chip Kelly this season. He has guided this Duck team through thick and thin and kept them focused at each turn in the road. The way he has handled his team, his staff and the media should set an example for other coaches. He always seems to be in control of the moment and at the same time, seems like he's enjoying himself. There was a moment during the UCLA game where everything had gone the Duck's way and after another successful play, the camera was on Kelly and you could read his lips as he looked down at his play-sheet, "What else do we have?" Like a kid on the playground, he was havin' fun. It's no wonder the Ducks were able to answer the call when they were down to Tennessee 13-3, when they were down to Stanford 21-3, when they came out slow last week against Washington. Chip Kelly keeps them focused and confident. There never seems to be bickering between players and when coach Kelly is giving his players criticism, he's not up in their faces. It's a joy to witness. So, there you have it. Chip Kelly, a real class act and true leader.

Ducks Volleyball Defeat Cougars and Huskies to Remain Undefeated


Entering Pac-10 play on Friday, the Oregon Ducks volleyball team was perfect, literally. They had won their first 12 games of the season going into the first conference game of the season against Washington State Friday night.
The Ducks took care of business, easily defeating the Cougars in three games, 25-19, 25-13, 25-15. Redshirt sophomore Alaina Bergsma led the way with a team high 12 blocks, her first time doing so. Sophomore outside hitter Jocelyn Levig led the team in blocks with seven. Defensively, the sophomore libero duo of Haley Jacob and Kellie Kawasaki tied for the lead in digs. It was the first time Kawasaki had done so this season after leading the team in digs eight times in her freshman campaign. Also coming up big was setter Lauren Plum. The freshman from Poway, California had 38 assists, six digs, one block, and one very sneaky kill which she tipped over the net catching the Cougars off guard. It was a perfect start to conference play for an already perfect Oregon squad as they improved their record to 13-0.
The next night the hated Washington Huskies came to town for a huge match where one team would lose their first game of the season. Oregon entered with a 13-0 record and Washington came in with a 12-0 record. In the first game, it was back and forth almost the whole way, but the Ducks pulled away to win 25-20. The Huskies took the next game decisively 25-13 going into the break. Whatever head coach Jim Moore told his girls in the locker room must have worked, as the Ducks came out after the break with new energy, winning the next game 25-20. The final game was back and forth with the Ducks finally prevailing 30-28.
Alaina Bergsma once again led the way in kills with 21, a season high for the redshirt sophomore out of Chandler, Arizona. Freshman setter Lauren Plum had another big night with 49 assists, nine digs, and three kills, including another sneaky kill as she tipped a ball over the net on the second hit during one point. Defensively, sophomore libero Haley Jacob led the way with 17 digs as Oregon hit double digits in digs for the fourth time this season.
Next week, the Ducks fly south to California to take on No. 8 California (11-0) and No. 1 Stanford (10-0). As if Washington wasn't enough of a test, California and Stanford will surely give the Ducks a run for their money. Last season, California reached the regional final losing to eventual national champion Penn State. Two weeks ago, Stanford ended one of the greatest streaks in sports history, as Penn State fell to the Cardinal for their first loss in 109 matches.

-Article by Sean Larson-

Ducks Flying High Entering Pac-10 Play by Sean Larson


We all knew the infamous zone read offense that the Oregon Ducks have mastered gives opposing defenses nightmares. This season however, Chip Kelly and the Ducks have taken it to a whole new level. In the first three games this year against New Mexico, Tennessee, and Portland State respectively, the Ducks have outscored their opponents 189-13.
They began the season with a record breaking performance against New Mexico, shutting out the Lobos 72-0. Oregon racked up a school record 720 yards in total offense. Darron Thomas shined in his hyped up debut as the starting quarterback, completing 13 of 23 passes for 220 yards and two scores. But the true star of the day was RB Kenjon Barner, starting in place of LaMichael James who was serving a one game suspension. Barner ran for 147 yards and scored 5 touchdowns, all in the first half.
The next week, the Ducks traveled to SEC country to take on the Tennessee Volunteers in front of over 100,000 fans in Knoxville. Tennessee jumped out to an early 6-0 lead after a series of big runs. Then, after the game was delayed for over an hour to lightning, the Thunder Green Lightning Yellow Ducks created a storm of their own, scoring 45 unanswered points on their way to a 48-13 victory. This was a huge win for not only the Ducks, but for the Pac-10 conference as well. Many people believe the Pac-10 is not an elite football conference like the SEC, and this win solidified the Pac-10's case that they are just as elite as any other conference.
Oregon finished their non-conference schedule with an in-state game against Portland State. Oregon set a new school record with 528 yards on the ground, and racked up 668 yards of total offense on their way to their second shutout in three games as they defeated the Vikings 69-0. The last time Oregon posted two shutouts in one season was in 1964.
The Ducks are flying high going into conference play, as they lead the nation in points per game (63.0), scoring defense (4.3 points per game), total offense (611.7 yards per game) and total defense (193.3 yards per game). Oregon has scored 189 points in 180 minutes of football so far in 2010, averaging 1.05 points per minute. In the first three games, Oregon has climbed six spots in the AP Poll up to #5 in the nation. However, the path to either a second consecutive Rose Bowl birth or a ticket to the national championship won't be easy. Currently, four of Oregon's Pac-10 foes are ranked in the top 25 (#14 Arizona, #16 Stanford, #20 USC, #24 Oregon State). If Oregon continues to play the way it has this season, the Ducks could be flying south again in January. Only this time, they just might pass Pasadena and fly right on to Glendale, Arizona for a chance at a national title.

Ex-Duck Jeremiah Masoli Isn't Done Yet: Where Does he go From Here?


Jeremiah Masoli could've been considered one of the greatest Ducks quarterbacks ever. He could have been among the ranks of Dan Fouts and Dennis Dixon.But as any Ducks fan knows, Masoli got the boot earlier in the year. First it was because of second degree burglary, then lying to cover over it. He was suspended from playing football next year, but could be redshirted to play for the Ducks as a senior in 2011.Well that didn't work out after he was caught with some marijuana, and violating a few traffic laws. Masoli is officially kicked out of Oregon.The general consensus was that Masoli would declare eligibility for the NFL supplementary draft. He didn't. That leads us to where we are now...Masoli is a "free agent" in the big bad world of colleges, with three options left.1) He stays at the FBS level, and plays next year.The only way he can do this is by graduation. If he completes his remaining two courses, then it's possible to transfer to a different school from Oregon if he enters a graduate program not offered at Oregon, assuming the NCAA grants him a waiver to do such (see details of how that works below).2) Masoli switches down to a Division II school and plays next year.Doing this means that he plays for a lousy team, probably making him the best players there, and will never have an NFL career. He wouldn't have to get his degree and graduate from Oregon to do this. Note: This doesn't mean an FCS school. This is something like the U. of Central Arkansas, U. of DC, Grand Valley State University, etc.3) Masoli stays at the FBS level, and waits one year to play.Option number three would include Masoli transferring to another FBS school, and sitting out one year (as he was originally going to have to do at Oregon). While this seems like the easy way out, it'll all be up to whether or not anybody wants to accept him.Now sure, teams like Louisiana Tech and Mississippi State are interested in him...but thats a serious step back from the University of Oregon. And according to the link above, MSU isn't even an option at this point. There's schools all over the country in dire need of a quarterback that I'm sure would be willing to bring him on. However, here's my top three schools I think he might end up attending:1) Louisiana TechThe Bulldogs have been listed as an option for a while, ever since he visited Ruston, La. back in June. Masoli and new head coach Sonny Dykes are a match made in heaven according to the UO Sports Dude. And I must say, I'm inclined to agree.The Bulldogs haven't won a bowl game since 1984, and are considered the crap-of-the-WAC. If Masoli went there and turns things around, he'd be hailed a hero and might be given a chance in the NFL.See, Sonny Dykes is all to familiar with Jeremiah Masoli after serving as offensive coordinator with the Arizona Wildcats the past three seasons. Dykes is a spread-option expert, and is lenient towards the passing game. Masoli excelled in a similar type playbook at Oregon.If Jeremiah Masoli were to transfer to Louisiana Tech, he would most likely be sitting out next year and playing his senior year in 2011. That also happens to be the year Boise State leaves for the Pac-10, opening up the way for other teams to take the lead, like say...Louisiana Tech!In order to play in 2010 however, he would have to enter a graduate program at Louisiana Tech, not offered at the University of Oregon (see list at above link).2) Appalachian StateThe Mountaineers are possibly one of the best FCS teams of all time. They won three championships in a row, the first to ever accomplish that, from 2005-2007. This included one of the greatest upsets ever when App. State beat Michigan, in Michigan.App. State runs a spread option offense, and has used it to dominate the FCS for the past few[...]

Oregon Ducks Football Recruits 2010


Attached is our current known verbal list for the Oregon Ducks, if you have any breaking news please update us in the comment section below.
Tacoi Sumler
WR #6 WR 5-8 157 Christopher Columbus H.S. (FL) Verbal

Andre Yruretagoyena
OT #9 OT 6-5 260 Chaparral H.S. (AZ) Verbal

Jerrard Randall
QB #7 QB 6-1 190 Chaminade-Madonna College Prep (FL) Verbal

Tyson Coleman
OLB #18 OLB 6-1 200 Lake Oswego H.S. (OR) Verbal

Tyler Johnstone
OT #51 OT 6-5 245 Hamilton H.S. (AZ) Verbal

Johnny Manziel
QB #40 QB 6-1 190 Tivy H.S. (TX) Verbal

Sam Kamp
DT #87 DT 6-5 240 Mountain View H.S. (AZ) Verbal

Jamal Prater
OT #132 OT 6-5 295 Etiwanda H.S. (CA) Verbal

Marcus Mariota
QB #102 QB 6-3 186 Saint Louis School (HI) Verbal

James Euscher
OT #138 OT 6-6 275 Aloha H.S. (OR) Verbal

Turbulent Spring by Justin Miers


Well, it's been a roller-coaster of emotions this spring for Duck fans. But fortunate for me, I'm not too close to the situation. I've been able to step back and let the dust settle from afar. Of course I've been disappointed in some of the actions of the football team. And it's been hard to watch the basketball team struggle. However, as the days get longer and the weather improves, I take solace in the fact that Chip Kelly is at the helm, that whoever the U of O brings in to replace Kent will be bona fide and that it's only a matter of time until the sun is shining in Eugene. Like all roller-coaster rides, you gotta ride to the bottom if you want to climb to the top again. Hang in there Duck fans.

The Audacity of Hoop


The Oregon men's basketball team now has player recruitment AND coaching recruitment to worry about. The Oregonian has confirmed that head coach Ernie Kent's tenure as a Duck has come to an end. After finishing last season a measly 8-23, with only two PAC-10 wins, it wasn't surprising to see that this season also resulted in failure. Kent's coaching style is fairly unflinching, leaving no room to account for the fact that the Luke's are gone; Aaron Brooks is gone; and anyone who, in recent years, made a significant contribution on Mac court is either gone or surrounded by too many lesser players to make anything positive happen for the team. And it shows.

Kent's reliance on Tajuan Porter's three-point shot makes not only TP easy for defenders to guard, but also makes the entire team easy to beat; and a lack of rebounding by the so-called "big men" makes for more offensive and defensive boards for opposing teams. Kent has not changed his means of coaching to match the personnel he has playing under him. What does this mean? It's time for a change. Fans of Duck basketball have long loved Kent, but have recently begun to lose hope that he will alter his in-game style to match the skills held by his players, and will inevitably continue his crucial role in the demise of Oregon basketball.

As grim as all of this sounds for both players and fans, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's in the shape of a swoosh. The newly built Matthew Knight Arena, slated to be open for business by next season, will certainly attract both big-name coaches to fill the shoes of the soon-departed Ernie Kent, as well as big-time recruits. The Oregonian is reporting that Pittsburgh head coach Jamie Dixon may be interested, but various sports news reports are saying former NBA coach PJ Carlesimo may be the man for the job. As far as player recruitment goes, current athletes have heard more about Jamie Dixon and what he's done at Pitt, and less about Carlesimo's mediocre career in the pros. Not to say that Carlesimo wouldn't be a good fit; his career as a college coach was great at Seton Hall, leading them to the championship game in 1989; making six total tournament appearances; and winning Big East coach of the year. Twice.

There are a lot of uncertainties regrading Oregon basketball right now, but one thing is clear: whoever steps onto the court in Knight Arena next year is sure to have the support of Duck-Nation.

Oregon Ducks Football Schedule 2010


DATEOPPONENTTIMESat, Sept 4Oregon Ducks vsNew Mexico3:30 PM ETSat, Sept 11Oregon Ducks @Tennessee7:00 PM ETSat, Sept 18Oregon Ducks vsPortland StateTBDSat, Sept 25Oregon Ducks @Arizona State10:30 PM ETSat, Oct 2Oregon Ducks vsStanford11:15 PM ETSat, Oct 9Oregon Ducks @Washington StateTBDThu, Oct 21Oregon Ducks vsUCLA9:00 PM ET Sat, Oct 30Oregon Ducks @USC8:00 PM ETSat, Nov 6Oregon Ducks vsWashingtonTBDSat, Nov 13Oregon Ducks @CaliforniaTBDFri, Nov 26Oregon Ducks vsArizona7:00 PM ET Sat, Dec 4Oregon Ducks @Oregon StateTBD[...]

Oregon Ducks Football 2009 Stats


PASSING STATISTICSNAMECMPATTYDSCMP%YDS/ATDINTRATJeremiah Masoli177305214758.07.04156129.5Nate Costa203319760.65.9711114.7Totals197338234458.36.94167128.0RUSHING STATISTICSNAMECARYDSAVGLONGTDLaMichael James23015466.760 (TD)14Jeremiah Masoli1216685.54813Kenjon Barner613666.0483Andre Crenshaw501523.0193Remene Alston Jr.301334.4222LeGarrette Blount22823.7302Jamere Holland34113.7200Nate Costa16181.181Jide Shinaba4164.0120Lavasier Tuinei177.070Totals54730125.56038RECEIVING STATISTICSNAMERECYDSAVGLONGTDJeff Maehl5369613.173 (TD)6Ed Dickson4255113.136 (TD)6D.J. Davis2323310.1232Lavasier Tuinei242179.0370Jamere Holland1319915.340 (TD)2David Paulson1218515.4320LaMichael James171689.9550Kenjon Barner4307.5130Malachi Lewis23015.0260Andre Crenshaw3268.7150LeGarrette Blount2136.570Totals197234411.97316KICKING STATISTICSNameXPMXPAXP%FGMFGAFG%1-1920-2930-3940-4950+LNGPTSMorgan Flint5454100161984.20/05/56/75/70/043102Rob Beard111000100/00/00/00/00/101[...]

Oregon Ducks Football Roster 2010


NO. PLAYER POS. HT. WT. CLASS HOMETOWN98 Steve Adams DL 6'5" 270 Fr Medford, OR 47 Kiko Alonso LB 6'4" 225 So Los Gatos, CA 5 Remene Alston RB 5'8" 207 Sr Greensboro, NC 93 Anthony Anderson DT 6'5" 206 Fr Spring Valley, CA 94 Keaton Arden DE 6'5" 205 Fr Piedmont, CA 78 Karrington Armstrong OL 6'2" 284 Fr Reno, NV 79 Mark Asper OL 6'7" 323 Jr Idaho Falls, ID 88 Brandon Bair DT 6'7" 266 Sr St. Anthony, ID 65 Lance Barker OL 6'1" 265 So Anaheim, CA 24 Kenjon Barner RB 5'11" 180 So Riverside, CA 93 Rob Beard K 6'0" 220 So Fullerton, CA 3 Bryan Bennett QB 6'3" 174 Fr Encino, CA 71 Everett Benyard OL 6'7" 326 Fr San Diego, CA 20 John Boyett S 5'10" 190 So Napa, CA 38 Tyler Briffett LB 5'11" 190 So Quincy, MA 96 Darren Bruhns WR 6'2" 195 So North Medford, OR 75 Jamaal Burrell OL 6'4" 290 Fr Fontana, CA 92 Ben Butterfield WR 6'0" 175 Fr Sherwood, CA 8 Brian Butterfield CB 6'0" 187 Sr Sherwood, OR 9 Blake Cantu WR 6'0" 193 Fr Southlake, TX 76 Charlie Carmichael OL 6'4" 295 Jr Sherman Oaks, CA 60 Ryan Clanton OL 6'4" 300 Jr Bakersfield, CA 99 Zac Clark DT 6'2" 268 Sr Wichita, KS 46 Michael Clay LB 5'11" 209 So San Jose, CA 61 Nick Cody OL 6'5" 285 So Brush Prairie, WA 30 Nick Cole WR 6'3" 187 Fr Concord, CA 7 Nate Costa QB 6'1" 219 Sr Hilmar, CA 4 Erick Dargan DB 6'1" 197 Fr Pittsburg, CA 10 D.J. Davis WR 6'1" 205 Sr Denver, CO 94 Garrett Davis WR 5'11" 178 Fr Medford, OR 3 Marcus Davis DB 6'1" 185 So League City, TX 84 Chad Delaney WR 6'0" 184 Fr Elmira, OR 86 Chris DiVincenzo DE 6'5" 210 Sr Porter Ranch, CA 38 Sam Doman TE 6'4" 220 Sr Canby, OR 15 Mikey Dosen DB 5'11" 182 Fr Pittsburg, CA 19 Eric Dungy WR 6'1" 170 Fr Tampa, FL 91 Dane Ebanez WR 5'9" 177 Fr North Pole, AK 64 Max Forer OL 6'3" 267 Sr Santa Monica, CA 57 Trevor Fox OL 6'5" 271 Fr Temecula, CA 56 Justin Fritz OL 6'3" 277 Sr Sublimity, OR 4 Tyrece Gaines WR 6'3" 208 Jr Lawrenceville, GA 18 Anthony Gildon CB 6'1" 175 Jr Simi Valley, CA 70 Ramsen Golpashin OL 6'4" 280 Jr Saugus, CA 28 Scott Grady DB 5'11" 180 So Tigard, OR 52 Hroniss Grasu OL 6'3" 267 Fr Encino, CA 63 Mana Greig OL 5'11" 292 Fr Kailua, HI 60 Ryan Hagen DL 6'3" 292 Fr Brea, CA 14 Dustin Haines QB 6'3" 210 Fr Eugene, OR 44 Brandon Hanna DE 6'2" 226 Jr Coeur D'Alene, ID 87 Brian Harris WR 6'1" 185 Fr Lancaster, CA 13 Cliff Harris CB 5'11" 160 So Fresno, CA 66 Taylor Hart DE 6'6" 262 Fr Tualatin, OR 16 Daryle Hawkins QB 6'4" 196 Fr Omaha, NE 90 Ricky Heimuli DT 6'4" 309 Fr Salt Lake City, UT 81 Justin Hoffman WR 6'1" 203 So Eugene, OR 54 Jordan Holmes OL 6'5" 285 Sr Yuba City, CA 50 Drew Howell LS 6'2" 213 Fr Tehachapi, CA 4 Josh Huff WR 5'10" 190 Fr Houston, TX 33 Tyrell Irvin DE 6'2" 212 Sr Denver, CO 12 Brian Jackson DB 5'10" 192 Fr Hoover, AL 85 Diante Jackson WR 6'2" 200 Fr Walnut Creek, CA 37 Talmadge Jackson CB 5'10" 182 Sr Murrieta, CA 21 LaMichael James RB 5'9" 180 So Texarkana, TX 1 Marvin Johnson S 5'11" 200 Sr Compton, CA 96 Dion Jordan DE 6'7" 223 So Chandler, AZ 56 Josh Kaddu LB 6'3" 217 Jr Vacaville, CA 68 C.E. Kaiser OL 6'4" 300 Sr Veradale, WA 57 Keloni Kamalani LB 5'11" 205 Fr Kihei, HI 92 Wade Keliikipi DT 6'2" 282 Fr Waianae, HI 14 Javes Lewis CB 6'1" 185 Jr Tustin, CA 26 Malachi Lewis TE 6'4" 215 Sr Oxnard, CA 43 Bryson Littlejohn LB 6'1" 227 Sr Elk Grove, CA 25 Boseko Lokombo LB 6'3" 224 Fr Abbotsford, BC 37 Craig Loper RB [...]

In These Hard Times, Baseball and Fans Matter Most to Duck Athletics


For Duck fans young and old, life since New Year’s Day has been tough: the football team dropped the Rose Bowl; men’s basketball has been embarrassing as Mac Court ends its tenure; and a flurry of arrests and accusations against several football players have been our only news-worthy events. This leaves one major men’s sport still standing – baseball. Although very young in its second life on this campus, the great American pastime is the University of Oregon’s last chance for redemption this year.

Now some might say that the recent mishaps by a few football players shouldn’t have an ill effect on the entire football program or the University. In a perfect world that would true, but in this day an age, athletes are expected to be perfect on and off the field – regardless of what Sir Charles might say.

Nearing the end of the rollercoaster ride of a year in Duck athletics, we as fans are asking for a miracle to save it. A Pac-10 tourney championship for the basketball team would be perfect, but that’s about as likely as no convictions coming from the recent crime spree. The football team won’t have a chance to redeem itself on the field until fall, and most of the nation will still be skeptical. But baseball season commenced last week with a promising win over #4 Cal State Fullerton. With PK Park ready for the opening home series and a growing fan base, baseball can win back the hearts of Duck fans around the world.

Unfortunately our society judges success on wins and losses. Duck baseball has the potential to win the favor of the nation back, but it will take an exceptional season of World Series caliber baseball, as well as a clean season off the field. They cannot do this alone, however, as the members of the football team need to shape up and represent Duck athletics and the University of Oregon to the best of their abilities, too.

So for now, as fans, we can only hope for the best. It is important for us to remember that athletes are human, just like us. It is unfair for us to expect them to be perfect – on or off the field. Sure, this is low point in Duck sports, but true fans don’t turn their backs; true fans don’t give up on their players or coaches; true fans fill the stands in the rain, sleet and snow. As Emilio Estevez would say, true fans know we’ll be okay because when the going gets tough, Ducks fly together.

~Megan Benson

Rose Bowl Hangover?


Ever since the Ducks beat the Beavers in the December 3rd, everything has flown south. First, former Duck prospect Terrelle Pryor led a New Years Day beat down on the Ducks in the Rose Bowl. Next, Jeremiah Masoli, and Garrett Embry headlined the papers with theft accusations from Oregon Fraternity: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Later that night, Rob Beard was curb-stomped his way to the Sacred Heart Emergency Room at Riverbend. As if all of that isn't enough, LaMichael James made the news this morning. And no, it wasn't because he topped Beavers Running Back Jaquizz Rodgers in another statistic, or because his spin moves made him one unstoppable freshman. James reportedly was arrested last night for fourth degree assault.

This domestic violence charge may very well contain a one year prison term. James has been in trouble with the law before. Back in his home of Texarkana, TX., James was arrested with charges of disorderly conduct and third-degree battery in June 2008. James's girlfriend filed the police report on the domestic violence misdemeanor. She said they got in a fight Tuesday, when he grabbed her neck and pushed her to the ground. And it wasn't just play fighting, she admits to have neck pains and of abrasions from him pushing her to the concrete parking lot.

Of course if James was your average Joe, everyday student, he would be sentenced to the one year in jail and serve his time as the law indicates. However, because he is an athlete, he will likely walk with minimal community service, an apology, and a little publicity. Anyone hear anything about the Masoli story since it happened? I live a few blocks away from where the incident occurred, and even I haven't heard anything—and I've been looking for the current news.

Athlete trouble is kept quiet across the nation. It's hard to put these role models on a pedestal, if they're repeatedly in trouble with the law. Like Masoli, James' story will likely be hushed up and he will start week one vs New Mexico along side new recruit Lache Seastrunk—a five star running back from James's home state of Texas.

Seastrunk will give James all the competition he can handle, and the duo will look to recreate the effectiveness Jonathan Stewart and Jeremiah Johnson had in the 2007 season. The 2010 combination will look to run their way to another Pac-10 Championship, and possibly a rematch in Tempe against the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2011 National Championship Game. But for now, everyone can only watch to see where the next few weeks bring Jeremiah Masoli and LaMichael James as far as the Eugene Police Department is concerned.

~Jacob Rogers~


Masoli, Embry Accused of Theft at School Fraternity


Jeremiah Masoli is the talk of the town this week in Eugene, Oregon. Max Wolfard, a University of Oregon student, and a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, filed a police report against the Ducks quarterback. He claimed that Masoli and wide receiver Garret Embry were at a party his fraternity held, Saturday January 24th, and acted suspicious all night. Wolfard continued, admitting how he was in awe of their presence, but then claimed they acted suspiciously. He asked Embry what he was holding under his jacket. Without responding, Embry and Masoli bolted out the door, only to be chased down by Wolfard several blocks later. The two exchanged words as Garret returned a stolen projector.

By the end of the night, two Macbook Pros and a guitar were also reported missing. Wolfard has called the police and filed a report, where he accused Embry and Masoli, but no action has been taken yet by the Eugene Police Department. Athletic department spokesman Dave Williford, Ducks head coach Chip Kelly, Masoli, and Embry have all refused to comment on the issue.

Theft is arguably worse than the fighting incident running back LeGarrette Blount faced last year when he punched Boise State linebacker Byron Hout after a loss on national television. Blount was initially suspended indefinitely, and if the fraternity incidents prove true, it's certain Masoli will be kicked off the team (Embry was cut this past week) and both would likely be expelled.

Also that night, Oregon kicker Rob Beard proved nice guys can finish last. He attempted to break up a fight between 20 people and took a beating in the process. Beard ended up getting pummeled to the ground and kicked in the face several times. Friends brought him to Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend, where he received treatment for several face fractures. EPD is after a black male who was wearing a red sweatshirt that night and left the car in Washington plates. Anyone with information call EPD at 541-682-8888

~Jacob Rogers~


Big Bui$ine$$ by Justin Miers


As the new Duck basketball arena, Matthew Knight Arena, begins to take shape, with an estimated price tag of $200 million and as the new athlete-only study center, the "Nice Cube," opens its doors (funders kept the price tag on this one a secret), the true scope of just how big a business college sports is, comes into focus for me. And this isn't just happening at the University of Oregon, this is happening at colleges and universities all over the country. And understandably so. The total revenue for the 66 football teams in the six conferences that make up the BCS was reported at $2.2 billion for 2009. How is this happening? Is this a new phenomenon or is this the way college sports have always been? And what about the student-athletes? Where do they fit into this business? Let's take a closer look. While sports revenues have consistantly increased at most universities from year to year, so too have the TV contracts to broadcast the games. ABC, which just renewed its contract for the rights to the Rose Bowl, will pay an average of $30 million per Rose Bowl through 2014. How does that happen? Are there more and more fans watching college sports? The answer is yes. Every year thousands of graduates leave campuses, but hold onto their loyalty to their alma maters. Among these graduates are future boosters. What’s a booster? It’s a college sports fan with a bank account and a mindset that they can and should be involved with making their favorite team better. They are passionate, they are proud and they have deep pockets. In the Univeristy of Oregon’s case, we have the ulitmate booster, Phil Knight. By now, you’ve heard of Phil Knight. He’s the founder and CEO of Nike. He’s also a U of O alum and he loves his Ducks. He loves his Ducks so much that my calculator doesn’t have enough digits to add up the total amount of donations he’s made to the U of O athletic department. Of course he’s also made plenty of donations to other causes as well. For example, there was a $100 million donation to the OHSU Cancer Institue in 2008. But his clear passion is U of O athletics. Is there anything wrong with this kind of financial support to what for all intents and purposes is a hobby? That’s up to you to decide. If you’re a big fan of Duck athletics, you want your team to have the best facilities, the best coaches and of course the best athletes. You want your team to win games. If you’re not interested in sports, you can probably think of a hundred better ways to spend the money. But that’s a different article altogether. So back to the student/athletes. Where do they fit into this? Well, let’s pick up their stories in high school. A top high school student/athlete can begin to be recruited as early as their sophomore year. That’s at the ripe old age of 16. The recruitment rules make sure that the recruiting is very unintrusive at this stage, in fact, the student has to contact the college, but here’s where things get a little blurry. The recruiting rules are pretty clear and both high school coaches and college coaches know them, especially at major programs. But just like big businesses often break laws and view the fines as a cost of doing business, these big college sports programs often push the limits of recruiting rules, viewing the infractions as a cost of doing business. Especially when the people directly responsible for the infractions are often boosters or people on the fringes of the programs. And later on[...]

A War for the Roses


With college football’s regular season play coming to a close, there are still a few loose-ends that need to be tied up--- the SEC, and subsequently, the first place spot in the BCS championship game will be decided on December 5th when (1)Florida takes on (2)Alabama for conference honors; the three under-dogs in (4)TCU, (5)Cincinnati and (6)Boise St. are all hoping for (3)Texas to go down in order to secure a potential second place ranking in the BCS poll, putting one of them in the national championship; and finally, perhaps the most exciting battle in the country is happening in the PAC-10, whose winner will face (10)Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. What makes this year’s race for the roses so electrifying isn’t the fact that for the first time in practically a decade USC is not even a conference contender, but rather that the Rose Bowl bid could be decided by the outcome of one of the nation’s longest and fiercest rivalry games: The Oregon-Oregon State Civil War.

This scenario is only possible if the Ducks and the Beavers win their games against Arizona and Washington State, respectively. An Oregon win over the Wildcats stymies not only Arizona’s shot at a PAC-10 title, but also secures Oregon State an opportunity to contend with the Ducks for a Rose Bowl berth. If these are the circumstances for the matchup on December 3rd, this year’s Civil War could prove to be the bloodiest battle to date. Throughout the season, both teams on both sides of the ball have proven themselves fast, smart, and potent. One factor, however, could be the difference between the Oregon Ducks reaching the pinnacle of excellence once again, or having to settle for less like they have done for most of the Bellotti-era. Enter Autzen Stadium. Loved by many, feared by all, Auzten is one of the loudest stadiums in the country, making it one of the most difficult places to play in and escape with a victory. If it’s roses or death, expect the Beaver dam to be flooded with the maniacal cries and victorious cheers of the Oregon faithful.