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"Tibet" China - Beautiful Photos Part II...


The Qinghai - Tibetan PlateauLancang RiverGaindan MonasteryTanggula PassYangtze RiverLake Yamzho YumcoPotala Palace in LhasaLake Nam CoDagobas - Mani St0ne PileBarley Fields in Denqen[...]

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2010


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Kitchen Ponderings Part 2


Come in, my lovely, come in. Let's have a sit down and a chat shall we?Mmm? You demand a drink before we get going?What are you like, missy? Go on then, seeing as it's you....Well, whoooooooooo-hee, there was certainly split opinion over yesterday's kitchen serving, wasn't there? Such a kerfuffle. Ladies, ladies. Whatever am I to do with you.I have a plan. We split into two groups: those for the gorgeousness of that kitchen and those against its over-styledness.We see which team can eat the most chocolate between them...{yes, arbitrary but yummy....} and we announce that team the winner.You in? What do you mean you don't sort out every disagreement like that? It's the only way; you know I'm right.And that's why I should rule the world.;-)But my point. Yes, there is a point to all this.Yesterday, wasn't so much about that particular kitchen being lovely or not lovely. It was more that. On the surface it was just my cup of tea, you see.Let's see how far it would have got through my Makeover Your Kitchen Rules:I think it would have got through Step 1: Kitchen Foraging. I'd give it a 10 out of 10. It is gorgeous, after all.Step 2: Narrowing my Choices. Yup, still loving it.Step 3: Kitchen Colour Schemes. You know I love the Blue Grey colour.....veering into obsession, I know. I know. So, this kitchen hasn't been eliminated at all. But yet. But yet. It doesn't do it for me. I know it was gorgeous but no means no.How To Makeover Your Kitchen definitely needs a next step.Drumroll, if you please.{Drummer boy, where are you when I need you?  And this is when I introduce you to Step 4: Find your style.And, speaking of style, I feel a little trip into the fashion-world a-coming up.Can you feel it too?[...]

Nell Bryden - What Does It Take - MUZU Sessions


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Nell Bryden - Second Time Around-Nell Bryden DVD on MUZU.

In This Photo: Nell Bryden
Nell Bryden arrives at the O2 Silver Clef Awards 2010 at the London Hilton on July 2, 2010 in London, England.

News: Australian Fashion Week review


With giant dreamcatchers woven into the models’ hair and Hollywood A-lister fan/mentor/client Cate Blanchett sitting front row, Romance Was Born’s whimsical collection for spring 2011/2012 inspired by the 1984 fantasy film The NeverEnding Story set the theme for Australian Fashion Week: a little imagination will go a long way.

Showgoers recently spent five days blinded by a catwalk whiteout in Sydney, as collection after collection took up the minimalist mandate laid down by Céline and Calvin Klein, among others, for the northern hemisphere spring 2011, contrasting with colours so intense they challenged the Photoshop skills of most image editors. These bright offerings designed for spring/summer 2011/2012 in the southern hemisphere, will hit stores from September, in time for the northern fashion fan’s last glimpse of the sun before winter descends.

Kate Hudson Found Love With an English Boy When She Was Least Expecting It


Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson (born April 19, 1979) is an American film actress. She came to prominence in 2001 after bringing in several awards and nominations for her role in "Almost Famous," and has since established herself as a Hollywood lead actress...

Painting Look alike Photography - Artist Elayaraja's Awesome Paintings...


Painting Exhibit a Hit in Bangalore, IndiaAn exhibition of paintings on Dravidian women is drawing hordes of visitors in India's southern central city of Bangalore.In his paintings of women in the rustic environment of South India, artist Elayaraja has brought out various facets of the these women in 22 oil works on display at the Abstract Art Gallery. The life like paintings captured the natural beauty of the women involved in different household activities.Elayaraja is hailed by art lovers for his traditional and realistic style."He is an artist who follows the traditional style in these modern times. He is a realistic artist who does a lot of portraitures and so on.""They are absolutely beautiful. He has captured the Tamilian face absolutely to the core, the Dravidian face. Especially the typical woman in the rural areas and caught them in various moods and various activities."[...]

Style Britannia...


Welcome to a new series at Modern Country Style:Style Britannia.We've looked in some delicious detail at Kate Middleton'sModern Country Style wardrobe,both smart and casual,and now I think it's time to break it down a bit.{Don't you, peeps?}It's all very well thinking about how great she looks,but the real question on my mindwhen I look at those pretty photos is 'How Can I Look Like That?'And the answer, {you'll be glad to know}could not be easier.So let's take a look, step-by-step, at how YOU can put together an outfit that screams Modern Country Style....{and, remember, by that I mean classic country with a gorgeous current twist}Style Britannia....starting tomorrow....{Will you be following along?}[...]

Zombieland (2009)- Emma Stone Interview



Sarah Brightman & Antonio Banderas - The Phantom Of The Oper


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