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User-submitted links and diaries of interest, from Little Green Footballs

Last Build Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2016 18:56:23 PDT

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LGF Religious Diversity (Part Three)

Fri, 08 Apr 2016 18:56:23 PDT

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I suspect there's a large cross section of religions here at LGF. This may be the most interesting of the polls.

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Part one - Racial Diversity
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Part Four - Political Leanings (coming up)

LGF Diversity Poll (Part Two)

Fri, 08 Apr 2016 18:39:38 PDT

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Remember, this isn't about exclusion, but to gauge the inclusionary attitudes of the people here at LGF. I think we're a model for other online communities.

Links to other polls:
Part one - Racial Diversity
Part two - Sexual Orientation
Part three - Religious Affiliation
Part Four - Political Leanings (coming up)

LGF Diversity Poll (Part One)

Fri, 08 Apr 2016 17:36:11 PDT

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I am consumed by curiosity.

I'm certain LGF is unique among news blogs , not just in the format of the site but in the diversity of the member contributors. I suspect that we are a microcosm of the larger world most people outside of the rabid tribalism of the wingnut faction of conservatism, desire. I'd like to get a sampling of that diversity while still keeping the anonymity we sort of enjoy here.

I've tried to word the polls as inoffensively as possible, and in one case have actually used what I consider nothing more than a societal construct, but one that unfortunately is so commonly used people suffer from it on a daily basis.

Links to other polls:
Part one - Racial Diversity
Part two - Sexual Orientation
Part three - Religious Affiliation
Part Four - Political Leanings (coming up)

The March of RW Idiocracy

Wed, 24 Feb 2016 09:12:39 PST

Direct link to article... []Have you ever played the game of Chinese Whispers, also known as the telephone game? It's a game played religiously by the RW media and molds the minds of pliable GOP voters. Would I lie to you?I ran across a tweet by Bristol Palin condemning Hillary Clinton for using her 6 year old daughter to push the abortion agenda. What kind of Mother would use her 6-year-old daughter to advocate for abortion? Hillary Clinton — Bristol Palin (@BristolsBlog) February 18, 2016 At first I was a bit confused, because I assumed Palin, being the wannabe clone of her mother she is, simply misunderstood the report she read. Then after doing the research Palin should have before going off half cocked, I went from confused to frustrated to outright angry. Let me show you why. We all know that the rabid RW media loves to push their agenda and will purposefully twist information to fit the narrative they want to convey. As I've said several times here and elsewhere, appearances are more important to them than any substance. I believe this is because they know their audience well and which tactics to use to manipulate that audience's minds, and more importantly their votes. Mind you I may be giving them far too much credit. It seems much of their information is the result of a game of Chinese Whispers. If you're not familiar with the term, I'll let Wikipedia explain: Chinese whispers (or telephone in the United States[1]) is a game played around the world,[2] in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly, and often amusingly, from the one uttered by the first. As in most explanations, the best place to start is at the beginning, so we'll let Chelsea explain her point to us in her own words. “My mother is very deeply a person of faith,” Chelsea said. “It is deeply authentic and real for my mother, and it guides so much of her moral compass, but also her life’s work.” “I find it quite insulting sometimes when people say to my mom, my dad or me . . . that they question our faith. I was raised in a Methodist church and I left the Baptist church before my dad did, because I didn’t know why they were talking to me about abortion when I was 6 in Sunday school — that’s a true story.” “I recognized that there were many expressions of faith that I don’t agree with and feel quite antithetical to how I read the Bible, but I find it really challenging when people who are self-professed liberals kind of look askance at my family’s history.” I'll just point out that Chelsea was born in 1980. The reason I point that out will become clear in a moment. The first link in the chain that ended up around Bristol Palin's head I found at an online magazine called Page Six where a gentleman by the name of Richard Johnson wrote a column on Feb 9, 2016 titled "Chelsea Clinton is tired of people questioning her family’s faith" At this point the title of the article is accurate. Unfortunately that doesn't last. He starts his article like this: Chelsea Clinton is insulted by Bible-thumping evangelicals who question her family’s religion, so she’s telling her mother’s supporters about their deep faith in God. One Democrat took notes at a recent fundraiser and shared Chelsea’s speech with me. If you compare what Chelsea actually said with the lede you can see ignorant bias on the part of D. Johnson is already raising its ugly head. I have no idea whether Page Six is conservative, liberal or somewhere in the middle, but it's obvious the author has enough of a problem with the Clintons to skew Chelsea's comments. It was the author who applied the derogatory label "Bible-thumping evangelicals" not Chelsea. The next whispered link in [...]

Greenhouse Effect Demystified ( Its Not What the Right Tells You It Is)

Fri, 16 Aug 2013 14:01:48 PDT

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From a poorly known but informative blog.

How does climate change ("global warming") work? The mechanism of the greenhouse effect

[Or: "Why do some gases concern scientists -- like carbon dioxide (CO2) but not others, like oxygen?"]

Scientists tell us that human activities are changing Earth's atmosphere and increasing Earth's average temperature. What causes these climate changes?

First, let's understand Earth's "normal" temperature: When Earth absorbs sunlight, which is mostly visible light, it heats up. Like the sun, Earth emits energy - but because it is cooler than the sun, Earth emits lower-energy infrared wavelengths. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (methane, carbon dioxide, etc.) let visible light pass through, but absorb infrared light causing the atmosphere to heat up. The warmer atmosphere emits more infrared light, which tends to be reabsorbed perhaps many times before the energy eventually returns to space. The extra time this energy hangs around has helped keep Earth warm enough to support life as we know it. (In contrast, the moon has no atmosphere, and it is colder than Earth, on average.)

Since the industrial age began around the year 1750, atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased by 40% and methane has increased by 150%. Such increases cause extra infrared light absorption, further heating Earth above its typical temperature range (even as energy from the sun stays basically the same). In other words, energy that gets to Earth has an even harder time leaving it, causing Earth's average temperature to increase producing global climate change.

[In molecular detail, greenhouse gases absorb infrared light because their molecules can vibrate to produce asymmetric distributions of electric charge, which match the energy levels of various infrared wavelengths. In contrast, non-greenhouse gases (such as oxygen and nitrogen, that is, O2 and N2) don't absorb infrared light, because they have symmetric charge distributions even when vibrating.]

Summary: (a) Earth absorbs most of the sunlight it receives; (b) Earth then emits the absorbed light's energy as infrared light; (c) greenhouse gases absorb a lot of the infrared light before it can leave our atmosphere; (d) being absorbed slows the rate at which energy escapes to space; and (e) the slower passage of energy heats up the atmosphere, water, and ground. By increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, humans are increasing the atmosphere's absorption of infrared light, thereby warming Earth and disrupting global climate patterns.

Shorter summary: Earth transforms sunlight's visible light energy into infrared light energy, which leaves Earth slowly because it is absorbed by greenhouse gases. When people produce greenhouse gases, energy leaves Earth even more slowly raising Earth's temperature.

Earth Warming 4 Hiroshima bombs worth of heat per second

Sun, 07 Jul 2013 18:44:17 PDT

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4 Hiroshima bombs worth of heat per second
Posted on 1 July 2013 by John Cook, dana1981

Last weekend, I gave a talk at the Climate Action Summit on the latest climate science. During the talk, I showed the following graph of the Earth's total heat content, demonstrating that even over the last decade when surface temperature warming has slowed somewhat, the planet continues to build up heat at a rate of 4 Hiroshima bomb detonations worth of heat every second. This data comes from a paper lead authored by Australian climate scientist John Church that tallies up the heat accumulating in the oceans, warming the land and atmosphere and melting the ice:

(image) Total Heat Content

UK Atheists Go All Anti-Sharia

Sat, 27 Apr 2013 12:29:29 PDT

Direct link to article... []I walked into a beehive of UK atheists looking for support of an anti-Sharia petition. I have no problem signing a petition if it is realistic and focused on a real problem, so I took a look at it. What I found was that much of the petition makes sense when it speaks to limiting the influence of external laws in the UK law system, but the focus of the petition is based on a paranoid fear of conditions simply not likely to happen. To: David Cameron I demand that you take action to stop the ingress of Sharia Law into the UK. If Sharia Law and Sharia courts are allowed to spread throughout our country, the whole system will become undermined. The United Kingdom is an amazing, multicultural society and we must all strive to keep it this way. We should welcome people from all cultures. However in order to maintain a fair and equal society we MUST have one set of laws applied to every single resident of the country, regardless of race, religion or anything else. I demand action, steps must be taken to ensure a level and fair legal system. Religious beliefs have no place in a country’s legal system, except for providing protection to innocent people from being abused or attacked because of those beliefs. If you really are a “man of the people”, you will ensure that all people have the same rights and protection from ONE system of Justice. This must be stopped now before it is too late. Legislation must be put in place NOW to prevent contradictory systems of law from being implemented within the UK. Put an end to Sharia Law in the UK now. Sincerely, [Your name] Only the first two and last two sentences really focus on the purpose of the petition, the rest is an attempt to separate the petition from any implied bigotry. Even the opening paragraph of the website hosting the petition, presented in highly visible bold text, attempts to sidestep the implication of undue bias. This petition is aimed at preventing Sharia Law from becoming an accepted part of the legal system in the UK. We want to be very clear that neither this petition, nor Sharia Law has anything to do with race. This petition is in regard to a set of laws based around the beliefs of a religion. This country already has its own system of laws. They are designed to provide protection to all citizens of this country in a fair and equal way. This must include taking each person’s cultural differences into account, but also must include all people under the exact same set of laws. When I saw the first tweet my thought was some Sharia law was being incorporated into the current UK legal system so I asked for clarification. You can see that Twitter limitations lead to my belief this was about Sharia laws being incorporated into the fabric of UK civil law. This felt wrong so I started asking questions based on my understanding of the goals of the petition. After a couple of answers it became clear that the fear wasn’t of Sharia law being part of UK law but the UK lawmakers and the police ignoring UK Muslims being forced to follow Sharia law by vigilante enforcers. Or so I thought. Some information I was directed to watch/read. This was beginning to sound a lot like Heinlein’s abandoned areas in “I Will Fear No Evil”. I have to admit my skepticism was triggered pretty sharply. I was curious as to why the law enforcement agencies weren’t dealing with law infractions in the Muslim area of the UK like they do in other areas. If it was because of government reticence, then the petition could be refocused to address that issue, if it was because no UK laws were being broken, then the petition could be adjusted to encourage laws against assault and harassment be used to cover m[...]

The Canadian Right Believes Combating Terrorism is Sport Hunting

Sat, 27 Apr 2013 07:54:10 PDT

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In a recent interview, Justin Trudeau spoke about looking for the root causes of home grown terrorism when asked what he would do if an event like the Boston Marathon bombing happened in Canada. Apparently that was a mistake. So the Canadian right tells us.

They went ballistic after his comments and are now using his response as validation of their previous claim that Trudeau isn’t mature enough to lead the country. What they really mean is Trudeau isn’t violently right wing enough to lead the country. In their eyes, to be right wing enough means to shoot without asking questions because asking questions about root causes precludes the ability to shoot. The PM of Canada, Stephen Harper, went so far as to condemn the act of ‘committing sociology’ when it comes to terrorist attacks.

See more

Dim Jim Fails Study Study.

Thu, 04 Apr 2013 10:07:45 PDT

Direct link to article... []Well the web's dumbest man is off to the races, again. Now he's bitching about a study that was funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA-2009) and administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, because it didn't create any jobs. In fact, according to the tenor of Hoft's post, titled "$423,500 Obama Stimulus Funding Went to Study Proper Condom Use – No Jobs Created" it was a laughable and expensive study about how to wear condoms. I guess little Jimmy didn't read the act or he would have known the purpose was not restricted to creating jobs. SEC. 3. PURPOSES AND PRINCIPLES.(a) STATEMENT OF PURPOSES.—The purposes of this Act include the following: (1) To preserve and create jobs and promote economic recovery.(2) To assist those most impacted by the recession.(3) To provide investments needed to increase economic efficiency by spurring technological advances in science and health.(4) To invest in transportation, environmental protection, and other infrastructure that will provide long-term economic benefits.(5) To stabilize State and local government budgets, in order to minimize and avoid reductions in essential services and counterproductive state and local tax increases.(b) GENERAL PRINCIPLES CONCERNING USE OF FUNDS.—The President and the heads of Federal departments and agencies shall manage and expend the funds made available in this Act so as to achieve the purposes specified in subsection (a), including commencing expenditures and activities as quickly as possible consistent with prudent management. By the way Jimmy, you can find the Act here. OK, so we've dismantled Hoft and his source for the information The Weekly Standard mistaken idea that the ARRA-2009 was limited to funding job creation, now on to the idea that the study was silly and expensive. The study's project summary states that it was funded 05/29/2009 and concluded sometime in the last quarter of 2012 at a cost of $423,500. That would be just over three years, so the cost would be ~$141,167 per year.The purpose of the study wasn't to teach men how to wear a condom but to... well maybe I should just post the goal from the award summary: Sexually transmitted infections (STI), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), pose significant health risks. Consistent and correct use of condoms can be a highly effective method of preventing the transmission of HIV and many STIs, yet studies show that problems with condom use are common. This project is one of the first to examine under controlled conditions the role of cognitive and affective factors and condom skills in explaining condom use problems in young, heterosexual adult men. It was about increasing the effectiveness of condom use training by analyzing why the training fails. The obvious take away from that is improved training resulting in more consistent use of condoms as a preventative measure against STIs. According to the CDC, there are 20,000,000 new STI cases in the US every year at a total medical cost of $16,000,000,000 per year. In February 2013, CDC published two analyses that provide an in-depth look at the severe human and economic burden of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United States. CDC’s new estimates show that there are about 20 million new infections in the United States each year, costing the American healthcare system nearly $16 billion in direct medical costs alone. Of that $16 billion, ~$1,407,600,000 goes toward 41,400 people who contract HIV every year. That means ~$34,000 per person per year is spent on HIV treatment. Non-HIV costs are $741 per person per year. 19,738,800 (all cases) - 41,400 (HIV) = 19,697,400 people contract non-HIV STIs every year. $14,592,400,000 / 19,697,400 = ~$741 So if the study r[...]

Web's Dumbest Man Shows How He Earned That Title.

Thu, 04 Apr 2013 07:57:56 PDT

Direct link to article... []

Jimmy Hoft, our favourite clown constrained by a size 4 brain, shows us how the spoken word is as difficult for him to understand as the written word.

On Hoft's site Gateway Pundit he mumbles something about Obama wanting to become king of the US and whining that he can't because those nasty founders put rules in place to stop people like him (nudge nudge wink wink).

Of course that's so far from the truth it's not even wrong.

As you can hear, Obama is talking about the fear mongering people like Hoft are cashing in on and how the points made against the government as though the government is an enemy to be feared, are completely ridiculous.

The comments are absolutely derpalicious.

I'd re-post some, but I really don't want to take the chance of melting your brain.

The Real Truth About Fossils

Fri, 29 Mar 2013 08:54:12 PDT

Direct link to article... []Sometimes, the strangest things interrupt the most innocent of tasks. As usual, this being Friday and all, the communications center bathrooms were locked up tight with a bright pink, hand scrawled note, stapled, not taped, stapled, to the door proclaiming that the washrooms were out of service for maintenance. I don’t know what the boys in the Janitorial Pool are up to but it shouldn’t take every Friday for the last three months to finish fixing what needs to be fixed. I suspect they were playing a joke on our section’s illustrious head honcho, who, as is his custom, was nowhere to be seen. I really had to go. While I pee-pee danced towards the public section, where I knew a bathroom was more than marginally likely to be functional, I could hear the seemingly incessant thump, thump, thump of helicopter rotors as the boys in black put them through their training paces. Much as I appreciate the boys in black and the necessary work they do, the noise of them passing overhead can at times be annoying, especially when one particular pilot believing he’s Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’ buzzes the building rather closer than I would prefer. On a day like today, however, when he is in Los Vegas spending the spoils of numerous real and imagined raids, the noise becomes part of the background and easy to ignore. I usually don’t notice the antics of the boys in black, but for some reason this time was different. Distracted as I was by the increasing urgency communicated to me by my bladder, it took me quite a long moment to realize why I did. Hidden within the rotor thrumming was a subtle undertone I was unfamiliar with, a sound barely discernible from the normal ticks and groans of a building under assault from high velocity hot air. Though it is difficult to communicate the true essence and form of the sound, it can best be described as a mindless, mumbling, moaning, mewling with just a hint of whining and a dash of whinging, which my well developed innate complexity meter told me was not likely to be anything mechanistic in origin. That, of course, left only naturalistic causes. I knew it could not be mice, since Friday was the day when the agreement between the cats and the mice stated they were limited to morning forays only, and I knew it wasn’t likely to be the cats either, since The Lone Beagle would have chased them to the basement by now. It was doubtful that it would be TLB himself since he was either sleeping in the cafeteria or busy licking the GM’s boots at this hour of the day. That left me with but one conclusion, the cause of the noise had to be made by a human. But by which human and why? My professor in ‘Indoctrination 313’ always said that to determine purpose it is always helpful to know the ‘who’, and to determine the possible ‘whos’ it is always helpful to know the ‘why’. I’ve always loved playing with catch 22s and generally enjoy the give and take of ideas and the rationalization of their solutions, but my time was sorely limited. All I could do was to mentally run down the list of possible offenders and eliminate them one by one. Luckily for me the building was mostly abandoned and this section cut off from the public. I started where I had to, at the very top. I suspected, based on reliable information from past gossip, that the GM was at this very moment getting his ass kissed, his boots licked or his knob polished, so it was unlikely he was down ‘here’ making such undignified noises. Besides he seldom left his suites six floors above. As far as I knew, PH, which stands for PoopyHead by the way, was currently away from the office engage[...]

The Insidious Trawling of Right Wing Anti-Science

Wed, 20 Feb 2013 06:31:46 PST

Direct link to article... []Fox news gives us a graphic example of how well the wingnut extreme anti-science, anti-intellectual crusade is working on grassroots workers. To use a favourite term of the right, this is obviously a war on government regulations in an overly broad sense, rather than a reasonable drive to eliminate unnecessary and overblown regulations, which I'm sure most people would agree with. Before I compare the message to the fact, here is a snippit from the screenshot I took from my Fox News iGoogle news feed. Notice the portion where the text is white on black. Propaganda Not satisfied to say that fishermen are upset at new regulations, Fox News makes sure we know the regulations are unbelievably harsh. The story, as presented by our favourite wingnut media site, smells a little fishy. Interestingly, when we go to the Fox News website we get a somewhat calmer more accurate headline, but the story keeps its spicy overboard fear mongering flavour. As is expected. New England fishermen protest federal regulations in letter to Congress Interestingly, the URL to the page (shown below) doesn't even mention the regulations. Looks like Fox has been infected with 'Creeping Outrage'. They should get that looked at. "" Now, for your enjoyment and without using a safety net, we dive head first into the bait box of Wingutia. BOSTON – New England fishermen facing a dire future for their industry asked Congress in a letter Tuesday for immediate help surviving deep and impending cuts to their catch limits. The letter, signed by 173 fishermen in ports from Connecticut to Maine, came as the industry prepares for May 1 catch reductions that fishermen warn could finish off the fleet. The letter described the situation as "simply unbelievable" following rosy promises by regulators of healthier fish stocks and economic stability if previous regulations were enacted. According to Fox the most important cuts are the following two: "A 77 percent cut in the catch limit for cod in the Gulf of Maine and a 61 percent decrease in the cod limit in Georges Bank, ..." Now we get to the affect Fox and their extremist friends in today's version of right-wing media have on the people either listening to the propaganda, or been convinced by those who do listen to it. This is actually a 2-4, we get the strong aroma of anti-science with a hint of conspiracy theory. (The emphasis is mine). The fishermen hint in the letter that federal regulators have intentionally crippled the industry, reflecting a belief common in the industry-- and vigorously disputed by regulators-- that the government has tried to force smaller boats from the fleet and create an easier-to-manage fishery with a few large players. Regarding the low catch allotments and lack of aid, the fishermen wrote it's "difficult for many of us to believe that this was just a coincidence." To show us just how horrible these new regulations are, no realistic factual information is given in the article. But, luckily for us, all it takes are two graphs to bring everything back to reality and show why the regulations really are necessary. Atlantic cod capture from 1950 to 2005 Cod stocks I have to ask both Fox News and the fishermen. Would you prefer to have the regulations placed in the chum bucket today and have the entire industry join it there in just a few years?[...]

New Study Purports to Link Low IQ with Conservatism and Racism

Sun, 10 Feb 2013 11:55:19 PST

Direct link to article... []

The study makes a link between racism, certain conservative ideals and low IQ. They controlled for social influences like poverty and education.

I'm bringing this up to head off the inevitable inferences.

This does not mean holding conservative values is equivalent to having a low IQ. It is a one way link. Nor does it mean that holding conservative vales is equivalent to being racist. That too is a one way link.

Correlation is not causation. This needs to be repeated and understood.

The researchers turned to two studies of citizens in the United Kingdom, one that has followed babies since their births in March 1958, and another that did the same for babies born in April 1970. The children in the studies had their intelligence assessed at age 10 or 11; as adults ages 30 or 33, their levels of social conservatism and racism were measured.

As suspected, low intelligence in childhood corresponded with racism in adulthood. But the factor that explained the relationship between these two variables was political: When researchers included social conservatism in the analysis, those ideologies accounted for much of the link between brains and bias.

Nonetheless, there is reason to believe that strict right-wing ideology might appeal to those who have trouble grasping the complexity of the world.

"Socially conservative ideologies tend to offer structure and order," Hodson said, explaining why these beliefs might draw those with low intelligence. "Unfortunately, many of these features can also contribute to prejudice."

The researchers controlled for factors such as education and socioeconomic status, making their case stronger, Nosek said. But there are other possible explanations that fit the data. For example, Nosek said, a study of left-wing liberals with stereotypically naïve views like "every kid is a genius in his or her own way," might find that people who hold these attitudes are also less bright. In other words, it might not be a particular ideology that is linked to stupidity, but extremist views in general.

"My speculation is that it's not as simple as their model presents it," Nosek said. "I think that lower cognitive capacity can lead to multiple simple ways to represent the world, and one of those can be embodied in a right-wing ideology where 'People I don't know are threats' and 'The world is a dangerous place'. ... Another simple way would be to just assume everybody is wonderful."

Ann Coulter: How to Promote Bigotry With Statistical Sleight of Hand

Thu, 31 Jan 2013 19:08:13 PST

Direct link to article... []Pulling Ann Coulter's teeth. When I first had this letter from Ann Coulter brought to my attention I wasn't quite sure how to approach it. I knew I wanted to make a comment about it but felt sure most people who pay any attention to her already know she's a bigot if not an outright racist and that she feeds people with similar mindsets some very tainted information. What may be less well known, and what makes her so effective with both her ardent sycophantic followers and ignorant fence sitters is statistical misdirection. As with most of her media savvy friends - those 'race realists' firmly camped out within the right wing big tent - she denies the very existence of systemic racism but embraces the concept of reverse racism. If we fall for this obvious DARVO it makes it virtually impossible for us to say anything about her racism unless it can be shown her claims are obviously false. Most people, while likely fairly literate, are less likely to be knowledgeable about how statistics are used and abused, so will accept official sounding numbers as being accurate and informative. It becomes a simple matter for someone intending to obfuscate the real information to mix and match samples with different focuses or by using unrelated samples that sound related. Here is the comment from Coulter: "Even under Rubio's scheme, all the children born to the 11 million newly legalized illegals will be instant citizens, able to collect welfare for their whole families and vote as soon as they are old enough. Which won't be long: The vast majority of illegal aliens are Hispanic, and Hispanics have a higher teen birthrate than any other ethnic group. In California, a majority of all Hispanic births are illegitimate. That's a lot of Democratic voters coming." Even a quick look at the quote tells us she knows her intended audience quite well. She knows that with a little leading they will link illegal immigrants to unwed and teenage mothers, unwed mothers to disadvantaged unemployable or lazy children, lazy children to the use of welfare and welfare recipients to voting for the Democratic party. To validate the danger of legalizing illegal immigrants, Coulter throws a few statistical tidbits into the mix. Her first statistic is the number of illegal immigrants currently living in the US, 11 million. That number is scary but accurate: In summary, an estimated 11.5 million unauthorized immigrants were living in the United States in January 2011 compared to a revised 2010 estimate of 11.6 million. She then goes on to tell us that most of those illegals are Hispanic, a vague comment designed to narrow the sample to a specific subset while still keeping it scary. Even if we grant that all the immigrants from specific countries are likely to be Hispanic the actual number is reduced significantly to 8.57 million. Here comes the reason she wanted to specify Hispanics, their relatively high teenage birth rate of 49.4 per 1000. As Coulter states, it is indeed the highest of all. Of course the birth rate does not give us an idea of actual births without knowing the populations. To get an idea of the population we need to make a few calculations related to Coulter's comments. The number of female illegal immigrants less than 19 is around 12% of the total number. You'll note I didn't include 19 year old but I did include girls under 15. This is a limitation of the information source I'm using. The number of teenage female illegal immigrants of childbearing age should be around 1,028,400. That needs to be further reduced to just Hispanic females. 8,570,000/11,600,000*100=73.9% so there would be about 760,000 teenage female Hispanic il[...]

Breaking news: Pseudo-Skeptic Injured During Self-Congratulations

Mon, 10 Dec 2012 17:38:26 PST

Direct link to article... []The LGF News Desk has just learned that an extremist member of the anti-science blogosphere has experienced a possibly career ending physical injury to his typing arm. Marc Morano, a pundit unknown in science circles but highly regarded in the pseudo-skeptic world, dislocated his shoulder during a severe bout of Dunning-Kruger, apparently while trying to simultaneously pat himself on the butt and give himself a high-five. Tragically, while not life threatening, the injury may prevent him from authoring new blog articles. According to inside sources, Morano recently took part in a climate debate where his innate ability to yell and his professional sophistry gave his arguments more time than they deserved. When called on his dishonesty by several science and informational sources, including the LGF News Desk, Morano, long suffering from severe Dunning-Kruger Effect, mistakenly concluded he was being congratulated on his fine work.Response 1Sadly, as can be seen by this first example containing the cherry picked context twisted snippet from LGF, it becomes obvious why Morano may have felt proud of his accomplishment. However, if we include the last sentence of the paragraph the snippet was taken from, we see that his conclusion is drastically wrong. Original Article.Morano threw too many talking points for Bill to field effectively and as is common when a scientist goes up against a professional PR hack, he looked outclassed and flustered. I suspect Bill simply wasn't prepared for the volume and blatant dishonesty.It only gets worse for Morano from there. We can only wonder why those around him allowed him to act on such poor conclusions.Response 2Response 3The Dunning-Kruger Effect is known to affect many in the pseudo-skeptic community, but injuries as severe as that suffered by Morano are thankfully mostly restricted to members heavily involved in the delusional anti-science propaganda arm of the US right wing.In an LGF exclusive, the News Desk was able to interview two witnesses passing by Morano's building during the time of the accident.LGF: "You were both walking by when the accident happened. Is that correct?"Witness 1: "What?"Witness 2: "Yah, I was just texting my girlfriend about last night."LGF: "In your own words, can you describe what you heard?"Witness 1: "Oh man, it was horrible, the screams were nasty dude."Witness 2: "First I heard some crazy laughing, then a loud pop..."Witness 1: "Whoa, That pop was loud, man."Witness 2: "... then the screaming started. It just wouldn't..."Witness 1: "Whoa yah, it sounded like my little sister. Heh, heh"Witness 2: "... stop. It wouldn't stop."LGF: "How have you been affected by your experience?"Witness 2: "I'm going to have bad dreams tonight, that's for sure. I can still hear the screaming."Witness 1: "I'm gonna go home to a couple of spliffs and a twinkie, bro. No way I'm remember this ----."We at the LGF News Desk wish Morano a speedy recovery and pray he is able to return to blogging soon. Good luck Marc. We're pulling for you.Now for the weather...[...]

The US is Hot Stuff: 2012 Melting Records

Mon, 10 Dec 2012 12:16:46 PST

Direct link to article... []

I don't think I have to add a thing.

2012 Is The Hottest, Most Extreme Year In U.S. History

…the U.S. heated up considerably in November, notching its 20th warmest November since 1895, said NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in their latest State of the Climate report. The warm November virtually assures that 2012 will be the warmest year on record in the U.S. The year-to-date period of January – November has been by far the warmest such period on record for the contiguous U.S.–a remarkable 1.0°F above the previous record. During the 11-month period, 18 states were record warm and an additional 24 states were top ten warm. The December 2011 – November 2012 period was the warmest such 12-month period on record for the contiguous U.S., and the eight warmest 12-month periods since record keeping began in 1895 have all ended during 2012.

Jim Hoft Once Again Earns the Title of Dim Bulb

Sun, 11 Nov 2012 14:12:59 PST

Direct link to article... []DERPNever at a loss for words, Right Wing blog host Jim Hoft delves into the evil that is the left wing. His best advice for the rest of the Right Wing fantasy land is to keep tabs on those nasty left wingers.I guess there is no need to change policies or field less loonie candidates, just keeping track of leftwing bad stuff will be sufficient.To help facilitate that, Hoft has suggested "10 Conservative Ideas to Expand the Base", number 6 in the list is to create a "Database/Wiki-type site" listing all of the leftwing badstuff.Before I look at a few of the points made for that suggestion, there are a couple of other suggestions just crying out for attention.2. Cartoons – These are the single best way to influence disconnected voters and to skewer liberals. Many people send cartoon chains via e-mail or post them on Facebook. Occasionally, Powerlineblog publishes a Michael Ramirez cartoon. Hugh Hewitt has cartoons at his Townhall Our blogs should highlight the best cartoon daily by linking to a database of Conservative cartoonists, perhaps Hewitt's site.Cartoons. Really?I don't know about the Right Wingers who favour Hoft's site, but all of the Progressives I know are convinced by evidence and well thought out arguments, not Mickey Mouse ragging on Goofy.3. Hispanic Talk Radio - Conservatives have a stronghold on AM Talk Radio but Rush and Hannity don't speak Spanish. As I was finalizing this e-mail, listening to Rush, he said he always thought we should have a Spanish translation of Rush. That's partly the point but we must incubate a dozen other Conservative Spanish/Portuguese speakers and sponsor Spanish-speaking, Conservative Talk Radio stations. Better yet, sponsor Diversity Talk Radio and include Black and Asian Conservatives. Ronald Reagan further honed ideas on Talk Radio in the 70′s; why not Mia Love or Allen West doing the same?Well if the cartoons can't make a decent argument for rightwing policies, I'm sure that changing the language instead of the policies will show those Hispanics who really has their best interests at heart.Just how stupid does Hoft think Hispanic people are anyway?Don't bother answering, we know all too well the answer.5. Facebook – 'Best of the Web' is on FB with robust discussions but not Instapundit or Powerlineblog. I joined Facebook to understand how well liberals advocated for Obama in 2008 via social media. There was more pushback from our side on Facebook this time but not enough. Again, a daily cartoon or humorous picture on a Powerlineblog Facebook page could be 'shared' by your readers to spread the message.OMG, did Hoft really ignore Twitter?I guess the concept of the message being more important than the messenger or the means of transmission is too much for the wingnut right.Finally we reach number 6 in the list of suggestions.6. Database/Wiki-type site – We need a Wiki-like database of information on subjects of concern to which only Conservative blogs and trusted readers own the keys. Currently, each blog 'tags' stories in their database. I'm suggesting a master database that accumulates in an organized fashion all the best, pertinent posts. It wouldn't list every burp or sniffle posted, just the best information and blog posts. These are some possible topics:· Democrat leaders – keep a list of their shameful acts sorted by type of vice.If Hoft wants to pit the number of shameful acts perpetrated by the Democrats, he's going to have to overcome the shamefully high number of rightwing shameful acts. Good luck with that [...]

Oh, the Irony, It Hurts: FNC Comprehends Nothing, Whines Incessantly.

Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:59:42 PDT

Direct link to article... []I've tried to stay away from the FNC 'BIAS ALERT:' but this last one was so laughable I just had to take a look.In an attempt to paint the left leaning media as less than rational, something that they themselves practice without remorse or apparently, recognition, they recently blasted out the headline "Blaming Mitt Romney for deadly meningitis and other wild liberal media claims"Now, I have to agree, if somebody on the left is really trying to directly pin meningitis on Romney as the headline suggests, that truly does deserve the label of irrational loon. Knowing Fox News' penchant for projection, I became curious so I went to the article in question to see.What I found really didn't surprise me, considering that in the past wingnuts on the right have shown an inability to follow a causal chain, most notably when it comes to climate change. The article doesn't blame Romney for meningitis, it blames the company recently implicated for the tainted pain medications that are responsibly for the spread of the disease.The victims in the epidemic all received shots of methylprednisolone acetate, a steroid compound often used to alleviate back pain, but which was tainted with a fungus that caused meningitis, an inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord.The link between the shots and meningitis is direct and solid.According to CBS News, federal authorities announced they had matched a fungus responsible for the epidemic with more than 50 unopened vials of the drug sent out by New England Compounding Center, a Framingham, Mass., pharmaceutical company that has been identified as the source of contaminated drugs. Over 17,000 vials of the tainted drugs linked to the epidemic have been shipped to 76 different facilities throughout the country.The link between the New England Compounding Center and the shots is also direct and solid.There is no question the New England Compounding Center is directly responsible for the meningitis outbreak.Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Department of Health released documents dating back more than a decade that revealed a series of regulatory citations involving NECC.In 2002, the Food and Drug Administration filed a confidential report alleging that two patients had suffered 'adverse effects' after injections of an NECC compounded betamethasone repository, a steroid that is different from the one under scrutiny in the current epidemic. A few months earlier, New York resident William Koch became ill with bacterial meningitis after receiving injections of the steroid. According to an AP report, NECC settled a lawsuit in the case after he died in 2004.In all, Massachusetts state records revealed that between 2003 and 2006, there were six complaints regarding NECC and its co-owner, Barry Cadden. At least one of these complaints alleged that NECC's methylprednisolone acetate failed to comply with pharmaceutical standards. This is the same drug involved in the current epidemic.That means the company has had severe problems for at least 10 years with living up to regulations of the time. That means they have been uncontrolled from 2002 until today, 2012.In other words, the governments during that time have either had insufficient regulations or did not enforce the regulations. Had proper regulations been in place and had they been enforced, it is highly likely many of the deaths caused by this company's dishonesty would not have happened.... in 2006, NECC was effectively permitted to monitor itself simply by assuring the board it was in compliance with all procedures. I[...]

Where Are You in the Political Spectrum?

Sun, 28 Oct 2012 20:45:28 PDT

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The wealth of cultural diversity here is astounding, but how about politically?

Because we both know you are bored stiff, take the following test and tell us how you did.

US Racism: AP Poll Shows Racism Up Since 2008

Sat, 27 Oct 2012 15:58:04 PDT

Direct link to article... []In a recent AP survey, an implicit test for racial attitudes, it was found that anti-black sentiment has increased from 49% to 57% since 2008. The racial attitudes test was conducted by the the University of Michigan, Stanford University, the University of Chicago.In the survey, explicit anti-black sentiment increased from 48% to 51%. The difference between the explicit and implicit numbers is due to how the implicit questions are formed. Those questions are designed to expose attitudes normally hidden or repressed in an individual. There is a lot of thought and validation put into surveys that try to gain information about attitudes that may be below conscious thought.In an analysis of the survey a number of political conclusions came to light:• Anti‐Black attitudes became slightly more common between 2008 and 2012.• Sizable proportions of both Democrats and Republicans manifested anti‐Black attitudes, though anti‐Black attitudes were more common among Republicans than among Democrats.• People who identified themselves as Republicans in 2012 expressed anti‐Black attitudes more often than did Republican identifiers in 2008.• People with more negative attitudes toward Blacks were less likely toapprove of President Obama's job performance.• The influence of racial attitudes on approval of Mr. Obama's job performance decreased between 2010 and 2012.• If anti‐Black attitudes had been converted to be neutral, about 2 to 3percentage points more people would have approved of President Obama'sjob performance in 2010 and 2012.• If both anti‐Black and pro‐Black attitudes had been converted to be neutral, the proportion of Americans disapproving of President Obama's jobperformance would have been 1 to 3 percentage points lower in both 2010and 2012.• In 2012, holding negative attitudes toward Blacks increased the likelihoods of voting for Mr. Romney and not voting at all and decreased the likelihood of voting for Mr. Obama.• Neutralizing anti‐Black attitudes led to a projected increase in Mr. Obama's 2012 vote share of 4 percentage points and a projected decrease in Mr. Romney's 2012 vote share of 5 percentage points.• Converting both anti‐Black and pro‐Black attitudes to neutral led to aprojected increase in Mr. Obama's 2012 vote share of 2 percentage pointsand a projected decrease in Mr. Romney's 2012 vote share of 3 percentagepoints.A safe conclusion to come to would be that racism seems to have increased most in the Republican world. The explicit anti-black attitudes are 79% for Republicans, and 32% for Democrats. The implicit numbers are much closer with 64% for Republican and 55% for Democrats. The difference in these numbers reflect the new openness to expressing racism against blacks that we see in the comments from right wing blogs. Sadly, the work done over the past 50 years to denormalize racist attitudes is taking a beating.A special hats off to theCommodore who also put up a post on this.[...]

Irony Alert: Pat Cadell Angered by MSM Bias While on Fox News

Sun, 07 Oct 2012 10:48:29 PDT

Direct link to article... []Pat Cadell, Fox News' favourite faux Democrat darn nearly wets himself while talking to Fox News' Megyn Kelly about the MSM's republic endangering pro-Obama bias.The irony in Fox News using a teaser like "BIAS ALERT: US Losing Faith in Mainstream Media?" is strong enough to damage even the best irony meter. Pat Cadell, at one time the Carter administration's pollster, has been looking for a conspiracy capable of destroying the US democracy since Carter's July 15, 1979 "Malaise" speech which included the words "I want to talk to you right now about a fundamental threat to American democracy. ". Although the speech was not written by Carter or Cadell, Carter was influenced by Cadell's call to arms against the American people's crisis of confidence.Professing to be a Democrat, and working for a number of left leaning politicians, including Biden, Cadell has championed a number of conservative causes. His leaning right has so dominated his actions he's been labelled a Republican by many and even hired by Fox, as their "Fox News Democrat". His anti-Obama bias is most obvious in his involvement with the anti-Obama documentary "The Hope and the Change".He is now claiming that there is an MSM conspiracy to control the votes of the American people. During a speech given in front of the media watchdog "Accuracy in Media", known for developing and promoting its own conspiracy theories, and while standing behind a Heritage Foundation podium, Cadell once again warns us of the imminent demise of the US democracy. Ammunition has been given to Cadell by a recent Gallup poll showing that the Distrust in Media is high now than at any other time. Trust in MediaIf you note the question you'll see it intends to include all media. I'll make a wide prediction here, right leaning viewers will assume the question is about what has come to be called the Main Stream Media (MSM) so will not include Fox News in their assessment. On the other hand those more in the center or left leaning will include Fox News. This should mean the highest distrust of the media will come from the right leaning viewers of Fox News.Trust by Political AffiliationSure enough, the lowest trust scores are correlated with the likelihood of watching the opinion shows of the Fox Network, all of which are heavily right leaning and frequently point out how left leaning the 'other' cable news networks are, when compared to Fox's putative neutrality.Although not 'smoking gun' evidence for Fox News' impact in how the US population views media, it is a convincing indication that the anti-MSM propaganda put out by Fox has convinced many on the right there is a conspiracy.Pat Cadell goes on Fox news to complain about an false MSM bias conspiracy Fox News created by being the most biased media outlet.[...]