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Comment on Bobby Fiddaman Speaks Out for Babies by Fid

Wed, 09 Mar 2011 09:10:31 +0000

Thanks for all that you do too. Fid

Comment on Christian Delahunty Tells Indiana’s Story on the Jenny Hatch Radio Program by sharon olson

Mon, 14 Feb 2011 09:16:24 +0000

hello again my name is sharon and i met you last year about the end of june at trinity cottage . events in my life have left me wanting to meet with you again . if this is at all possible PLEASE reply to my email address as soonest convenience . hope all is well for you and yours sincerely sharon

Comment on Gestational Diabetes? Our bittersweet results… by genhere

Mon, 15 Mar 2010 16:59:10 +0000

I just found your story on the Jenny Hatch radio show website (I was linked there for another story completely unrelated). Before anything else, I want to tell you that your Indi is beautiful, I'm so happy that she graced your life with her presence... ... and I'm so pissed that she was taken from you by your doctor's ignorance after you specifically asked if you should stop taking the medication! I don't get how any medical professional can be so lax about this medication (not just Effexor - all depression drugs) during pregnancy and lactation. Don't they ever read the drug inserts? I know they're in just about every women's magazine on the market - the two pages of 4-6 point font after the gimmicky photo of a sad rock or a wind-up doll. What does **every single antidepressant** info sheet say? "No one knows exactly how or why This Medication Brand works to relieve depression, but it is believed to work by..." No one knows? No one knows exactly how it works, but you know for certain that it's safe for me to take while growing a human inside me or nursing one at my breast. Really? How do you know THAT? Again, I am SO, SO very sorry that your beautiful little girl isn't in your arms today. Thank you for speaking up, speaking out, and not being silenced. I hope that there will be many other little boys and girls in the future who can thank you and others like you for speaking out... because their lives were saved by you.

Comment on Gestational Diabetes? Our bittersweet results… by Amy Philo

Tue, 16 Feb 2010 05:11:18 +0000

I agree with you on the magnesium. However the part about only 1% reporting problems is not really close to accurate. See: Only 1-10% of adverse events get reported even with the astonishing number of reports. To see how often even drug companies admit to problems just read a label for the frequency of certain adverse reactions. Here's an example of frequent reactions... "4% of patients taking an antidepressant developed suicidal ideation" - that's just one example. With any adverse event related to pregnancy the frequency is going to be higher than the general population if antidepressants are involved. For example assuming that 1% of people have babies with a heart defect in the general population, it may be 2% or more in antidepressant exposed babies. For other defects and problems it might be even higher. Example - PPHN is 6 times more likely with antidepressants and preterm births are 5 times more likely (as far as we know - it could even be higher for all we know).

Comment on Remembering Indiana by malyn

Tue, 29 Dec 2009 11:53:26 +0000

I am really sorry to hear about the loss of your child. I pray that ALL doctors will tell their patients of the horrible risks of taking Effexor during pregnancy! I have been on Effexor since 2002 because I was suffering from horrible panic attacks that would occur for no reason at all. I could just be sitting down on the couch and have a panic attack while watching tv! My dr. prescribed the Effexor to help control my panic attacks and I have only had a handful of panic attacks since 2002 thankfully. I got pregnant with my first (and only) child in late 2002 and was on Effexor throughout the entire pregnancy. My dr. never told me the risks of taking the medicine while being pregnant, so I continued taking the drug. My son (praise the Lord) turned out "normal" and I again thank the Lord he did. BUT there were some things that I did find odd. When he was born he didn't cry. He didn't even cry or anything for 48 hours.. just looked around at everything. He was on a portable oxygen machine when the nurses took him to me the day after he was born. They stated his oxygen was a little "low." After my son and I left the hospital (no oxygen machine), my son was fussy and for the first 2 weeks of life he woke up around every 10 minutes wanting to feed. I thought the baby and I were never going to get any sleep! His waking up through the night for the next 4 months was like every 1/2 hour to an hour. Another thing I noticed was that my son seemed very "needy." I know it probably sounds odd, but he HAD to be carried around with someone everywhere. As soon as you put him down, he cried. I know it's against the rules of motherhood, but he would NOT sleep in his crib. I had to sleep right there with him or he would fuss and cry all night long! In fact, for the first 4 months of his life I slept in my chair rocking him on my lap. My son was late to walk, crawl and lift his head. He was also a late talker. Today he is a happy healthy kid with only a few issues. He's got childhood asthma (which I'm thinking maybe has to do with the Effexor I took during pregnancy) and he has a slight speech impediment which I see more Effexor children having. I really, really thank God everyday that my son turned out pretty well. I can't even imagine the pain that you and your family has gone through. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone out there on your thoughts of the doctor's prescribing Effexor to women who are pregnant or about to be pregnant. My regards to your and your family. I pray that Indiana is a happy and healthy kid sitting up on a cloud in heaven smiling down on her mama. :)

Comment on Gestational Diabetes? Our bittersweet results… by Dia

Fri, 23 Oct 2009 00:56:45 +0000

Blessings! It's so hard to be in that '1%' that has (or reports!) problems. My heart aches for your losses, & for the family story behind it. I am surrounded by people on antidepressants, while personally prefering natural remedies; try to walk that fine line of being supportive, & encouraging looking into options. Over on my 'vale' blog, I recently wrote about the role of Magnesium in many areas of the body, & the links between deficiency (related to 'conventional' farming using phosphate fertalizers!) & many health problems (including depression!) Antidepressants don't correct, & may mask nutritional issues! Magnesium is often low in folks with type 1 or II Diabetes, & I would guess that would be true with gestational Diabetes as well. Mag. is depleted by many things, inc. stress; after bringing Mag. levels up, one article cautions that people may need to reduce levels of pharmaceuticals (inc anti-depressants) as they will become more effective! (how about trying nutritional therapy first??) Low mag. levels are linked with toxemia of pregnancy, which may be the end result of gestational diabetes, so I'd guess on a link there as well. It's one of the most common deficiencies in America, perhaps 80% are low (many women get ~ 1/2 the daily RDA, which is 400. Those taking high amounts of calcium or with chronic problems may need 500-700 mg/day!) Blessings on your work with this!

Comment on Remembering Indiana by Amy Philo

Mon, 14 Sep 2009 05:06:37 +0000

We made it to 13,000 at 9:47 PDT which was 13 minutes before midnight my time. RIP Indi.

Comment on Remembering Indiana by Glenna Todovich

Mon, 14 Sep 2009 02:50:41 +0000

Dear Indiana, I too lost my baby to EFFEXOR, my baby was twenty-five(25),his name is Aaron David. How I miss him as I know your family misses you. PLEASE STOP PSYCHIATRIC POISIONING! God Bless you little angel and your family too.

Comment on Gestational Diabetes? Our bittersweet results… by Denial and Ignorance on Antidepressants and Infant Death « BREATH

Sat, 05 Sep 2009 23:58:56 +0000

[...] Gestational Diabetes? Our bittersweet results… [...]