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Comments on: Coconut Oil Cures Foot Fungus

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By: Coconut Oil Cures Foot Fungus | Coconut Oil

Mon, 16 Apr 2012 00:32:56 +0000

[...] by Seth’s Blog [...]


Sat, 17 Mar 2012 22:50:19 +0000

How long and how often do you need to apply the coconut oil?

By: Jon

Fri, 09 Mar 2012 20:44:23 +0000

After reading this blog entry I started using coconut oil instead of olive oil as a moisturizer (I get cracks in my hands). It works much better, hands aren't getting cracks any more. I'll see if it keeps working.

By: Michael

Wed, 07 Mar 2012 03:24:57 +0000

That's pretty fascinating, actually. I've never heard of coconut oil being used in this way (as a medication, more or less). I bet your foot (or feet) were silky smooth after these treatments as well!

By: Phoenix

Mon, 05 Mar 2012 21:05:57 +0000

I developed toenail fungus after a couple years of vegatarianism; I think there's something to be said about zinc deficiency and nail/skin susceptibility to infections. Anyway, I turned to a Perfect Health Diet-ish diet and starting supplementing zinc. I've been rubbing coconut oil on my foot and nails every night. I also mixed some rubbing alcohol with some apple cider vinegar, put it in a little spray bottle, and spray it all over my foot every morning (it smells pretty bad, but the smell dissipates fairly quickly). It's been about 10 months, and my toenails look close to perfect. Hard to say which thing made it work (zinc, diet, alcohol+ACV, coconut oil). Normal toenails are awesome!

By: Leila

Mon, 05 Mar 2012 04:19:51 +0000

I've never heard of the crisco trick to get rid of ticks but I bet it works great. A warm bath will make them let go, so that's what we use. There is definitely a link between low carb diets & skin problems. I started a very low carb diet in the fall of 2010. About a year ago (spring 2011) I developed skin problems on my arms, back & scalp. I don't have a definite diagnosis, but based on appearance & from what I can find online, I think it's keratosis pilaris on my arms & psoriasis on my scalp. I've added carbs back into my diet, have vastly increased my vitamin A intake, & I'm sitting here with coconut oil on my scalp & hair. It feels good, sure hope it helps! I did it once before but have trouble sleeping with a plastic on my head, so it's tough to do often.

By: susan

Sun, 04 Mar 2012 06:58:48 +0000

i wonder if it is because the coconut oil is preventing the fungus from getting oxygen to live? sort of like when you want to get a tick out, you rub it with crisco?

By: Coconut Oil Cures Foot Fungus | Health Impact News

Sun, 04 Mar 2012 00:07:07 +0000

[...] by Seth’s Blog [...]

By: Kirk

Fri, 02 Mar 2012 19:00:55 +0000

I forced my toenail fungus into a major retreat by switching to the Perfect Health Diet (which added more carbs, which, according to Paul, supplies the body the glucose needed to fight fungal infections). I also added in a number of their recommended supplements. And I soak my feet daily in Epsom Salts and apply an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream. Although most of the fungus has disappeared, some remains; I can feel numbness when I lightly tap my toes on the floor. (Plus there is visual evidence.) I'm glad you brought up the story about the socks; I have been wearing Chinese cotton slippers this winter, without socks, which makes me think that perhaps the fungus has settled into them. I started the cider vinegar treatment several days ago, followed by drying my toes in the sun, and then topping with coconut oil. However, the coconut oil I have been using is refined and doesn't say anything about being cold-pressed. I will change to virgin, cold-processed, unprocessed coconut oil, and also try the plastic bag technique. Will let you know if anything changes. Seth: Yeah, I think there is something to the idea that a low-carb diet makes you more susceptible to fungal infections. I am beginning to think I don't eat enough carbs.

By: Tom

Fri, 02 Mar 2012 18:17:36 +0000

It's fascinating, yet it makes sense. Coconuts have to hang in the blazing sun for weeks without being eaten alive by all manner of life.

By: Maria

Fri, 02 Mar 2012 18:06:15 +0000

This is why I so appreciate your blog: such a wide range of topics, such practical information, such detailed personal evidence. I've read in a number f places that coconut oil was anti-fungal, but references were so vague that I didn't know what to do with that information. This is so specific with real life evidence. Thank you so much! I will try it.

By: john lushefski

Fri, 02 Mar 2012 16:38:26 +0000

I would guess that processed coconut oil should still have the same effects, as I think the anti-microbial/fungal/etc properties are from the fatty acids. Is there a proposed reason as to why processing/filtering would remove those properties? Seth: Heat might destroy the crucial enzymes or whatever. Filtering might remove them. It's easy to think of reasons.

By: Margaret

Fri, 02 Mar 2012 14:31:37 +0000

I recently got 2 spots of what appeared to be Ringworm on my shoulder. I tried coconut oil on them daily for about a week and a half, but it didn't help. Of course, I didn't cover it up, maybe that would have helped. Tinactin (2x a day) worked in a week. Natural cures so seldom work for me. It's frustrating, I try them often. So far the vitamin D hasn't helped my sleep much, either. It may have helped my rosacea, but that always goes away when warmer weather starts, and so I can't be sure why it's finally gone for the winter. I've been taking Vitamin D for about 6 weeks, starting with 2000 iu a day, and working up to 6000, the same Trader Joes brand that Primal Girl uses. I haven't noticed much of a difference, but it's hard to measure it much in my case as I have rather little control over when and how long I sleep. I co-sleep with my 3-year-old, who wakes me up often to nurse in the night, and of course when she wakes up in the morning I have to get up, and I can't go to sleep at night before she does... The help I need with my sleep, is being able to go back to sleep again after having been awoken. Also, being able to go to sleep quickly when we go to bed is sometimes a problem. The vitamin D may be helping a bit with these things but it's hard to be sure.

By: Darrin Thompson

Fri, 02 Mar 2012 14:09:22 +0000

Let's not forget to give the Doc a cookie for noticing and correctly diagnosing "foot fungus." Seth: yeah, good point.